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397997397997B000V17MLSAN5NGHQ6W4VAWChiChi0051282003200And the award goes to......Kitchens of India Butter Chicken Curry Paste!!!
I ordered this curry for two main reasons: I've been thinking about trying to cook an Indian dish and it would get here in three days, thanks to free TwoDay Shipping as a student on Amazon. I did the research, read all 83 reviews, and went ahead and decided to purchase. It got here yesterday and it is simply amazing.
I altered the recipe a little bit due to some reviewer's noting that it salty and spicy. Seems like the kind of thing you can do your own thing with. I'm a college kid cooking for myself and so I need each pack to make a stew that will last longer than just that night's dinner. With that in mind, I did the following
~ love onions so I dumped about half a small white onion and the 3tablespoons butter in and let that cook for a little while
~ next added chicken because africans don't just toss raw chicken into sauce. I let it brown pretty well on both sides (5mins approx). and it was 1 and a half whole chicken breast cut up into fairly big pieces.
~ substituted '1 cup water' for a little less than half a pint of Shamrock Heavy Cream (let that sit for 10mins or so) and by this time the heat is way low as to not curdle the milk, and because I wanted the chicken to be more than 1/2 way done. also tossed in lots of peas and carrots in tiny bitesized pieces.
~ now the paste and two whole basil leaves!
~ I added about 3/4 teaspons of flour to thicken it slightly, and water as I saw fit. Simmered for 15mins after the addition of paste.
The end result was a curry that is slightly sweet, a little creamy, and very much what the Kitchens of India served up! I don't know what anyone's 'hot meter' is comparable to mine but Africans like it hot and Southwest food is pretty hot! This was tame in comparison - maybe a 4 out of 10 - but I liked it that way. I have a subscription but it looks like one pack is enough to last me at least 4 days! I would certainly recommend this to anyone with a hankering for curry. It was really quite delicious.

