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397174397174B0036FB6FYAFFOK5U5ATXXIbb03031151341532800AWESOME DEAL!I love quinoa and being a vegan I eat LOTS of it. I was purchasing all of mine at the farmers market and even on sale it is costly (because I buy organic) This is an amazing deal. Seriously don't pass this up!
397175397175B0036FB6FYAQFB2SO584BMYRobert J. Olson "Molsonice2745"1151332115200Great product replacement for rice.I was getting ready to purchase this product and then decided to check out the ratings. I saw that this exact product was stocked by Costco so before I purchased it from Amazon I decidedc to make the trip to our Costco store and sure enough the same product was normally priced at $9.99 for a 4 lb bag so I purchased 2 for a savings of $14.34. This product is as good or the wame as the Eden Organic Quinoa, Whole Grain, 16-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 6) which I heard to be the best but I can not tell the difference between the two so my advice to you if your into Quinoa purchase the Earthly Delights from Costco.
397176397176B0036FB6FYA2F4G3L7T3TCEHbhul08251131331510400quinoathe product came as expected, packaged nicely in a high quality bag. the only complaint is price as the local whole foods store had the quinoa for less per pound, and there was no discernible difference in the quality of the quinoa both cooked and uncooked. i did not pay shipping and if it was in addition i would tell you to goto the local store as it is more economical.
397177397177B0036FB6FYAQQ0TYLBZNQNNNomastx1151330300800Great Product...From CostcoLike other reviews here, this is great quinoa. Prewashed so no messy rinsing. However, I recently paid less than $10 for this exact same package at Costco. I'm only rating the product, not the cost.
397178397178B0036FB6FYA2JK6VRPZOJ37ZK. Pilsbury1151318291200Easy to useI add Tumeric and Cumin and okra or salmon and cook all together in a pan. The Quinoa is easy to cook and you can add just about anything from tofu to asparagus. I will buy this again very soon.
397179397179B0036FB6FYA163XH1YUXLLI8Maria Katsos3451292025600DELICIOUS!I am not sure why this is so expensive here. I buy the exact same 4 lb. bag from Costco for $8.99 and my family and I absolutely LOVE it. I make it at least twice a week and I can't imagine myself going back to rice again. I do recommend using chicken broth instead of water and if you toast the grain before you boil it, that will eliminate the smushy texture it sometimes has.
397180397180B0036FB6FYA3I5NMVKVNVHGTK. McNett "speedkc"2331342569600PEANUTS AND TREE NUTS!!!Just an FYI for those of you who may have overlooked this in the description, this product IS manufactured on SHARED EQUIPMENT with PEANUTS & TREE NUTS. I tried another brand in small quantity at the grocery store to see if we liked quinoa and bought this product in a huge bag at Costco. Mom of a peanut allergy kid and by golly if I didn't read the label until I went to put it in my pantry but it is NOT SAFE for him to eat. I am NOT saying the product isn't safe in general, just unsafe for nut allergic people like my son.

