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397244397244B004S036E0A2DJFYBB2L5VSNUniversityDoc0051345075200YUMMY!!! Arrived promptly without issues.I've always liked Hormel chili, No, it isn't healthly eating, but when time is at a premium, a quickly heated bowl will do your taste buds and tummy good. I bought these based on other reviews and I was pleased buy the taste. This is the BEST canned chili I have ever tasted. I bought this along with some other canned goods. (See other reviews.) I'm working on building up my emergency food and kits and this 6pk of cans fit the bill nicely in quantity, price and expiration date of 12/14. Name brands aren't important to me as price, but this package was a good deal.
The pop-up cans arrived promptly in advertised condtion without dents. No issues here. Whether you're stocking up your home or emergency food supply, I can recommend these without any hesitation. This is yummy for your tummy.
397245397245B004S036E0A3IM8U84XCFTZKRipkitty0051340496000It's a great productHormel Chunky Chili and Beans is about the best one, in my opinion. It is flavorful, with a balanced blend of spices. Not hot, just full of flavor.

I keep a few cans on the shelf for dinner, lunch, or to serve over rice if I'm trying to make onew can feed a few children. Yes, it is "kid friendly".

Watch the pricing, however, as it may be on sale at you local supermarket.
397246397246B004S036E0A4EWLZLUCY5QRwoowoo0041338940800ditto - pretty good for canned chilisince i love chili, bought this product to use as a base with a can of tomatoes and more beans and spices. dont eat a lot of meat so this adds about what i would want. BUT, i opened a can the other day and ate just by itself. 2 servings for me. yeah, true it doesn't have a lot of 'soup' and i tend to bombard my chili with crackers too. but it tasted the best of any canned chili i have had. will keep on s&s since it's good for a quick meal. my shipment was secure, not busted up.
397247397247B004S036E0A2WP21EC856R83Earl A. Tenley Jr.0051338163200chiliThis was a great buy and a lot cheaper than the store. It is hard to find in the store too.
397248397248B004S036E0A2QDOJFFLFGF18Michael Alexander "greenacres"0051331596800Great ChiliI really like the Chunky Chili. I did not know what to expect since I only buy regular chili. Hormels chili is great.I really like the chunks that are in there as well. This is a great price, because I can not buy this in the store for this price. I will be putting this on auto delivery and expect my next shipment soon.
397249397249B004S036E0A3OS1SO09S3WRJChrissy0051321228800Yumyum on a budgetAmazing deal. Can NOT get a better deal than this anywhere else you look. I have a can a day at work for lunch when I have access to a microwave and it does not get any better.
397250397250B004S036E0A14L15JM990MBPDavid Barnes "Scenic City Dave"0051315094400Good chili!This is good chili and I got it at a reasonable price. It's good to have this on the shelf.
397251397251B004S036E0A1Z4LX3Q1YMF84Cindy A. Osterhout "Cindy O"0341312761600Pretty good for canned stuffThis chili is pretty good for canned stuff. I ordered this chili almost a month ago and it has been sitting in my pantry until tonight when I finally got the courage up to try it. I am not really sure what I expected. I have vague memories of canned chili from my childhood and it tasted a lot like an old sock in a tin can. I was pretty scared to try this stuff out. But things seem to have improved since the Time of Cave Man and this Chili is not bad.
When I first tasted this, it seemed really good, but then I realized that I was really hungry as I had not eaten a real mean, even a canned one, in two days, so I was prepared to adjust that opinion.
