Amazon Fine Food Reviews

397016397016B0031LXOVCA27ODQ434BH8VBZekesgirl0051325808000So good!I discovered these at a local Asian market and thought they sounded good, so I bought one bag. When I finally opened them to try, I was hooked. They are delicious and taste exactly like sweet corn on the cob. They are quite addictive. The bag I bought was the same size as a large individual bag of Doritos etc, had enough for two servings and I only paid 80 cents. I'm not sure what size this bag is but the price and the shipping are ridiculous!! As good as these are, I wouldn't pay this price for them. Check your local Asian store to see if they carry them because they are fabulous. Love them!
397017397017B001AY2DKKA1ENPV2FE31VNWS. G. "Mom of Teens"0051269388800LOVE These Peas!These are my absolute favorite Wasabi Peas - great taste and wonderful CRUNCH. Peas are very large, and product has always been consistent (I have ordered this multiple times). The best part is packaging - wonderful portions and a re-sealable snap-fit lid. Just wish this was available on 'Subscribe & Save' program!
397018397018B00718TPYGA1RJQ7R49BBM9VRfeew2251333497600Love this bread!!This bread is probably the best GF bread I've eaten in almost two years!! It's soft, no gritty texture, and has great flavor. The only weird thing about this product is that it comes with 5 slices. The slices are large enough to cut in half and make a sandwich with just one piece of bread, though. They are double the size of what you get from other GF brands. Most GF crusts are dry and have a distinct, icky flavor but this one doesn't. Just really good bread!
397019397019B00718TPYGA24NO9MFM9F0BZJohn G. Norman1151347235200The best gluten-free bread (also dairy- and egg-free)Recently I was tested for food intolerances, and I was off the charts.

I discovered that I need to be careful not only with gluten, but with eggs and dairy.

This Schar gluten-free "deli" bread is the best gluten-free bread I've eaten, bar none.

Unlike Udi's and Rudi's, whose whole wheat breads include eggs of various kinds (specifically, Rudi's has egg whites), Schar is pretty 'clean" for me. As another commenter notes, the packages have 5 slices. But I have found that a perfectly good sandwich can be made by splitting one slice into two.

