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396961396961B001ELLC9CA1H0W7S2H5HC04North Gate Outlander1151323561600Best there isI had this and another brand to make Almond Cloud cookies (King Arthur Flour web site), and what a difference! This made cookies not only taste much better, but the appearance, etc. was 100%.
Will buy nothing else!
396962396962B001ELLC9CA3HZG65Z2BHCT3Bill1151315612800Almond pasteMade some almond cookies using this paste, wicked good! Used a recipe from King Arthur, can of almond paste, sugar or sucralose, eggwhite, dash of salt, maybe some chocolate chips, yummo! This recipe only yields 12-15 cookies, and kind of pricey, but well worth the effort/expense. Crunchy on the outside, deliciously chewy almond inside.

The paste needs to be cut up with a knife in smaller pieces, before putting it in a food processor, as it is thick and will bog down the processor.

Free ship took 4 days from order date. Packaged well.

The paste is obviously expensive, but is also very tasty. Great stuff.
396963396963B001ELLC9CAW22BYYMC32KPSusieC1151279065600fantastic!Purchased this elsewhere for more money- won't do that again! Mainly use it for Gluten-free cookies, etc. Love it!
Susie C.
396964396964B001ELLC9CAN3QA69CHIZYPVirginia0051346889600Reliably good almond pasteI use this almond paste mostly for a cake I like to bake (the recipe is on David Liebovitz's website). The price is right and the quality is high, what more can you ask for.
396965396965B001ELLC9CAQ1338EVZICDUSunshine0051345334400Makes a great cookieI used this almond paste to make some Italian cookes and they were delicious. This was the first time that I baked with almond paste and the cookies were is a good quality product and you won't be dissapointed.
396966396966B001VNGOF0A3O6VJS3L852B8awakening8851280793600Outstanding tea, great price, giant bagsThis peppermint tea is outstanding- the smell alone is to die for! it comes with 2 bags, 1 lb each. it beats any peppermint tea you can buy in the regular retail stores, and the quality is way better than the quality of the tea that comes in tea bags. I highly recommend this product to all tea drinkers or those that use peppermint for alternate uses.

There are several ways to use peppermint to aid in natural healing of various ailments. Peppermint can be prepared as a tea, to use in baths or drink.

As well as having superior flavor, peppermint tea possesses the following health benefits:

Peppermint tea treats irritable bowel syndrome

Peppermint tea eases nausea and vomiting

Peppermint tea controls flatulence and diverticular disorders

Peppermint tea improves digestion and reduce heartburn

Peppermint tea dissolves gallstones

Peppermint tea reduces the severity of herpes outbreaks

Peppermint tea fights bad breath

Peppermint tea controls muscle aches and chronic pain

Peppermint tea clears congestion and cough related to colds and allergies

Peppermint tea controls mild asthma

Peppermint tea fights stress

To relieve stomachaches drink one cup of peppermint tea after meals, you can add one quart of tea to a bath to help treat skin ailments. Peppermint tea is also good for sore throats just gargle several times per day.

To Prepare tea to help alleviate stomach cramps, you will need 1/2 ounce peppermint leaves, 1/4 ounce camellia leaves. Use 1 teaspoon of this mixture per one cup of tea. Blend mixture and boiling water for 8 to 10 minutes, then strain.

