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397351397351B004XAPIOQAEHE32JEKAQGPJ. Lucas14617811308182400It was a good idea but they ruined it by adding BHT!My son has autism and is allergic to gluten among other things. I was so excited to see that Rice Krispies had come out with a Gluten Free version until I read the ingredients. BHT is NOT healthy! It is an ingredient in jet fuels, rubber, petroleum products, electrical transformer oil, and embalming fluid. The MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for BHT says the following: Do NOT let this chemical enter the environment. Combustible. Ingestion causes Abdominal pain. Confusion. Dizziness. Nausea. Vomiting. The substance may have effects on the liver. The substance is harmful to aquatic organisms. When Chex went gluten-free, they did the same thing. Yes, taking out the gluten is healthy, but adding BHT is not! I would have loved to have been able to buy my son "normal" cereal, with cute characters on the front. He would have loved it, but in the autism community, we are trying to get the toxins out of our kids, not put them in. I will continue to be a Erewhon Twice Rice Cereal customer. At over $4 per box, the price is steep, but I know the only ingredients my son is ingesting are organic brown rice, organic brown rice syrup, honey, and sea salt and he loves it. Shame on Kellogg's for putting BHT in our children's cereals!
397352397352B004XAPIOQA2OHY6HPGZV4I5A. Hopkins202251307145600Just as I remember!These taste just like the Rice Krispies I remember as a kid!! I cannot even express my joy in being able to make AND eat Rice Krispie treats with my children. It is a tradition that many take for granted, unless you can't have gluten. These Rice Krispies still provide the "snap, crackle, pop" like the original version but don't contain gluten. I think I need to start a weekly delivery via subscribe and save. They make me feel normal. :)
397353397353B004XAPIOQA3E3WQC98WZSPstayathomemami "mami"7751308096000Thanks Amazon-you are the only place I can get GF Rice Krispies!Another reviewer was upset about the price being more than regular Rice Krispies) and though this does upset me too, it became a small issue after I tasted the gf version of Rice Krispies. They taste just like the regular version and I am so excited about making GF Rice Krispie treats! They are still cheaper and taste better than any other GF rice krispie type cereal. I am not sure when or if GF Rice Krispies will be available at a store in my area-so THANK YOU for making these available to us here online!
397354397354B004XAPIOQA2F87ON9UY5YHQwellsboro girl5531309046400Gluten Free Rice KrispiesI was thrilled to find the new gluten free Rice Krispies at Walmart for only $3.11 a box. However, I was not thrilled with the taste. The cereal does snap, crackle and pop right when you add milk and is nice and crispy. However this doesn't last long. They get a little soggy and strange tasting. I put some blackberries on top and that made it more eatable. So eat fast while it is crispy. The brown rice just doesn't do it. Why couldn't Kellog have used white rice like the original? I am new to gluten-free foods and was really looking forward to this cereal.
397355397355B004XAPIOQA3H8288VHL1607Nicole Brown101221308787200Nice Try, but....I was thrilled to see Kellogg's coming out with a gluten free version of Rice Krispies...that is until I saw that they were going to be made with brown rice. That is the absolute first mistake. They should have just followed suit with the way General Mills altered all of their Chex cereals and replaced the malt with molasses. I decided to give these a try just for giggles. Well I can say that I am very disappointed and I now have four boxes of Rice Krispies that are going to waste. The texture is just like all of the other brown rice cereals out there -- hard and burnt-tasting. Kellogg's, you can't be using brown rice to make Rice Krispies, it just doesn't work! I have yet to try these in Rice Krispie treats, lets hope the marshmallows and butter mask the flavor. The texture is nice for a few minutes until the milk gets to them but then its like eating paste. With the evolution of gluten free foods it is so much easier to get gluten free versions of traditional favorites to taste like the original. Gluten free consumers are no longer willing to lower their standards -- PLEASE Kellogg's, take a cue from General Mills and make this cereal gluten free without changing the recipe entirely!