After, the first few bites where I was in the "starving" mode I began to notice some other qaulities that were not solely based on How Good the Chili tasted. The next thing I noticed was a pronounced Saltiness. I believe you could leave this stuff stored and salt alone would keep its shelf life good for years. That is how it tastes. The can states that it has 45% (or 1080 mg of a total 2000mg) of Sodium/Salt. It also states that it has less than 2% of salt. That may indicate that, by volume, salt is less than 2%. And that is true. But the average person should have no more than 2000 mg of Sodium/Salt a day. So I do not know who did their math, but 1080 is slightly more than half of 2000, so the RDA should be about 54% not 45%. Take it from me, this stuff is salty. I had my crackers out to eat with my Chili and after a couple of crackers, I ate Chili only. No need for crackers. A shame, as Chili is best with crackers. But they are not needed; in fact, it is painful to try to take in more salt than the Chili itself gives you.
The next thing I noticed was that the Chili was sort of "gummy." The consistency is not quite right. Chili, right off the stove, has some "soup" to it. This does not. It is closer to the consistency of gumbo or chowder. It is quite thick. I am not used to it, so I felt it was a bit "too full" or "gummy." Others may not be used to that small amount of soupiness. But, which ever side of the fence you eat your chili on, this is not the soupy side.
The consistency that I experience as gumminess may be fat. The Chili has 15% of your daily allowance of fat. That is a whole lot of fat for a 15 ounce can. That means 10% of the can is fat. That makes my arteries shudder. The only ingredients are water, beef, beans and crushed tomatoes plus spices. The only thing on that list that has fat is the beef. So, they are not using the best grade of beef in the world. But, then goodness, this is Canned Chili. That must be where the lower quality beef goes! Into my canned chili!! It certainly is not the beef that I put in my own personal chili!!!
So, that about sums it up for the Canned Chili. The taste is pretty good but salty. You get more than half the salt you need in one day from this can. Forget the crackers and the chips for today. You also get 15% of all the fat for one day in this can. The percentage for the fat is not so bad as the percentage for the salt, but if you think of 10% of the can being fat, it is not quite so appetizing as it once was. But then again, I point out that this is Canned Chili. The Health Nuts of the world are not out eating it. It is those others of us who won't or don't cook, and who are not really into all that health food suff. That is who eats Canned Chili.
So, for Canned Chili, I give it four stars. I knew I wasn't buying the most healthful stuff to start with. Really, I just wanted to have something to eat on the nights when nothing else was available. So, I figure, I really do not care about all that health information. I am just ticked because it is too salty to allow me to crush my crackers up in it. Dang! Chili without crackers!! So, four stars it is. I would give it three and a half and take off for the fat, the salt, and the less than perfect taste, but they won't let me do that. So, go ahead and give this a whirl. I'll eat it every two or three weeks. If you have to eat it more often than that, I recommend Something Else to protect your arteries and kidneys. Perhaps a salad would do the trick. So, eat it, but not too much of it!!!!
397231397231B0042ZF6B2A3D1899T1GSMOWEric1151323993600High quality SaffronReally liked the quality of this Saffron! All red and am very pleased with this product. It came right on-time and great packaging , I'll order again and highly recommend this saffron
397232397232B0042ZF6B2A2NYK9KWFMJV4YMike Tarrani "Jazz Drummer"0051334793600An essential ingredient in authentic risottoFirst, I realize that many folks use Spanish saffron in risotto and other dishes that call for this precious ingredient. Many do not know any better, and some actually substitute Annato - 2.75 oz. Jar (also known as achiote). You will get a rice dish, but I would not call it risotto.

I've used various brands and types of saffron and to me the best come from Iran and Afghanistan. This particular brand is, as another reviewer stated, very high quality and is reasonably priced.