To Prepare Tea to help alleviate stomach aches, you will need 6 ounces peppermint leave, 6 ounces lemon-balm leaves, and 6 ounces fennel seeds. Use 1 teaspoon of mixture per one cup of water. Blend mixture and boiling water for 8 to 10 minutes, then strain.
396967396967B001VNGOF0AW1CXD3OQ3XX4debrrose "debrrose"2241326153600hugePeppermint leaves don't weigh much, so these two bags are pillow-sized.
Hope you like peppermint tea, you'll be drinking it a long time!
(not that I'm complainingsince I like peppermint)
396968396968B001VNGOF0A2DXKCRQDSYNT9Auntsue2251286668800Ah, the joyAh, the joys of peppermint tea! Not only does it taste great and sooth the stomach, but for me it is currently working to deter a squirrel from eating my porch! I researched methods of detering squirrels and peppermint was suggested. I have sprinkled my porch with it and no more nibbling beastie--at least for now. This is a great price for this much tea, especially since I will definitely continue drinking it, but I might need to reapply it to my porch after the next rain.
396969396969B001VNGOF0A1OUDG6ZJ33A6GJason Eric2251276041600Thats a lota tea for the price!I am not a Tea connoisseur but I have been drinking tea for about 20 years and I am happy with this product. I mix peppermint tea in with my Yerba Mate tea and I got a nice blend. This is a lot of tea! 2 huge bags, and for that price you cant go wrong if the product is decent. When I opened the bag a very strong Peppermint odor came from the bag, this is a good sign. I was not sure if the quality would be so good because of the bulk price, but I am very happy with this purchase and I will purchase it again. People pay 3-5 dollars for a few small bags of peppermint... here you get like 50 times as much tea for the money, and thats probably not even an exaggeration, 2 huge bags.
396970396970B001VNGOF0A1962TR99RHGZ3Desmond Redmon1151331856000My eyes started watering...Seeing the price difference between this and what the grocery store sells 4oz packs for I was realy not expecting anything near the quality and freshness I got. When I opened the package I expected the dull dusty smell of the peppermint I get at the grocery store, but on shoving my nose right into the bag to get a good whif, I had to pully my face back sputtering as the massive dose of mint hit my sinuses. I started tea water and made my tea and the flavor was intense. The only drawback at all is that the bags were not resealable but a few flip top mason jars later, 5 qt's stores 1 lb, I sat back to savor the excelent the mint tea.
396971396971B001VNGOF0A2NAZ6EX7YIA7NG0NZ01151322697600The best peppermint on the whole planet!All I can say is.. WOW! I tried all kinds of peppermint before, in bags and loose, organic and not. Nothing ever came even close to this. It is SO good that you can smell even when the bags are sealed. And when you open the bags, you can feel the icy feeling in your nose when you smell it.
Outstanding both hot and cold. I also use it in soap making, infusing oils and then adding them to the soap. Any way you wanna use it, this is just fantastic. The price is also absolutely great. I would give a hundred stars.
I really hope Amazon keeps carrying this :)
396972396972B001VNGOF0AEGWLONTTSINUdog lover1151315526400Yes, this is the cooking herb also!If you have been looking for better priced, better quality mint for your cooking recipes - this is it! It is chopped & sifted, just as it says. No more buying from the Mexican market & sifting it yourself. And the best part is the freshness is outstanding! I never smelled dried mint this fresh, at any price! Can't wait to use it!
396973396973B001VNGOF0A11V1NUWQTX5KGB.1151312675200A lot of tea!I was surprised with just how much 2 lbs of leaf would be, and it's very good quality too. I make peppermint tea with heaps of this stuff because of how much you get, and haven't even finished off the first bag yet. Delicious!
396974396974B001VNGOF0A39SCUE88OGUHEnanna1151311120000good value...good productI was very pleased with this tea. It is fresh and very fragrant. I works well to soothe irritable stomachs and you get an amazing amount for the price.
396975396975B001VNGOF0A1K82R24ROO2I7A. Cheffy "Cheffy"0051348099200S'minty GOODNESS!Yes, this is a lot of loose leaf peppermint! Very fresh and aromatic. The tea leaves aren't too fine so you won't get a lot of tea 'crumbs' in your teacup. Beautiful deep green color and brews a mean cup of tea that will clear your nasal passages and lungs if you inhale it. If you're a peppermint addict then you will love this tea. It's delicious and very strong (stronger than Celestial Seasonings mint tea).