Update: I tried making Rice Krispie treats. I was sure to add extra marshmallows to mask the toasted flavor. They were pretty decent I will say but I'm still disappointed that I now have 4 boxes of cereal to make Rice Krispie treats with, hopefully I can use the boxes before they expire.
397356397356B004XAPIOQAAON53RNHNKUOKuroi Neko137851312329600Snap, Crackle, and Pop the Whole Grain WayOne of the main draws of this cereal was not only that it was gluten free, but also that it was made with whole grain brown rice. Whole grains both taste better and are better for you, and with the variety of whole grain products on the market today, there is no reason why anyone should settle for less. Unless, of course, you are gluten-free, and then your problems take on an entirely different nature. So it is with an eye for health and not just for Celiacs that I write this review.

First of all, as a gluten-free cereal, it does what it sets out to do: recreate the experience of regular Rice Krispies. And it does! The familiar snap, crackle, and pop are there, and though the cereal gets soggy a bit more quickly than the original, the diference is negligible. And of course, since there's no gluten, it won't make those of us who are gluten-sensitive sick.

But nutritionally, how does it compare to its gluten-laced counterpart? Well, first of all, it's heavier. The serving size is merely one cup compared to the original's 1 1/4 cups per serving. But one serving of each is still 33 grams. The gluten free version is very slightly lower in calories (120/serving as opposed to 128), but a little higher in fat (1 gram of fat and 10 calories from fat as opposed to 0.3 grams of fat and 3 calories from fat). It seems like a lot, but both are still extremely low-fat, and a serving of gluten-free rice krispies has a whopping 2% of the daily recommended amount of fat. Interestingly enough, the original has 0.1 g of saturated fat, while the gluten-free version has none at all.

The gluten-free one is lower in both sodium (190 mg vs. 299 mg) and sugar (<1 g vs. 3.1 g). It's higher in dietary fiber (1 g vs. 0.3 g) and protein (3 g vs. 2.3 g). Those last two may seem pretty insignificant, but if you're on a gluten-free diet you have to work hard to get as much fiber as you can (because most of it in a normal diet is found in whole wheat bread).

Where am I going with this? Well, it would seem that the gluten free rice krispies , though having a tiny bit more fat than the original, overall is moderately to significantly healthier. And not just for people on a gluten-free diet--vegetarians would benefit from knowing that the gluten-free version has more protein in it, and it is a good complement to the other incomplete protein in soy milk or almond milk.

On the issue of the ingredients: Traditional Rice Krispies contain rice, sugar, salt, malt flavoring, iron, Vitamin c, Vitamin E, niacinamide, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, folic acid, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D. Gluten Free Rice Krispies contains whole grain brown rice, sugar, and a tiny bit of salt and BHT. Impressive enough as it is that the gluten-free version can have fewer ingredients, supplements, and coloring agents than its original counterpart, it still contains the preservative BHT. BHT is there to increase the shelf life of your cereal and to maintain the vitamins naturally found in brown rice. However, while BHT is marketed in health food stores as a healthy supplement, some people are concerned about it causing adverse health effects. Regardless, it is approved as a food additive by the FDA, and we consume it in vastly greater quantities in many other types of food, such as soy sauce and potato chips.

Unless you are actively avoiding any and all forms of BHT or BHA (and if so, I congratulate you for your determination), I would recommend you give this cereal a try. It is tasty, healthy, and a great way to start the morning!
397357397357B004XAPIOQA19V4Q03UXT9YISunny6721308182400YUCK!fail! had to stop eating them part way through the bowl. It has a funky taste probably due to the brown rice. After about 30 seconds in the milk they develop a very spongy texture not unlike eating wet packing peanuts.

Before tossing the rest of the box I am going to see how they work in Rice Krispie treats.
397358397358B004XAPIOQA3U747KR64J5RHbranewurms3331319328000The brown rice is just fine, but overpricedI don't have a problem with the brown rice (I prefer it, even) and am a little mystified to why so many people seem to hate it, but I do agree that they should have replaced the malt flavoring with something else, because this variety is a little too plain-tasting. Not at all bad though, and it's nice to be able to eat Rice Krispies again - although I might add that it's ridiculous that it took so long for a cereal made of *RICE* to go gluten free.

