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398048398048B000V17MLSA3O3WLY8SGMEATLaydee Red "Hunny Bunny"1241334275200Good flavored and a little spicy!This curry is pretty spicy. But those who love spicy food will not think it is spicy. I honestly can't taste the buttery part of it. It really just taste like curry. Although it tastes good, I could see myself getting tired of it if I ate it too often. It has a very strong taste. I usually eat less rice than the meat on my plate... but with this curry, I eat way more rice to compensate for the strong tatse of the curry.
398049398049B000V17MLSASP8VN0JV50Q9S. O'brien "indykins"1241326499200not bad!not fantastic, but not bad! :) I added veggies, and a bit of sugar as it is slightly bitter. I also added some coconut milk at the end.
398050398050B000V17MLSA32PO5HH2LRWDKTommy H Town1241295136000Exceed my expectation!Wow, this is better than I expected. I think I did good for the first time using this curry paste. Having said that, I didn't follow the instruction completely. Instead of water, I substituted with coconut milk. I added powder red pepper and a pinch of salt to kick it up a notch. Threw down some vegetables in there. It turned out great! The taste and the curry odor are just like butter chicken curry I had at restaurant. I will certainly make this dish again in a couple of weeks.
398051398051B000V17MLSARBKYIVNYWK3CTHATCH "RST"1251249257600For someone who has little exposure to Indian food, I found this very yummy!I found this very interesting and unique, being someone who doesn't get a lot of exposure to food from other cultures. Often the best exposure I get is when I visit a larger city. I ordered this seeing that it had a great review and was an amazon today's deal and after having made it with chicken and serving over rice, I found it a great interesting food! I'm not one to like spicy food, and this does have a little kick to it (hits kind of far back in the mouth/throat) but I was able to manage just fine with chicken and over rice plus a beverage.

While many of the reviews say how close this is to authentic, my review is to say even for someone who has little to no exposure to Indian food, I found this unique, different, and very satisfying!
398052398052B000V17MLSA21Q9JVG4SII51electronics guy1251243641600Joining Everyone Else - This Stuff Is Great!I just made my first batch of Butter Chicken Curry. It's terrific!

It's extremely easy to prepare - just mix the paste with 1 cup water, 3 Tbs butter, 1 lb chicken pieces, and simmer for 20 minutes with a 5 minute high burner finish. That's it. And it tastes wonderful!

There is a great Indian restaurant in town where I live and this easily is as good as the chicken curry that they make. Now all I need to do is learn how to make naan bread and some of the other sides and I'll be in heaven.
398053398053B000V17MLSA2MBW4IRJ39SC1Caroljane "Kidney cancer survivor"2451252800000Butter Curry Chicken - Delicious!Great directions. Easy to use. Good taste with this butter curry chicken paste!
I used precut, boneless chicken which made the entire process painless, fast and easy.

Only ingredients, this curry paste, a wee bit of butter and a pound of chicken. Simple.

I've tried cooking in a pan, and cooking in a microwave. Both work well. I prefer the pan cooked... I think I overcooked a wee bit in the microwave. :(

Great taste over rice, with pasta or with potatoes and veggies. You won't regret trying this curry paste.