[If you're in Europe, you can also find Schar's Pain Campagnard, which is maybe even better.]
397020397020B00718TPYGA131R3LAWZB19UThomas C. Evans "poolboy"0051338508800Great gluten free breadGreat gluten free bread, but they put an odd number of slices in each pack. This means that you always end up with just one slice left after making two sandwichs.
396991396991B005KJFM2WAE3SL6UU1YK5TTamara Johnson0041319241600Nice coatI started my minpin Gus on this food a month ago, and already I can feel the difference in his coat - it is softer and seems more healthy. Gus is 11, and it also seems to me that he has more energy since he's been eating this food. The last food I had him on was an IAMs brand. I finally looked at the label and saw it had corn meal as the major ingredient. Hmmm. Figured that wasn't a natural doggie diet, so switched him to this. Other than the fact that I can't find this food in any but the 4 lb. size, I am very happy with it.
396992396992B003SBXJDSAPS92B75LALPBMelindagail1151312416000Very Good!This is some of the best apple juice that I have purchased for my children. I have had several adults ask me what brand of juice it is because it is so good!
396993396993B003SBXJDSA2G7B7FKP2O2PUD. Leschke0051316304000Taste and ConvenienceWe like having juice on hand, but often forget to purchase it in the store.
Buying the pack of 8 bottles from Amazon keeps it on our shelf ready to use and we don't have to lug 8 big bottles home from the grocer. It tastes good too.
396994396994B003SBXJDSA2JQ23PS4Y746Pned stone "ned stone"0041316217600Great taste but expensiveThis is probably the best tasting apple juice ever! I could not stop drinking and finished 8 bottles in a matter of weeks. Tastes better than Mott's, Tropicana, Very Fine, etc... I've tried them all. My only issue is that the price has steadily risen since I initially purchased through Amazon Subscribe. For that reason I can no longer afford. 5 stars for taste, 3 stars for price.
396995396995B003SBXJDSA1XFTCY4VJ3GZ5mgirl0051310947200yumHansens products are my new favorite beverage. their juices are divine, and the crisp clean quality can't be beat. I have given up on grocery store juice-Hansen's is it for me1
396996396996B003SBXJDSA29QCU7L63JCK3Roger H. Ford "F1N"0131329782400Tastes good but it doesn't like meI reallly wish Hansen Apple Juice would have worked for me, since I do enjoy its taste. Unfortunately, I have carefully singled it out as the item that is giving me gastric problems. So, here's hoping that Amazon will get another brand of apple juice in its Subcribe and Save program to go along with Hansen, something that has been super filtered. (I know, the natural food folks are unhappy right now. Sorry.) I envy all of you whose stomachs can tolerate this juice. The problem is almost assuredly me, not the juice, as I don't deal well with cider either. I'm giving the juice a three mostly as a warning to others who have the same tendency. It is not bad juice at all.
396997396997B003SBXJDSA3AIR9PP8NU84INick2521328832000What about the date of production ?Article 21 Any standardized packaged food or food additive must, according to the requirements for different products, have the name of the product, the place of manufacture, the name of the factory, the date of manufacture, the batch number (or code number), the specifications, the formula or principal ingredients, the date of expiration for guaranteed quality, the method of consumption or use, and other such information indicated in the label of the package or the product descrîption.
396998396998B001EO6D4SA2P9MLOC2MLBY1jengalati0051298505600Kansas City Steak SeasoningI bought some really nice steaks to cook on the grill for a dinner party. I realized I was short a steak and ran to the grocery store and got a cheaper cut. The Kansas City Steak Seasoning was really delicous. You couldn't even tell the difference in the cuts of steak. Great flavor!
396999396999B000NOXBWWA2IG7TBIPSQNHEC. Baker101051219363200Best K-Cup Flavor, Best PriceThe Tully French Roast is the strongest, richest, most flavorful k-cup I have found (better than Timothy's Espresso, which is weaker). This k-cup of coffee gets big compliments from all my guests- it's even strong enough to pour over ice for iced coffees.

The price on this 108 ct when I bought it was the best I've seen by far.
397000397000B000NOXBWWA2P5SKOGSZFZ0CKarly Bryant3351262995200Fantastic cup of coffee!I hadn't expected this to be six separate boxes, so when I opened the shipping box, I was more than a little excited. The K-cups were a gift for my husband who loves Tully's French Roast, and somehow these taste even better than the whole bean version (and that's with using it in a Jura automated espresso machine!). This was also the best available price.
397001397001B000NOXBWWA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"1151283731200Smooth and Bold All At The Same Time! Highly RecommendedThese Tully's "French Roast (Extra Bold)" were included in a sample pack and it is one of our favorites. We use these in our Keurig B-40 B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System and they come out great in both the "Small and Large Cup" settings.

This is very smooth and has a very distinctive flavor that makes it a great cup of morning coffee.

Highly Recommended!

