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397141397141B0012FZMQOA243JA3IXN0IRZa friend "a friend"1151328832000xylitol sugar substituteMy doctor told me to only use xylitol or stevia. This product closely resembles sugar with no aftertaste. Use it exactly as you would sugar in baking you can also buy it in bulk. The little packets travel well. This does not impact your glycemic index. Love this product
397142397142B0012FZMQOA2GOR8IWVL6LTQG. Suazo Scott "Savy Shopper"1151323907200XyloSweetI don't know how good this product is but I have lyme disease and I've been trying to eat all natural, no sugars or starches, basically a gluten free diet. Somehow I'm not feeling the tightness and swelling in my joints as before. The gluten free diet and this product have got me feeling great. Heck, if it's not the this product, at least I'm not ingesting some processed white sugar, which I know for sure causes my joints to swell. One problem is that it doesn't sweeten as much. I notice that I was o.k. with using less than half a teaspoon of sugar and I had to get used to using one pack of this sugar, as it was not as sweet. Oh well, less calories!
397143397143B0012FZMQOAAUXWYNT9TOQ8nelle4621305676800Not the greatestI purchased this for my husband because he likes the name brand Ideal which is made from xylitol. This isn't the same as Ideal. The texture is different and it has an aftertaste. It tasted like and the texture also reminded me of Truvia which I do not like at all. If you like Truvia (made from the stevia plant) then this will work for you but if you are looking for something comparable to Ideal (xylitol) this is not for you.
397144397144B0012FZMQOA2732CGBOB7P94H. Huang2341279065600Xylosweet and TruViaRecently I tried several natural sweeteners and find XyloSweet and TruVia are the only ones I can accept.
XyloSweet actually taste more like cane sugar to me. Since XyloSweet has its side effects, I am giving TruVia a try.
397145397145B0012FZMQOA3JEWGKJ0X4Z5JM. Brusa "medaly"0051347148800I really liked itOne packet is all you need. The individual packets are very convenient (I carry 2 or 3 in my purse at all times) No aftertastes.
397146397146B0012FZMQOA1QLA3Z8VHULUPate0051341532800Xylos SweetnerOMG it's taste just like sugar! No after taste. I only use this now in my drinks. You can't bake with it.
397147397147B0012FZMQOA2NT1F84CD2T4YJen S.0051331596800Good sugar substitute for my coffeeBeen using this for about a week, and thus far only in my coffee. I would say it is slightly less sweet than sugar but I don't use any more of it than I would if it was sugar and I can't even tell the difference anymore. There is no aftertaste as it says and it's good for your teeth and great if you're trying to cut back on sugar. I would buy this again and recommend it to others. Great alternative to artificial bad-for-you sweeteners.
397148397148B0012FZMQOA1NVS7Z1PAJD2Tmachinehead0051325030400It is what it is...Came in a timely manner. I really dont know what to say. It is exactly what its supposed to be.
397149397149B0012FZMQOA3VAEDWLX4RNE2JRivera0051321747200Xylosweet best sugar ever!Xylosweet not like the others, is great. It is natural which is one of the best important reasons to buy it.
So sweet, that a little will get you fa. No only your food, drinks or coffee will taste great, but you will also lose some weight.
I recommend!
397150397150B0012FZMQOA2CDUH1YCVZBLKdeb0051316304000Works for me.I have not found this product in my area. It's healthy and convenient to carry these packages in my purse. All of my experience with Amazon has been satisfying, so I'm glad to be able to order from them.
397151397151B0036FB6FYA3U79UMRT16MGCArchena Dave444651267401600Great productExcellent flavor, and everyone knows quinoa is a super grain.

We actually bought this from our Costco warehouse and much cheaper, only $9.99 for the 4 lb. bag.
397152397152B0036FB6FYA37MH7ICH80QOXKate McMurry "Young Adult Author"151651325721600High protein, alkaline wheat substituteQuinoa, pronounced "keen-wah," is touted by many as a "super food." It seems as if it might be a whole grain, but it actually is a seed. It is grown in the Andes Mountains of South America and is an ancient food highly prized by the Incas.

