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397861397861B002RNYAHMA1T5B1GG9OAFVAGal Bar-or "Avid Sci-Fi Fan"0151288483200I need this like Jerry Garcia needs more heroin...Dang, these are good chocolates! I'm trying to get the box to last more than a week... none for breakfast, none for lunch... just one or two after dinner... right!
397862397862B00427MRH6AGCQDN6JDJPLWcosmo0051318723200Fine Dog TreatI highly recommend the Merrick Lamb Training Treats as a long time dog owner. I have two Pomeranians now, but used to own German Shepherds as a rule. The Pom's like to eat too much, but these treats have very little sugar or fat for wasted calories, so I don't have to worry about them as much.

The boys love the taste, and prefer these over other, more expensive, less healthy treats. These are good for training, and loving both. Enjoy !
397863397863B002K6BV3CA199JXWXW8W7TBKatsnmore "Gotta luv them critters!"4451299456000Full of flavorThese dried blueberries have more flavor than ANY I have purchased in a store. They are dried yet are not hard & crunchy.

The 10 pounds were shipped in 5 pound portions that were double bagged in large bags then boxed. They are very easy to separate into smaller portions for storage.

This was an excellent buy at $59.95.
397864397864B002K6BV3CA1VYKA22BCQS09sylvia m klages1151310601600THE BEST!These are the best blueberries I have ever eaten. They are better than the "fresh" things you get in the grocery store. They are full, slightly chewy, and taste like high quality berries. The price is excellent ($5.00/lb), and delivery is fast. I am very happy with my ten-pound stash of wonderful/healthful blueberries. Yum!
397865397865B002K6BV3CAEJGO5XQOURDUDavid A Hallgarth0051319500800Dried Blueberries, ten poundI received the ten pounds of dried blueberries, they arrived timely, were well packaged, and do taste delicious.
I use them to snack on, and they do the job well,
397866397866B002K6BV3CA26ZDHGNEMETG9Northernliving "North"0151328918400Wonderful!These are great. I ordered them last week and they arrived quickly. Flavor is out of this world. I mix them with raw Almonds for a good all nature trail mix. I paid $59.95 for these - an excellent buy. They were sold by Bayside Candy. Not sure why one week later the price is listed at $110 from a different seller. :(
397867397867B004S07G7IAVFA1JB08RG8GWile E. Coyote "^. .^"0021333929600Sucky Salsa Chicken....As with the other Chi-Chi meals, this dish serves-up an ample portion of good quality chicken. The salsa and rice mixture, however, left a lot to be desired. The rice was way overcooked and mushy. The salsa sauce was bland, watery, and lacking in flavor. Collectively, it was a big pile of yuck! Two thumbs down here...
397868397868B00032GQLCA2SANA2WY53A62Amy Kesler "world traveler"2241142467200VERY GOOD TEAI was very pleased with this order. It was shipped in a timely fashion and is very good oolong tea. Will continue to buy from here.
397869397869B00032GQLCA3QY8ACXDRQJQEsusieofutah2251135555200Best Oolong of the OccidentThis oolong simply tastes richer and fresher than any other my husband and I have tried. We live in the hinterland of Utah without any variety of oolong teas on most market shelves, so we are happy to purchase it online.
397870397870B00032GQLCA3AWGQV20CJ0XEMrs. Violet E. Jackson1251142380800TeaThe tea is a lot stronger than other versions of oolong that I've tasted.
397871397871B004N5G3OAANJL19DW57OT3Amie T.3341315612800Earth's Best Yogurt SmoothiesMy 23 month-old son loves these yogurt packets. I love that they are organic! We keep a variety of flavors of these, as well as the Happy Tot brand, in the refrigerator for a once or twice-a-day treat. I like that it incorporates a serving of fruit and dairy, although the sugar content is approximately 15 grams (I think...going from memory). These are very convenient to pack for travel or going out to dinner. The other brand that I mentioned also incorporates a vegetable in some of the flavors, FYI.
397872397872B004N5G3OAA31HE83MU98GBVGadget Girl3351307232000My daughter loves these smoothiesMy 19-month old really loves fruit and adores these smoothies. It's a great way to get fruit & yogurt to her and I love that they are organic. It's also great that they portable and NO MESS! Great snack for on the go or when you don't feel like changing their outfit after they feed themselves (i.e. applesauce). The subscribe & save is a good deal compared with the price at local stores. Peach Banana is her favorite flavor so far. We also tried Apple Blueberry and Mixed Berry (aka "Big Bir" and Grova" flavors). All have been a success.
397873397873B004N5G3OAAZNSBRQ0DS8LKB. Bruster "okie_kansan"2251329350400Great Portable Snack for Infants & Toddlers!We started buying these pouches when our daughter was 8 months old. At that point we would spoon feed her the contents. Now she is 15 months and has been eating the smoothies straight from the pouch, using the opening as a straw. They are so incredibly convenient and portable, and best of all - the ingredients are organic and there isn't anything in these pouches that you cannot pronounce. I feel great giving these to my daughter, and she sure loves getting them!! They are a diaper bag NECESSITY! I am sure we will be buying these for several years to come.
397874397874B004N5G3OAA35MDIBPAX9X7Usassymom2251325721600Organic, wholesome and great source of CalciumMy little one LOVES these smoothies and I feel great about offering them.