Disappointed because I will not get to try this brand but it was a great bargain. No I have not tried the product so my rating is neutral but I wanted to make sure those with allergies are aware of shared manufacturing. I have the same brand's hemp seeds and they are not made with peanuts or tree nuts just the quinoa. On the hunt for another (peanut free) bulk quinoa source!
397181397181B0036FB6FYAJ8U3KBDN1V0UH. A. Smith2351333929600EXTREMELY PLEASEDI was very surprised at the excellent quality of this product. I boiled it the same night I received it, then pan fried it in butter and served it with porkchops and gravy. SCRUMPTIOUS! It arrived before the rest of my Amazon order. And I LOVED the bag of mints that was enclosed - impressed with quality and quick delivery!
397171397171B0036FB6FYAP7GVV58B1EX8Bonnie H1151348617600A Hit for MealtimeI had just learned about quinoa from my daughter and thought that I'd try it. What a hit! My husband enjoys it and everyone comments on it when I serve it. It's VERY versatile and that's one of the best things about it. If you haven't tried it, you really should!
397182397182B0036FB6FYA2JWMR3BGU20J3M. Carter "Forgiven"0051350604800Great ValueWe have been adding Quinoa to our diet and were surprised at how expensive it was in our local super market. The beauty of this product is that there is no pre rinsing require. Some of the larger bulk quantities are not rinsed and while not too difficult it is yet another step before you can get to cooking. The price is right. The quantity is perfect for our large family. The packaging and quality is just as described. Would definitely order this again.
397183397183B0036FB6FYA320759MX4XS62H. Kokesch "badhabit949"0051350086400Awesome Bulk Option for Staple in Healthier DietLove the Earthly Delights products, so excited to find it so reasonably priced and available in bulk! Will purchase this again when I run out for sure!
397184397184B0036FB6FYAHOXK15HIY6KGtohearwell0051349222400Add this to my pantry staplesI was really intrigued with the nutritive information I had acquired about Quinoa. A product this nutritive just couldn't taste good, too. BUT once I received the Quinoa, I had to try it out. This Quinoa product rocks! Excellent flavor. I prepared it in a rice cooker. I added the appropriate amount of water, some margarine, a pinch of salt, a couple of TBS white raisins, 1/2 diced apple, a couple of dashes cinnamon, and proceeded to cook it. It cycled just fine in the rice cooker. Now with a little Splenda, and some cream, I had a really nice breakfast/dessert dish. Quinoa has a very slight split pea flavor, and works well in virtually any dish as a rice substitute. My daughter uses Quinoa in her stuffed pepper recipe.
397185397185B0036FB6FYA3V1L1TCPBAEH0brunswick310051347148800Earthly Delights Organic Premium 100 Percent Quinoa Whole Grain 4 PoundI love buying quinoa because it is such a healthy grain but it tends to be very expensive at the supermarket. Buying in bulk is definately more convenient and saves me a ton of money.
397186397186B0036FB6FYA2N6TULZUWMW2ZAlison N. Nikolov0051345075200Love itThis is a great deal. 4 lbs seems to be the right amount to have on hand. I wanted to increase my intake of this whole grain but i'd run out every week with the sizes i could purchase at the grocery store, and for the price? Ok, im not rich. This is a wonderful price for the amount you get. I just soak a cup of it in a bowl before bed, and takes 15 min to heat up in the morning. Just perfect.
397172397172B0036FB6FYA22TSBXVCWZZ2Ajsilva19561151344384000Half the price at Sam's ClubI picked up two pounds of same brand at Sam's Club for under $5. Really like the stuff as substitute for bread or rice. Part of a diet in which I have lost weight.
397187397187B0036FB6FYARQ1D44B28B4KPamela0051344211200Great discovery!!I experienced this product for the first time at Disney World ( bravo Disney). Not only is it delicious, but it's healthy, easy to prepare, and the company had it at my door in less than 24 hours from my order without an express ship order! Awesome!!! Mmmmmmm
397173397173B0036FB6FYA29JAG9ML7C9DRKarmala1151342396800Delicious!I LOVE this quinoa! I have tried several brands and this is definitely the best... IMHO. I have prepared it as a savory side dish using things like French Onion Soup instead of water. And I have prepared it as a breakfast "cereal" using Dr. Oz's recipe which is slightly sweet. It is quite versatile and the nutritional benefits are amazing. Check out [...] to see all of the nutritional value this little wonder has to offer. Unfortunately, it is too expensive on Amazon, so... like others... I buy it at Costco.
397188397188B0036FB6FYA2NOW4U7W3F7RIrpv0051331164800Excellent grainSomehow of late there is lot of talk about this great grain. My friends report that their cholesterol level has greatly reduced after taking it. The health benefits seem to be amazing. I have just started using it and will wait for 6-9 months to see the benefits. It is definitely tasty making it variety of dishes with vegetables.
397189397189B0036FB6FYAG29ZB5IQL66Srikki "Srikki"0051330560000Great product and great price!Very good quality Quinoa in a nice re-sealable bag. At $16.99 for a 4lb bag, cannot beat the price. Had no trouble cooking it. The item was shipped on time and arrived quickly via Free Supersaver shipping.
397190397190B0036FB6FYA3ITJENRZ12J4QNaturalChi0051327881600Yummy goodnessPlease note that this was the first time I ever tried Quinoa!

