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397945397945B000V17MLSA3P8W2BZ4K1EB4markbyte0051341360000Wow - Just perfect - a new favoriteGood curries are hard to find. This is one of them. It took me 6 months to get around to using this but now that I have I'm planning a nice dinner to cook for someone special and this will be the main dish.

Here's what I did. I emptied the curry paste pouch into 1 cup of water. Stirred it to dissolve it. Then I took some boneless/skinless chicken breast medallions and mixed them into the curry. I put it all into a casserole dish and baked at 400 degrees (covered with foil) for 1 hour. It came out perfect. The chicken was tender and not dry. The curry taste was just right, not too hot or strong, just right. I made plain white rice to go with it. I found it hard not to eat the whole thing!
397946397946B000V17MLSA36Y9SPHL646E1Larry A0041340668800Convenient, great flavor; would be nice if you could turn down the heatWe have a neighbor who introduced us to this dish. She makes it from scratch, and we fell in love with it. When I saw this item on sale at Amazon, I decided to try it.

We've cooked it according to directions, and also customized it with diced onion or even peanut butter. The only complaint is that it is a bit too spicy. Wish there was a way to reduce the amount of spiciness. We tried all the ways to cut it by adding other ingredients, but they either don't help and/or they change the flavor. I'd give this 4.5 stars for the convenience + flavor if the ingredient which makes it spicy were in a separate packet which you could adjust.

Maybe we are wimps. Try it for yourself. It goes well with Basmati rice, but any fresh rice will do. Enjoy!
397947397947B000V17MLSAVZWG3A58Y9V1yc0041339286400goodshipping and items are both satisfactory. curry is a little bit salty but with adding plentiful stuff (apple, onion, carrots, squash,potatoes besides chicken) it's not a big deal.
397948397948B000V17MLSA1VMBI0ILPCMQHemily0051338249600Easy and healthy!This is delicious! It's very easy to make and there is hardly anything in it that is bad for you. Naan is necessary
397949397949B000V17MLSA1VYFVJ175KHKWBen D. "Life long learner"0051337040000We love it!Delicious! My wife and I love this curry! It is a little bit on the spicy side, so our daughter will only eat a little of it, but that is great, because it leaves more for us. She prefers the chick pee curry!
397950397950B000V17MLSA3U7Q41SJ4PWIE. Maddox0051336435200FABULOUSReceived it this week, made a package tonight with one large cut up chicken breast, perfect meal for me, I will keep this on hand always. I will subscribe to the item, may quicken the pace a bit more, I see eating it more than I originally thought I would.
397921397921B0002Z81EKA3J4R9B41S8P88M. Shrawder "Steelers Mel"7751265587200The best anchovies in the world!I had the privilege to visit the town of Cetara on the Amalfi Coast, and actually bought some of these anchovies in person. I am thrilled that Amazon sells them, because otherwise I might have cried when my first jar ran out. This is an area of the world known for its anchovies, and these are the cream of the crop.
397922397922B007TGD280A1NKOYARISPS3PJust Chrystal0051343174400Great Product!I ordered this product and I have to say it has far exceeded my expectation. This tea wil definatley curb your appetiate and does not cause you to visit the restroom unnecessarily. I have been using the tea for about a week and excersising as well and I have lost 7 pounds. I love this tea so much that I ordered more and starting giving the tea to my friends who are also trying to lose weight. You will not be dissappointed.
397923397923B007OTXW3WA2R62S4UNNE28TIsland Livin'1151346976000Healthy, delicious alternative to chips!Subway sandwich shop introduced these fabulous apple crisps to me, and now I'm hooked! Unlike other "healthy" alternatives to potato chips, these 1) actually taste good and 2) consist only of dehydrated apples plus a bit of lemon juice--no added sugar. True, they're on the pricey side, but to me they're worth it.
397924397924B007OTXW3WARANQWQNAMQZESteph0051349136000BrilliantAn excellent snack for both adults and children with no additives in them, just a low calorie product with only 2 ingredients - the apple itself and a touch of lemon juice. They taste amazing and I highly recommend them.
397925397925B007OTXW3WAH69GTTMB6PXENorma L Rodriguez0051346976000Simply Delicious!I found these at Subways and am always looking for them. They are sweet without added sugar and crispy. I tried the Seneca brand at the supermarket and was disappointed (oily and soft, bleh). I have been waiting for these to be sold and here they are! Yippee!
397926397926B007OTXW3WA1MI08K2YTFQU6Leo Heinl0051335484800Snapz Apple ChipsYou can find these at some Subways now and then but few and far between. I find them delicious and am happy someone finally sells them online. Peters Select packaged them extremely weel and shipped them promptly. I will be buying again.
397927397927B000V17MLSA3KG5Q302QXSCDM. Wang0051349654400Great Curry for the priceBottom Line:
Absolute kickbutt value for your money, very authentic and spicy enough where spice lovers will nod their heads and smile. For those who avoid spice and salt, use lots of yogurt or powdered milk and also you can add cheese like queso blanco or queso fresco (if you don't mind it crumbly) if you don't have paneer. I didn't use any butter as I felt there was no need to.

