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397831397831B0006PXTHAA1MRQUGR3IXV7TSusan Smith0051179187200Mother was well pleased!I sent these to my mum for Mother's Day and I am delighted to report she was most impressed so much so that I will be re-ordering soon! The truffles are large, coated thickly with a chocolate shell and have a mouthwatering, creamy, fudgy interior. Hooray - I did something right for once!
397832397832B004DJPGO4A3KSPJAPBYKQP9Sandersims0051329868800Boar jerky no boreMy sons (11 and 19) and husband love jerky. They all agreed that this was good tasting. I got this 3 pack for my younger son's Christmas stocking. He shared some with his brother and dad, and took a pack to school for lunch after the break. He and his friends enjoyed the novelty, and all agreed (he shared) it tasted good.

I don't think I'll be buying it again soon. Great as a novelty present, but a bit expensive (to me, especially when considering shipping) for an everyday lunchbox item.
397833397833B003GYVI1CA1KQLF3XUWICHQKR0051298332800Exactly what I was looking for!I needed to decorate for a themed function with the theme being "How to Succeed in Business". Well, what says success better than $100,000! And they're the perfect size. As for the seller, they shipped super quick, packaged the candy very well, and sold it at a great price.
397834397834B003GYVI1CA21ESIT8E234BOslb "sb"0231296950400Rating in price increaseA week ago this item was $24 .. now it's $41! A $17 price increase since last week ..forget it.
I love this candy bar, but I'll be looking elsewhere.
397835397835B005J0M9ZUA8M5MKLNE6J7ASurge0031325894400chill and pair carefullyThe first time I tried this, it was not quite chilled enough. Tasted bland with grassy, musty tones and almost a turpentine finish. Chilled properly, it is a bit better. More acid crispiness comes through and light fruity flavors are added. But I found it shows best against lightly sweet foods: fresh blueberries, salads with acidic, lightly sweet dressings, etc. Other pairings were not as good: most fail to bring much notable flavor. I got my money's worth, but not much more.
397836397836B000HIFANWA9E9L159FFMHPS. Wood4451211155200I love this!!!This is one of my favorite flavors of Rice-a-roni. Has a great flavor and texture always is very good. My kids love this flavor too.
397837397837B000HIFANWA26AS80LD679WXJ. Zumba "Jules"3351254096000Real Pilaf tasteMy husband loves rice pilaf. The problem with making it from a boxed product in the past is that the flavoring is usually too much and too strong.

I did not have that problem with this version of Rice a Roni. The taste was spot on. It was not too strong and the rice actually cooked up nicely.

The only recommendation I do make is that you follow the box directions for the most part except you should add at leat a half a cup more water than they recommend. If you don't the rice will dry out before it is completely done cooking.
397838397838B000HIFANWA3T0OTH5072YREM. Reynard "kairosdreaming"0031329523200Rice A Roni Rice PilafAs much as I'm a fan of cooking everything from scratch, I am definitely not above using a boxed meal every once in awhile. Sometimes you just don't have the energy or ambition to cook something from scratch, especially rice, which if you don't have a rice cooker, can be time consuming and difficult. So Rice a Roni products are ok to me, used in moderation.

The ingredients, for a boxed meal, aren't terrible. There is MSG unfortunately and a very high level of sodium. Which means this probably isn't the best meal for someone with health problems, or for that matter anyone trying to be healthy. But it does have real onions, rice, and other spices which is ok. I like that they use turmeric for the coloring since that's supposed to be a pretty good spice for you. The fat content in this rice box isn't too bad either compared to some of its competitors out there.

The cooking process is pretty simple as well. Even if you use a microwave its just a matter of zapping it a few times to brown the rice and then cooking it with water. And you only dirty one bowl and one spoon in the process. It says to cover with something during the actual cooking process and I've found that covering with a towel tends to produce a more tender rice, but that may just be my imagination. They offer suggestions on how to make this rice a meal by adding chicken and veggies too, although I didn't do that, I instead sauteed some pieces of sausage in a maple mustard and added them to the mix, which actually worked quite well.

The rice itself is kind of light flavored. There's some flavoring sure, kind of chickeny actually. But its not very strong, and I prefer my meals strong. The flavor was good, I just wish it was more pronounced. Adding that aforementioned sausage did help a bit. The texture was enjoyable. The rice was just firm enough to get a good bit through it but soft enough to really sink your teeth into. And it wasn't a mushy mess like these can sometimes turn out to be.

I'd probably have this product again. Its not something I'd make a regular part of my meal, but in a pinch its a good way to fill out dinner.

