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397771397771B001EYUE5MA1KPKQZ1GMKAKONorma0051350345600Great CoffeeWhen I bought my coffeemaker, tried out several different brands and types of coffee but this one has become a stable. I can count on it for a great cup of coffee - not too strong or too mild, just the way I like it. Unfortuantely, I now drink more coffee than I probably should because of the taste but that's the only downside.
397772397772B001EYUE5MALEABNMSVO1JIgibble0051350172800awesome coffeeI have enjoyed this brand of coffee for several years now and it has been consistent in flavor! I was happy to see that it came in a 50-count box....with cold weather approaching, I will be drinking a LOT more coffee.
397773397773B001EYUE5MA2AAA0U5QD5TGBDVDLOVER0051350086400Great buy for K-CupsIf you love your Keurig coffee brewer, you'll love this buy for Green Mountain 50-count Breakfast Blend Coffee K-Cups. GREAT!!!
397774397774B001EYUE5MA2WK0Q0WABVVHbowtie550031350086400not to crazyLove green mountain coffee, but the breakfast blend was not strong or bold enough for me, will try stronger and bolder ones and get back to you all with another review, thanks
397775397775B001EYUE5MA1N58XGILUVX6SMartin B. Kerschus0031350000000Too weakI expected a little more flavor as I usually like Green Mountain Coffees.
Next time I'll look for a French Roast!
397776397776B001EYUE5MA1B3SY3J47EXZETerry Defosse005134982720050 count Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K-CupsI recently purchased the 50 count Green Mountain Breakfast Blend and I have to say that the price was unbeatable, Not to mention the coffee. I only drink Green Mountain Coffee. I only wish they could offer more variety in the 50 count. I will and am going to continue buying this brand of coffee.Love it- Love it- Love it

Thank You Green Mountain Coffee
397777397777B001EYUE5MA2SNPFTCYI60V2D. Bright0021349827200Not my favorite coffee.Seems very weak. I must be honest, I ordered the wrong coffee. I was sad. This isn't bad as a base for an iced coffee.
397778397778B001EYUE5MAN71KYKFED796Lesley V.0051349740800Green Mountain coffeeSuch a great product! Delivered fast & fresh. Can always rely in Green Mountain & kcups are great for people on the go & want 1 cup.
397779397779B001EYUE5MA1BJHZE41QWBX6Sharon Pipke "Sharon"0051349568000Green mountain Coffee, Breastfast Blend K-cup Portion Pack for Keurig Brewers, 50 Ct.I received the order in time. I love the blend of coffee, I use the Keurig machine every day.This is a decafe coffee, I also use regular blend.
397780397780B001EYUE5MA1U546UER71QW1Barbara0051349568000My favorite.Green Mountain is my favorite morning coffee. It is a mild blend and is not the least bitter. It is very smooth.
397781397781B001EYUE5MAZNEGC15J441GKimbeasue0051349481600Great coffeeI love the coffee mild but flavorful. A great way to wake up and great all day. Keurig is so easy to use, my elderly neighbor love not fiddling with the paper filters in standard coffee makers. Much easier for him
397782397782B001EYUE5MA1MMB687CXMKETsusan0051349136000green mountain is awesomei drink nothing but green mountain k-cups,nothing can even come close to the taste.Everyone should a least try it once.
397783397783B001EYUE5MA3KIBE4V727EQCJohnn480011348876800Brown WaterI have this coffee in the past and really enjoyed it. However this one I received was so weak that neither my sister-in-law or I could drink it. It was left for my mother who likes weak coffee. It feels like it's only half full so it may have been a bad box. Like I said I've really enjoyed it the past when I've purchased it at the grocery store.
397784397784B001EYUE5MA34WNGN4OKYPZJJack's Mom "BabyJaxmom"0011348704000Worse than the lunch room coffee at work.Something is not right. Tastes very old. Stale. Weak. Weak at 8 ounces. Weak at 6 ounces. Strength OK at 4 ounces but tastes horrible. Not only will I not buy this coffee again, I won't buy Green Mountain coffee again. Very bad.
397785397785B001EYUE5MA2JFNJF7HQ2RQKMia0051348704000GREAT TASTEI love this coffee it's my favorite so far I want to try them all. I don't like strong coffee and I hate bitter after taste coffee to me this is the perfect cup of coffee. I'm not telling everyone to go out and buy it this is my own opinion.
397786397786B001EYUE5MA30ZNRTQHZSRA9James E. Yarbrough "jbird"0041348704000great productthis was a great product at a great price, i would recommend it to everyone that uses the kcups. its a great product
397788397788B001EYUE5MA2UABB3EM6DKPJPatricia Aronson0011347840000Weakboth my boyfriend and I found that this coffee was way to weak and tasteless. i am back to looking for a coffee I can enjoy
397789397789B001EYUE5MA25532TZH4F43Gwarrior0051347840000Very GoodThis is a great tasting coffee. Not only good first thing in the morning, but anytime. Very smooth. Green Mountain puts out great tasting coffee on all flavors and blends
397790397790B000V96C5MA2HLL8L5QELLLODoyle T. Sowerby "Doyle"0031284940800peanutsA nice product in a great container ---but--- at least twice the salt would jack up my opinon to great. They are simply too bland... Doyle
397787397787B001EYUE5MA3ACTSYAGM0J2WMary R. Kaczmarczyk0051348099200DeliciousI love this green mountIn coffee it is so good my whole family drinks it, doesn't compare to other coffees, it is just right not too strong, I also buy the decaf brand.
397791397791B000KHKSF0A2S3E0AGUM2KDRR. Frantz "Tough Sell"2251265932800An anchovy by any other name...When you have to have anchovies for that home made Italian salad you grab for that can at the grocery store and usually wince at the cost. Got tired of the wincing, checked with Amazon and found this grat deal in a bulk package. True I could find a similar product at close the Amazon price but bulk buying is the best way to save money here.

