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397651397651B001EYUE5MA1MQESL5LGOKZWRM "Book Lover"7751308614400My FavoriteI love this coffee. As I get older, my stomach can't seem to take the really strong blends. Breakfast Blend is perfect. Great flavor without hurting my stomach. Amazon has the best price with free shipping. I only wish I could start an automatic refill of my order.

Update 9-1-12
Yea!!! This coffee can finally be ordered with an automatic refill. I am always guaranteed the lowest price and don't have to worry about searching for it. I am one happy Amazon, coffee lover.
397652397652B001EYUE5MA3OZ1PTTKTJMROKaren Hahn "Wichita traveler"6641308355200Good mild coffeeThis is a good mild coffee for the drinker that doesn't like a strong bold blend in the morning. I don't like a burnt tasting coffee and this is the one I like the best.
397653397653B001EYUE5MA10R3X8VV4Z2O6Capeseaglass6651302307200Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K-cupsI buy K-cups all the time and it was nice to buy a double pack for less money than I would have paid in the store. The breakfast blend is not a bold coffee. Being rather mellow and not bitter and with no after taste. If you are looking for a mild tasting coffee this would be a good choice.
397654397654B001EYUE5MA3P0ECC54FF1XEReginald Yarbrough6641284163200Breakfast Blend K-CupsIf you're more of a Dunkin Donuts or Diner-style coffee person, this is great coffee.
397655397655B001EYUE5MA1YHUWN3ONUG5WMellowjade5551294012800Good cup of coffeeGood cup of coffee. If you are looking for a nice cup to wake up to, this is it. Light blend, no overpowering taste. I prefer bolder blends but my husband likes light - so this was our compromise blend, and I enjoy it as much as he does.
397656397656B001EYUE5MANE1CIDM4RRIDShirley B. Currier "Shirley"4451316044800Green Mountain, the smooth coffeeMy preference is Green Mountain Breakfast Blend. It is never bitter or too strong. I like coffee, but those strong ones just don't make it with me. Give me the mild ones any day.
397657397657B001EYUE5MACW3CAV4PYHJQJo H. Holsinger3351284076800Great coffee!I love this coffee. I like light roast, but many of them have little flavor. Green Mountain Breakfast Blend has a nice smooth, full taste without being harsh. The flavor of some dark roasts leave me with the impression I could get the same effect by just licking the bottom of a dirty ashtray. (Sorry, dark-roast lovers - I tend to be overly sensitive to bitterness.)
397658397658B001EYUE5MA4A1XR1LPTR6V3boysbaseball0051308268800Smooth coffeeMy favorite blend of coffee for my Keurig. I've tried about 15 different flavors but this is by far my favorite. Very smooth and not overpowering or bitter. Was buying at Walmart but they stopped stocking it. Found it at Amazon for the same price.
397659397659B001EYUE5MA1H5LEFDUN4XQDFrederick Connelly0051307318400A Close SecondYou can't make a better cup of regular coffee flavored coffee than Green Mountain Nantucket Blend at home. I had been trying in every way imaginable for nearly forty years to accomplish this. However sometimes I feel like something a tad bit lighter for that first cup in the morning. Enter Green Mountain Breakfast Blend. It's exactly what that first cup calls fall. A slightly lighter version of Nantucket Blend, yet it still has the subtle punch you're looking for.
397660397660B001EYUE5MA2VH8Q48YMQKB1Ron Shelton0051306195200Best value for a K-cup coffeeGreen Mountain Breakfast blend coffee is a mild roast that goes down easy in the morning. My wife actually runs a cup through the Keurig twice. Buying it this way breaks down to 50 cents per K-cup versus a dollar at any store.
397661397661B001EYUE5MA2FN6HMXG463SQlulu0051305763200Green Mountain coffee breakfast blend.Love this coffee, it has just the right amount of flavor, is not to strong or to light. I have several cups through the day and enjoy everyone of them.
397662397662B001EYUE5MA1WFMZLY7VNWEXChuck0051305504000Chuck SimmonsGreen Mountain Breakfast Blend coffee is the best! I love the smooth, but robust taste! I can hardly wait to smell and taste my coffee every morning!
397663397663B001EYUE5MA1XA1ENL7T3NPPJ. Manns0051304294400Green mountain breakfast blendThis is my every day coffee. It's a smooth coffee with no bitter after taste. This is not the coffee for those who like a strong cup of coffee. This coffee is for those who don't like to drink coffee that has been sitting on a burner for hours but like the first cup of fresh coffee
397664397664B001EYUE5MA1VC4AO4P4XT82MPATL0051303948800Perfection...This particular k-cup has become my favorite and I've had just about all of them from every k-cup maker. I still enjoy many others, but this one is perfection. I love, love, love it! Funny thing is it took me about a year to try it. Something about the packaging made me think it might be horrible. I was dead wrong. It's perfect. If you're a k-cupper, and there are lots of us now; don't let this one pass you by.
397665397665B001EYUE5MA2XQSJG8YR6ED2Cecilia f.0051303084800great brewi've been using these k-cups for months now. the breakfast blend is perfect for people who don't like a very strong bitter coffee in the morning. the coffee from the breakfast blend is wonderful... not too strong, not overwhelming, but delicious.
397666397666B001EYUE5MA2SH6KIZQ5LMMGT. Schmidt "tas"0051300924800Green Mountain Coffee Keurig Breakfast BlendI give this 5 stars. This is my favorite of all the K cups I've tried. Trust me I have tried a lot. If you like a mild coffee you will love this one.
397667397667B001EYUE5MAXPMFIRQCE4VEstriker0051299110400itsstriketimeGreat coffee. Arrives when you folks say it is to be delivered. Will continue to purchase 2 pack from Amazon when it is on sale. Very easy to place an order.
397668397668B001EYUE5MA3IAXS84XZ34GCCarl0051299024000Breakfast Blend CoffeeGood Product. For heavy coffee drinker it is a little expensive but well worth the price if you only dring 1 or 2 cups a day, Service from vendor was splendid.
397669397669B001EYUE5MA2DTLVOXKKBE4STrainer0041298764800Makes a good cupThis product makes a good cup of coffee at a reasonable price for the Keurig coffee maker and I would recommend it.
397670397670B001EYUE5MAO9M2LQPKQ2TSBrenda N. "Book Blogger"0051298332800Too expensive on Amazon!This is my favorite K-cup and one my husband and I can agree on (I prefer darker roast, he likes a lighter roast coffee). It holds up well to the cream and Splenda I add.

