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397021397021B0047Z0QLCA1Q23EJ3YLM4ASFaith1151314835200Best gluten free cookies I have had.I love Gluten Free Sensations products especially the chocolate chip cookies. My children love when I make them. They are so easy to make and if you want to save some for later, they store really well in the freezer.
397022397022B0047Z0QLCA2AYG6Y3SSQ458K. Austin1141306972800Excellent cookie - Price is a bit highMy ENTIRE family (Gluten Free and not Gluten Free) LOVE these cookies. You have to add many ingredients though and because of that I think the price is too high.
397023397023B0047Z0QLCA3RR2P5IS3DGPRDr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant"1111305676800chocolate chips not includedinfo found on www

Since I have had a feeling I am soy intolerant, it has been difficult to find any cookies store-bought or even mixes that I can eat. While shopping at Meijer yesterday, I came across Gluten Free Sensations Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. This mix does not include the chocolate chips, you must purchase your own. Although this makes it more expensive, you have the option of using carob chips or my personal new favorite, Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips.

I followed the directions on the box for mixing the batter. There is also a suggestion for making peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I think I also might have a peanut intolerance, so I added a 1/2 cup of almond butter to the butter. This made some awesome chewy chocolate chip cookies. By far the best Gluten-Free cookies I have had since going Gluten-Free. My son has disliked any of the GFree cookies I have made to date, but he loved these. Other cookies I have made, he has taken only one bite, but he even asked for a second helping of these!

So what makes these so special. I'm not really sure. The ingredients are very basic. Granulated Cane Juice (sugar), Potato Starch, Sorghum Flour, Brown Rice Flour, Tapioca Starch, Corn Flour, Baking Soda, Salt, Xanthan Gum. You have to add your own Chocolate Chips, so I'm not sure why this is so expensive. It cost me about $10 to make this one batch of cookies. Is it worth it? My son thinks so. They were pretty delicious.
397024397024B000WFKW5QA24JTUA7456SMTC. Cina "C W"1151258156800love it!love this stuff! my dog is a super picky eater and he loves this. he actually put on a little weight, which is good.
397025397025B000WFKW5QAQM5OZSYAX9M5Mary Stanley "pom mom"1151220140800Yummy, yummy my dogs have beef in their tummysWe tried Evanger's hunk of beef before we purchased the 12 pack and my two poms wolfed it down in about 20 seconds. We also mix it in with their regular dog food (wet & dry) Hunk of beef is good for supplementing but not to feed your dog's as their regular food everyday. My poms are very picky with their food choices so since they love it I would recommend it.
397026397026B000WFKW5QA2F2MZW8EOGH5Jdaemoncycler "When you arrive at a fork in th...0051332979200So happy made in USAMade is the USA. We are so happy that Evangers is avail on Amazon. It's becoming more & more difficult to find dog food & treats(especially) that are not made in an Asian country. Perhaps it's unfair of me to be biased in such a manner but the melamine that was poisoning dogs & cats 5 years ago still has me scared. That certainly doesn't mean all pet food manufactured in the USA is safe but I think Evangers is high quality & my dog loves it.
397027397027B000WFKW5QAGW5289KFUEP9M. Hughes0051313107200My dogs love this food.My two dogs had clearly become bored with the dry food I feed them. About a year ago, a dog trainer friend suggested that I try watering down a can of Evangers and pouring a little of it over their food. No more bored eaters; now they can't wait to get their noses in their food dishes.

I've tried several of Evanger's varieties, but the one they seem to enjoy most is Hunk of Beef. When I first open a can the aroma is amazing, like your mother's great pot roast.

I appreciate the seller packing this note with the food: "We hand-check cans prior to shipping, replacing any that are compromised. Cans deemed safe but not salable are donated to Chicago area shelters or rescues. Cans replaced: 3. Packed with care by: MD."