There is about a 12 month supply of saffron in this package (assuming normal use), and at the asking price there is no excuse to use cheaper grades of saffron or annato.
397233397233B0006G1KAWAGMCKY9AKFDCJAbstract Qit Gratner "Qhrixie"3351170806400Squid Squishers of America - untangle tenticles and chomp!I cannot keep these on hand. The men in my house TRY to ration themselves, but to no avail. Munch, munch, munch, til gone --- then order more! Should purchase a 50 pound box, but I'm sure it would only last through one band practice ! They're great, I love 'em, too. Highly recommended !
397234397234B0006G1KAWA2I2GW3OBF19TIMalisha0051318118400King of CuttlefishThis stuff is addictive and amazing. Other brands I've tried have been weirdly bitter or have strange aftertaste. This is the best brand out there for squid snacks!
397235397235B0006G1KAWA1TLCFU3WDYPYJSouthernPride "Tracy"0411321488000YuckI expected these to be crunchy. They were chewy, tough, salty and fishing. I was very dissapointed. Gross, would never buy again.
397236397236B0025UNSKWA2A8MQIVGZI85AMildred H. Anderson "Music & Arts Lover"0021311206400Portion Pack Buttermilk Ranch DressingThis dressing was much too vinegary for me. I took the box full to where I join with others for pot luck meals with a salad, twice a week, and I'm sorry to say it's still almost a full box of packets. Note: these people usually love ranch dressing.
397237397237B007P3QVLMA3QOUZZT6RZ8P1Arrow "Me and my Arrow"0011342569600Booo!!Does NOT last longer than a bully stick. Exactly the opposite!! Description is very misleading. My 10Lb dog consumes these in under 8 mins!!! It takes him all day for a reg bully stick. Hours upon hours. I was shocked how fast he plowed through these

Other products from this seller have been great but these feel like a rip off.
397238397238B0006G1KAMA1WFQ8GGWZC3R0D. Lockman3451239494400Basically, it's just seafood jerky!If you like seafood, and you don't mind "chawin'" on some
chewy jerky, then this stuff just might be addictive.
Great for the hiking trail too.

I was teaching a high school class in central Los Angeles
a number of years ago, when
a sweet Asian girl (an "A" student of mine), offered me some.
("Hey, Mr. _____, want some squid shreds?").

Clever girl.

I was hooked.

Leave it to the "A" students of the world!
397239397239B0006G1KAMAUYUCBW0MEXS4Paul Schanen "Cannonman17"0051338681600What made me try this I will never know...I have no idea what possesed me to buy this product.. maybe I had a beer or two that night but in the end I was glad that I did! This stuff is great, nice seafood like flavor, slightly sweet, and a little goes a long way. It's kind of like jerky but not quite as tough. I think you will either love it or hate it but I for one LOVE it!
397240397240B0006G1KAMA3OMQ9I5P5PQM8heyheyuwiththehair0051290211200I love squid jerkyI've been hooked on it for some time now . I first had it when I lived in pittsburgh . Now I'm no longer in the city its great to know I can still get my squid jerky .. thanks =]]
397241397241B004S036E0AY9HCZXUS17Z3carrefour3331325721600Cans Popped OpenI ordered 6 cans of chili. Two of them popped open, likely due to the pull-back-type tops (no can opener needed) and insufficient packaging that allowed the cans to get banged up. The mess was all over the rest of my shipment. It had time to mold and begin giving off a rotten odor. I had to remove the labels from all the cans because they were covered in this mess, as well as unwrap other items in the shipment.

A week later, we decided to eat a seemingly undamaged can of chili and when I started opening it, it EXPLODED. I cut my finger on the can lid as it popped up and chili went everywhere - even on the ceiling!

Basically, I paid this price for three cans of useable chili, not six. Maybe mail-order chili isn't such a good idea.

I give it 3 stars because the product itself is good when it's edible.
397242397242B004S036E0A2YN8XPTHXC41Qvejigirl0051351036800Good chiliI bought several packs of this chili. Expiration date was 2014. Good if you want to store food for emergencies too.
397243397243B004S036E0A4XR36DJRU3S3David Graham "CrackerMan"0021346112000Disappointing...I didn't think Hormel would make chili as bland as this. The hot version is so much better than this stuff. I was truly disappointed in this product and will not buy it again.
397252397252B008AHJZVAALIGG3WVPN1E7P. Voskeridjian "ReaderWriter"2251343692800A much better alternative for the whole familyOne thing I'm proud of myself about is that I've managed to keep my kids away from sugar and HFCS laden beverages. We tried Hint Fizz and became total devotees. Peach is our favorite, but they really are all excellent. I finally decided to have it delivered because it became tedious lugging case after case from the store and occasionally finding they'd run out.