Quinoa is very high in protein compared to grains, making it an excellent choice for vegetarians. It is also on the approved list for those on an alkaline diet as it is considered less acid than grains. Many people with gluten sensitivities substitute quinoa for wheat. When quinoa is rated on the glycemic index, it comes in at a very low 18, making it a great choice for people who are hypoglycemic, diabetic, or on a low-glycemic diet to lose weight.

1 cup of cooked quinoa has this nutritional breakdown:
222 calories, which is 70% carbs, 15% fat, and 15% protein in this manner:
4 grams of (healthy) fat
39 grams of carbohydrates (5 grams of which is fiber)
8 grams of protein

Quinoa contains folate, which is an important B vitamin, magnesium, phosphorous, copper and manganese.

Quinoa can be ground into flour (I use my Vita-Mix to do that) and substituted for wheat flour in recipes for baked goods. The whole seed can be cooked just like rice. You use 2 cups of water per 1 cup of quinoa, bring it to a boil, and let it simmer about 15 minutes. When you see ring-shaped sprouts popping out of the quinoa seeds, it is almost finished. Stir it to make sure all the water is absorbed.

Quinoa by itself tastes a bit bland, but that's actually an advantage in cooking as it can absorb the flavor of herbs and spices very well. It makes an excellent pilaf and a nice addition to a thick, hearty soup. You can also stir in blueberries or other fruit and eat it as a breakfast porridge.
397153397153B0036FB6FYA7SVQXIYXW9ZIChocabirdie7751327795200hi-protein, mega-useful, it's always in my cupboard!Couldn't run my vegetarian lifestyle without this one. Easy open/close package [in case you don't have a canister with a good lid] and the product inside is useful hot as a healthier substitute for rice, or serve chilled as a base for fresh veggie salad mixture. The nutrition aspects are the most important - imagine a vegetable with beaucoup protein that isn't a basic bean? Important: this quinoa has been pre-rinsed so you don't have to - no bitterness, just ready to cook 'n serve.
397154397154B0036FB6FYA2DB9TJUQO0FC7BeCool775551294185600Excellent replacement for RiceWe have replaced our rice portions with this brand Quinoa and it worked out perfectly for us. Helps you a lot in controlling your weight, especially if you want to avoid carbs from your daily rice intake. As other people mentioned, you get the same packet for $9 at your local Costco warehouse
397155397155B0036FB6FYASKEOWB4VNF49H. Johnston7841307059200Newbie to quinoaI decided to try quinoa after hearing about it from a nutritionist on TV. I looked it up on Amazon as I couldn't find it in my grocery store. Thanks to several posters, I ended up purchasing this brand at Costco. As a newbie I can't compare it to other brands. Not sure whether I liked it at first, but after a little experimentation, I am now enjoying it. First try, it seemed a little bitter to me. Not sure if that's the brand or the nature of quinoa. Then I read a recommendation from other quinoa users advising a 30 minute soak of the grain before cooking it to minimize any bitter taste. This did seem to help. I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 because although I am satisfied with the product and the brand, I'm not sure of how it compares to other brands and also because price is much higher than Costco.
397156397156B0036FB6FYA2TZ49EZO6RNCGThomas Lyman "Thomas"91151315958400GR8 value for an Organic foodContrary to some of the reviews here, I find 'Earthly Choice' brand very good tasting and price-wi$e, it beats out the price I pay at either the fruit market or 'cost-club' ($5.49/14 oz.) Organic foods can be expensive. I used to have a Whole Foods store near me, but it closed, so this is the next best value.

Here's some clues about quinoa:
- Quinoa is surrounded by an outer shell. If you don't wash it, the end result could be a bitter taste, which makes many dislike the taste of quinoa. Another good idea is to, after washing, combine it with another food.