397002397002B000NOXBWWAACUU3WF6U1X5NannyB0041337299200not for the faint of heartI love a strong cup of coffee, which one surely is. This is probably the strongest cup of coffee I have ever tasted. Wonderful for those who have trouble getting started in the morning. If this one doesn't wake you up, it may be time to make funeral arrangements!!
397003397003B000NOXBWWA31B049UPN0OX5Kev720051335312000Good Strong CoffeeIf you have a Kuerig and like strong coffee, this is a great choice. I have purchased this brand many times and have not been disappointed
Hop onto Amazon and click a great price WITH hands off delivery
for the hardest-to-find coffee -- a few clicks and your Keurig
one serving coffee maker gives you heaven in a cup -- every time!
397005397005B000NOXBWWA1OKZ3N1HR5S5AChief H.0051317772800Best French RoastI've tried many of the other brands of French Roast and find that the Tully's brand offers the best all-around satisfying flavor. I brew it on the largest cup size and it produces a good cup of coffee. My guests agree.
397006397006B000V3O6KGA13216HRRRREI4A. Denkert2251247443200Soooo good!I love this candy! It's really strong, so you need only a few (tiny) pieces to be satisfied, and it's addictive.
I highly recommend this licorice!
397007397007B000V3O6KGA3P2VHBIODEXTGinge130051325808000FOUND MY SALMIS IN THE USAafter 50 years in this country i found a place on amazon wich has this product that is only made in good ol' germany. amazon took great care of me - shipment was made quickly and correctly. i will come back often.
397008397008B001AVE7DEA3UF4K552BJ1VCHappy Rafters0041347753600House blend smooth and mellowWe have bought several blends from Cafe Excellence and like this coffee so far the best on Amazon. Got it when the prices were low but see they have gone up in price. This house blend is a mellow smooth flavor, it is my husbands favorite. I like the Serindipity blend it is a little stronger flavor. Just personal preference.
397009397009B004U8WHS6A1XNAPVBICKVF4Pen Name0041346371200Great ,I love itCant say anything more than's all natural ,no artificial ingredient and I have neve tasted chocolate wafer like this before
397010397010B004U8WHS6A1MDST7ADAHOAIRYZ0051339632000Best Chocolate Wafers on the Market!These are simply the best tasting chocolate hazelnut wafers on the market. I grew up in Europe and was addicted to them and was so happy to find them on Amazon. They are bit more expensive than in Europe, but it is understandable as they have to be imported. Enjoy! Yumm!
397011397011B001EO6D4IA2M6Q0M563E6V6sbissell32351292025600I Had My Doubts, But WOW!Oaxaca is widely considered to have the best cuisine in Mexico and Mole is one of the most widely variable dishes in the country. In some places it contains bananas! and in others pumpkin and peanuts! I was a bit hesitant to buy this as I had low expectations about quality and taste, but this is right on as far as I'm concerned. The spices are just right and the amount of chocolate flavor is subtle but present in every bite. The first time I used it I mixed about half a can into some Enchilada sauce I had prepared and then cooked my chicken in it (this is called 'tinga' for some reason and doesn't translate as anything other than 'stewed'). The result took me back to the first Mole I had in Oaxaca years ago. I intend to try it without my own additions next time, but I'm impressed! If you've never had Mole this is a good one to start with. Mole can be an acquired taste and sometimes I don't care for it; for example I seldom order it in the Yucatan as it is too 'complex' for me and my son doesn't even want it on the table. By the way, this is dry spices not prepared Mole so you can mix it with whatever you like. I suspect water or chicken broth would work well. My Sombrero is off to Two Snooty Chefs!
397012397012B0021LEDE0ARC13JEVK21IBStephen E. Hughes2211325980800Buyer BewareThe ad gives you the impression it is a box of pop corn, containing several packages. It is not. It is only a single package "One" $8.00 for one bag of pop corn, and it really was not that good .
397013397013B0021LEDE0A3BADG55FYI5M2Gary M.0011343088000Not What Was ExpectedWhen this single pack of popcorn arrived, the first thing I noticed was how the paper bag was oiled soaked and discolored. I was excited about the expected burst of flavor and bite to this popcorn. Popped fairly well, leaving about 25-30 kernels un-popped. The smell was good, mostly popcorn with a slight hint of pepper. Disappointed though with the taste as my expectation was for a sharp bite and more chipotle flavor. Very little to no chipotle taste and only a touch of the burn that make chipotle so good. This did not turn out to be the taste experience that necessitates buying the single package of this again.
397014397014B0021LEDE0A1O0WMQGF52BAXAnonymous0141326153600Ass Kickin' Chipotle PopcornIt was sent as a Christmas gift and very much enjoyed by the recipient. I would consider giving this item as another gift.
397015397015B0064KOAUGA297O0T350V707Rosepedal16670051339372800best candy everThis has been one of my favorite candy bars for years. But its hard to find now so I was happy when I found it on here. It was really good and shipped fast.

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