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396959396959B001ELLC9CA1ZBAG7E33V5XTBarbara2251295481600Very good almond pasteI have not purchased almond paste before, except at the grocery store in a tube which was harder to use. I thought this was a little pricey, but very smooth and creamy and therefore easy to use. I used it for a tiered birthday cake, and I used five cans making the cake worth it's weight in gold--BUT--so many people told me that it was best cake they ever ate that I would not take a chance on a different almond paste. This is my brand.
396960396960B001ELLC9CA3D9NUCR4RXDPYKathleen San Martino1151330732800Delicious almond paste that's just perfect for bakingI used this to make pignoli (pine nut) cookies and they came out great. The paste is very smooth and smells wonderful, just as almond paste should. It was also pretty easy to remove from the can. I highly recommend this.
396931396931B000FBO9MOA24UBSSLPNU0SGCamellia Sinensis "slightly snobbish tea lover"0051241049600Absolutely Wonderful!These have a delicate, nutty, warm, faintly sweet wheat flavor, and a pleasing texture. Satisfying without guilt, they're truly addictive. I prefer them to digestives (much less Graham crackers), and even Leibniz's standard butter biscuits don't come close. The whole wheat is especially good with green and pouchong teas - though predictably satisfying paired with a cup of Assam or English Breakfast. Also great with cocoa or milk, cheese or apples.... a slather of peanut butter..... !

They're one of the few biscuits I'd definitely offer to children.
396932396932B000FBO9MOA22KSBHKAXKB3NFrieda Ciosek0051240876800Delicious!!!!these cookies are a perfect treat....very light and crunchy wafer sweetened by the right amount of chocolate....great price and fast service
396933396933B000FBO9MOAUKR3IOZ017PFTopmole "0051239667200
396934396934B000FBO9MOAT1I7H44WVWDDS. Yager0051238284800Bahlsen Dark Chocolate Cookies - A TreatI don't know what Bahlsen was thinking over the last several months, but I looked high and low for these cookies in supermarkets and specialty stores...none were to be found. Then, after checking with Amazon (and its tracking mechanisms), Voila! I ordered a whole case and that should satisfy our deep appreciation of these cookies... a perfect blend of high quality dark chocolate and a crisp, thin "chocolate vehicle"--i.e., cookie.
396935396935B000FBO9MOA1ISQ6QFR5TONOReginald "Antec Man"0051237939200Delicious decadence!!These are great! And they can get to be habit forming if you are not careful. I bought the whole case, because you save overall versus going to the supermarket. Very rich dark chocolate, crisp cookie. Worth every penny. Oreo, eat your heart out!
396936396936B000FBO9MOA1SU1ANQEEI0UNPhillip "Phillip"0051234051200Love these cookies!These cookies are just wonderful!!! The chocolate is deep, dark, rich and melts very nicely in your mouth. I would say that it is a bittersweet chocolate and very finely made. These cookies give the chocolate lover a satisfying chocolate experience. Do not hesitate to buy them!
396937396937B000FBO9MOA13K3ZLWAWN1EIyogagirl "grrrl"0051232668800Good with coffeeThese appear to be, on first glance, similar to Nutter Butters. On taste, however, they are lighter, more delicate, and infused with hazelnut. There is more air in the cookie, so when you dip it in coffee, it becomes saturated rather quickly and the cookie folds into your mouth, with the sweet center taking center stage. Nuff said.
396938396938B000FBO9MOA2XFCQAUOKY0A2Lily Zhuang0051207008000Bahlsen Waffeletten CookiesI am very happy with Amazon service including the speedy shipment. I am also very happy the product Amazon is carrying. This product is only available in selected specialty stores in the area. And tend to be expensive. Sometime they only carry small selection in store. You have to wait long time for a special order. Amazon is making the product available with a wide selection of variaty and affortable. Thanks.