However, it's absolutely absurd that they cost more than regular Rice Krispies. General Mills just did a reformulation of Chex rather than make a whole new gluten free variety, but I guess Kelloggs wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to further gouge a group of people who are already paying hand over fist for gluten free foods. It's just RICE, there is nothing special about this cereal that should make it cost any more than the regular variety.
397359397359B004XAPIOQAOI163390UCACDana Leahy5611327536000Not Even Close To The OriginalI was super stoked when I saw that Kellogg's was offering gluten free Rice Krispies. I mean, it's rice so it should be gluten free, right?! Well, like communism, that's a great theory. These GF krispies could not be farther from what actual rice krispies taste like. Blerg. They taste like cardboard and turn to mush in your mouth, even when you use them to make rice krispie treats.

I think it was the choice to use brown rice. I'm not sure why they chose to do this, possibly because many people who are gluten free are also very concerned about eating "natural" foods. I'm all for balanced nutrition and whole grains, but for the love of god, I'm gluten free because I have Celiac. I've given up enough. Must I also suffer through Rice Krispies that taste like sticks?! If I wanted some hippie-dippie cereal, I would have no problem choosing one from the vast array of buckwheat twigs and no-sugar added corn knobs at Whole Foods. But I don't want that; I want Rice Krispies. I desire to drench these little pellets in melted marshmallow and margarine, so let's not kid ourselves: this is not a health food to many people, and I'm not sure why they tried to turn it into one.

In short, these get a "participant" ribbon for showing up. If they would have tried to stay closer to the original recipe without the malt flavoring, then we'd be talking about a big ol' blue 1st place award, but alas, it was not to be.
397360397360B004XAPIOQA2SFGZ6VQQQ7CAJones "washington"2221345334400Second the good ideaI thought this was a good idea too but they flubbed up on the additives. I won't order this again and suggest trying Barbara's Organic Brown Rice Kripies as they did it right.
397361397361B004XAPIOQA2N8MS8WCFRJVQJeffrey W. Behm "Jeff B."2221329868800Great idea -- poor executionI have not been gluten free for that long that I don't recall what Rice Krispies tasted like, and this GF cereal version is not a good approximation of the original. The cereal has little if any flavor. A big food company like Kellogg's should be able to come up with an acceptable barley Malt substitute that adds some of the original flavor. With GF Rice, Corn, Cinnamon, Honey Nut Chex now widely available in grocery stores, at reasonable prices, and which taste EXACTLY the same as the original versions, why would you want to choose a cereal as bland & flavorless as these GF Rice Krispies. C'Mon Kellogg's, you can do better.
397362397362B004XAPIOQA22EBCSDNFFBQDMore Right Than Wrong1151313625600Fantastic!!!The kids both love these. They are even better than the origical Rice Krispies. They are a great price too when you buy them in a pack of 4!
397363397363B004XAPIOQA2498H2OBT24D8Livia R. Seymour1151312070400Yummy cereal!Anna says she loves this cereal! Glad that Kellogs has come out with a gluten free version of our old standby!
397364397364B004XAPIOQALJ99HZVPZPKUGlutenFreeMom1131311984000A step in the right direction.I was excited to try these- both my husband and myself, as well as one of our two kids- have to avoid gluten. We generally eat Chex and Erewhon cereals- but I was hoping to add some variety. I'm always happy to see companies adding gluten free products to their lines. I give it 3 stars for that reason- they're trying.

The price initially wasn't too much more because the first boxes that arrived at our grocery store had attached coupons, but those coupons were limited and other manufacturer's coupons haven't worked on the gluten free version.

Price aside, these make for awful cereal. Unless you can inhale the bowl in seconds, the cereal gets mushy fast, the milk takes on an odd taste and flat out looses any appeal. The "puffed rice" I remember eating in the 80s was better. They make okay treats, but they seem to dissolve when mixed with the butter/marshmellow mixture, again leaving something to be desired.