1) Made from certified organic ingredients
2) Contains Calcium and Vitamin D
3) Large size-- each pouch contains over 4 ounces
4) Perfect container for toddlers and on-the-go... kiddos can hold it and feed themselves easily
5) No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or anything scary.

A few reviewers have commented on the "yogurt" smell... well, this is exactly as described right on the pouch: YOGURT Smoothie. It is not disguised with artificial flavors. It is a healthy snack with pure, simple ingredients. If you are looking for something more sugary/less "yogurty", then this is not the product for you.

I have offered this to my little one and his friends on many occasions, and every child has liked it.
397875397875B004N5G3OAA8CT8F92TBYYVNedda M "Nedda M"2251322956800Love these, wish they had veggie flavorsLove these convenient things. I like the protein provided by the yogurt. I really really wish they had veggie flavors
397876397876B004N5G3OAA2545C378AQW9Ntxhuangege2251322784000my 1 year old daughter loves it!I first ordered two boxes when packing for an international trip with my baby daughter. It tastes great and is very convenient for traveling. I could not imagine my baby daughter flying internationally without having one smoothie at hand. After we returned home, I subsribed it for monthly delivery. Now I always have one or two pouch in the diaper bag.
397877397877B004N5G3OAA1B234RJEB2Z00brandylee2251311984000SOOOO YUMMY!!I originally bought a couple of these from babies-R-us for my 16month old daughter to have as a snack when we went to sea world. I figured it was healthy and something she can hold onto and feed herself, since ya know at this age they are getting oh so independent and want to do everything for themselves!! She loves them! We now buy them by the case from amazon because buying them individually from babies-r-us is just a little expensive, and here you get a pack of 12 for $17! Being a first time mom I have tried and failed with a lot of things for her snacks so now I actually taste everything that I give her and hey even I would eat these as a snack!!
397878397878B004N5G3OAA2XELFIWI1MJEESavvymom2251308960000Yummy on the go!I bought these smoothies for my 22 month old daughter. I was looking for something that would be great to take along for car trip or outing away from home. These are great! The strawberry banana is delicious. I tried them too, and I think they're really good. No mess, convenient and yummy. Best of all they are great in the fridge or at room temp. No refrigeration required until they're opened, which I haven't had to do because she gobbles it all up in one sitting! Good job Earths Best!
397879397879B004N5G3OAA1BH2SS5M72NDPNat1151331856000NatMy kiddos ages 4 and 18 months love these. This is my youngest's favorite flavor. They are convenient and I'm happy because they are organic. They enjoy them room temperature.
397880397880B004N5G3OAA2WRFYC6UDF61QCaryMom1151327017600My toddler loves these and this is a great price.My little boy loves these who will be 2 next month! They are great for trips because they don't have to be refridgerated. But if we are home I keep them in the fridge for him. Also they are $1.99 each at the grocery store and with subscribe and save these are only about $1.40 a piece. Great value!
397881397881B004N5G3OAA30KCQIU856SEHCatherine M. George "caisays"1151312070400More good stuff for kidsKeep your toddlers hydrated and happy in the car or while waiting with these smoothies. The pouch style combines the ability to drink the juice the way a bottle would be used without resorting to the actual bottle. It is ready to go, so pack a few in strategic spots. If it didn't have Ernie on it screaming "I am a drink for kids!" I would drink them myself!