What's not to love?
397028397028B000WFKW5QA1DCT7HGXO7QYQBetsy Estep0051287878400Meat, pure and simple.My two dachshunds love this dog food. I add a spoonful to each meal, careful to separate the fat that is a natural part of the meat.
397029397029B000WFKW5QAWBGZWLOYNDGLSusan E. Bern "dog mom"0051268438400Natural dog foodExcellent canned dog food. It's the real deal when it comes to indgredients! My dogs NEVER turn their noses up at this canned food (and believe me....they can be pretty picky)
397030397030B004T0DYXMA2RH39G1RFMQAOCandace0051344556800Vanilla PowderI first tried vanilla powder from Whole Foods, but the nearest store is 4 hours away. This is a great product if you can't find vanilla powder locally.
397031397031B004NSH6N4A2GWJNADEGP92Qstreakyj0051349827200dark chocolate--what's not to love?they arrived quickly. my friends said they tasted the lavender and blueberry, but i thought the lavender was a little more prominent; either way, delicious!
397032397032B004NSH6N4AFIBWJAVT28H6Jack Jones "Jack"0041349740800Delicious chocolate but could be sweeter!This is most certainly a unique chocolate with lavender and blueberry notes. I liked it better than the average chocolate candy that you can buy in stores. Besides Amazon, only one store in my area carries this candy. It is dark chocolate with lesser sugar/sweetness that would be perfect for diabetics. However, I like my chocolate a little sweeter and I was hoping there would be a little more sugar in these squares. I would give it five stars if it was sweeter. Other than the sweetness, it is delicious and I would recommend it.
397033397033B0029JAR4OA1T1YSCDW0PD25A. Wiersch4451272153600Very tasty - it's hard to stop eating themThese are quite tasty. It's hard to stop eating them. They may be just a little too sweet for what I'd consider "dark chocolate" though, but I'm not letting that little nitpick get in the way of a 5 star rating.
397034397034B0029JAR4OA2LWA6MA1I1PXCS. Beach "momo bea"4451265587200These are the BOMB!!Both dark chocolate and almonds have wonderful flavinoids and antioxidants. How wonderful to get a health benefit from such a decadent snack!
397035397035B0029JAR4OA2W9I628I6SE1UKort "Art, Music, Book & Movie Enthusiast"3351296432000In Love With DoveFor a while there were not too many dark chocolate covered almonds available. Dove was one of the first big producers to put them on the grocery store shelves. When my wife and I tried them, we knew we'd found a keeper. There is usually an open open bag in the refrigerator and if there isn't, then a trip to the store is in order. The satisfying crunch of the almond mixed with the rich creaminess of the dark chocolate is a wonderful combination. In fact they are almost too good. It is hard to stop with just a single serving. We normally have a few after dinner in place of dessert and manage to control ourselves. Yes, dark chocolate and almonds have some health benefits, but our waistlines wouldn't appreciate it if we indulged to our heart's content.

Dove brand chocolates are among my favorite. I am always impressed with their quality and flavor. If this is your kind of snack, what are you waiting for?
397036397036B004AO7F0KA3EPHBMU07LZ50Penmouse4451338076800Very smooth coffeeWe tried The Pod Columbia Supremo coffee as our favorite Senseo brand is out-of-stock. We were pleasantly surprised by how smooth tasting this coffee is and plan to buy this brand again. There is far less bite than the Senseo coffee and overall we probably like The Pod Columbia Supremo a bit better. Of course variety is the spice of life, so we will probably drink the Senseo too; but The Pod Columbia Supremo is our current new favorite.

397037397037B004AO7F0KA3V598Q5FOKH4FS&H3351337212800Better than Senseo podsI think Keurig is pushing out Senseo. The grocery stores near me stopped carrying Senseo pods. I went with this order based on the 3 positive reviews. They were right. Great cup of coffee. In fact, I think the coffee is better than what is in the Senseo pods. These pods are a little thicker, IMO, compared to the others but this means I can sneak another half cup of coffee out of the 2 pods. Would definitely reorder these again.
397038397038B004AO7F0KA16EIA3UQG445Tgoddesslynne3351336521600Good coffee, fits Senseo machine!Very tasty, strong and fits in my Senseo!! 2 pods in the large basket to make a mug of coffee, just like the Senseo brand pods. I'll definitely be re-ordering this!! MUCH better than the Wolfgang Puck brand...
397039397039B004AO7F0KA27J833959Y9AC1DisturbedRN3351315785600Wonderful coffee at a great priceOnly coffee I want to drink. Great taste and always frest with a price that just can't be beat. I prefer to buy the 250 pack for greatest value, they stay fresh and are so easy to use.
397040397040B004AO7F0KA22WY4EMT9DW6PGeraint5651322784000Easily the best pod coffee I've triedVarious pods from different companies either don't fit my Senseo very well or produce indifferent coffee.

These pods fit perfectly and brew easily the best cup of coffee of any of the pods I've tried. Really delicious. I'll be trying the World Blend from the same company as soon as I get my hands on it.

Although I didn't really like the idea of the pods being individually wrapped, which adds to the amount of waste, I think I may be a convert, since the coffee stayed lovely and fresh.

Finally, I got an unprompted individual response from the company about my shipping preferences after I left feedback for them on Amazon, which certainly goes above and beyond what I expect.
397041397041B004AO7F0KAV1EI4JCFZ3KTLew R. Bailen1151341014400Good melow coffeeCoffee is mild and mellow, I would call it Medium roast. Other thanthe cost of shipping a very good deal. My hopes are that they will continue to make them. Now that Senseo has quit the pod business I hope some one jump in and provide for us who won't pay for the overpriced K cups.
397042397042B004AO7F0KAZWXQVKL28IY2no pen name1121340323200coffee podsI expected full-bodied Columbian flavor as in other brand pods. However it was so weak in even a 6oz cup that i had to use 2 pods. Very disappointing. But did receive it quickly. Good if you like weak coffee
397043397043B004AO7F0KA2BQSBXYHK0YX5Auntijoan0051344643200The PodThe POD, 1-Cup Coffee Pods - Colombia Supremo (Regular) 54 Pods