We normally kill 3-4 boxes of cereal a week, between breakfast, snacks and baking (modified Chex mix, our version of nut free puppy chow- and I was hoping to add Rice Krispie Treats) but the initial 4 boxes of the GF Rice Krispies are going to last awhile. I'll stick to Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice and Chex while Kelloggs fine tunes their product.
397365397365B004XAPIOQA1EW316U8EYQ9BTurtlelover1111311811200Kellog's should be ashamedDefinately not the tastiest Gluten Free cereal out there. If Kellog's is trying to compete with General Foods they have a long way to go.

I was very disappointed in the taste and consistancy of this product. And the price, like that of most GF products is crazy. And no one offers coupons for the Gluten Free products.
397366397366B004XAPIOQA3FXA85XE5GVQESari A. Milsom1121311811200Kellogg's Rice Krispies Gluten Free CerealThe Gluten Free Rice Krispies a ok for Rice Krispies Treats and not so go for Cereal. it like eating cardboard.
397367397367B004XAPIOQA5AX7DXCFSYVMAlicia D "Ali"1151309737600TASTES SAME AS REGULAR ONES!I am sooooooooooo happy to be able to eat Rice Krispies again!! These taste sooo good and NOT weird...I feared they wouldn't be as good being made with brown rice but I was WRONG!
397368397368B004XAPIOQA3TS973NVQ5M4RImpatient1141309305600Great for a gluten free productThey taste the same as regular Rice Krispies when dry. They snap/crackle/pop when you put milk on them. I don't taste any of the aftertaste that others mentioned, and they beat any other rice crispy GF cereal on the market for taste. They do get a bit spongy when the milk soaks them, but I remember the regular cereal going limp too. I'm SO happy I found these. They obviously aren't "wholesome" because they are processed food and DO come in a box. I'm not overly concerned about the small amount of additives in them, nor the sugar, because I am (as all gluten people should be) well aware that processed GF foods aren't healthy. HOWEVER, when nothing else will do and all you want is a bowl of Rice Krispies, they're great!
397369397369B004XAPIOQA14XU4VH47C90DJulie C Boyer3411311552000ewwwwwwwI was so excited about GF rice krispies!! I had a handful out of the box and, while the texture was a tad strange, overall, the taste wasn't bad. UNTIL I poured a bowl and added milk. The rice krispies almost instantly turned into mush and had the texture of bread soaked in water..... so gross...
397370397370B004XAPIOQA35L6FPOSBIDVYMichelle Rigden3451307664000About Time!!I'm thrilled that I can finally eat something called Rice Krispies because it's made from just rice! They taste just like the regular (at least that I can remember!), and I'm looking forward to making my first Rice Krispie treats this weekend...haven't had them in ages!!! Thanks Kelloggs!
397371397371B004XAPIOQA33Q2WB2C3PGC2Mr. Yesman not2321329091200rice is glutton freeRice is glutton free, all Kelloggs had to do was not add the barley malt which is used as a sweetener.
How does that justify the price. Taking advantage of customers.
397372397372B004XAPIOQA2OCFY81BELYVJBook Lover0051350172800Love them just as much as the original rice krispiesThese have a great taste and snap, crackle, and pop just as much as the original rice krispies. They make fantastic rice krispies treats & a healthy breakfast. Made with brown rice, you get more nutrition out of this product than many of the other GF cereals out there. Highly recommend!
397373397373B004XAPIOQABH6ZI8X4ZAG9H0051340841600Love these!I am addicted to this cereal and I am so happy to find them on Amazon as my local Fred Meyer has stopped carrying them. These are really tasty!
397374397374B004XAPIOQAB4KXHAEKWSIQDina0011340841600Gave me crampsI was exited to find a gluten free option to try , bought it and tried it , the tast is strange ! But as a person with celiac disease for the last 10"years I was ok with it UNTIL .. I start to have symptoms similar to what gluten ingestion gave me , I immediately felt like I'm in a fog , got tired and not long after that the cramps starts .. Next day I had to suffer all day . Never buy it again .celiac people beware , it has gluten in it .