397882397882B004N5G3OAAF7EPHMNCZ2JUK. Higgins "seabeewife"1141311984000Kids liked theseAlthough it comes down to a matter of taste, I suppose, my kids (all four of them) didn't like these as much as the apple blueberry ones. They still ate them, but weren't as big of fans on our trips to the beach in recent 90 degree weather. I definitely recommend refrigerating them before serving, as they liked them better cold than room temperature, but I think they would still have eaten them. They are great for a clean, healthy-ish snack for field trips and I will surely buy them again for lunches and such, as they are a nice pantry staple when we are out of fresh fruits.
397883397883B004N5G3OAAF7EPHMNCZ2JUK. Higgins "seabeewife"1151311984000Kids loved theseGot these for my toddler, for healthy snacks for a vacation to the beach, and although she liked them, my older kids (5 and 6 years old) LOVED them. I put them in the fridge, and just before we left, threw them into the freezer for 20 minutes and they were cool and refreshing on our hot trips in 90+ weather this summer.
397884397884B004N5G3OAA1B234RJEB2Z00brandylee1151311984000YUMMY!!!I originally bought a couple of these from babies-R-us for my 16month old daughter to have as a snack when we went to sea world. I figured it was healthy and something she can hold onto and feed herself, since ya know at this age they are getting oh so independent and want to do everything for themselves!! She loves them! We now buy them by the case from amazon because buying them individually from babies-r-us is just a little expensive, and here you get a pack of 12 for $17! Being a first time mom I have tried and failed with a lot of things for her snacks so now I actually taste everything that I give her and hey even I would eat these as a snack!!
397885397885B004N5G3OAA3O4DXO68Z0EPVali1151311638400My son loves these!My two-year-old is starting the picky stage so I bought these in hopes to get him to eat something!
He loves these things and I love the fact that they are organic!
397886397886B004N5G3OAA1C44B5PH027IITara Paradise1141311033600"I want an Ernie pouch, Mommy!"My girls love these! I can't get my 3 year old to eat fruit, but she happily will suck down a pouch. I got the Big Bird (strawberry/banana) ones and they didn't like those as much. Just wish these were cheaper!
397887397887B004N5G3OAA2TYA2EM8UWYG7Kristen1151310601600Great On-the-Go Toddler SnackThese organic smoothies are a great on-the-go snack for my toddler. He's very picky about food right now, especially fruit, but he loves these and they're a great way to get him to eat fruit. These are a staple for road trips and days when we'll be out all day.
397888397888B004N5G3OAA27KXZPSACMSOZStacey Cafagna0051349481600loves themMy 3 year old loves these and I love that they are healthy. My son won't eat fruit so I have to find creative ways to get him to eat fruit. These work great!
397889397889B004N5G3OAAZHN3THXKQ1CDS. Joyce0051346198400Good, Wholesome, FunMy 17 month old loves each and every flavor of the Earth's Best Organic Fruit Yogurt Smoothie. I nursed her for 15 months, and since weaning, she has never really liked to drink milk. I love how this is a wholesome ORGANIC milk product that contains 25% of the daily recommended amount of Calcium. She would literally eat 12 of these a day if I let her! These are a staple in our pantry and have a fantastic shelf life. The price on Amazon with subscribe and save is decent if you can't find it on sale anywhere else. Highly recommend ALL of the flavors as a quick breakfast or a healthy snack!
397890397890B004N5G3OAA35MDIBPAX9X7Usassymom0051339718400Yummy organic smoothies-- perfect for Kiddos on the go!Our little one LOVES his yummy, organic fruit yogurt smoothies. One of the best additions to our routine!

This is a perfectly healthy, portable and vitamin packed snack for toddlers. Generous portion, sized well for kiddo hands, and an easy snack that is ideal on-the-go or when you want to encourage independent eating.

Each pouch contains a blend of organic fruit and yogurt-- which means vitamins, protein, and calcium. Fantastic snack!

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