So I bought a gigantic bag of Royal Basmati rice and wanted something to eat with it. I saw the rave reviews for this curry and yet had soso expectations. I live very close to an excellent punjab, restaurant and live with someone who cooks some of the best curries ever. The only reason why I'd eat this is if it's decent and it can help me make great curries. Therefore when I made it I was surprised this tasted very very good. It can sit comfortably prepared in an indian restaurant and no one would complain.

Timothy B. Riley did a excellent suggestion for cooking this properly however also listed ingredients that I need to buy online and don't have readily available.

In addition I don't have any chicken and a left with gravy that would be very spicy. Therefore, for my version, I add about 1/2 cup of skim milk powder mixed with a little bit of water, queso fresco cheese, generous amounts of cumin as well as some kefir yogurt to garnish. I did try adding frozen spinach and it may be too strong for some so cannot recommend.

As for why queso fresco cheese and not making my own paneer (which is very easy, look for it on food network) I have the very embarrassing habit of eating all the curds when the cheese is straining. I am a BONAFIDE cheese addict and am my own worst enemy when it comes to cheese making. I imagine others may be the same or may simply be too busy so look out for queso fresco or better yet queso blanco in your hispanic markets. Otherwise you're forced to be like me and make paneer only when you're very very full.
397928397928B000V17MLSA2KFY4NRYUL33FG. Harris0051349568000Very delicious!This makes a phenomenal tasting dish, and its so easy to use. We serve with basmati rice cooked with low sodium organic chicken broth and good-quality saffron. It's lucky the recipe produces a good amount of gravy or we'd be fighting over it! We make this at least a couple of times a month. Highly recommended!
397929397929B000V17MLSAT39B20GLJ0HKA. Dietz0051349568000Very tastyI enjoy Indian food but unfortunately the closest Indian restaurant is 150 miles away from my house. I've tried other commercial Indian food products and have not been very pleased. The Kitchens of India Butter Chicken Curry, however, is tasty, just spicy enough for me (well, maybe a little on the mild side), and easy to make. I buy the Costco rotisserie chicken, debone it, put it in 1 pound zip-lock bags, and freeze them. Each envelope of the Butter Curry needs 1 pound of chicken, so I just pop the chicken out of the freezer, defrost it, add the curry paste and butter, and in about 20 minutes I have a delicious dinner. I will definitely be ordering this product again.
397930397930B000V17MLSA34R5I05U755GOStephanie Dozier0051349481600Even the Kids Loved It!I received the Kitchens of India Butter Chicken seasoning yesterday so naturally I had to make the dish as soon as I could. I bought some fresh chicken and prepared the dish as instructed on the package. The dish was ready within 20 minutes. It was so simple to prepare and very tasty. I was unsure whether my girls would eat it so I served them a small amount and they came back for seconds! The dish is very flavorful but not too spicy. I served the Butter Chicken with white rice and fresh peas. Delicious!
397931397931B000V17MLSA1BZVJF5WSQMEQBigIrvs Mrs "BigIrvs Mrs"0051349481600Repeat CustomerThis is my second order. I think I will reorder every 3 months now. I love this stuff. My family loves butter chicken and it is so easy to make with this paste.
397932397932B000V17MLSA1J2VRGFC1GN2MLDB0051349395200Vegetarian dish after some changesWe love Indian food but I was always hesitant to make it at home because there are so many great Indian restaurants out there.

I just made this dish tonight for dinner. Being vegetarian, I made some changes and the dish turned out great. I sauteed one large chopped onion in pan while steaming a lot of cut-up potatoes, cauliflower, and carrots in another pan. To the onion pan, I added 2 packages of the butter chicken seasonings, 2 cans of light coconut milk, a little butter and 1/4 cup sugar. After the seasonings were all dissolved, I put the steamed veggies in the onion/sauce pan and let it simmer. I doubled the recipe because we are a family of 5 and I wanted to have a lot to put in the fridge as leftovers for the weekend. We eat a lot of Indian food and everyone loved this dish!

I googled "best naan recipe" and made homemade naan for the first time (very easy). I served the veggie dish and naan with steamed rice and everything was fantastic!
397933397933B000V17MLSAMQSV8KFMQ584DMS "DMS"0051347753600didn't think I would like it, but it is excellent!Love this! I must admit I was pretty sketical about this product, but I read all the reviews and decided to try this product. I tried it with chicken and at the end added some fat free half and half, absolutely awesome.