GREAT coffee! Better than Senseo, so they can be out of stock forever. Deep, rich flavor - great wake-up brew. I like it.
397044397044B004AO7F0KA1JVMEDABGIIQCWalkar0051342310400Worth itGiven that the original dark roast from Senseo is no longer available, I tried this brand. Great service, each pod packaged individually, all arrived in perfect shape. Now - the taste: it is NOT as strong as the dark roast from Senseo, but still very pleasant. I'd give 4 stars for my personal taste, however, I knew I was not buying the same coffee, so it'd be unfair to downgrade it. It is still good coffee. I will continue buying it.
397045397045B002CN7F7EA381MT950I6KRLJujubeMBA2241303948800I love piquillosI used to buy my Piquillos at Trader Joe's, but they discontinued them. So I ordered a case of these. They are a litle seedy inside, which is a down side, but the flavor is good and they work well in tons of different dishes.
397046397046B002CN7F7EA3LM99AZY6W8NAS. Savarese "SMILING1"2251254614400GreatI couldn't find Piquillo peppers anywhere locally. I was able go get them from at a great price and in a couple of days.
397047397047B002CN7F7EA1ZGRJVKCMBFH0Lucy1151301443200ExcellentThe product is excellent, sweet and juicy. I like the small jars. The parcel came in time, but the packaging wasn't enough to hold such a heavy weight, one of the jar was broken. But Amazon resolved this problem very quickly and efficiently. I'll definitely order this product again.
397048397048B002CN7F7EA1UAO75XNA6DOGgardener970051328832000deliciousadd to a pasta dish or cut into strips for pizza topping - these add a wonderful flavor. Hard to describe but not hot, just delicate and different.
397049397049B001E14BF4A3PUF3OI3DNX66Green Witch0051296000000Wonderful Stuff!I have been using Giovanni Body Wash (White Tea scent) for several years now. I have extremely sensitive skin, prone to acne, rashes and irritations when using most other soaps. I have wasted tons of money trying soap after soap hoping to find something that wouldn't irritate my skin, lathering well, while leaving me feeling clean. This soap has a really nice, soft scent, washes skin clean of dirt and oil and leaves no soap scum after rinsed off. This is the only soap I have found that does not cause break-outs/irritations and lathers well. I truely wish I could find a more econonmcal product that does the same job as this body wash but still haven't found one. So I try to find really good deals when buying this body wash to help off set the cost.

Please note: this soap is a little drying.. so if you already have a dry skin conidtion this may not be the soap for you. I lived in a very warm humid climate when I started using this soap and did not notice the drying effect until I moved to a much cooler and dryer area. With that being said Giovanni also sells one of the best moisturizers I have ever used, it's their body butter (comes in the same scents as the body washes). This body butter works fantasticly! I am in the health care field and have to wash my hands many, many times a day. If I put some of the body butter on at night right before I go to sleep, my hands are moisturized all the next day without reapplying! I have tried many moisturizers that seems to work great until you wash your hands, then its like you never had any on in the first place... the body butter is not like this.
397050397050B001E14BF4A2O88AM53QRNOWstarsweet0031262390400Where's the moisture?Ok, so I absolutely love the packaging and the nifty description on the back of the bottle, but when I'm paying .64/oz, I expect it to moisturize. Giovanni claims that their washes include "essential oil complex to soothe, smooth and regenerate skin's lost moisture" but the ingredients' list contains no such ingredient, unless they are referring to the "Essential Oil Fragrance" in which case they are blatantly lying because essential oils provide scent, not moisture. Even the dollar bottles of cheapo wash at Walmart contain some type of moisturizer, albeit petroleum. Sometimes I use St. Ives Whipped Silk body wash and it's definitely more moisturizing than Giovanni due to the sunflower oil. I've noticed even JASON's washes contain Sodium PCA to moisturize (although their stuff also has harsh sulfates, so I've never tried them). Or maybe Giovanni deliberately left out any moisturizers out so that we buy their lotions/body butters. Ha!

While I sound like I hate the product, I really don't; I just wish it provided some moisture. The good: it looks and feels like a spa product, washes well and rinses cleanly, and smells good and not artificial perfumey like Herbal Essences and all that other junk. Also, it actually works well as a shampoo when in a pinch. In fact, I've taken to using it as shampoo as well since Giovanni keeps changing their shampoo formulas (and for the worse, it seems, judging from the new ingredients) and body washes tend to be more gentle than shampoos. I've tried Raspberry Winter, Lavender Vanilla Snow, Cassifluer White Tea, and D:tox (bar soap form) and they all smell awesome. True aromatherapy in a bottle.

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