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398161398161B004JLBC7GA24AWXNAWF1SMWKubana4451338249600Curly Girl MethodThis is what I use as a leave in when following the curly girl method. It has incredible slip and the smell is HEAVENLY. This has become a staple!!! .-_-
398162398162B004JLBC7GA3VE30NOCIU7OMelanie Powell0051345075200love love!My favorite leave in by far! I usually leave a conditioner in and add a moisturizer to my braid outs to keep them from looking dry but I didn't even need a moisturizer! Best deal for the amount you pay for. I would even go as far as saying its a staple for your natural hair cabinet.
398163398163B004JLBC7GA2219BPYPFFPZWFoxyKay "FoxyKay"0141331596800Great ConditionerThis is a great conditioner if you are looking for softness but it does not give my hair shine and it doesn't work well to use a conditioner styler for Natural Hair.
398164398164B0019ZBV4EA3W5D4L7SJ72T6floridabrits131311294617600These inferior pine nuts are from China not Italy...Do your research before buying. These pine nuts have an Italian name on the label and say 'imported' but no country of origin.

They are actually from China.

Very misleading...

You can find Mediterranean and Italian Pine Nuts online at a host of places without having to buy the inferior ones from China...
398165398165B0019ZBV4EA1NH2K8N77S5RYFlight_173 "Flow on"4411314748800Don't buyJust got back from Meijer & happend to buy one of these. To "find" the nutrition the label asked me to "write" to their place of business. Below that it says "PRODUCT OF CHINA OR TURKEY'. Just thought it would be worth while to note though. I bought it for 1/10 of this price. Let's see here... The sticker says 5.96. They don't taste exceptionally good. I would only use them for cooking. Not worth the purchase as $6 (or $60)can get me a whole canister(s) of "Deluxe" mixed nuts from a name brand. Perhaps I should sell mine as "used". I only ate 2 nuts out of it so far and would easily settle for $20 :)
398166398166B0072DEPC2A8JIUGWSNXZQ9C. Wojcik "Char"1151336608000The BEST formula ever!This formula was the only one the market, after trying many, that made our twin sons stop fighting the bottle. Before, they would arch their backs, and scream when we gave them the bottle. They would only drink a little and be irritable from hunger all day long. We were told they had reflux. After only 3 days, we have happy babies again. They are eating well, and not irritable at all. Thank you Gerber!
398167398167B0072DEPC2A2R7U56ZOQCF22Maya0051348272000Love you more constipationI don't usually review products, but i wanted to let parents know that gerber will solve constipation problems wihtin 24 hours. My 8 week daughter has been constipated since week 1, I did formula and breastfeeding together, I tried prune juice, pear juice, chamomile tea, anise tea, Karo, you name it!! changed her formula 5 times (similac, similac sensetive, enfamil gentelease, and similac alimnuntem (it smelled horrible and DD refused to take it, couldn't blame her). a friend recommended probiotics (Biogaia) which helped a lot but was sooo expensive ($30 for 5ml) it only lasted for 1 week. So i finally found Gerber soothe which includes the probiotics. My DD has been so happy ever since!! I also changed bottles to the (dr. brown) which really helped with gas...hope this helps!!
398168398168B001SBA7SUA1LADDOCNFV8R9Ronnie0021344470400Good Product but not what I neededThe company that sells this product was very nice. The item was suppose or I thought it was gluten free. It was not. I could not return it since it was a glass item. Retailes and business can ship glass items but you are not allowed to return them. I lucked out on the item and donated the wrong one to a food charity. The company was nice in explaing that I could not exchange it or return for credit. Made me think twice about ordering this type of product online due to the return and no credit issue. Had it been the right item I would have been pleased. :-)