Review by M. Reynard 2012
397839397839B003O5XZTQAS0TFW5IGJYZBNat0011347926400Unlike any other SenchaI drink mostly sencha tea. I bought this product hoping to find a low cost sencha that was still palatable. This tea was not good in any way. And I learned a valuable lesson: you cannot return grocery items through Amazon. Or at least that's what they told me when I tried to return it. This is a Chinese sencha and while there are many Chinese teas that I really like, I've yet to have sencha grown in China that was anywhere near as good as Japanese sencha.
397840397840B005VJG3JMA2S5UQSG8QKZQ8Ruth0021347062400Just plain butter toffeeI thought I was ordering the plain Golden Treasures Butter Toffee. What I received were the flavored butter toffee, they are good, but my favorites are the just butter toffees.
397841397841B004Q4AQVYA4C7IWS4D0KOLWM0051316304000Toasted Maple Nut.... Very goodI had this in my cart for a couple days thinking about it. It was real cheap (then) and no one had reviewed it yet. I only paid $8.35 for two 12 OZ bags of this coffee.

As soon as I open the first bag I could smell the beans and it was great! WOW, a very good aroma! As I ground some up for my coffee the scent of maple was strong. I loved the taste of this coffee from the first sip.

I made a pot of this coffee at work and everyone really enjoyed it. This coffee received many compliments.

I came back to Amazon to order more for my children who are away in college. But the price had doubled! So now the kids don't get any of this delicious coffee - for now.

If you love the taste of Maple then you may love this coffee too. Give it a try... it is absolutely delicious!
397842397842B0014EOVAQAXT0PC65KS84RJoyce K.3351301011200hard to find in storesI like this soup better than any other Canpbell's offers, except for the Italian Wedding soup, but for some strange reason, i cannot find this soup in any of the stores that used to carry it. So glad to have found it on Amazon. it's very filling, and satisfying, and easy to fix for a quick lunch or dinner.
397843397843B0014EOVAQA2TG7WPYIWL30VMrs. D2241295395200Needs more meatSoup has a nice flavor, can size is large enough of 2 small bowls. Only down side is there is not much meat in it. This make an easy meal when cooked in oven with a buttermilk bisquit on top.
397844397844B0014EOVAQA2UTZ4O5E2W4DKEllie "Eilean Siar"1151345161600Just what I was hoping forLooking for a stick-to-your-ribs, tasty stew with beef and potatoes (mostly)? This was it for me. Really satisfying. About 400 calories per can, 70% of your daily sodium requirement, and about 25 grams of protein (less than half of your minimum daily need).

But what I look for in the canned staple foods I buy on Amazon is: will I actually want to eat it, or will it just stay in the carton until a year or two later when it gets "donated" to the next food for the needy drive.

I'm gonna eat this! No doubt about it. Virtually all of these canned stews have too much sodium (table salt) in them, so you should have only one can per day as a meal. But they are a good, basic meal preferably along with some bread, fruit, berries, vegetables, cheese or other dairy products such as yogurt or sour cream.

This stew will not supply all your vitamin needs. That's the reason for the recommendation for other foods to eat along with it (or you can take vitamin supplements).

I've found buying canned stews and other foods on Amazon by the carton and getting a break on the shipping charges is a good deal. For my grocery shopping locally, now, all I need to get is dairy, fresh fruits and berries in season, and frozen foods. Fewer bags to bring home.
397845397845B0014EOVAQAKOCTZQVAFCOZJose0051334793600Campbells Chunky Soup is their best soup productCampbells regfular soups do not compare to their Chunky soup products. Rehardless of which kind of Chunky soup it is.
397846397846B002CZLO4MAM76ALSL3OKVANicole2251302825600Great treats!Our dogs love these. Our Golden has diagnosed grain specific allergies, and we have a challenging time finding acceptable gluten-free treats that are acceptable in taste. These are great!
397847397847B002CZLO4MA3UGM72ZMLJLWLDukeMember01 "Mr. Kelly Duke"1151319760000Dogs Love These!I purchased both the Treats and Dog Food for the first time.

Unfortunately, my dogs didn't touch the dog food; however, they loved these treats!
Even within just one bag, I noticed a more healthy, shinier coat on both dogs.
397848397848B002CZLO4MA1TQENMOGWUSR1LM "LM"1151313539200Halo is the best!My dogs eat nothing but Halo brand dog food because it has all REAL ingredients and they love it! The treats and chews are just icing on the cake for them. It's their favorite! I know they love it and that it's good for them so I can feel good about feeding them Halo!
397849397849B002CZLO4MA2N1W8H1S1PFNGMomofTwoCrazyKids0051294531200My dog LOVES these!My Westie loves these treats. She hasn't been eating them long enough for me to notice a change in her coat yet.
397850397850B0007RKCX6A312SLTW5MTAYLindy B. "Lit Lover"4451310256000"Tea Totaler"I love this tea -- as well as their Irish Breakfast Tea and English Breakfast tea. It's rich and dark. I don't drink coffee, but do drink lots of tea and feel this tea is worth the price. I used to buy this tea at our local kitchen shop, but it's cheaper at Amazon. If you buy the 6-pack of 50 bags at Amazon, it's even more economical.
397851397851B0007RKCX6A1FBGKLHSQ8E5BJeff Freeman "Audiosaurus"1151334620800Splendid! Divine! Outstanding! Run, don't walk....If you want to get a good sampling of a great tea, this is the way to do it--buy 20 or 50 tea bags as a trial before splurging on a larger order. The sunk costs are only ten dollars U.S., there's free 2-day delivery via Amazon Prime, and you can decide later whether to stock up in earnest.