396939396939B000FBO9MOA25IHNYTOSLQBRChris Howell0051200441600Delightful cookiesA light and crisp flaky cookie surrounding a brightly flavorful nugget of jam. The only problem - I can eat a whole box without stopping to breathe! And buying them by the case makes them very affordable. My next order is already in...
396940396940B000FBO9MOA36EWD31PZBF6PRoseanne Klahm0051198108800Light, flaky & deliciousI first had these cookies at our Oktoberfest where they were giving out samples. I loved them and could not find them at World Market so I went to the internet and found them available at Amazon. They are very light and flaky.
396941396941B000FBO9MOA17XIK2X9PEEBFP. Barnes0051191974400delicate biscuitsWhen we couldn't find these in our local grocery store anymore, we were very glad to find them available through Amazon. these are light and delicious and a true treat!
396942396942B000FBO9MOALSAOZ1V546VTA Research It Maven "Just the facts please"0051190764800Rich, but delicate, hazelnut (filbert) cookies that everyone likes !Buy more than one box - these disappear fast! Bahlsen Biscuits are elegant, impressive, and delight everyone. I keep some on hand for unexpected guests and these "Hazelnut Biscuits" have never disappointed anyone! (Betcha YOU could eat a whole box yourself!)
396943396943B000FBO9MOA2PF32UUERJXB8Susan Swan "reads-curled-in-covers"0051187913600Oh, so very very very VERY goodI LOVE these cookies. Most cookies are too sweet for me -- not these. However, since they follow the European trend of using natural ingredients, they are full of saturated fat from butter and cream.


They are the best cookies, for me, in the world, comparable only to
"Feullitees Doree," which can be bought on in France.
396944396944B000FBO9MOA2IYLMDQGBB4VGD. Jones "wyoairerescue"1221216598400broken cookiesI bought these cookies for myself and as a gift for my dad for his birthday. Unfortunately, 2 out of 4 of the boxes I gave my dad as a gift had mostly broken cookies, and were stale tasting. Not a great gift idea, and not really packaged or handled well. I have bought the delice cookies in the past and had no problems other than a random broken cookie in a box. I have not opened all of the boxes yet of course, but will hope to find a couple that are not all broken up to give to my dad.
396945396945B000FBO9MOA1PB97BLMR9X2SL. Jenkins "Laurie-J"1251213747200Light, Flaky & Tasty GOOD Cookie!!I really like these cookies. They are made with pastry dough - lots of thin, flaky, crispy layers with a very light coating of honey (or something like honey). The jelly center rounds the cookie out with a delicious bite of sweetness. It's a robust burst of flavor that makes you want to smile. I am rapidly getting addicted to these fine flavorful confections -- bet you can't eat just one!
396946396946B000FBO9MOA1SB8CXAUIKT8XRex N. Mills3621193356800Rather BlandI am an adventurous person who likes new things and when Amazon began selling the Bahlsen line I tried a number of their products and found them to be enjoyable and tasty, but the Hannover Wafer Cookies are, to my palate, rather bland and tasteless. The texture is pleasing, though a little grainy tasting and the creme filling has little flavor. They're very high in saturated fat, and devoid of flavor..Think I'll stick with the Bahlsen Delobas'.
396947396947B000FBO9MOA1P6S7F4MD476CB. Arora1611201478400balBahlsen Butter Cookies,4.4-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)
Very Disappointed with your service and deceptive listing of the product ingredients. i am allergic eggs and as per your listing, there is NO mention of eggs and when i received the product, on the box the cookies one of the ingredient is EGG.
Also i emailed not send me any cookie with EGGS
396948396948B000FBO9MOA1P6S7F4MD476CB. Arora0611201478400balBahlsen Delice Cookies, 3.5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)
Very Disappointed with your service and deceptive listing of the product ingredients. i am allergic eggs and as per your listing, there is NO mention of eggs and when i received the product, on the box the cookies one of the ingredient is EGG.
