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397477397477B000ER1CSSA3OLK0XE4YGY9RE. Lundy1151259712000My baby loves it!!It does look different but both my daughters have enjoyed these bananas when starting on baby food. My oldest daughter is 2 1/2 and my 5 month now loves them as well!
397478397478B000ER1CSSA33NBXGJGUIMYElazyin291111258070400too acidicMy 5 month old does not like these at all. They make her twinge and cringe. I tasted them and they don't taste like bananas at all. I do like Earth's best jar food and thought that this was a good deal. But I think that these jars have been hanging out in a sweltering warehouse somewhere... they are not good at all.
397479397479B000ER1CSSA2RIZI09594S1UCara Cox "Carabrob"1121243382400Bitter BanannaI love all the baby food my baby eats but this tasted horrible. I think the ascorbic acid in the bananas makes it taste funny. It's a little bit bitter and doesn't really taste like a fresh mushed up banana. I'm going to try giving him fresh banana instead. Don't stock up until you know they love the taste.
397480397480B000ER1CSSA3NZDDMMXJ96K6Alexandra Stevenson "ABC"0051348444800TastyWanted my daughter to keep organic as much and long as possible so we tried this brand first & this veggie when she started solids. It smells and looks bright, and from the first spoonfull (it's not so runny it won't stay on a spatula style spoon) she loved it! This is a veggie she doesn't refuse.

She'll eat a jar of this even after a full bottle if I let her! No side effects noticed and I even tasted it & found it barely sweet and wholesome.

This is a great deal and cheaper than in store; arrives bubblewrapped to death and no weird or broken jars so far.
397481397481B000ER1CSSA3KLXWKREMYJ1KEva W0021347840000citric acid in productThese do not taste like banana's and are an odd pink shade. I'm sure it's difficult to preserve pureed banana, but citric acid (predominantly found in citrus and berries) makes this food less than ideal to introduce to an infant. Citrus, berries, fish and egg whites are listed by our pediatrician as "wait until they're old enough" foods due to allergies or the irritation they causes some infants.

BTW we normally love Earth's Best products.
397482397482B000ER1CSSA1V552C5M1B07XGouri Vidwans0041338422400Baby loves the taste even though its a little bit sourwe have a 10 month old baby who has been on Earth's Best foods since his 4th month. He loved the stage one foods and likes the stage 2 ones as well.

When I tasted the Apples, they are fine but a bit sour and a little more acidic than what I had imagined. However, my son gobbles it up and does not seem to mind the sour taste at all.
397483397483B000ER1CSSAKB0UOE0BSN9Zpaoni0051311033600good food good priceI gave this to my son and he loved it - his eyes got all big and he smiled and ate the banannas and fussed when they were gone and wanted more. I think it is up to the kid - if they like it stock up if you arent sure get a variety pack and let them try it before you stock up :)
397484397484B000ER1CSSA1IOUVQ8BH7J81Poornima0051303344000Will recommend!I recently started feeding solids to my five month old baby boy.He absolutely loves Earth's best carrots! He also loves the sweet potatoes and all the fruit varieties.
397485397485B000ER1CSSA3NHUQ33CFH3VMCitizen John0031248912000Our twin 7-month olds love this one - carrotsI subscribe to the 4 oz. version of this baby food. Considering price, I think the 4 oz. jars are a better deal.

Both our twin babies love this one with carrots as we discovered with the vegetable variety pack. Other parents have told me their babies like carrots so this one is likely to be a winner.

I've tried many Earth's Best baby food in the jars products on my babies. They like all of them with only a couple exceptions. I've discovered they're not fond of peas or onions, but I've also discovered that as they get older they will eat more types of foods. If you get something your baby doesn't like, maybe you can keep it on hand for when your baby is a few months older and try again.

Several other varieties of Earth's Best contain carrots. I think this is to make them sweet so that babies will like them more.

The ingredients are simply organic carrots and water. One 4-ounce jar (not this 2.5 ounce jar) has 40 calories, and daily value: 4% protein, 150% vitamin A and 4% calcium (that's all of it; no iron for example).