396976396976B001VNGOF0A2TZ1BE1ANR2N7Barbara A. Schultz0051346889600Great taste, Great aroma, Great priceI received my peppermint leaves today. Each bag measures about 15 inches tall and 12 inches wide. They come in foil bags that are not resealable. No problem ! I just transferred it to a one gallon Ziploc bags. I had to use 2 Ziploc bags for one pound of the leaves. The leaves are crushed up real fine and sort of resembles tobacco. The aroma alone is to kill for. The taste is excellent. I made tea from the leaves in my coffee pot. I added about 3 tablespoons of the leaves in the coffee maker,poured a cup, and added a teaspoon of sugar. I have a sore throat today and I could feel the coolness of the peppermint in my throat. I have sinus problems and this defiantly helped. The price is great for the amount of peppermint leaves that are received.I will be ordering more to stay stocked up for winter. This would taste excellent in a cup of cocoa on a cold winter night.
396977396977B001VNGOF0A1Y9IQQZJK1M3DA. Hubbard0051346457600Great for tea!I just received this and paid a little extra to get it next day. There is MORE than enough mint leaves here for anyone. These bags are massive, and it's well worth the 15-20 dollars in comparison to how much it costs for the tea bags or to buy the little 2 oz at the herbal store.

The tea tastes fabulous! And with so many tea leaves, you can make it as strong as you like without guilt! If you're an avid mint tea drinker, I highly encourage purchasing this product.
396978396978B001VNGOF0AGGDI4VWPPZ6JL. Miller0031344556800I hope you like mint a LOTI got into drinking mint infusions each morning as a substitute for coffee. It seemed a good idea to get it in bulk, since I was paying about $3/box for 24 herbal tea bags. (Don't re-use herbal tea bags. Wastes water and electricity.)

Somehow I missed that this was a 'pack of 2'. Two 16 oz. bags of mint leaf amount to the stuffings of a sofa cushion. Or a bed pillow, assuming you could sleep through the crackling. To appreciate this product you should be fairly adept with a tea ball (schlepping a generous teaspoon of the mint leaves into a metal container with holes in it and dunking it all in a very hot cup of water), You also need a bit of patience (to allow it to steep 5 minutes) and a fair amount of imagination. Then you may learn to like this infusion, and if you're really imaginative, you can even pretend it's a great wake up brew in the mornings. Frankly, that's a stretch.

I would not buy this product, unless you intend to make 'iced' mint herbal tea, hot herbal mint tea, mint ice cubes, and some kind of mint salve. Otherwise I expect it will go flat or rancid, depending on just how much peppermint oil is included in that mint leaf. Or, you could invest in a tea bag machine and make your own tea bags to sell on-line.I happen to have discovered an Amish cheese shop which markets mint tea bags by the quarter pound. Those $3 grocery store 24 count herbal teas? This place sells 24 bags for a buck. Of course I did not discover that bargain until after I'd order the sofa cushion full of mint leaves. I'm thinking of making soap, candles, and sachets for Christmas gifts.
396979396979B001VNGOF0AL5J5GK1XBRN4D. Pedi "Arizona"0051338422400Wonderfuly RefreshingThis tea is very strong and it comes in two huge bags. Will make a very strong infusion with very little tea. This tea has a very powerful aroma and would taste great in chocolate milk.
396980396980B001VNGOF0A1FQH8MZ37B1IIsuezb0051328918400Not just for teaI was making fabric bags filled with flax seed and various smells to use in the microwave or freezer. I wanted a lavender bag and a peppermint/eucalyptus. After a bunch of looking around, I decided to try this one.

When it came, I was shocked at the amount. For some reason I was expecting a couple handfuls, and got several dozen handfuls. When I was sifting through it, I noticed how fresh it looked, even dried, and the smell was wonderful. I mixed it in with the eucalyptus from the same company (and same great quality) and put that with the flax in the bag. It didn't take much to make it smell good (about a tablespoon of each per cup of flax). After being used again and again in the microwave, it still smells like it did the first day. I'm very pleased with the quality, and plan on buying only this brand in the future.

Even the room I store it in smells fabulous.

