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397201397201B0096ARSSWA33NUVKG22QKREFrank G. "Once More, With Feeling!"2211350691200All Hype, No FlavorIf you close your eyes and try really hard, you *might* be able to pick up a feint hint of candy corn flavor in these Oreos. Otherwise, they just taste like overly sweet frosting and cheap cookies. (And let's face it, that's what Oreos basically are.) Despite all the Internet hype, these were a huge let-down. I hope the good people at Nabisco decide not to give these a repeat appearance next fall.

It should go without saying, but don't pay the absurd prices resellers are charging for this these. Heck, don't even waste your money if you see at them at Target (the exclusive distributor of this product)... it's just not worth it.
397202397202B0096ARSSWAWEY1J1XZ738QRobinH213011349136000HUGE Rip off!It's my fault for not looking into the quantity but I didn't expect for the price, I would only receive one box of oreos! The seller should be ashamed of his or herself for charging such a ridiculous price! I have been a prime member for years and have never felt so ripped off. The candy corn oreos smell like candy corn but had absolutely no flavor like candy corn.
397203397203B0096ARSSWA3EVUHG7ZXV42Mrs.Grey1111351123200YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED$15 for ONE pack of Oreos?! You should be ashamed of yourself for taking advantage of people. Do not give your money to these money hungry people!!
397204397204B0096ARSSWAMC708Y8VAWSOspagetti131911349827200charging to much15$ for oreos seriously this is way to much they should maybe charge 5$ but not no 15$ that is way to much :/ hope they lower the price
397205397205B0096ARSSWAQU9TX1580GEOMarjorie Chardin2411350950400Take a stand against unfair pricingI was informed by multiple Target employees (I visited 6-7 Target stores in search of these cookies) that they were unable to keep these Limited Edition Oreos in stock because they were bought in bulk by people selling them on Amazon at a huge markup (a 400% markup, to be precise).

I realize price gouging is only illegal when it involves natural disasters and life essentials -- neither of which is the case here -- but it is always an unfair practice that makes it impossible for the average shopper to find Limited Edition and/or "soon-to-be-discontinued" items on the shelf, forcing us to pay ridiculous prices online (if we're inclined to be moved to such extremes).

It seems this practice is particularly popular with the hottest toys during Christmas time (if the Amazon forums are any indication). The only way to put a stop to this practice? Speak with your dollars; don't give into the temptation; and spend your money on something else.

It's for that reason that I have no idea how these Candy Corn Oreos taste. As much as I'd like to try them, no Oreo is worth $15 a box.
397206397206B0096ARSSWA30RH2JJPZ5X01Drayer DawgMuss "DrayerDawg"2431350604800Okay..not great.. impulseStop..think about it..move on...if you were to buy these. divide your hourly wage by the total of the product price, and ponder the answer of how much time you have to work to buy this product....If its one hour of your day, is it really worth it????
397207397207B0096ARSSWA3M9OJDANZEIWJNaturalistDan "BirdLover"71211350086400Blatant ripoffRegular oreos are about $3.00 for 15 oz. These are $16.00 for 10 1/2 oz. How ridiculous to try to take advantage of people like this. I can buy a package of regular Oreo cookies and pounds of candy corn and eat them together and be just fine. I will be sure to never do business with this ripoff operation.
397208397208B0096ARSSWA385QG786BBN57Samuel71311348099200AwefulThese Oreos are terrible. I was excited to try them as I love candy corn. Unfortunately the filling in these cookies tastes more like stale cotton candy and the smell is intolerable!
I was terribly disappointed.

Nabisco, I say to you "BLEH."
397209397209B0096ARSSWA15EGXIR04JV5QF. Milling "Video Game proponent, Digital Art...81551348444800Very Good!Before these were sold out in our local Target, we've managed to buy two packs of these cookies and they were quickly consumed due to their deliciousness!

The cookie part is your standard Vanilla Oreo, of which if you've had them before, they have of course a warm pleasant vanilla taste. The cream, contrary to other reviews I've read, is actually pretty good with it's vibrant half orange, half yellow coloring. The taste is near spot on and sweetly delicious with candy corn flavor. This is verified by me actually eating Candy Corn some time before eating a few of these cookies and then eating some candy corn roughly a bit later (Yes, Candy Corn is the favorite of my family!). The taste of the cream was unmistakeable Candy Corn as advertised! It was surprising to me at first as I just expected them to be a Candy Corn colored variant of the standard Vanilla Oreos. A wonderful surprise indeed!

If you have a serious sweet tooth, these cookies are irresistible and you might find yourself constantly munching one. Plant one of these packages amongst a family and these will be gone quick (trust me, I know...).

I will say that sugar tolerance varies from person to person, so if you couldn't already tell from all of the bright colors on the packaging, these may be a bit too sugary for some tongues, but for most others, these are definitely a treat to enjoy.... that is if you can get some before they sell out in your local Target or elsewhere!

Bravo Nabisco, this was a wonderfully fun idea to put into cookie form. I'm almost sad that they are limited edition though...
397210397210B0096ARSSWA3O8M8KJIF1T5BShelley D. Brook "boxinghelena"3741348099200Tasty!There was a huge internet blow up over these candy corn Oreos. I love candy corn so I had to try them. I have only two Targets in my area and both were sold out. Luckily, Amazon has them available.