- Cooking ratio (for small serving): 2/3 cup quinoa to 1 cup water. Fifteen minutes will do it.

- Quinoa is good for the body, providing all 8 amino acids, which no other food can provide. (Amino acids are good for muscle & bone structure. If you work out at the gym, this helps repair muscle you 'tear up'!)

- I eat quinoa everyday, at different times, (because I eat 6 small-portioned meals). It is gr8 for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or night-time snack.

- Cereal recipe: 2/3 cup organic steel cut 'Irish-type' oats, 2/3 cup washed quinoa, 4 cups organic fat-free milk, 2 tablespoons vanilla extract. First simmer up the milk and vanilla. Add oats and cook for 15 minutes. Add quinoa and cook another 17 minutes, (because it takes 22 min to thoroughly cook oats, I find). Pour into 7 individual serving containers. (I use glass ramekins with plastic lids). Refrigerate and you have a breakfast meal for each day of the week. (For breakfast, I add Ellie Krieger's 'Nutty Topping', recipe found on the Food Network website, 2 tablespoons Greek yogurt, ground flaxseed meal, wheat germ, vegetable yeast, 1/2 scoop whey protein powder.) Good for sports and pre-gym, because steel oats stick with you longer than other breakfast foods - tip from my cycling trainer!

- Add quinoa to anything else, soups, salads, rice & bean dishes, even desserts - great in cookies, especially chocolate chip, oatmeal and homemade nature bars.
397157397157B0036FB6FYA26UQNO4CL2VWImarkar4451296000000Tasty Grain OptionThis is easy to make, good recipes included, and a great new grain option for cold or hot salads. Added it to soup for a great substitution for rice. Nuttier and filling. A great and different choice.
397158397158B0036FB6FYA2DLOZ9F2493ENicolette Clark4451267315200Wonderful!I had been hearing a lot about quinoa and how good it was for you so I decided to pick this up at the store. Wow! How is it I have gone my whole life without trying this delicious, nutty, wholesome grain?! I nor my family have ever experienced any of the side affects described by the other reviewer. I even feed this quiona to my 18 month old twins and they devour it. It cooks up easy and I love that it's in this resealable bag. I highly recommend this brand.
397159397159B0036FB6FYAP7TMMWPX5GBScandia81021336348800WASH IT FIRST!I buy this in 14-oz bags at the supermarket. Unlike most quinoa, the package I buy says "No rinsing needed," and until recently they were right. But last week I opened a fresh bag, only purchased a few days earlier, and cooked some of it as I normally do. It smelled funny while cooking and had such a bitter aftertaste that we had to throw it all out. I sent an e-mail to Earthly Delights several days ago but have rec'd no response.
397160397160B0036FB6FYA3VAEDWLX4RNE2JRivera3351345680000Over price product! WarningThis product indeed is great however, compared with costco price of $7.99 I will said the product is indeed over priced.
be careful America is becoming hungry and people over price on products will start to be seen soon due to the bad economy.
397161397161B0036FB6FYA1A6OM93LE0J0QKristi S. Tornabene3351335139200Earthly Delights Organic Premium 100 Percent Quinoa Whole Grain 4 pound Resealable 4# quinoaCostco has a lovely 4# bag for around $10 When you are out in the country.. this is the best alternative.
397162397162B0036FB6FYA3AVEBN5BYVQ34Scuba_Siren3351311724800Wonderful for gluten free meals!Quinoa is fantastic for you and super easy to make! I get this brand at Costco for cheaper, but if you are not near a Costco then I'd say still get it.

I mix this with tomato paste and spices and add to pan fried chicken marinated in BBQ sauce, or use it as a bed under collard greens tossed in soy sauce, olive oil, lemon juice garlic and ginger, or as a filler in chili recipes so I need less meat to keep costs down.