Goes to prove that if you offer kids a better alternative, they might just learn to prefer it over the bad stuff.
397253397253B0040GTRHWAAO6LMX2UIFACRobert0011326240000I'm very disappointedI'm very disappointed I receive mine
There are old and dry and they are overpriced
I purchase a second box from the gas station
Mule and fresh and tasty and cheaper
That's what it cost me in a gas station $29.10
Four the whole box 72 pieces
397254397254B0029JW85UA1HRYC60VTMYC0Ace0041254614400ALOT better than its larger brethrenThe BIG rice cakes were like styrofoam. Even SLATHERED with peanut butter and jelly, they were a hard act to swallow.

These mini-dainties are much better -- load em with PB&J and enjoy them. The caramel adds an exciting twist.
397255397255B000JFH806A3ABO4QI67SHV4LuvTVshows1131323475200not as expectedDidn't like the texture & taste. Tasted too powdery. I will not order these again. Disappointed ...
I have several bags left, not sure what to do with them.
397256397256B000JFH806A4VMQ6ZTSXSSLkiwanissandy "Go Bucks!"0051282089600Wow! these are good!I had these hot and spicy peanuts while travelling through an airport. They are so good, they have the right amount of spice, they're hot without killing you. They are really the classic pairing with an icy cold beer. If you're doing a gift for a beer lover these are essential. They do leave seasoning on your hands so you'll need a wipee or good finger lickin' afterward, LOL, but they're worth it. I immediately came home and looked these up just to purchase. They're a cayenne powder, maybe even hungarian paprika taste.
397257397257B000E1BKY0A93LBTV617ZVCJJ2007 "Blessed & Highly Favored!!"0051313971200The Best Dressing That I've Found~'Kraft Greek Vinaigrette Dressing' is my new favorite salad dressing, even more so than 'Good Seasons Italian', which had formerly stood the test of time as my all-time favorite. This dressing has only 2 carbs/serving and only 1 sugar/serving, which for me, makes it an ideal low-carb choice, for those of us who embrace a low-carb lifestyle. It embodies a true Greek feta-cheese flavor throughout this recipe. I do enjoy this offering from Kraft Foods. A real winner!
397258397258B000E1BKY0A3N9TOPHBENB9IS. Harrison0051278892800Fantastic marinade for chicken! Sooooo good.Love that grilled chicken at your favorite Greek restaurant? Here's a way you can make it at home:

Generously coat the chicken with the Kraft Greek Vinaigrette dressing, and let sit several hours in the refrigerator - overnight is best. Throw the chicken on the barbeque, grill, and ENJOY!

I'm getting hungry just thinking about it....
397259397259B000CMHSXIA1RVP0EWIPLZKPJT101151229299200Great Mexican vanilla - rich strong flavorMakes the best homemade vanilla ice cream. I have bought 5 "mexican vanilla" brands in the last 6 months. This is the only one with the great mexican vanilla flavor I remembered. I can't find this flavor locally, even in the specialty stores.
Claims to be 3-4 times stronger than regular vanilla. It is smooth enough that you can use more than regular and really get a great strong flavor.
Ingredients: water, alcohol, propylene glycol, sugar, pure vanilla, natural and artificial flavors, and caramel color.
397260397260B000CMHSXIALYF5XQA2X29PBigBravesFan8951168473600Vanilla extraordinairethis vanilla tastes far superior to anything I've ever bought in my megamart. It really makes a difference in everything I've baked with it. In fact, it's almost time to order another bottle, so maybe you should buy 2 at a time!

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