Pros - slightly sweet thick curry, easy to make, directions were clear (even if i altered them), quick prep time for the chicken and everything else I put in.
Cons - none! I'm not tempted to try it with just water to get the full effect of spice or salt. But I'm sure I'd like it too!
397998397998B000V17MLSAYWL34QUKQ87E.A. "choo-choo_kitty"0051281225600Better than take-outI love this curry paste! It is very flavorful, quick and easy to make. Since it is a paste, you can add whatever you like. I usually make two packets at a time with half chicken and half chickpeas or white beans. I also like to add sauteed onions and extra curry powder. It is very tasty.
397999397999B000V17MLSAD13QRSZS3UVEB. Jones0051280448000Not just for chicken!I have used lentils, chickpeas, or potatoes in place of the chicken. If it's too spicy for your liking you can use milk instead of water to make the sauce--it really cut down on the bite.
398000398000B000V17MLSA2DRD8WRU86SFPhDenial0051279843200AmazingI can not believe the quality of this paste. It is truly delicious. If you love good Indian food you will not be disappointed. Incredible for the price.
398001398001B000V17MLSA1E3UREFYT5XDGKathleen Markovic0051279238400SO GOOD!I rarely write reviews but this was so amazing i had to!! I have had a lot of authentic Indian food so I was nervous that this would be a poor substitute for the real thing, I'm so glad I ordered this - Everyone I have served this to loves it!!! My husbands most requested dinner! It is a little spicy but with a yogurt sauce on the side not too bad! I added a can of chickpeas - wow, I also brown the chicken a little before adding the sauce & I always use 2 packets at a time (double the recipe) because its amazing the next day (the chickpeas absorb the flavor of the sauce much more on the 2nd day).
398002398002B000V17MLSA94Z7LF4AELNFJennifer Arendas0051278288000Love this!The grocery store that I shop at stopped carrying this item. I am so glad that I found it here on Amazon! It is one of my favorite dishes to make. I eat it over brown rice and a little quinoa. LOVE IT!!
398003398003B000V17MLSA1TAGKKQFXDNQJFancy Pants0041278115200OK, but could be betterThis gets 4 stars because of the high taste:convenience ratio. It is missing the "kick" that Indian food usually has. I feel as though you need 2 packets to enhance the flavor, but then the sodium content would be extremely high.
398004398004B000V17MLSA1LCRUZ9HIPQIEL. Couch0051274227200Great for pork, tooI made this for my husband using bite-size pieces of lean pork, and the meat came out unbelievably tender. It took a little less time to cook than the chicken, probably about 15 min. In the morning, I put some brown rice in the rice cooker, used vegetable broth instead of water, and set the timer for 6:00 pm. While the meat was cooking, I threw some frozen spinach in the microwave. I put the rice and spinach on a plate and topped it with the wonderful curry. So we had a great meal prepared in less than 20 min.
398005398005B000V17MLSA20EZ18TZLU5HPEileen M. Newman "Webbie"0051273968000Restaurant-quality Indian food at homeThis has become a staple around our house and a standing order. It's that good! It tastes like our favorite Indian restaurant at a fraction of the price. We love it with Basmati rice, but any rice would be good with it. It's quite easy to make, as well.
398006398006B000V17MLSA2BDJNY06FXNQMMorten Lauritsen0051271289600Seriously tastyI bought a pack of 6 of the Butter Chicken because it was cheap and I figured it was worth giving it a shot, but I frankly wasn't expecting it to be much different than the usual jars and pastes I can find in various stores.
But I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised, it's extremely easy to make, doesn't require you to have anything unusual in your fridge/pantry, and it tastes great! My family all liked it. Definitely better than whatever else I have been buying in stores over the years.
I don't know Indian food, so I have no clue whether it is authentic or sub-standard compared to home made, but for me it is great. And I immediately ordered another pack of 6.
398007398007B000V17MLSA2IMGT71AGAC7HA. Staszalek "collector of odd things"0051259280000So INCREDIBLY Delicious!This is so very easy to make and so very delicious! It is only a bit spicy, and the heat does not last long. We use boneless chicken thighs to make it, and it is so very good! Put on top of some rice and instant yum! We love it so much we ended up getting a subscription for autodelivery!
398008398008B000V17MLSA3KSAGWOFA4KJVRosie0051257206400Quick and easy dinner!Prior to discovering this product, I was making a very generic type chicken curry, really just chicken stew with curry powder added....... I ordered this when it was on special, and didn't really know what to expect. Now that I've used it, I must say it's very good, spicy but not too hot. I usually use two packages and a whole cut up chicken that I lightly brown, and then add one medium sliced onion. It's quick, easy and so delicious.
398009398009B000V17MLSA2SZLNSI5KOQJTCarrie, "Formerly "Sister Carrie""0051256169600Easy, Quick, Flavorful Dinner in 20 Minutes!We cook dinner most nights and found ourselves stuck in a rut on weeknights because of time-frame and kids' schedules. This item came up in my Gold Box Lightning Deals choices,and, with the excellent reviews, I decided to try it.

This is very easy to make - 3 tablespoons of butter, 1 cup of water, cubed chicken & the spice packet. 20 minutes. Easy. I've made it different ways - like the directions, but have also added onions & other vegetables & put the mixture over rice & pasta. I'm lucky in that my kids eat just about everything (vegetables, spicy food, etc.), so this meal is always gobbled down no matter what I add to the mixture.

I'm very happy with this purchase & will buy again.
398010398010B000V17MLSAAR427L33AWKAY. Lin0051255910400now I can cook Indian food at homeI saw good reviews on this item and decided to give it a try. Wow~ it smell and tastes really good. Now we can have good Indian curry dish at home without paying a lot for restaurant takeouts.
397981397981B000V17MLSA2S2DKFA6FZO6QM. Deeying "mickeyd26"0051303862400Absolutely delicious!Probably my favorite of the Kitchens of India line, the Butter Chicken Curry paste, is super easy to make and is delicious!

