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397531397531B001SB0MLCA2OU3H0OQTBP3LJudi Singleton0051316044800Yum Gooseberry PieOregon Fruit Gooseberries in Light Syrup, 15-Ounce Cans (Pack of 8)Goose berries are hard to find now. Farmers have told me that they do not have pickers for them or a demand because this new generation do not know about Gooseberries. I was excited to find these on Amazon. They made the best pies ever. I thought the price was a little high but then supply and demand. It takes two cans to make a really good pie.
397532397532B002GWM9N6A2OM1YVS0AA4QXC. Rose "Gadget Geek"1141333411200Decent coffee at a decent priceThis coffee is a decent variety. Good, full flavor. I think the separate bags help keep the coffee fresh as you open just a pound as you need it. With subscription, the price is fair. Not a coffee I would rave about. There are some varieties at Costco I think are actually better, but lately they have not had much on hand. This is a decent option, conveniently and quickly delivered to your home.
397533397533B002GWM9N6A2O7LD7F2D5VM3Douglas S. Benson ""0031344729600Fair. Dark roast not to my tasteI love Sumatra Gayoland, but not in dark roast. If Coffee Bean Direct offered a medium roast, I'd order it. Otherwise, I wouldn't order this brand again, and have since gone back to brands that offer a medium roast (albeit at a higher price).
397534397534B005B2YTFOA3DRKIHB704DFYRon1230051349740800great water for our healthI have got to get more of this water ordered. It is great to get our acid level down and alkali level up to prevent and cure things as well as stay hydrated. We drink too much of the bad stuff and not enough of this good water.
397535397535B005B2YTFOA2M9O97AL4J01Ktony55544751331596800Neo WaterGood vendor, good product! I've ordered this product several times and each time I've been more than satisfied with it. You won't regret this product.
397536397536B001L04BDAA14L59ZXZ46EZVJoshua Tailswish "Nerf Gunsmith"101051276128000Delicious, beautiful, and more economic than it sounds.I tried this tea in a Teavana store where samples were available. Not only is the blossom beautiful and exotic, but the tea is delicious. It's smooth, uniform, and though delicate the peach flavor was definitely at the forefront. I don't know if the pot I tried had been sweetened or not, but I was floored. It's easily the best tasting tea I've ever tried (though admittedly that isn't saying much; I'm not a frequent tea drinker).

The economic part comes in with the multiple infusions. This isn't a makes-one-pot product; you can refill the pot and brew again with the same blossom and get multiple pots out of each 'ball.'
397537397537B001L04BDAA3SQZCA0JFB5CVStephanie Martin6651295568000Beautiful and tastyI originally tried this tea in the Teavana store, and was surprised at the wonderful scent. I'm not usually one for peach teas, but this was so mellow and fragrant, I couldn't pass it up. I didn't even realize it was a blooming tea until the gal at Teavana explained it to me.

Not only does this tea taste good and is good for you, but it's beautiful, and more affordable than you'd think. The blossom it creates when you brew it is very pretty, it's half of why I drink it. And, each blossom is good for 5-6 brews, which means the 2 ounces in a pack (about 8 blossoms) is about 50 cups of tea. I use 1 blossom in Teavana's Perfect Tea Maker (the 16 ounce size) and I can fill the tea maker full 5-7 times before I consider the flavor and scent to be pretty diminished. For an artisan tea, that's an excellent value.
397538397538B001L04BDAA62G4QX6XQVLPAnyechka2251257120000An amazing teaThis was my first experience with blooming tea, and it made me into an enthusiastic believer! My boyfriend had wanted me to look for chrysanthemum tea, without caffeine, at the new Teavana store at one of the local malls, and this was the tea I was told had the most chrysanthemum in it. It looks absolutely beautiful when it blooms underwater, it smells wonderful, and it has a wonderful peach and jasmine flavor. Unlike traditional teabags, teaballs can be used for at least three brewings, and one ball is even enough to brew an entire pot of tea. This particular blooming tea might be on the pricy side for just two ounces, but in the long run it saves more money than getting a lot of teabags that might be cheaper but which can only be used for one cup of tea and still retain much flavor. This tea still packs its full flavor after the first use and after the first day! This was also my first time experiencing white tea, which, as it turns out, is lowest in caffeine of any of the other types of tea and is the highest in antioxidants. And the fancy teaballs just make one want to brew this tea, since the presentation is so much prettier and more elegant-looking than a regular teabag, which one just throws in a cup of hot water. It also helps that in Chinese culture, the chrysanthemum is believed to have the power to help a drinker to live to one hundred!
397539397539B001L04BDAA7CCXET106Q31S. Mosher0041347840000Pretty teaAs stated, this tea is lovely. Watching it bloom in it's pot (I have a clear glass teapot just for these blooming teas) is a a lot of fun. How did it taste? Not bad, flavor did not match looks, but I could taste a hint of peach and it was fun to chomp on the little candy bits. I don't know that I would repurchase. It wasn't tasty enough for me to be more than a novelty, your mileage may differ. Shipping was rapid and the item was well packaged.
397540397540B001L04BDAA1989WJVG7DHBKOhioAtty0051342137600A delicate, delicious and beautiful cup of teaThis tea is so delicious. Very smooth with a light hint of peach (not "fake" or fruity). We also love the Strawberry Misaki blooming tea. I actually like the Misaki a tiny bit more.

