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397741397741B001EYUE5MA17WKG1SW7IRI0David B. Stark "Train Man"1151327190400Great mild breakfast coffee!My wife has drunk this coffee for several years. She tried many different brands before settling on this k-cup. It is a mild great tasting brew that you will like if you like a typical donut shop coffee. Not a Starbucks brew, but a regular mild brew. Give it a try.
397742397742B001EYUE5MA2L4QULC4GYFACD. Bigfeet1151320796800Excellent productI love this product. No more measuring coffee in the morning.
No more throwing old coffee out. Best Ideal ever.
397743397743B001EYUE5MA2HIDCH6XK2MH3Diane M. Rindini1151315353600Green Mountain k-cup Breakfast blendI searched Google and found these k-cups. The price is reasonable. Exceptionally fast delivery. I am very pleased and will order again.
397744397744B001EYUE5MAOTCA8ZTACBS5Lapple1151311465600medium strengthGreen Mountain Breakfast Blend is the best moderate blend for the Keurig Brewer. Very good taste and not acidic.
397745397745B001EYUE5MA2YFBDCW1AT642Pat1131307145600A good cup of coffeeTried this blend as a change from routine, but did not find it as enjoyable as I had hoped, still, it was good, just not great.
397746397746B001EYUE5MA42YG78Z1GBBDivyviner "ivyviner"1151294704000Love Green Mountain Breakfast Blend -- Great Coffee!!!!!I just recently got my Keurig, and I've been trying the sample pack of coffee that came with it. So far this is by far my favorite. I nice mild coffee taste to enjoy in the morning or anytime. I actually wish they made this coffee in a decaf version also so I could enjoy the great flavor of this one anytime! I think this will be the main coffee in this house; I've tried some of the others and liked some of them more than others, but this is the runaway favorite. I tend to put a good bit of cream and sugar in my coffee (can't stand it black!) but the nice flavor of this one comes through the cream and sugar. (I've found that cream and sugar can't cover up the taste of coffee I don't like!) I don't care for the bolder coffees at all (I don't feel like getting slapped in the face by my coffee in the morning!)

I'd encourage everyone to give this a try if you like a light roast coffee with a mild, pleasant taste in the morning -- you won't be disappointed!!!
397747397747B001EYUE5MACNI85ASYC6P4PH BALANCED1151287705600WE LOVE ITGreen Mountain Coffee Keurig Breakfast Blend, 24-Count K-Cups (Pack of 2)

397748397748B001EYUE5MA1AAJY9WDVNEEMMichael J. Long "joebird"1131280880000average morning cup a joeNot too strong,not too weak.This is the coffee I buy my wife for her mornings.It is probably the simplest k cup brew,but sometimes that is all you might want.
397749397749B001EYUE5MA3SUGITNIVQNR5Gloria Boyer3411343088000Something's wrong with this coffeeThese K-cups are either extremely old or they're not authentic Green Mountain K-cups. The coffee is weak and has a bad after-taste. Both my spouse and I have noticed this independently of each other.