Kitchens of India Paste for Butter Chicken Curry, 3.5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)
398054398054B000V17MLSACQ9V73CQA9KNAja Aaron0121348876800Great Flavor but very oilyI followed the direction and got a very oily sauce sauce. If this is the way it should be I will consider a different product nest time. However the flavor was excellent and just the right amount of heat. I added frozen peas to this dish and despite its oily appearance came out delicious. If the company is reading this I would recommend either creating a recipe with less fat or a product with less fat. In the meantime I think I'll stick to tikki masala and kashmiri curry sauces.
398055398055B000V17MLSA1T55XQ0HHIKDLTrouble Maker0141321920000Great mealI guess I'm no cooking pro and I loved this dish but I removed a star for two reasons. One, I expected this to be much more buttery then spicy and mine was definitely a pretty strong spice. The second reason being is at the end you have to cook it uncovered on high heat which will result in a mess all over the stove. Next time I would like to try adding some vegetables and using a bit more butter.
One package makes enough for 2 maybe 3 people. Price is excellent here on amazon I bought it on a deal and will likely continue to buy this every year.
Now if I could only make homemade naan bread....
398056398056B000V17MLSA1VRKSI46KF6YWYongzhong0141321574400Good taste, but not restaurant levelThis was definitely saltier than I expected, but it does taste pretty good for a box paste. Will be buying more in the future.
398057398057B000V17MLSA166V5LZZ0A8ZOTou0141316995200good if eat occationallyI liked it. But after eating it for one week, I'm tired of it. I'll probably wait for 2 monthes before trying it again.
398058398058B000V17MLSA35B1A2KUXYNAEchatterbox0141297814400Very goodIt's actually quite spicy. I can't really handle spicy food, but this was really good and I couldn't stop eating it even though it burned.
398059398059B000V17MLSAMCX84U402LW3nicole0141289606400Very Good PasteI ordered this on sale just to see what the hype was all about - now I know. It is very good curry paste. I prepared it according to the reviews; using milk instead of water, using less butter (1 T), browning the chicken before adding liquid, and adding lots of delicious vegetables. Obviously, this is not as good as preparing the spices from scratch, but it is a good substitute for a delicious and reasonably priced Indian curry dinner. It is spicy and has a kick to it (yum!). I recommend it.
398060398060B000V17MLSA26J85UMDX1EFENico Marlon P. Atienza "PS3 Fan"0141285200000Quick & Easy, tastes goodI substituted the lemon curd with plain yogurt and it still tasted great. The little spice packet that comes with it really adds a lot of flavor to the final product so don't forget about it!
398061398061B000V17MLSA2HPF56C5C13I1Nina "nal001"0141250640000Delicious, But Not What I'm Used ToI've had butter chicken at Indian restaurants several times, and love it. Before ordering, I noticed this is butter chicken "curry." So, I wasn't anticipating it would be the style of butter chicken I'm used to.

This paste is relatively spicy and the cooked dish tastes more like curry than butter chicken. Actually, it didn't taste like butter chicken at all. (Of course, the restaurants where I've eaten may have Americanized the dish.) The chicken was delicious & so easy and fast to make! I served it with Jasmine rice.
398062398062B000V17MLSA3RKMLKGH3AGQCRichard Patterson0141249171200butter chicken currygood stuff. nothing like butter chicken you would get at an east indian restaurant, but very tasty. and very easy to make, which is definitely a plus
398063398063B000V17MLSA3B9R2TVO7Y8VHDmon1331298851200Good but not what I expectedI'm not Indian, but I've been to India and eat Indian food often enough, and this "butter chicken curry" tastes like no butter chicken I've ever tasted. That aside, the curry is pretty good and flavorful (too much, perhaps), just don't listen to the directions and double the portions, otherwise it will turn out too strong (i.e one packet for two pounds of chicken). Also, note that if you don't add cream or yogurt, the paste won't come out creamy at all.
398041398041B000V17MLSA3D62RZL08AT8ZK. T. Ng0051245715200Easy Authentic Indian Currywhat more can we ask for? easy to cook, natural (as stated on the pack), great taste (really authentic indian curry taste) and very reasonably priced. Seriously, this is my best amazon review!
398042398042B000V17MLSANIATM2KZ3OP7Hugh D. Murray0051245542400As good as any restaurantNow only if I could get the Saag Paneer and Naan to go with it...
398043398043B000V17MLSAF7SYJXVFEG8URC Golfer0051245024000Great DishI can't say that I know what the original Indian version of this tastes like, but I can say that this makes a very tasty curried chicken dish and one that is very easy to prepare. It is spicy but not very, I actually would have preferred it had been a little hotter. I added some onion slices about 5 minutes before it was done cooking, tasted great.
398044398044B000V17MLSA3N9TOPHBENB9IS. Harrison0051243900800MMMMMmmmmmmMMMMMMMmmmmmmMMMMMMMThis is SOOOO GOOOOOD. Really.

I used boneless thigh meat, and the meat came out fork-tender - absolutely fabulous. I also used homemade chicken stock instead of water, but that probably didn't make too much difference in the flavor. Which is, without a doubt, heavenly. I love curry, and I found the heat level to be just right.

The one thing that I wasn't too crazy about, and I didn't see this noted in other reviews, is there was (to me) a bit too much grease on top of the sauce at the end of the simmer. However, I just blotted it off with a paper towel. This IS after all, made with 3 tablespoons of butter, and sunflower oil is listed in the ingredients. (If you don't want grease, don't buy something with the word "butter" in the name - it's that simple. Duh.) I didn't find the grease enough of a problem to downgrade the rating. Other people might not find it objectionable at all.

I served this on top of plain jasmine rice, and it went together well. The amount of sauce was generous, so it easily could be extended to at least one more serving with the addition of more chicken. I think that this would also be great with potatoes or tofu, as other reviewers mentioned.