And it is lovely to watch the teas "bloom." We don't have a glass tea kettle, but they had some blooming teas in one at a Teavana store, we visited and it is pretty! The other poster is correct about multiple uses too. We use each ball about 6 times (in a cup of tea, not a whole pot). I've found all of the Teavana tea yield multiple uses (generally at least 5 or 6).

These teas are so yummy. We don't add any sweetener. They are just perfect as they are!
397541397541B001L04BDAA2NPHE9J3KTOQSDixie0041339027200Teavana Tea'sThis tea is wonderful to drink and is beautiful when you make it. It opens into a flower. If you make it in a glass pot it makes a great center piece when you serve it.
397542397542B001L04BDAA5CCLNEP3V8MUZach0051331424000DeliciousThis is a delicious, light white tea with sweet peach flavor. Great to relax with in the evening as it naturally has very little caffeine. Tastes like summer.
397543397543B001SB44PCA2ZW8KOJJHJR1JJaDe3411292198400Class Action Lawsuit pending for misleading informationPurchase with caution, this manufacturer has GROSSLY underestimated the calories, fat, and sodium in their dressing. The Galeos label claims 14 calories and 1 gram of fat per tablespoon serving. That's where the problems start. The serving size required by federal law on dressing labels is 2 tablespoons, creating the illusion - even if those numbers were accurate - that the dressing outdoes other diet dressings.

The laboratory showed the label should properly read: 120 calories, 11 grams of fat and 390 mg of sodium. The actual label claims 56 grams of sodium. Federal food labeling laws give companies a 20% margin of error.

UPDATE (Nov.22): Here are the actual laboratory results before being broken down by serving size for Galeo's World's Best Miso Caesar:

* Carbohydrates, g/100g - 7.8013
* Fat, g/100g - 38.32
* Moisture, g/100g - 46.39
* Protein, g/100g - 4.1387
* Saturated Fat, g/100g - 6.0
* Calories, g/100 g - 392.64
* Total Sugars, g/100g - 7.35
* Sodium, mg/100g - 1306
397544397544B001SB44PCARAKTT5M3DDYAJustMe2351279756800Settlement, still worth buying**UPDATE**
There is legal info on their website about the lawsuit. From their side the calories were pretty close to their claim and the fat content was almost right on, but they didn't use the legal serving size. They've corrected the label and have to do periodic testing as part of the settlement. The correction isn't that far from what they originally claimed, but some users of the dressings claim the taste is different, worse, and they must have changed their recipe to make the calories/fat match the labels. My own experience is that this is still a low-cal dressing and I still really like the taste. I couldn't really tell a taste difference unless I had an old bottle to compare side-by-side, assuming it is actually different. The plus for us is that we now know the label is correct, maybe even more reliably so than most other dressings. So try it and like it, or don't. I do still suggest not buying by the case, it just doesn't last long enough. Also watch expiration dates in store carefully, lots of stores not good about rotating and this still isn't a big seller so it's more likely to sit longer. I'm buying it though. Bottom line is still taste and calories, which is great on both counts.
397545397545B001SB44PCA20OK0RGXLUWN4E. Vanderberg2351268784000Best dressing ever!I have purchased this by the gallon from the makers as I couldn't find it locally. Love, love, love this dressing. So happy I found it here. You must try it. Low fat, low cal, great rich taste. It doesn't taste like your typical low cal dressing. I won't use anything else.
397546397546B001SB44PCA38SR30PV15SKXpixelated511221263513600Tastes Great, Low Fat, Low Carb -- NOTThis is my girlfriend's favorite salad dressing. She has actually purchased it by the gallon from the manufacturer. Low fat, low carb and tastes great. So how come it's not available (1/2010)?

