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397621397621B001EYUE5MA1EFLPGD33S02FTidoWyla0051319500800Great all around taste!!!I received some Green Moutain Coffee K-Cups as a sample test through Buzzagent and I was quite pleased with this. It's not too strong of a coffee, but not too weak of a coffee either, it has a great blend of flavor. It has a smooth taste and is not to bitter like some coffees tend to be. Good price on this brand as well. Overall I would have to say this a keeper for my morning ritual.
397622397622B001EYUE5MA3V27GC3XHKZDZrosepetal570041319155200Green Mountain Keurig CupsAs always, the coffee was excellent. Just wish the price would go down on these, although this purchase I thought was reasonable.
397623397623B001EYUE5MA1M5A7G4A5P7Kpam "single woman"0051319155200Coffee LoverLove this coffee. Have ordered it before and will continue to order it. Enjoy it day and at night. Thanks.
397624397624B001EYUE5MA17VO4QOE2BG6RH. Marshall0051318896000Awesome CoffeeThis coffee is not too strong, not too weak. This is the best I have made through my Keurig so far and I will continue to order this brand and blend!
397625397625B001EYUE5MA33WJZ4EWB0GGNprincess10051318723200Great coffeeThis is my favorite coffee for my Keurig coffeemaker. It is so convenient to get it through Amazon and cheaper than running around to the stores trying to find the lowest price.
397626397626B001EYUE5MA2YLASC41SM87BVikki0051318118400FANTASTIC !Not too weak, not too strong, it's juuuuuust right
I found these first at my local supermarket. I've been looking for a blend that I could use as my standard every-day cup of coffee and, finally, this was it. I've tried so many of the other blends and brands and they were either harsh and bitter (I know, some people think coffee *should* taste that way!) or too bland and weak. This is smooth but with a nice "coffee"...

~~~~~~Now if I could only get the decal breaskfast blend for the same price!~~~~~
397627397627B001EYUE5MA2OQH1Z1ZQDFJIannie j "annie m"0051317081600Just what I orderedNice to have coffee delivered right to your doorstep. I had gotten the variety pack, so I could see which coffee I liked the best and this was the coffee for me.
397628397628B001EYUE5MAOP85BQ5VFBCCRaiderRush0051317081600Great coffee for any time of dayIt's a smooth blend - none of the extreme (to me, anyway) bitterness in many coffees. Wakes me up quickly in the morning and relaxes me in the evening. I've tried a lot of coffees for my Keuring, but this is my favorite.
397629397629B001EYUE5MARSXCLVS4QA6WThomas W. King Jr. "Throat"0051316995200CoffeeI think this is the best coffee because it is not to strong and is so good sometimes I drink 6 or 7 cups a day.
397630397630B001EYUE5MA35SWPGZLZ694TAllyn0051316131200great coffee at a great price!Green mountain coffee is just delicious..and the prices at amazon cannot be beat! The offer to get more than one box at a discounted rate makes it that much more convenient!
397631397631B001EYUE5MA1PJCDM26K2XI6jlinc0051315958400Fine tasting coffeeI like this brand of coffee very much. Reasonably priced here, as compared with my grocery store. A good deal.
397632397632B001EYUE5MA3L01BJOLQ9BTXangela crummett0051315785600I love Green Mountain Breakfast Blend CoffeeI love the smoothness and taste of Breakfast Blend by Green Mountain...My only negative review is that it is never on a special price value as are other blends...As long as I can afford it I will buy it.
397633397633B001EYUE5MA2FJH6TNED2M1PJeffrey Upah0051315094400Delicious cup of coffeeDelicious cup of coffee. This is not the best coffee I have tasted but it is very enjoyable and I have not found one That I do not enjoy. Quick, easy and enjoyable.
397634397634B001EYUE5MA2D9BUZHNRXY73Richard F Watkins0051313884800Tasty!Received product in a timely manner. Quality of product was good. Product performed well in the purpose that it was ordered for. Thanks
397635397635B001EYUE5MA13P08HU2BX53OMichael Wright0051313798400I like this blendThis coffee suits my taste just right. I do not like a heavy or acidic tasting coffee but this one is mild with plenty of favor and I can drink it anytime of the day.