Just add water, add chicken (I used firm tofu), cook, stir and DONE! :)
397982397982B000V17MLSA3U5HKDHPYBAK3Thomas P. Troyer0051301529600indian foodThis is a wonderful way to easily make a tasty chicken dish. It is a one pan meal and I found delicious. I wife found it a little spicy(hot) but enjoyed the flavor. Eat with more rice to turn down the heat.
397983397983B000V17MLSA14AZWEEZOD5R0S. Makula0051301097600Best of Kitchens of IndiaThis product must be Kitchens of India's flagship product. It is hands down by far the tastiest of all of their products by a wide margin. I recommend this item first over on top of any of their other products because it will become your "gateway drug" to Kitchens of India products. Medium spice, superb flavor. Cooking this with an additional sliced onion makes it even better.
397984397984B000V17MLSA1VT1HFBA2UBI5Cisco Engineer0051301011200It tastes really goodThe flavor is really good and it seems very authentic. I know there are some complains about sodium. When I cook my chicken, I had to add a bit more salt to enhance the flavor and that made it perfect. Other than that, there are no complaint.
397985397985B000V17MLSAD9U7OKPBRLSWblondie "KerryJ"0051300924800Love ItHas an excellent flavor.One hint when preparing get the paste and water,butter mixed with a whisk before adding chicken as it's very thick.
397986397986B000V17MLSAO19CRP7V4UWEcamomile reviewer "*would like to try out the...0041300579200Surprising good butter chicken curry from a pouch!I purchased this on sale after seeing all of the great reviews on Amazon not really expecting much. Although there are many great Indian restaurants in New York sometimes I neither have the time or inclination to go out nor do I have many good indian restaurants locally that deliver.

With that in mind I took the plunge on KOIs Butter Chicken Curry. Preparation was simple, so simple that I was even more suspect than when I originally purchased. Based on recommendation of some of the reviewers I added additional liquid (1 cup of water and 1 cup of 1% milk) and sauteed my soy curls ahead of time. I found that adding the additional liquid help dissipate some of the saltyness of the pouch. I also added some fresh garlic in the beginning and garnished with cilantro at the end.

The taste was as good as many of the restaurants on 6th street (indian row) in New York, very easy to prepare, and at a fraction of the cost of eating out. Grab some frozen naan from trader joes and whip up some jasmin or basmati rice and you have yourself a quick and tasty indian meal.

One star off for the salt content but otherwise this is now a household staple.
397987397987B000V17MLSAOSOTZCQMSM3ORaul Arambula0041300147200not badI don't usually have to cook for myself because my wife does the job. i bought this to keep at home as a standby and it came in handy when my wife went away for a trip during the weekend and i had to cook for myself. Even as an inexperience cook, this is no challenge to make. The instructions are clear and was prepared quickly. I am Indian and have to admit that the taste is not too authentic but still, it has got great flavor in it and is pretty good for people who can eat spicy food.
397988397988B000V17MLSA3FCCUUQV7QWLHcraftgrrrrl0051300060800Use double the water to reduce saltThese pastes are so good and so easy. I bought the butter chicken paste only because it had the lowest sodium count of all their pastes, but I have yet to actually make it with chicken! I also use two cups of water instead of one and it doesn't taste watered down at all (I don't add butter either). Last night I cut a large yam into 1-1/2" cubes, sliced a kielbasa into coin-size pieces and cooked as directed (but with the 2 cups of water). Served it over rice. May not be traditional but it was tasty and couldn't be easier. The yams thicken up the sauce nicely too (regular potatoes would probably do so too).
397989397989B000V17MLSA1QVH8WNFKGCAKnetweaver0051299024000Was Better Than I ExpectedFirstly, I'm an American and have never been to India. I do work with a lot of Indians however, and go to local Indian restaurants for lunch with them or to places they recommend.