396949396949B000FBO9MOA1FEP94TP15RG0J. H. Baker01111245715200Hazelnut (Filberts) in a fragile crescent shaped tea cookie.Delicate ground hazelnut cookies for a Ladies tea, NOT for children or most men! Appreciated only by sophisticated palates, because they are neither cloyingly sweet or fatty. Set these aside for unexpected guests you'd like to impress.
396950396950B000FBO9MOA1FEP94TP15RG0J. H. Baker01111245715200These "Butter Leaves" are addictively wonderful!Amazon sends you TWELVE boxes of these fabulous cookies and each box disappears FAST - in fact, DO NOT sit down with the whole box nearby or you will munch thru all of them without stopping! They are delicately sweet, crunchy, and buttery - without being at all greasy. You've been warned!
396951396951B0004MZ0O0A27T5B2NVGAVVAnthony Lazorko "Tony"1151173916800Sweet Touch Nee Tea BagsThe best tea for my also brings up fond memories hen my grandfather used to care for me as a youngster. Frandfather always drank Sweet Touch nee tea, and for lunck he'd make jewish rye toast with butter and honey served with Sweet Touch Nee tea. I was pleasantly surprised that I could buy it via Amazon of all places!
396952396952B0004MZ0O0A3HVU84TB2VW9ILloyd Ira Aronoff1111140480000Rip OffI paid a premium for special handling. The ad makes you think you will get the items you ordered via overnight or 2nd day shipping. I received the single item via standard UPS, days late. The premium shipping costs was more than the Tea Bags I ordered. Shame of me- Buyer beware and read the ads very closely.I will pay a doublem premium before I send this company any of my money again.
396953396953B0004MZ0O0A1P1UDM3L0ZA1Xjudith A. fiumara "I love puppies"0051175644800the best teathis product is the best tea I have ever's almost impossible to find here in California, but I used to buy it in NY all the time. I'm so glad I was able to find it here.
396954396954B0004MZ0O0A3K3O0B2CFAHQQElle0051154995200My fave everyday tea!I am so glad Amazon does this grocery ordering now. It is so hard to find this tea in DC, it was everywhere in NYC when I lived there. It is great stuff!
396955396955B001ELLC9CA2KOSP2VY6IZUOWendy Smith141451239148800Very good almond pasteI was very pleased with Love 'N Bake Almond Paste. It was much smoother, more malleable, and more easily incorporated into other ingredients than the stiffer, dryer Odense almond paste I've used before. The flavor was excellent as well. The only negative is the packaging. It has a pull-ring lid, so once it is opened, it cannot be resealed if all the almond paste is not used. Not a big problem, but it would have been nice if it came with a plastic lid as well. This is an expensive baking item, but worth the occasional splurge.
396956396956B001ELLC9CA2PN65B6BSTIYZB. A. Chaney101051273708800Excellent Almond Paste, With Stellar ResultsI'll admit it, I'm a bit of an almond addict. And Love N' Bake Almond Paste is the best out there, and is simply a must have for baking almond cookies like pignolis and deeply almond flavored cakes. It's the brand most often mentioned in cookbooks I trust, and for good reason. If you're making a recipe that calls for almond paste, use this type, which is smooth and creamy (and good enough to be eaten right out of the can!) as opposed to grocery store brands which are drier and more crumbly. Also, buying in this three pack saves you money over the individual price of one of these cans.
396957396957B001ELLC9CA2HIPFEO70U4MCNonni's cakes "Sandy"9951245196800Almond Wedding CakeI used this product in the wedding cake I made for my daughter..the texture was perfect and creamed perfectly with the butter & eggs..the finished product was dense and easy to handle and the die for.
396958396958B001ELLC9CA3R9DK5P36PLVWMichael Bobrowski2251314230400Perfect almond paste for pignoli nut cookiesGreat almond paste at a good price. It's tough to find anything other than the tubed variety in grocery stores. Even my local Italian deli did not carry the canned paste. This paste works perfectly in my pignoli nut cookie recipe.

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