3/2011 Update -- See above review for info on Class Action Lawsuit for misleading labeling. The suit is not settled, but we had a feeling the contents were too good to be true. Still one of the best tasting dressings though.
397547397547B001SB44PCA7GCQI03PNFM6The Marine0251296000000It's all BSClass litigation should be illegal. Maybe there was a time and place, but these days it's designed to just make lawyers richer. It has nothing to do with product safety. The people claiming to have had the dressing tested, by labs no less, did they mention if they used "FDA Approved labs or testing methods?" No, didn't think so. This is a California bunch doing this, you know, the land of litigation. This is a prime reason why businesses and people are leaving the state in droves. This practice is dishonest and should be outlawed, but in a state owned and operated by liberals, well...good luck. Personally, I have to get out of here. I am too damned honest to be a Californian.
397548397548B001EYUE5MA332G0JKU01YJBtimeboss0051346976000Just read review, then buy your ownThis is about the 4th re-order of Breakfast blend K-cups from Amazon. I think that itself is the best review I can think of. See me at the 10th reorder.
397549397549B001EYUE5MA207H0ZBHLZT19M. Schaffer "MJS"0031345852800MIKE SNot bad, Not great, but good coffee. Put it on my list so if I can not get my first choice, I have a backup.
397550397550B001EYUE5MA2OTLOW1BSB90MRicochet0021345680000Breakfast Blend - Nothing SpecialLong time Keurig user and lifetime coffee drinker. Breakfast Blend is for the most part a plain cup of coffee. Light and smooth, but with a slight bitterness at the end. I still prefer Donut Shop as a light everyday go to coffee choice, but wanted to try a box of Green Mountain BB. Probably won't purchase again. No one in the house has stopped me and said, "thats a great cup of coffee". It's just plain and blah. I'll probably struggle to finish the box honestly.
397551397551B001EYUE5MA2YSCUIDZCNMPNJoan Ingle "jingle"0051345680000A "must have" for that second cupEvery morning this is my second cup. It's smooth, has a really nice "coffee" taste and leaves me feeling satisfied for that coffee urge. I can drink this cold it's that good! Too bad the prices keep going up!
397552397552B001EYUE5MA2C1KX5DKEC220Ken Klouzek0051345420800Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K-CupTasty product offering a great cup of coffee to get the day started. I really like the reduced prices with the subscription service that provides the product automatically before we run out.
397553397553B001EYUE5MA2AWSVSJ4UT6WBJane Gies0051345161600Good coffeeJust regular breakfast coffee...a great way to start the day! I want coffee not flavors or extra caffeine. This is my "goto" coffee to fully awake.
397554397554B001EYUE5MA7WEL3CY60015Carol Nawrocki "foodie"0051344729600Green mountain Breakfast BlendI think this is a great mild blend and the price is reasonable for a k-cup. I drink it every morning.
397555397555B001EYUE5MA4WD4PJES81BRquiltgal0051344470400Green Mountain Coffee K cupsThese are fine fine K cups. I like the BIG box. Less trips to the store. Coffee is divine with breakfast or any time!
397556397556B001EYUE5MA3634N7I8OXGYRJane Simmons0051344297600Great coffeeWe love our Keuring brewer and we love this coffee. The value for the 50 count pack is right on.
397557397557B001EYUE5MA2BSB3STRK5PNXJ. Schneider "mom"0051344211200so goodI think that buying the coffee this way is the best way to get the most bang for your buck. The coffee tastes great.
397558397558B001EYUE5MA2I2A7N3OCPNW4T. A. Daniel "Alex"0041343779200Fine, But There's Better Out ThereThe Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups are pretty decent. The main selling point of this product is its price point. Is it good coffee? No, not really. Is it good coffee for 60 cents a cup? It sure can be. These K-Cups taste good on both size settings of Keurig machines.

I would like to point out though, the Donut Shop brand of K-Cups are sold for the same price. The Donut Shop coffee is a bit smoother in my opinion, and again, it's only 60 cents a cup. Either way, the coffee you get won't be great, but it will be good for what you pay for.
397559397559B001EYUE5MAAH884S94WIUVpamc0041342224000Husband loves thisMy husband tried this coffee while we we visiting relatives and just kept raving about it because it did not have any of the bitterness associated with coffee. We were able to pick up the Keurig coffee maker for a great price and order this quantity from Amazon.
397560397560B001EYUE5MAV34HT7D2UZM0Bee0031341360000Keurig coffeeThis is a very mild coffee. I like the Green Mountain Coffee brand but if you are a coffee connosieur this is not for you.

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