Compared to other Earth Best varieties, this has very little calories but is very high in vitamin A. I'm informed that the daily intake percentage is based on an adult.
397486397486B000ER1CSSAKYPSE51RPV23Kelly M. Mann "Gizmo Girl"0151322611200The perfect size for a side veggieI really like the glass jars. As an urban teacher, we use the jars for art classes, but even if we didn't they're more earth friendly than the plastic tubs or bags that other foods come in. My son LOVES the earth's best carrots. They're tasty without any of the extras. I also like the size of the jar. It's just right to use for two nights of veggie sides.
397487397487B000E67206A2R6RA8FRBS608Matthew G. Sherwin4451196812800all right by me !!!This tea provides a luscious and refreshing break from your daily grind and helps you relax as well. It's got a great cherry apple taste to it that is not overpowering and if you let it steep about three minutes you're bound to enjoy it as much as I do!

Each bag contains all-natural ingredients including hibiscus, cinnamon, chamomile, cranberries and apples. There's some vitamin C in it, too. There are no artificial ingredients! The stringless tea bags can easily be removed from your cup whenever you want just by using a spoon or anything similar to get them out of the cup. Stir the tea bag around and up and down a bit while it's in your cup before you drink it. It's also kosher if that matters to you.

The tea is also caffeine free, which is a plus for those of us who don't want caffeine in our diets. That is something I always prefer.

If you like a cherry apple, very slightly tart flavor to your tea, this is highly recommended! Enjoy!
397488397488B000E67206A26A64X86VL1R4Snowbrocade6741146182400Smells like apple cinnamon, tastes like cherry pie!This ruby shaded brew has an appealing cinnamon and apple aroma. The flavor was more like tart cherry than cranberry--maybe that is due to the combination of cranberry and apple. Quite tasty--don't brew too long or it can become sour!

Celestial Seasonings gets extra points for their packaging: they utilize 100% natural recycled paperboard in their boxes and they don't package each tea bag individually. Instead they use a system of a waxed paper bag inside the box that stays shut when you fold it. It keeps the bags fresh and utilizes less packaging than individually wrapping each bag. The art they use on each box is beautiful as are the quotes and information they put on every surface.

Quote from the box: "Genius is the power of of lighting one's own fire." John Foster
397489397489B000E67206A284TA2WYCOEPKR. W. Bennett3351203033600Most enjoyable teaWe discovered the Cranberry Apple Zinger when it came with a selection of other teas. We use it to add flavor to our iced tea. I get a gallon of warm water from the tap, put in 2 family sized decaf tea bags, plus 4 of the Cranberry Apple and maybe a raspberry or blackberry & earl grey. Stick it in the fridge and a few hours later -- great tea.
397490397490B000E67206A1RXLZY53ZQ6UTSusan "Susan"1151237593600My Favorite FlavorAs far as flavor goes, this is my favorite. Since I enjoy the healing properties of green tea, I mix the two together. I drink this all year round. I've stayed with Celestial Seasonings because I happen to like it the best.
397491397491B000E67206A1K2CJ3BWJVJ8DLaDona Chao "October321"1151234396800Great tea!I love this tea! I am not a tea drinker, but I sampled this in a sample package and loved it. I tried to find a box of only this Celestial Canberry Apple Zinger localally. But was not successful. So I ordered it from Amazon and I have enough to last for a long time.
397492397492B000E67206AYOMAHLWRQHUGConspicuous Consumer "$$"1151228176000My Favorite TeaStrong, soothing flavor. I drink 3 mugs of tea every day and have tried numerous other, more exotic, more expensive alternatives but haven't found any tea I enjoy as much as this one. This is the first product I'm putting on the auto-renewal option. Twinings and Lipton both make green tea versions that I would prefer but they are more expensive here at Amazon and harder to find elsewhere.
397493397493B000E67206A1GAT8KX6H0JZYsayhay0051306713600Celestial Seasonings Cranberry Apple Herbal Tea at AmazonCelestial Seasonings Cranberry Apple Herbal Tea is my favorite tea both hot and cold.
Also, best price at
397494397494B000E67206A309AGHA3LO4GYJessica L. Goodrich0051269648000Great Tea, no additives required!I bought this tea on Amazon because my local Wal-Mart stopped carrying it. You might be able to find it cheaper in your local grocery store, but make sure to price compare! This tea, when steeped for under 5 minutes, is not at all bitter and has a full bodied flavor. I add nothing (no sugar, honey, Splenda) to my tea. It is a great tea to drink to relieve morning congestion.
397495397495B000E67206A2U70TFNQZZNGZC. Segars "boysmomma"0051266192000Love this teaLove this tea. Couldn't find it anywhere, and pregnant won't drink anything else. Add a little honey and lemon.
397496397496B000E67206AMSUT4MW25F5CPaula0051265068800Best tea they makeAdd a little bit of honey and this tea is the best I have ever had.
397497397497B000E67206A1LVE16NC56HP9C. Bardin0051261699200Cranberry Apple Zinger + Cinnamon Apple Spice = great cold teaI've found that Celestial Seasonings' Cranberry Apple Zinger and Cinnamon Apple Spice herb teas, mixed together in equal parts and cooled, make an excellent thirst quencher any time of year. No caffeine and it tastes sweet without any sugar. What else is there to say?
397498397498B000E67206A2HC3QHFBCTAHZSusie Anderson "suzi"0051243728000Great Flavor Combination!Cranberry Apple Zinger Tea is a great refreshing flavor to enjoy hot or cold (I prefer my mine iced). When the "Zinger" is behind the flavors, you can bet its above the others! Zinger really punches up the flavor~I drink it daily!
397499397499B000E67206AZPK9GGECEVHXS. L. Knox1251195689600the best everThis is the best tea I have ever had. I Keep a picture of it in the frig. all of the time.
397471397471B000ER1CSSA393BF47MUH4XCJonni McK2211258243200Repulsive!These look, smell, and taste vile. I try each food first before I give it to my baby and have been very happy with all of the Earth's Best varieties we've tried so far. The bananas however are quite disgusting. It could be the citric acid used, but it smells and tastes like it is spoiled. I have been feeding fresh banana up to this point, but bought a 12-jar variety pack of fruit which included banana, so I decided to try it today. So much for saving money by purchasing the variety pack. I will be throwing away all four jars of the banana. I will not feed anything to my baby that I wouldn't eat myself. Like one of the other reviewers said: do not stock up on this before you try one jar first. It's just nasty. I wouldn't give it any stars if that was an option here.