They have a slight taste of candy corn but not overwhelming. On the sweet side. Interesting. I really like the vanilla cookie taste, so I enjoyed them. My husband thought they were a bit too sweet for his tastes. More for me!
397211397211B0096ARSSWA28YY69KK96616Kevin M. Helsel "BiG-K"122411349049600price too highi want to try these (but not for $15) lower the price and maybe i'll buy and try them out for me myself and others
397212397212B0096ARSSWA1F09EZHWOU1OZmyranda2851349395200awsome thank u very muchi love theses am glad i found them. they do smell like cake and taste like it to but they are good. and worth getting.
397213397213B000F3SE7IALH5ICRHO43PVD. Marshall "GOD'S child"0041308700800Addictive!!!!!These are the BEST crackers I've ever tasted. They have crunch, a slightly sweet taste and most importantly: sesame seeds. I adore them. And, have been looking for them for years since my favorite gourmet store stopped carrying 'em. That was a big mistake on their part. I'm just thrilled to have found them on Amazon. For those who are watching their wasteline this is a great lil' snack without the guilt. Try 'em, they're GOOD!!!!!
397214397214B00283BEKMA3TURQIZIHK804S. Hofer1151270857600wonderful!Salamis were delivered quickly and in great shape - no spoilage. Will definitely use vendor again and I have placed their info on my refrig.
397215397215B00283BEKMA3AARL8EQYHU7FNewDaddy10011340236800BudapestI recieved old dryed up piece of salami. NASTY !!there was discoloration on the outside of the salami. I order this item often on line, but this time it was a dud.
397216397216B00283BEKMA29YCCRUAUI1HUKuk@c0051338595200It is sooo goodI like this salami, it is original, same as in Hungary. The only thing, this piece is very short, so some day and you finish it. I ordered during the colder weather, but I'm not sure it is a good idea to order on the hot days. I'll wait until the weather will be colder to order again.
397217397217B0015QGPZWA3J3W0QGDGMOAXJC0511284854400Please give full info easily with easy accessI was looking at this but realized I couldn't seem to find a size except "extra large". May I suggest that you tell us what "extra large" is? about list it clearly and front and center?
397218397218B0037JOICWATQSHDCPYAWK1Atty0051330560000Very Great productI love this product. My family finished it within one week. It is so good, the taste is great. I greatly recommend it to anyone who l loves honey.
397219397219B0002NVLK8A1VDR5M6GJ1A2Krc13 "rc13"4421272844800Disappointing!I thought this was a fair price for these mushrooms, but was quite disappointed. I soaked the mushrooms, as advised and then added them to a soup.

The next trial was in a risotto.
The mushrooms lack flavor in general. The stems of these mushrooms are quite inedible; they are very tough and have to be trimmed after soaking. I would not recommend them and wouldn't repurchase.
397220397220B0002NVLK8A85KH6WRT4AXSRonald Castle "RonCastle"2211274227200Disappointed,The first batch was pretty good. In the second batch only about 50% was edible. Tough, chewy and not fun to eat.
397221397221B0002NVLK8A23Q6EA4QG5KUBLana Stewart2251255824000shiitake mushroomsA great buy when you consider the price of shiitakes in the stores. I used to buy large bags of shiitakes at Costco', but do not carry them anymore. Once these mushrooms are rehydrated, they are great in soups, casseroles, sauces, etc. They keep a long time--I keep them in a large airtight jar in the pantry. Great to have on hand when fresh is not available or you don't want to make a trip to the store.
397222397222B0002NVLK8AA4BAHMCECOTL. Forrer1151262563200Great mushroomsI can't buy these fresh or dried where I live, so I was glad to find these. They are great in soups & casseroles. I've also soaked them in water and used them in omelets. Going to try them in a salad tonight.
397223397223B0002NVLK8A17HMNY2OO20HGK. Anderson "Maddragoon"0031289260800good, but....these are quite tasty and relatively easy to use. they, however, did not come with instructions on rehydrating. finding instructions online is easy enough though.
397224397224B001U6542MA3RR2P5IS3DGPRDr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant"0051314316800great flour and valuemy local Jimbo's sell the 1 pound bag of this legacy valley oat flour for $5.25 so thanks to amazon, I can save about 20% by purchasing these two 3lb bags on the subscribe and save. I have not found any other gluten-free oat flour that works for me.
397225397225B001U6542MAQC6SOX79JTF3deblee12580011311465600AwfulThis Legacy Oat flour was the worst tasting I've ever tried. Leaves such a bad after taste. I can't even use it.
397226397226B001U6542MA26NEQFG6FIBXHJ. R. Wilt0051289865600Good ProductI have been using this product for several months as an ingredient in gluten free bread. Its high protein content and nice flavor add a lot at a very reasonable price.
397227397227B001U6542MA16P35H7392ZI2ShyViolet "ShyViolet"0051286928000Improved my gluten free bread greatlyI purchased this to try in a recipe that was just barely tolerable for my husband.
This flour made an EXTREME difference in both the taste and texture!
I will always try to have some on hand!
397228397228B0041KQRT8A1ZJUQZXUJ615Ddiana0051346284800rawhideThe rawhide dog snacks i ordered were not the size i expected. So i ordered the five inch. That was my fault not the supplier. They were great. Everything came just when they said it would. GREAT supplier.
397229397229B001HTMRVSAOYICSDS4QE4VElizabeth0051337472000The best salad dressing!This dressing is one our entire family will eat and agree upon. Never a complaint! It has a tartness which we all love. I have not been able to get it at Whole Foods recently which is a great disappointment. I now by cases of it online. It contains no dairy, gluten, or soy. It is difficult to find a dressing without soy which is important to avoid if you want to keep estrogen levels in check. It is also vinegar free which may be important to some. I highly recommen this dressing!
397230397230B001HTMRVSA1EN5P2WZKWER8Fiat Lux0121332028800Very prominent oily taste, would avoidThe chives should be front and center in the flavor profile but unfortunately they are muted, the prodominant taste is that of oil, with a hint of lemon. Quite insipid.

I could describe it more eloquently as a haiku:

Chives taste like summer
But this just tastes like oil
Aftertaste is vile.

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