One of my favorites at the Indian restaurants has always been the Butter Chicken (all varieties). I wasn't expecting much, but based on the reviews and the fact that the price was right, I decided to give this product a chance. I have to say I am very pleasantly surprised. This comes very close to what I've had at Indian restaurants. Not only was it easy to prepare, it was very tasty. I served it over white rice. Even my extremely children liked it. Definitely a keeper. The best part is that I have 5 more packages left! For $8ish for the 6-pack of curry paste, you can't go wrong.
397990397990B000V17MLSAZZ9KY0MYBMBFJ. Mauro0051298419200Busy momI love this stuff. It is spicy but not too bad.. I love spicy and sometimes add a bit of pirates bite to it.. I have been serving with a bag of steamed veggies or 2 boxes. Potatos,green beans the healthy weight blend all work great! This is my once per week go to meal
397991397991B000V17MLSA3CRMLM82ZGAOZJ. Scott Spadaro0051297296000MMMMMMMM Butter Chicken Curry...What can I say? It was my first real introduction to Indian 'prepared foods/mixes'...and it was GREAT!! Butter Chicken Curry ROCKS! Highly recommend the 'Kitchens of India' multi-packs (as side-dishes) I had (as well as 'Cauliflower ala Ramesh' *steamed cauliflower w/ coconut cream sauce, and lighty topped with crushed cashews*)!! All those flavors just 'mesh' together very well for a highly enjoyable meal experience. Try some TODAY!
397992397992B000V17MLSA17KQV8BC332VSC. L. Stephenson0051297123200Fast, easy and AWESOME!!I had seen this product in the store, but wasn't sure about how it would taste. I am SO grateful for all the reviewers here on Amazon because I took a chance based on the reviews. This was simply delicious! I love that it was fast and easy and had a great likeness to the Indian restaurant that we frequent. I liked that it was spicier than the restaurant version, but not overly so. Next time I think I will throw in a few cubed potatoes and some veggies. Basmati rice is a must :) Thank you so much Kitchens of India!! And many thanks to Amazon to carrying it for an extremely competitive price. A *must* buy!!
397993397993B000V17MLSA1DQTKLGV3G8X8moojoopoo0051296777600good gandhi good curry let's eat in a hurry!hi, i've never attempted curry. at the simplest add water, butter, and chicken.

i must say i was happy with my first attempt. i added frozen veggies/onions and frozen chicken strips from costco. i was impressed. i'm not picky when it comes to food but i thought it was delicious. a lady friend thought the same thing. we ate it over white rice.

my second attempt wasn't as goo. i tried it with potatoes, onions, and vietnamese pressed pork (given to me by my priest). i think the sweetness of the onions and the blandness of the pork subdued some of the flavor and kick. nonetheless, i still liked it.

my next attempt i will try using milk instead of water. does anyone know what i can add to make it a lil more spicy? any help is appreciated. i got a pack of 6 for ~$5. definitely worth trying out.
397994397994B000V17MLSABKK8267EVFFKris Tuttle0051294704000Great product but now way too expensiveThis is an excellent product that is easy to make, great flavor and one of the few items in the line that is not too hot for kids.

We were buying it regularly and then it quadrupled in price because a third party rather than Amazon is selling it.

If you can find it at regular prices it's well worth the money.
397995397995B000V17MLSA234OFCJVQW6IRnsomniak6 "lcslone"0041294272000Needs A Bit of Tweking for My TasteI do believe that this is the best store bought Indian Food product that I have up until today tried. I did find it a bit too spicy for my liking and my kids couldn't eat it all even with added yogurt. I think I will use less butter next time and add milk instead of water. I would like to try potatoes or maybe chickpeas along with the chicken and saute some onions or shallots.

I have tried the Kitchens Of India Vegetable Biryani Paste and it was so hot as to be inedible for me. This was not nearly that spicy and I could taste the flavors. I think the salt was overboard too, but that isn't a huge concern for me.

Another favorite of mine is Tasty Bite Madras Lentils Entree, Heat & Eat, 10-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6). It has a nice flavor with only a hint of after-burn. Once again my kids couldn't eat it, but it's especially good with a little shredded cheddar and a dollop of sour cream as a dip.
397996397996B000V17MLSARD5NJPT3E59CincyGirl0051294185600ALMOST AS GOOD AS MY FAVORITE INDIAN RESTAURANT!!This has no meat in it--it is a curry paste/simmer sauce for your meat of choice. We had boneless pork chops on hand, so we diced the pork and used it instead of chicken. No biggie! You could use any meat in this, or frozen peas, potatoes and mushrooms for a vegetarian meal. We do like creamy curries here in Cincinnati, so at the very end of cooking, we added some heavy whipping cream (you could also use half and half or evaporated/canned milk.) Awesomely good, spicy but not too hot, and great depth of flavor! I am ordering more.

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