Update: I still won't buy these bananas again, but I wanted to say that I contacted Earth's Best to complain. They ended up sending me coupons for a dozen free jars of baby food. So, I just wanted to add that I really am happy with the company. Just not this particular product.
397472397472B000ER1CSSA3B6EK7CVA07B6L.M. Prather2251255478400Baby went wild for bananas!This is the first solid food my daughter (4 months 3 weeks) went wild for! She loved the taste, but previous reviewers are right about this not tasting like an actual banana. I'm just excited about finally finding a first food she loves!
397473397473B000ER1CSSA3TEZ6QI1HQ789mommy1111330646400does not taste like bananasI am a super picky mommy- wanting best for my baby. I was SO DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS jar. It is pink and doesnt taste like bananas. I tried it and it was not good. From now on I mash a banana with my breastmilk. I do NOT recommend!
397474397474B000ER1CSSA36H40N31JG407Michelle R. Trayne1151328227200Subscribe and Save is great for theseThis was the best deal I could find for Earth's Best 1st foods. My twins love every flavor they've had so far.
397475397475B000ER1CSSAJR58H5T6R7IJNidhi Bagri1151317686400excellent for BabiesMy(now 11 month) old has been eating this without any fuss for the last few months. this is probably the best apple sauce brand I have found which worked for her.
397476397476B000ER1CSSA2NZZ6N4Z05NQ4Mara Addison "Mara Addison"1151270944000Best. Baby Food. Ever.My baby loves that Earth's Best Carrots. And everything else by them. Their food is of exceptional quality. I know--because before it goes in my baby's mouth, I try it first. I hate peas, but the E.B. First Peas are absolutely sensational. These carrots cannot be beat. I have compared Earth's Best baby food to Gerbers and Gerbers Organic, and there is simply no comarison. The Gerbers food--especially the green vegetables--are simply bland and a bit bitter. I cannot tell you how wonderful (or maybe I'm trying to now!) the E.B. 1st stage baby foods are. So good, in fact, that I've already stocked up on the variety packs of 2nd stage foods (also conveniently available on for a great price plus the free shipping). If you love your baby--and I know you do--and you want him to know just how delicious fruits and vegetables can be, BUY THIS STUFF.

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