It has some spicy but not so much,just enough. I think people could try it with fish or veggies too, the paste is very very good. I plan on buying this many more times once the 6 packet set is finished. Very easy and very tasty.
397934397934B000V17MLSANG3ZTO0YQMH3MegS0051347062400Easy and DELICIOUS!So easy to use and super delicious, I'm glad I could find it online because my World Market stopped carrying it. I am a huge fan of Indian food but my husband isn't. I was able to make this for him and he liked it! Makes for great leftovers too!
397935397935B000V17MLSA1Y0KMNFRZXTD1Cherrone0051346803200I love this!This paste is AWESOME!! I got wind of it from an Indian food truck and was dying to figure out how to make it myself, thus went the search for butter curry. I cannot stress enough how good this is. I use it for chicken and now have tried it with shrimp; DELISH!! Will be buying packs and packs of this as often as I can!
397936397936B000V17MLSA17BH0ZOXHDFJJMichele0041345939200Great taste but a little oilyMy family loves the butter chicken dish this flavor packet produces, but it is a little oily out of the package, and the oil continues to separate even as you serve it. Because of this it doesn't quite look like the smooth butter chicken curry I get at Indian restaurants, but tastes great. It cooks up with your chicken in about the same time it takes to make some rice to serve it with. Easy to make even for a cooking novice.
397937397937B000V17MLSA1XQF2BHQ7X0UXNacho "Nacho , The Luchador"0041345766400Easy to make and taste great.This was a very good purchase for me. I tried this first with just chicken breast and thinly sliced onions. Was great over rice. Then tried thigh meat with cilantro over rice...yum. Best one I did was Salmon with a little garlic and olive oil instead of butter. Was great over thin spaghetti. I will be buying more for the pantry.
397938397938B000V17MLSA8KB8O06WEKCPBryan Smith0051343433600Bought through slickdeals and loved every servingFive stars plus for great taste, packaging, and price. I bought during a slickdeals front page deal. I'd consider buying again at the higher price it was so good.
397939397939B000V17MLSA2WHV0YLBOK0I0Go Flash Go!0051343433600Hot and spicyI bought this butter chicken curry paste during a lightning deal. Following simple directions (just add butter, water, and a pound of chicken breast pieces), I had a delicious meal with a nice degree of heat and spice. I've cooked it both on the stove and in the microwave, and it turned out well both ways. I plan to try it next as a dipping sauce with naan.
397940397940B000V17MLSA3ND6UM4GDOGHBsusan0051343433600Very good curry!I wouldn't call this butter chicken; it tastes a bit different and is a little more oily than the butter chicken I get from Indian restaurants in Jackson Heights.'s a VERY delicious and easy to make curry. Follow the directions and you have a very nicely spiced curry chicken. Mmm mmm mmm.

What are the instructions? Mix water, butter (I recommend ghee), curry paste, and chicken chopped into pieces. Simmer for 20 minutes than high heat for another 5. (Don't try to cook a whole chicken -- follow the instructions and tear the chicken into pieces, please).

Soooo good!
397941397941B000V17MLSA39CDIJQNPLA5Wanton2g0051342483200Tasty butter chicken, super easyThis makes making butter chicken about the easiest thing ever. You can make a huge meal in about an hour with very little work. The paste is very tasty and has a good amount of spice to it. I will be looking into their other pastes and giving them a try.
397942397942B000V17MLSA1GI72ZP1HD0V8Nak, VA0051342396800REALLY NICE !!!I tried this last weekend and its really good and medium spicy. Good thing about this paste is, no sugar added. I don't like the combination of sweet and hot. If somebody wants sweet they can add some sugar.
397943397943B000V17MLSA1BLFDO22UJNIWelisesays0051342224000First time ventureI have been to India but I have never made any traditional Indian meals. Like another reviewer I cooked the chicken before adding the curry. I sauteed sweet onions and red baby bell peppers then cooked the chicken prior to adding the curry. My husband decided to shred the chicken to ensure a more even consistency. This was a mild curry. This turned out very well and the only reason we had leftovers was we were both so full! While we did not add the rice with this first try, I will make sticky rice for next preparation. I got this on a Gold Box deal and enjoyed so much we will do the subscribe and save.
397944397944B000V17MLSA38MDPSPORKOB1karen0051342051200I have no idea how authentic it is, but I can vouch for its deliciousnessI'd never had butter chicken before trying this paste, mixed with butter, water, and some chopped-up chicken breasts, so I'm not sure how authentic it is. I AM sure that it's delicious, very flavorful and a little spicy. My husband, who is not a fan of Indian food, even the (I'm sure) butchered versions that I make from scratch, loves this stuff. We eat it roughly once a week, with jasmine rice in the bowl or naan on the side.

The amount of chicken I use varies depending on what we have; we've used less than a pound on tight weeks, and we'll throw in a little more than a pound plus a little additional water to stretch the sauce when we need to have extras for a lunch.

It's good enough that I'm coming back to buy another pack, which is saying a lot, because usually once we hit the end of a bulk buy from Amazon, my husband is tired of it and doesn't want to see it again -- but he asked me to get MORE butter chicken paste.

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