However, this price is outrageous. Far more than I pay at the grocery store.
397671397671B001EYUE5MACZ6XSSIYBQ96Christopher N. Hughitt "Gruvin2"0051298332800My favorite coffee so far!I have tried about a dozen different flavors of the k-cups and this one is just right. The perfect blend.
397672397672B001EYUE5MAAYZ0MDG7U6AEJoan E. Ciotti0051298246400SmoothI just love the breakfast blend. I hate bitter, strong coffee and rarely made coffee b/c it was awful. I became a DD lover and now I have the K-cups to drink at home.
397673397673B001EYUE5MA1XA1ENL7T3NPPJ. Manns0051298246400Breakfast Blend by Green MountainI love my Breakfast Blend coffee from Green Mountain. It light without a bitter aftertaste. It is a good everyday morning cofffee for me I would recommend this to anyone who likes a light not bitter cooffe if you like a really strong cup of joe in the morning this isn't you coffee
397674397674B001EYUE5MA3PZXFWWLWZLCBeyzrbrn "eyzrbrn"0051294876800Nice FlavorThis has a really nice flavor. Would not hesitate to buy it again but probably not from Amazon or its vendors as they are overpriced.
397675397675B001EYUE5MA1RJO6Y57QQWG6Andrew chinn "Movie buff"0051294012800perfect blend for meI like this blend but the price is ridiculous. Found them at winn Dixie (and other flavors) $7.99 for a pack of 12.
397676397676B001EYUE5MAU7YE53YCD3FOrobbie0051286064000LOVE GREEN MOUNTAINAfter pricing out different places to purchase this coffee as a gift, we realized that Amazon was able to provide us with so many K-Cup options but we love Green Mountain it has great flavor for a morning or evening cup. Enjoy!! You will Not be disappointed in this purchase!!
397677397677B001EYUE5MA2OKNN3P92PBOQDavid W. Orr0051285891200Great for those who don't like strong coffee in the morningMy wife and oldest son don't like a strong coffee, so the Green Mountain Breakfast Blend works great for them. While I myself prefer the Coffee People's Organic, which is darker and more robust - similar to some of the blends found at Starbucks (not their regular blend). The Organic is strong enough for them to re-use once, after I've had the first brew.

I also love that we can get the double pack of the Breakfast Blend 24 K-Cups inexpensively from Amazon. We purchase the Coffee People Organic in the 50-K-cup boxes.
397678397678B001EYUE5MAWKZ1U2EZVK93Robin0051285804800Good stuff!Green Mountain Breakfast Blend is an excellent light roast coffee served in a K-Cup. Smooth, silky,it has a gentle flavor yet enough of a robust coffee flavor to allow a very pleasurable experience. Highly recommended.
397679397679B001EYUE5MA2QPALG4OAD8FXMaria Dorsey0051285632000Great TasteThis is my favorite keurig coffee. I prefer it over any starbucks or dunkin or any other coffee. Nice and smooth taste without a usual bitter aftertaste. I's the perfect cup of coffee.
397680397680B001EYUE5MABYVECXXSP6R5Lapimienta0051280707200Excellent-love it!This is the best k-cup coffee I've had. Its bold smooth flavor is great for bkfst, but just as good to enjoy w/desserts or an afternoon pick-me-up. I love it!

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