Easy to make, versatile, and very yummy indeed and therefore gone in less than two months, haha. Even a hit with my two year old who is in a "I don't wanna" phase! And yes, best of all, it is organic and super nutritious. A great product to try if you're making an effort to become a healthier food consumer.
397191397191B0036FB6FYAZ5QXA9VVHYF9JJohn0041326153600OVERCHARGEYou can buy the same exact product at Costco for $9.89 per bag. This is an excellent product but you can get it 2 for 1 at Costco. This is a high mark up item for this vendor!!
397192397192B0036FB6FYAT7GKRNPE9WQKRama R264011302048000priced highThe same pack is sold in costco for $9.99

Quinoa is good for health. I give 5 star for the grain itself. but not from this buyer.
397193397193B0036FB6FYA2EGQ2MPEBNNUQD. Thelen "oneyedeb"1251298764800Just like couscousIve only used this once so far but it reminds me very much of couscous and I think it cooked faster than 15 mins.
397194397194B0036FB6FYAJEP2ZO40GG1MS. Fisher "Sally Nadine"0131341878400Hole in bagWhen i got my package, I was very excited. But when I took the bag of Quinoa out of the box, quinoa was falling on the floor. So I looked at the bottom of the bag, and where the bag has the crease on the bottom, there is a small hole in the corner, big enough for the seeds to fall out. I'm kinda bummed, and worried about the quality of the quinoa.
397195397195B0036FB6FYA273UXUGP46NY3N. Wadwalkar61211343606400horrendously expensiveThe exact same product is available in Costco for 7.99... that is less than half the price!!

The product itself is good, but you are better off buying it from Costco.
397196397196B0036FB6FYA3VR2GHSZXOK8Bhappygolucky2611323216000arrived not sealedneeded to be returned back to amazon. Was not sealed properly. Spilled all over box and then apartment. What a mess.
397197397197B0036FB6FYA3K895NZDD7J7TShyamkiran S Rao1511345939200Paid $10 extraProduct is not the issue here. Its the price I paid to get it. costco sells this quinoa for 7.99, these folks ripped me off by charging 17.99! Relly unhappy with the price I paid! I would gotten 2 packs instead of one.
397198397198B0036FB6FYAF2LTPPHHWEH2Marcie Jayne lakin2811266796800Gassy Delights QuinoaGave my entire family a terrible odorous condition, if u know what I mean. Usually I buy my quinoa from the bulk bins at Whole Foods and have no problem. I made this quinoa twice, to accompany two different dishes and the result was the same. We all left our perfume where ever we went, for a day after we consumed the quinoa.
397199397199B006YVVYHMA1IZLM5SR42ED8Tersworld0051346457600PerfectExcellent transaction and I love miracle noodles. They are good for us and have 0 calories. They are a lot like Chinese glass noodles.
397200397200B0096ARSSWA1RATPA13G2EZ6lindseyhetzer121621348358400where's the candy corn?I was so excited to finally have hunted these oreos down and try them. Sadly, they weren't what I was expecting. If you have had the birthday cake oreos, don't buy these. They have the exact same smell and the only difference is its on the vanilla cookie. The icing tasted like birthday cake and no taste of candy corn at all. They look cooler than they taste. Save your money or just get a bag of actual candy corn, you'd be happier with that.

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