397375397375B004XAPIOQA21MZMV4BPXJ54Rachel R. Ferguson "Mike's and Scott's Mom"0021340755200Sorry, not a hit with me...or my dogs...I hate to put down a gluten free food as we who need these foods can be hard pressed to find them. But for me, this cereal is so lacking in flavor. Even my dogs wouldn't eat it. Hope Kellogg's finds a way to improve it. Looks like others like it, so try it for yourself and then decide what you think.
397376397376B004XAPIOQA2L85QMZM7KW9ZL. Butler0051338854400Hard to find at local storesI started buying these when they first came out and was thrilled to have a gluten free version of rice krispies at the same price as regular. Then the local stores stopped carrying them for whatever reason and I was very disappointed. It's great to find them on here and at the subscribe and save price they're more affordable than the tiny boxes of organic speciality rice krispies imitators that are still available in the local store. I don't need organic or whatever I just need it sans gluten. These fit the bill just fine and make terrific peanut butter rice krispies treats.
397377397377B004XAPIOQA381MT950I6KRLJujubeMBA0051337299200Very close to the originalCompared to the original, these are just a bit more crunchy, and the flavor is a little less delicate. I'm sure they'll be great for krispy treats, but I like them in milk. I don't care about the gluten-free part, though it's great that this product fulfills that requirement for those who need it. I was interested in the whole grain facet, as I do not care to eat bleached grains that offer nothing but starch and carbohydrate. Rice krispies are a comfort food from childhood, and I'm glad for this healthier version of it. If you haven't had the original in a while, you might not notice the difference. I bought two more boxes of this today!
397378397378B004XAPIOQA3O28W281QXPNECeesMom0041336953600Pretty darn close to the original...I really think that these GF Rice Krispies taste very close to original Rice Krispies in flavor and texture. They're not quite as sweet but the light, crisp crunch is the same, they make the "Snap, Crackle, Pop" sound in the milk, and you can make GF Rice Krispies treats easily with them that taste just the same as you remember. I honestly don't understand all the 1 star reviews - sure, these don't taste identical to the gluten containing version, but I think they're pretty close, and I can find them for $2.89 a box at my local grocery store which makes them a GF cereal bargain and a kid-friendly one, to boot. I'm a fan and there are a couple of boxes in my pantry right now.
397379397379B004XAPIOQA2L2H9ICTIOFRYSara Arnold0041336694400Great, if you don't expect it to taste exactly like the original. Treats are perfect, though!As is true with most gluten-free versions of popular products, you will be disappointed if you're expecting gluten-free Rice Krispies to taste and behave exactly like the original. Snap, Crackle & Pop are in delightfully full force. Using brown rice instead of the standard white rice is a nice healthier touch but adding sugar to the recipe isn't; these changes do make the cereal taste a little different, though it by no means has become anything resembling a sugary cereal. Gluten-free Rice Krispies turn to mush in milk much faster -- but is it really a problem to eat it quickly? I don't think so.

I have nothing negative to say about the treats. Adding the butter and marshmallows makes it exactly like it was when I was a kid, especially if extra marshmallows are added. They are incredibly moreish, taste and act exactly like the original and do not last very long around my home. The Kellogg's website also has recipes for peanut butter treats and seasonal Gluten Free Tree Trimmer Treats. I am loyal to the plain so cannot vouch for them but nice touch, Kellogg's.

Rice Krispies Gluten Free are available for the same $3.99 price as regular Rice Krispies. Bonus points go to local shopping on this one for every supermarket in my area accepting general Kellogg's manufacturers coupons & WIC checks for this gluten-free cereal.
397380397380B004XAPIOQA3LOMNHJZ6J2OPLiudvikas Bukys0021336694400Tastes like cardboardI was hopeful. Higher fiber, lower carbs, lower calories, and I like brown rice. Sadly, it's a bit tough and tastes like cardboard.

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