If looking for the same great mix, I recommend both herbs from Frontier.
396981396981B001VNGOF0A33H5YN55DW3YNJ "XxXsXmXxX"0151347321600It goodyou should prob steer clear if you wanna buy this to smoke...its alright,but not what I was hopeing.

this is meant for drinking...
396982396982B0000E3QK7A3TM5ANOFL77BVNCeddie0041309737600PackagingThe taste is outstanding, not too sweet, natural fruitiness of strawberry. I would rate this product a 5, but it is packaged in a beautifully illustrated tin, which I preferred, but tops are not designed to stay tightly closed. Container will slide open if carried in trouser pocket or satchel.
396983396983B000328VL0A1ZHR8ZKW3HG72P. McConnell1111326844800Ridiculous Pricethis is regularly $2.50 per 12pk on sale at local grocery stores, even the MSRP is only $4.99
Buyer Beware !
396984396984B000328VL0A27TCE28E34MQCJeremiah McLarty1111317600000Is this Pepsi pissed out of a God?The price is ridiculous. I love Pepsi, but come on. I'm not going to pay $11 for a 12 pack of Pepsi.
396985396985B000328VL0A8O13GJJDU01ZChristopher "chrysaetos"3451110499200The Blue DrinkCan you believe that there are people out there who can't tell the difference between Pepsi and Coke? And if they can, some people can't put the tang/taste to the label? Strange.

Long story short, I didn't drink too much soda while growing up. I hit high school, and while many of my middle school friends discovered cigarettes, pot, and possibly armagnac (The Amber Drink), I found Pepsi.

I became addicted to Pepsi. I drank about three to five cans a day, with a Josta every 2 pm during my Physics class in 1996. Crystal was a dream come true.

* Pepsi is sweeter than Coke
* Even when served at the recommended 40° F, Pepsi becomes flat faster than Coke. At sea level, Pepsi, in my opinion, is practically non-consumable.
* Pepsi contains 39mg of caffeine as opposed to Coke's 45mg
* Pepsi rivals Coke with their strange, alternative soda releases, such as Crystal Pepsi, Crystal with Citrus, Josta, Pepsi Blue, and Pepsi Holiday Spice. None of these lasted, unfortunately (or were limited productions). Popular flavors of this soda that continue to last are Wild Cherry Pepsi, Pepsi Twist and Pepsi Vanilla.
* Pepsi is less expensive than Coke
* Where Coke's holiday marketing is comprised mainly of St. Nicholas, Pepsi's is more apropos with their blue color: ice, winterscapes, snowflakes, and cartoony reindeer characters

I always feel, because of Pepsi's modern (and vertical) logo on the can, like I am drinking a container of potential energy. Like I was holding a 12 oz. consumable battery. This sleek logo (recently aligned with a 3D-shaded red-white-blue sphere) may be an additional reason for Pepsi being America's second-favorite cola. It is not as nostalgic as Coca-Cola's cursive logo, which hearkens back to the halcyon days of our older generation (and potential customers).
396986396986B000328VL0A2T27ZFXLUZXZ4Javy Cado2351178323200Pepsi is so good!!If youve never tried Pepsi, DONT, youll just get addicted and its not good to get addicted to soft drinks.

Its my one addiction in life that I havent been able to break. I like RC too but they dont sell it in my area.

All the other sodas are just a grade below. For me, its Pepsi or nothing at all.
396987396987B000328VL0A2NJO6YE954DBHLawrance M. Bernabo1351098921600I happen to like my caffeine cold and my cola blueThe history of soft drinks goes all the way back to the mineral water found in natural springs. The first marketed (non-carbonated) soft drinks, made from water and lemon juice sweetened with honey, appeared in the 17th century. The first drinkable manmade glass of carbonated water was created by an Englishmen, Dr. Joseph Priestley, nine years before the Declaration of Independence. In 1832, John Mathews invented an apparatus for making carbonated water. The drinking of natural (or even artificial) mineral water was considered a healthy practice so American pharmacists were adding medicinal and other flavorful herbs (birch bark, sarsaparilla, fruit extracts) to unflavored beverage from their soda fountains. Then their customers wanted to start taking the drinks home with them and thus the soft drink bottling industry was born, leading eventually to "Rock and Roller Cola Wars."