I tried to contact the seller to ask about this but couldn't figure out who it was.
397750397750B001EYUE5MA3LCZ3O26V9MZDKathleen E. Cass4611273881600Terrible PriceI love this coffee and when I bought it, I also bought another brand. The price, around $20.00 was for two boxes of the other brand. I thought it was a pretty good deal although you can sometimes find it for $9.95 each at Target. When they arrived, I discovered that I had paid for only one box of Breakfast Blend - a complete rip-off. Even directly from Keurig, it's cheaper. Will never buy this again.
397751397751B001EYUE5MA36AI28VXCIMNEBrendaJ2311342483200Do NOT buy from Mike's Grocers!!!What I received today in shipment is a joke! I have the product on the desk in front of me. I see 4 packages of Green Mountain Coffee..Breakfast Blend. The 4 packages arrived NOT in an outer box! The packages are held together with yellow strapping tape. ALL 4 packages are ripped open in one way or another. One package has the bottom ripped off almost entirely and several coffee pods are missing. This disaster of shipping was sitting out on my front porch in 95+ heat on a very humid Texas day. Mice, giant tree cockroaches, or kitties could have been prowling around inside the boxes. I can't believe UPS even accepted such a crappy packaging attempt. PLUS...I tried to find this Mike's Grocer online. The address on the return slip is 7 Prospect ST APT APARTMENT???? How do I even know where in the heck these pods originated? I LOVE Amazon and buy almost everything from them. This is my first REALLY horrible experience. Amazon....please get rid of this retailer!!!!!! Brenda Spurlin
397752397752B001EYUE5MA2T87J9OUYDF00John Pozzuoli "freetospeak"2311342051200Coffee flavored water...I was excited to see this 50 pack of coffee! Read all about how "if you like Dunkin Donuts, you'll love this". Well its not good at all. Comes out looking like tea. Has the flavor of coffee but its really just water. Trust me, I am not a fan of the "Rocket Fuel" they serve at Starbucks but this is nothing like Dunkin. Just cancelled subscription.
397753397753B001EYUE5MAROXIIN9HP7NRK. Grove2351258675200Great taste.This is very good coffee. I don't like strong coffee, this is nice and mild, a great breakfast blend. I use cream in it and it is just great. Will buy again.
397754397754B001EYUE5MA29BJSTYH9W3JIHarry0051351209600super coffeeGreat coffee and so easy to brew. This coffee has great aroma and is good to the last drop. I actually like all the brands. This is the way coffee should taste!!
397755397755B001EYUE5MA1WG9SK19TERNQRhody Red "Pat"0051351036800Breakfast Blend the BestI'm never disappointed with the Breakfast Blend Coffee from Green Mountain Coffee. It's always fresh and makes a very smooth cup of coffee, never bitter.
397756397756B001EYUE5MA3V0B6OPOQZNDKElisa Veneziano "EV"0041351036800Morning coffeeI use this as my morning coffee wake up call. I continue to re-order it because I like the medium roast flavor.
397757397757B001EYUE5MA3GUJXGYJUUQXVmillie0051350950400luv my K-cupsThe coffee fenominal, the price fantastic and the delivery was right on point!!!!! I recommended this offer to my friends n family and they jumped right in, I got my delivery first!!!
397758397758B001EYUE5MA38LLB02AU7EMFSharon K. Cofran "bridgeworm"0021350950400Green mountain coffeeNot strong enough for the first cup in the morning. I need something strong to wake me up. Maybe I should have found a stronger blend
397759397759B001EYUE5MA9SQOOZEDG4QTMary T Blanton0051350950400Great wake-up taste.This blend is not bitter to wake you up, but a mild end that makes your mornings calm. A delightful slow approach to a busy day. No harsh jolts.
397760397760B001EYUE5MA37UCSBPII5MDNKeith "chewbaka"0051350950400I've been buying these regularly for months now.A great way to save money on buying K-Cups - in supermarkets these go for about 8-9 bucks for 12 cups. You save so much money buying them in bulk like this, if you use them regularly. I just picked up the 96 count after buying the 48 count 3 months in a row.
397761397761B001EYUE5MA17G81MW1G8BCCBiddie580051350950400Delicious.Convenient way to buy GOOD coffee. 1 box last me a month and half. What a savings!!
Saving on gas too!!
397762397762B001EYUE5MA9IT7XQZ1DU1Cwilliam mason0051350777600great coffeebest coffee from green mountain so far i recomend this to anyone who loves coffee great taste and good price make this a great buy
397763397763B001EYUE5MAGZDT6M3FRQ7QAlanon0041350777600Breakfast BlendThis Breakfast Blend from Green Moutain coffee company is my favorite flavor of coffee when I just want a regular cup of coffee without that extra kick from a bold blend or a flavored coffee. It has always been consistent and calming in its flavor. It is top-notch coffee.
397764397764B001EYUE5MA19DNEXQCP9X8Imrsbee0051350691200great taste, even better priceUsually use Timothy's breakfast blend, but the price went sky high, so we tried this brand. Love it! Nice smooth taste, no acidity problem or burned flavor, and like the price too!
397765397765B001EYUE5MA2NP4WS6DJ6ON7L. Benson0051350691200Yum!I just received a new Keurig and have tried a couple of different K-Cup varieties. I just have to say that for a smooth cup of plain deliciousness this is one of my top picks!
397766397766B001EYUE5MA1FEPVZ8NNFDW4Joseph G. Leonelli "jl"0031350604800joe-74didn't get ,quite the taste i wanted,brought thru amazon. but overall will still keep using this product,until it runs out.
397767397767B001EYUE5MA40749QBSP5TFChris G0031350518400Christine GresockI find that I have to use the seven ounce setting on my coffeemaker to brew this coffee, since it seems like a " weak brew " to us. I am going to try the extra bold for our next order.
397768397768B001EYUE5MA2J4TP52LS0O9Jerry0051350432000Green Mountian coffeeI love the taste of the Breakfast Blend K-Cup coffee. You can't find a better deal
anywhere else. keep up the great work
397769397769B001EYUE5MANR6KZR4G1K4Jdrhookie0051350432000TeacherThis is a great tasting Breakfast Blend. I have been drinking it every since I purchased my new coffee maker. I will be buying more of it in the near future. Great way to start my stressful day.
397770397770B001EYUE5MA1Z54EM24Y40LLc20041350345600Not the best, but CERTAINLY, not the worst!This is a breakfast blend coffee and, for many coffee producers, a breakfast blend also means "the strongest daggone brew we can make" mentality. Well, caffeine is caffeine and this guy is a bit strong for me. I prefer Caribou's breakfast blend over this Green Mountain version. It's just entirely more smooth, no bitterness at all, and just a very enjoyable cup of coffee. I think this one tastes a bit burnt, like Starbuck's, not at all as nice as some of their other blends (especially the pumpkin spice - awesome!). Try it to see if it suits your taste but get the 12-pack first. Otherwise, if you think the way I do, 24 of these guys is a LOT of coffee to wash down!

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