Leaving aside sentimental attachments to T of H formed while sitting about the kitchen for hours drinking it and working on problem sets for e-mag and analytical mechanics with some of my good college friends, it must be said that Taylor's of Harrogate really know what they're about when it comes to tea...this in a way that many Americans may not equipped to really appreciate. I'll skip mentioning some of the floor sweepings that you can find at the grocery store, but, for literate comparison, the good folks at Twinings are worldwide marketing experts and have made huge strides bringing a selection of decent teas to the peoples in many new markets, viz their English Breakfast is available 'round the world. Taylor's of Harrogate are in my view another thing altogether. I think they offer a better tea to a smaller market cross section. The Scottish Breakfast itself is a wonderfully strong and brightly coloured tea--this is tea-nerd talk, granted--but the color (or colour) of it is remarkable; it gives you straight away the feeling that you've happened onto something rather special. And the flavor (flavour, if you will) is, in the words of my tea-hound office cube-neighbor (neighbour...), "manly." It'll give you a nice boost, but it won't wire you out. It drinks well straight or with milk or even with cream, and of course a little sugar never hurt a breakfast tea. If you like "black" teas (hong chaah!!), this is one you should not miss.
397852397852B0007RKCX6A1JQONU9NW9F0ZBirdie Taylor0051341360000My favorite tea!!!This tea is truly the best tea I have ever used. I have tried many different teas and this has the smoothest taste of all even when I forget and let it brew way too long. I recommend this brand of tea to any of my tea drinking friends. My sister-in-law has now started ordering it too.
397853397853B002RNYAHMA1M9CEV1AIOTOPL. Huggins4441293408000Lindt Chocolate TrufflesI would have given this 5 stars, but when the item arrived, many of the chocolates were melted. I live in the Bay area (CA) where the temperature is moderate - I wouldn't advise purchasing this item if you live in a hot climate.
397854397854B002RNYAHMA73X1ZG15JJONW R Strassberger1121342742400Won't order these againAlthough I have had good luck purchasing Lindor Truffles from Amazon previously, this time was a disaster. The package arrived damaged and melted chocolate was everywhere. Considering these were for my elderly parents at their assisted-living facility, it was frustrating to put them through this. I'm giving two stars only because the refund was made promptly, but only on the product and not on the shipping.
397855397855B002RNYAHMA3DKLKH83DRW0SBuyer1151319155200deliciousThese are delicious and arrived from Lindt packed in a thick styrofoam packing box to guard against melting. The price is comparable to grocery store prices.
397856397856B002RNYAHMA1W6OY5N6WPRXIM Miller0051346457600Lindor Dark Chocolate TrufflesI am completely happy with my order of Lindor Dark Chocolate Truffles. They arrived on the exact day estimated and had been packed in ice cooler bags to protect them from the summer heat.Lindt Lindor Truffles Dark Chocolate, 120-Count Box I will be buying from Amazon again.
397857397857B002RNYAHMA39OKUD8SO91G3Sharon C.0051344643200Heaven in a little blue wrapper.Sorry Amazon, I am going to cover the Lindt Lindor Truffles Dark Chocolate and Extra-Dark Chocolate. These are made from the best chocolate I have had the pleasure of passing over my taste buds in a very long time. No matter what the situation is, I can pop one of either the Dark Chocolate or Extra Dark Chocolate in my mouth and know everything is better. The Dark Chocolate is the only dark chocolate that to me has a good taste as opposed to bitter. So, I try to keep it stocked at all the times. I just got my order for this month and it is good that a person of a certain age can still get so excited about a package. Thank you to Amazon for their timely delivery of this fragile item.
397858397858B002RNYAHMA3GAA5MPKY39D6Kate0051337731200Tasty and good for the candy buffetBought two of these for our sweets buffet and the candy will work perfectly. Putting in a bowl instead of a jar because of the white on the wrappers.
397859397859B002RNYAHMA156M6JTP94OW4Shirley W. Chock0111342483200Lindor TrufflesReceived Lindor Truffles and it was all melted. It was a total mess. Had to dump the whole box. Will not buy candy online again.
397860397860B002RNYAHMA349DOC7GFJ4TQKaren Lee0151291852800WOW these are great!!These are the best Truffles!!! I normally am a Milk Chocolate lover, but this Dark Chocolate is so rich and smooth. It's better than the other flavors IMHO.

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