The one concern I have buying in bulk from any source is the experation dates of the product. Time and time again Amazon belays any experation fears by sending food goods that always have an extended date which is usually better than what I would find at the store.

Good tasting quality product, good price, long experation date. What more can an anchovy lover ask for?
397792397792B000KHKSF0A281JVQRZBM0MQJbh Enterprises "jeff6856"1111337385600Salt and MushThese anchovies were a horrible mush of salt, oil and some sort of half-dissolved fish. Absolutely unacceptable for a Caesar salad.

I had to run back to the store for a different brand.
397793397793B000KHKSF0A1OCCN9VVMR046C. McTyre "Cindylu"1121331596800mush, not filletsI ordered these on the basis of the description "flat fillets." Unfortunately, the description would be more accurate if it said "anchovy mush." I am not pleased. The flavor is OK.
397794397794B000KHKSF0A1FEA37ZGVZ5MZAnchovies Lover1121327276800Anchovie juice?I bought a 25 pack of these a couple months ago. So far, two of the cans contained not anchovies but a mix of olive oil and anchovie-like color and taste: were the anchovies dissolved?
397795397795B000KHKSF0A2H5IWP98KTPLBBurghead0051350172800great product - 2012 yields shocking price increase *Anchovies are top quality - disregard the review which describes them as 'mush' - The anchovies are distinct fillets, always in excellent condition. We have been buying and loving this product for years. I would recommend pouring off the packing oil and serving with a good quality extra virgin. Marvelous on brussel sprouts, salads, or plain on a multigrain (German or Scandinavian) bread.

That said, they were just over $25/case in December 2011, and are now $42/case, in October 2012, a shocking price increase. Given that Polar sources from Germany, Argentina, Chile, etc. , all of whom have equally weak or weaker currencies compared to the USD, why the increases?

* - One last comment - the product needs to be refrigerated, in spite of whatever is on the cans or what folks believe. Otherwise, natural expansion of the contents may break the vacuum seal, and over time, spoil the anchovies. We now refrigerate all canned fish products as a result of having a few cans 'pop,' and having detailed product quality discussions with Polar (in CA).
397796397796B000KHKSF0ACV7S00C013LPChris Stark "Stark Tax Services"0051309910400Great value, few bonesThis is indeed the best value for the money. Not too salty, not too many bones as their competitors. Great tasting mini fish steaks!
397797397797B000KHKSF0ACIS0ZYF4N7LCKory0041303171200Solid product for the priceThese arrived promptly and were relatively freshly canned 10/2010. The expiration date is 10/2012 which is plenty of time to mow through these 25 cans! =) They were firm fillets with some bones but once cooked were unnoticable. They aren't the best anchovies you can buy obviously but are perfect for adding flavor to that pizza, sauce, or other dish you are cooking. I would buy again! For $1.32/tin you can't beat it!

FYI I bought these about a month ago, just getting around to writing a review now.
397798397798B000KHKSF0A3AZEETU5RBSTSDennis0031297123200Off odorThe olive oil they were packed in seemed to have a strong odor, if you blotted them dry the they were OK
Good in a main dish with other ingredients but I would not recommend them as Tapas
397799397799B000KHKSF0A37CENQP0ZNKVEsailor "sailor hill"3551284940800Very Flavorful!I only use anchovies in making my pasta sauce (sugo). It's a trick I learned a few years ago and I will tell you this: EVERYONE who tastes my pasta sauce LOVES it, even those who swear they hate anchovies! It's a quick and simple recipe, amazingly simple, it's just a fast way I make it to get pasta on the table in under 20 minutes. I have always used salt-packed anchovies from an Italian deli. Ran out of anchovies and it's a few hours drive to get more so I looked at Amazon. Found these and decided to give it a try. Just as good and a LOT cheaper!!!

So, you want to know how I make my sauce don't you? Get ready for a meal in 20 mintues....

Start cooking your pasta in the "Fasta Pasta" maker in the microwave (bought on Amazon). *I cook a whole pound of Dreamfield's Linguine in the 'Fasta Pasta' cooker (it pushes the maximum amount but it works for our family)*

In a large skillet (I use non-stick) pour in the whole can of anchovies and the olive oil. Cook and mash the anchovies down to a paste-like consistency. Add 1 large chopped red onion and cook for a minute, then add in a 15-16 oz can whole, peeled tomatoes. (I use a San Marzano style, but not Italian grown, found on Amazon) Mash the tomatoes with your spoon into the anchovy/onion, add black pepper to taste, and cook for a few minutes on high. Drain pasta and add to the cooking sauce and toss well for a minute. Turn off heat and add some parmesan or romano cheese and serve, delish!
397800397800B000KHKSF0A3DO8PUU4DLF6WJ. Myslinski1231306972800mehThey're Anchovies. They're not as good as crown prince. I took a gamble and picked these with a lower price, but should have forked over the extra ten bucks for quality. The oil is "off" as are the anchovies themselves. After a few seconds in your mouth they develop the right anchovy taste, but not until then... They might be okay if used in a recipe, but won't stand up for themselves on their own.

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