If I had ordered this dish in a restaurant, I would have been completely happy with it. I will definitely buy this again. It's a winner!
398045398045B000V17MLSAGJRZA4GW3E1HSluggo0051243814400One more 5 star review!We ordered this when it was a deal of the day and are coming back to stock up for the 50% off sale. This is a super easy to make and very, very flavorful dish. Even my one year old was making "mmmm!" sounds for the whole meal. It's earned a place on our weekly meal rotation, and is fast enough to make during a busy weeknight. The only alteration I made was to toss in some onion and peas while it was cooking. It's a bit spicier than I was expecting, but still edible for a total spice wimp like me. I love this paste and can't recommend it enough. It makes Indian food easy enough to enjoy whenever you want without spending the money to go out.
398046398046B000V17MLSA21TAJGNDZGIQSzackandkaties mom0051243728000Made my first stab at Indian cooking a BIG success.I just made Butter Chicken Curry and it was sooooooo YUMMY!!! I strongly recommend this product. It is so much better than other currys out there on the market. It was easy to make. My house smelled like an Indian restaurant, in a good way . I'm sold!!
398064398064B000V17MLSA2DBVZP81CE00KD. E. Bedwell0241325116800Good qualityMy wife's favorite Indian dish is Butter Chicken Curry, so I ordered this. The flavor was good and it didn't take very long. The sauce was too thick, though. I probably did something wrong, but I would have preferred it to be thinner. And the directions said to cook at high heat for several minutes after simmering. This burned the curry to the bottom of the pan and was hard to clean.
398065398065B000V17MLSA3SZHL2TCTLJVRMarissa Ivy2631250726400Flavor may be good but MUCH hotter than description would imply...I understand that when describing or talking about food that "spicy" and "hot" may be synonymous to some but not others. I bought this based upon an incredible chicken butter cream curry dish I had many years ago in Australia that was flavorful with almost a bit of sweetness but not spicy/hot... I used one of these packets and found it to be WAY too hot for me and for many people who I was planning on serving it to. Spices and "spicy" can be great--but this was "hot," and even after adding 1/2 can of undiluted, full-strength coconut milk it was still very "warm" even served 50/50 with basmati rice. Flavor DID seem quite authentic and good but the heat can take away those pluses for the unsuspecting.

This seems like a high-quality item but the description just wasn't clear about the heat level. Many Indian and East Asian dishes (and even Mexican) will have a heat meter graphically or in words on the package, which would have helped in this case. Authentic, good flavor--yes... but be prepared for more than mild heat.
398066398066B000V17MLSAREOHWLWVX0A8John Erikson0431255305600If you don't like ginger, don't get this product.There is a substantial amount of ginger flavor to this curry. It made the curry unpalatable for me.
398067398067B000V17MLSA3U2WVYY23DG3TMprestainer01121283299200Hot, Hot, Hot, and more Hot!!!When they describe this as a "mildly spiced gravy" - DON'T BELIEVE IT! This is the hottest thing I have eaten in a long time. In fact, I could only take one bite. I couldn't eat any more of it because it was so spicy. Felt like I was chewing up an actual hot pepper! I followed the directions exactly, and even added vegetables to it, and served it over brown rice. I am not a hot spice fan, and I was very misled by the description given for this product. I did give this 2 stars because it did have decent flavor if it wasn't for the heat of it. Without the heat, it would have been delicious. Now I have 5 more packages of this and they will probably go in the garbage. I doubt even a soup kitchen could serve this stuff.
398068398068B000V17MLSADOZ5KSNO577ELee11411315353600Too strong!This soup is too harsh, too strong for the smell.
My husband likes curry but this curry couldn't eat anymore.
398069398069B000V17MLSA14XO927D04MAEV. sharma32211251676800BUYER BEWARE--NO RETURNSThese products were terrible tasting. My husband is Indian and said the taste was terrible. I agreed. When I went to return the unopened packages I could not so so. They have a no return policy. Now I will have to toss out $40 worth of unused product. Amazon is always so very good about returns but evententaly some of their vendors are not.
398070398070B000V17MLSA3H7EU8VX5TGJSParront131451239667200Try it with TofuI've used this as directed, with chicken, and loved it.
I tried it with extra firm tofu and like it even better. Yummy!
398047398047B000V17MLSA37HFO69XEXBUXH. Grifka3531294876800Not very spicyWe love Indian food, but as an American, it's beyond me how to make a good curry blend. I like to buy spice packets and pastes from the Indian store, but I have to go out of my way to get them. So I bought these. They tasted okay, but it wasn't very hot, spice-wise. Some people might like that, but I was hoping for something with a little more kick.

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