397637397637B001EYUE5MA3EAN69L4YQCI1P. Davis0051313020800Love a great cup of Green Mountain CoffeeLove a great cup of Green Mountain Coffee in the morning, to get my day off to a great start.
Will order again....
397638397638B001EYUE5MA1Y0PCSIY54RP1sj0051312502400my favoriteThis is my favorite breakfast coffee. Very smooth, no bitterness at all. I would rather have a cup of this than a to strong cup of starbucks.
397639397639B001EYUE5MA92TTL9VK6XDQJames M. Brockway0051312502400Green Mountin K-CupItem was received as promised. The coffee was very good, the only thing that I would like is a K-cud that would give a 16oz cup.
397640397640B001EYUE5MA3QQU86AX8XFQOBecky Stoner0051311465600Best "Pod" coffeeI've tried many of the K-Cups for the Keurig coffee machine and I still find Green Mountain breakfast blend to be the best! : )
397641397641B001EYUE5MA2ROJI9TTH99HGDavid H. Stenmark "David S"0041311379200Cheaper at BBB with couponThe coffee is great but it's now cheaper at Bed Bath and Beyond with their 20% coupon and taxes added.
397642397642B001EYUE5MA2SG8H7WS1SAUGSpade0051310774400My favorite coffeeThis is by far my favorite coffee. I have been trying to give other blends a chance but keep coming back to this one. It isn't too dark or too light.. It's perfect. Will continue purchasing this one!
397643397643B001EYUE5MA1FMNLZM5MFV2YL. Regelman "lesinlc"0051310688000good coffee and a very good priceCoffee is very good and as far as k-cups go it is a very good price.I order them all the time from amazon
397644397644B001EYUE5MASOLVVMGE6FOWkchino0051310688000Totally Great ValueA perfectly blended cup of smooth, rich coffee at a fantastic price. We've found Green Mountain flavors are always as advertised and recommend to anyone with a single cup brewer.
397645397645B001EYUE5MA2W3LTBXYQW6J0Earlene F Pulliam0041309824000good K cupsI like this coffee from Green Mountain,some are to strong for my taste and others the K cups dont seem to work right,but these never seem to have a problem and the taste is good
397646397646B001EYUE5MA96EX9RN1CQP1frieda0051309651200My favorite coffeeThis is a great product. I love the Keurig and Green Mountain Breakfast Blend is just right for me.
397647397647B001EYUE5MA2YQT5R2FUVGG7pkay0041309219200Perfect medium blendMany of the brands I've tried are too bold. I tried several brands and types and this is the one for me. I am very pleased with it and will continue to order it.
397648397648B001EYUE5MA28KCF8N1U7MAFm.p.666651277510400Not too weak, not too strong, it's juuuuuust rightI found these first at my local supermarket. I've been looking for a blend that I could use as my standard every-day cup of coffee and, finally, this was it. I've tried so many of the other blends and brands and they were either harsh and bitter (I know, some people think coffee *should* taste that way!) or too bland and weak. This is smooth but with a nice "coffee" presence you can actually taste. *Coffee* taste, not burned grounds!

I highly recommend this if you're *not* into the "make your hair stand on end" type of coffee. This review is based on using the "medium" size on the coffee machine. You may get different results if you use the small or large dispenser sizes.
397649397649B001EYUE5MACM6X1Q9R2K81MedTech2009444451287705600best k-cupsHave tried many varieties of K cups and green mountain is the best. My favorite blend is breakfast blend. Mild coffee, if you like Dunkin Donuts, you will like this. If you are a starbucks drinker, try a bolder blend.
397650397650B001EYUE5MAEM5U7R1QBGI0RUserious_8 "RUserious_8"272751277337600Green Mtn Breakfast Blend K cupsI'm glad to taste this one; it's ideal for me, not bitter. Taste is smooth, whether adding sugar/cream or black. I'll order more.

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