I can't live without quinoa! It's been great to help keep my mandatory gluten free diet easier to deal with as well.
397163397163B0036FB6FYA7YMD8MSOBO1ISharon Beverly3351276819200Great Rice or Pasta SubstituteMy family enjoys eating quinoa as a tasty substitute for rice, or pasta. If you like those and couscous, you will probably find you like quinoa, too. I learned that people with Celiac and Crohn's diseases, or food allergies have known about quinoa for a long time. I simply came across this product and was intrigued. This is not a substitute because we can't eat something we want; we eat it because we like it.

The bag is resealable and buying it in bulk saves money. Both the red and white varieties are good.

Follow the directions the first few times you make it and then, once you are comfortable with the product, get creative.
397164397164B0036FB6FYA2NP2TS8N2KODUGeorge A. "George"2251347667200Good stuff - buy it at Costco insteadI've developed a recipe that is the best morning cereal I've ever had, completely prepared, doesn't require much to eat, and its delicious. My wife joins me in this sentiment, and so we go through half a bag per week, just for this purpose.

Other times I cook it up in chicken broth and it makes a great evening meal with some veggies.

But this vendor is nearly twice as expensive for the exact same product including weight (4 lb) bag. as you can find over at Costco. Plus at Costco, you also get to pick from your expiration dates.
397165397165B0036FB6FYA30IYN5030UHBRJosh2251345593600I mix this with Steel Cut Oatmeal. Delicious Breakfast.I've never really heard about this stuff (I'm not a vegetarian), but I found a steel cut oatmeal recipe that called for adding this stuff to it to increase nutritional and protein value. I must say I'm quite impressed with it; keeps me full for the whole morning and tastes pretty good!
397166397166B0036FB6FYA2R3UZLKW2DX8QAnthony Papciak2241345075200Healthy alternativeThis is a great alternative to rice or pasta. I make a large batch every sunday and use it for lunch and dinner throughout the weak. I washed it first just to be safe. It doesn't have much taste but either does rice to me. I mix it with chicken breast and vegtables, I have used it in soup, mixed with shrimp.
397167397167B0036FB6FYA2AY4YUOX2N1BQDOBrien "I review stuff."2251332806400It's worth it!So I'll be honest - until about last year, I had no idea what Quinoa was. Really, I had not come into contact with it in the slightest. When a (healthy) friend of our introduced my wife and I to it, I was surprised at both the great taste and how healthy this stuff really is for you!

I particularly like Earthly Delights Quinoa for the following reasons:

- It's organic
- It's whole grain
- It tastes excellent
- I MUCH prefer having Quinoa (or indeed anything small and plentiful) in a solid bag than I do a box. It's personal preference, but it's the reason I keep using Earthly Delights.

With shipping this is still cheaper than my local grocery store, and I will be ordering here in the future!

Highly recommended!
397168397168B0036FB6FYAE75D0I2SUPJQGina Sienia2241324512000Great serviceI received my package of Quinoa in the mail today. What a surprise that the shipper ([...]) included 4 peppermint balls (yumm) what a special touch. It actually brightened my day. Thanks. As for the price I read about, my Costco is about an hour away. I have started ordering certain hard to find foods via amazon. After this order, I will make more of an effort to remember on my next Costco trip to pick up a few bags.
Still, I am happy with the purchase.
397169397169B0036FB6FYA33VSS1OS4IRKGuy2251302134400Delicious, Healthy.Quality product.

Not much more can be said.

If you want a great deal on organic quinoa, this is it.

Very happy with my purchase.
397170397170B0036FB6FYA1P6R4DHDABDZOdeuceott1151348617600Good product and qualityNothing off or second rate about this quinoa. I've re-ordered from amazon after using my first full bag. I really haven't been able to beat this price either $4/lb is pretty nice. Local grocers want more for less product.

For those who don't know, it cooks like rice, really absorbs the flavors of what is cooked with it, is a complete source of protein, and filling.

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