In 1893 in New Bern, North Carolina, a young pharmacist named Caleb Bradham began experimenting with a wide variety of different soft drink concoctions that friends and patrons could try out at his drugstore soda fountain. Five year's later the most popular formulation, known as "Brad's Drink," a combination of carbonated water, sugar, vanilla, rare oils and cola nuts, is named Pepsi-Cola and in 1902 the company was incorporated. The product was sold with the slogan: "Exhilarating, Invigorating, Aids Digestion." By 1995 the company's slogan was "Nothing else is a Pepsi." PepsiCo.'s restaurant division, Tircon Global Restaurants, Inc., which includes Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, & KFC, is the largest restaurant company in the world in terms of units and second-largest in sales (go ahead and guess who is bigger and what cola they happen to sell).

Here we have 144 fluid ounces of Pepsi Cola divided into a dozen 12 ounce cans as the "6-Pack" goes the way of the nickle bottle of Pepsi. Today, Pepsi is a concoction of carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup and/or sugar, caramel color, phosphoric acid, caffeine, citric acid and natural flavors. The high fructose corn syrup and/or sugar part has me puzzled, simply because I would think that once a corporation has a major formula they do not mess with it in any way shape or form. So now I am wondering if the taste difference between high fructose corn syrup based Pepsi Cola and sugar based Pepsi Cola is as significant as the difference between soda fountain Pepsi Cola and Pepsi Cola in a can (the latter is better). In addition to the 150 calories per 12 fluid ounce serving you get the following percentage daily values (based on a 2,000 calorie diet):

Total Fat (0g) 0%
Sodium (35 mg) 1%
Potassium (10 mg)
Total Carbohydrates (41 g of Sugars) 14%
Protein (0 g) 0%

There is also 25 mg of caffeine, a fact that is not included in the Nutrition Facts on the side of the can, which I find interesting because I know I am not alone in drinking Pepsi for the caffeine instead of the sodium or sugars. But I also know that I like the sweeter more refreshing taste of Pepsi as compared to the competition (Bill Cosby once dismissed the idea that we wanted cola with a "sweeter" taste, but he was wrong).

When I was in England several years ago I saw a whole bunch of ad posters in which things that were traditionally red over there, such as mailboxes and phone booths, were suddenly blue. Of course I now know this was in anticipation of Pepsi going from white cans to blue cans. You might wonder how much money was spent to determine that blue versus red was a better marketing position than white versus red, but when you are going up against a product whose brand name has become the generic name for cola, you need to look for every marketing opportunity.

For most of us the history of Pepsi is found not in the can (or the bottle), but the advertising slogans. See how far back in history you can go down this trip along memory lane: "Be Young. Have Fun. Drink Pepsi" (1993), "Choice of a New Generation" (1992), "You Got The Right One Baby" (1990), "The choice of a New Generation" (1984), "Have a Pepsi Day!" (1976), "Pepsi Generation" (1962), "Now it's Pepsi, for those who think young" (1960), "The Light Refreshment" (1953), "Bigger Drink, Better Taste" (1943), "Drink Pepsi-Cola, it will satisfy you" (1920), and "The Original Food Drink" (1906).
396988396988B000328VL0ATI08V9XIBPSPTaylor J. Raines2821154217600At least it's not RCSeriously, this stuff just doesn't taste as good as Coke. I rue the day that Quiznos switched from Coke to Pepsi.
396989396989B004S036EKA2ZMMQ4W17EK2NKendra1231336521600It's ok..When they say 'less sodium' they mean it. You can really taste the difference between this and the original. It is pretty much bland, but still edible. I still found myself having to add something extra or else I would have thrown these out.

Tip: Add a tad bit of garlic seasoning and a few shakes of your favorite hot sauce and this will taste amazing. Also taste good for the original chili.
396990396990B000WFISA2A2AF19YKZUEL0JL. Okamoto0051328832000Easy raw for your petsThis is such a great, easy way to feed a raw nutritious meal. Just break up one of the burger patties into pieces (size of pieces appropriate for the species) and serve. One patty goes a long way if you are feeding cats, since the patties are quite dense. Another option is to re-hydrate the patty, if that's something your pets like. My cats prefer it dry, which is fine with me as long as they are getting plenty of water in their diet otherwise.

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