398169398169B0034KQPKMA1OR8BEXOMMYC1M. Cahow "no techie"0051345075200Big mistake LIptonLove, love, love this stuff but as all the others said, hate the new ones. Lipton made a big mistake in discontinuing the Citrus and Raspberry Tea to go. These prices are outrageous and as much as I love it, will not pay this!!!!!!!!!!!!
398170398170B0034KQPKMA1BZ8H5FBNBQANKYgirl-TC0051343520000WOW-Price ShockThis price is outrageous!! I found these at Big Lots for $2.00 a box -but I bought them all - Amazon trying to make a BIG BUCK
I want my Original Green Tea Back. Boo to Lipton on the new Tea!
398171398171B0034KQPKMA1HC1YAAI3W48TC. J. Greiner0051342656000No longer availableI must agree with the previous review. I don't care for the new Lipton Tea to Go with Honey. I also hope it flops. The original Tea to Go was really good and I bought it all the time. Amazon's price is outrageous. Scalping at it worst.
398172398172B0034KQPKMA135KIEW38HPU2Dawn0051341878400So, so, so disappointed with LiptonLipton came out with the new "with Honey" mixes and I can no longer find the Green Tea to Go with Citris anywhere (okay, well, I could find it here for $10k and other places for 2 to 3 times as much as it was in the grocery store... can you say scalping?!)I hope that the with Honey stuff is a big flop so that they bring back the stuff I like. And yes, I did try the new stuff, but I prefer the old.
398173398173B0034KQPKMA3VO1F89RMK9SYkj0111347235200RIDICULOUSFor real! $10,000 ! ! Like every review here, I love the, now discontinnued, Citrus flavor but no one in their right mind would pay such a ridiculous price for 10 individual sticks. What's in it? Cocaine? But I hope everyone knows, AMAZON is not the seller. This item is being sold by a very ignorant marketplace seller called GREENCOWBOOKS. We all need to boycott this seller right off the internet. At least, that's what I am going to do. Also complain to Amazon and Lipton. Nobody likes a thief.
398175398175B000LRKM14A3BMPZ2S3R123Ralimesr0041336003200The best Feta in town!Dodoni is a very distinct kind of feta cheese that goes well with salads and also delicious if eaten as is. Very tasteful cheese packaged well and delivered fresh on time. I am going to be a repeat customer.
398176398176B000LRKM14A1EHCK9CYUSJRAChris0051322611200parthenon foodsGood job, Fresh and good eaten, Well worth it for the cost. fast and on time. even over the Holidays
398177398177B001EO5MO0A1CXC3Z2FJBABVPigwit5551193184000Maple Sugar ChunksI stumbled across the maple sugar chunks while looking for maple products. I ordered a bottle and then tried to decide how to use them. My first thought was to try them in chocolate chip cookies instead of chocolate chips. But I settled on an oatmeal cookie recipe. People who usually didn't like oatmeal cookies loved the maple flavor. Now my friends ask me to bring my maple oatmeal cookies when we get together. I've even given several bottles, along with sample cookies, to my friends and family.

I'm hooked on the Shady Maple Farms Maple Sugar Chunks, they make my oatmeal cookie recipe taste fantastic.
398178398178B001EO5MO0ALIVARX8L2PFQWhyHelloThere1151327363200Perfect product.These maple sugar chunks boast a bold maple flavor, melt well and are also fun to snack on. They're great for baking as well (use them in place of raisins or chocolate chips in oatmeal cookies).

I'd really only wanted one jar, but I had to settle for three since that's all Amazon carried.
398179398179B001EO5MO0A1TOGHBI31QDVTcewilk0051320796800Maple sugar very good.What I ordered was what I thought I would get and I was not disappointed. Thank you for your promptness.
398180398180B003VF7Q62A2PDLBGWVPTLL4klutz4451315353600LOVE THOSE CHOCOLATE TOOTSIE ROLL POPSI have been looking for chocolate tootsie roll pops forever. I even sent a letter to the company. The company said they could not do that. The company sent me coupons for free bag of lollipops. One day I was on Amazon to buy something. I said let me just see if Amazon sells chocolate pops for sale. To my amusement they did. The CANDY MAFIA. I sent an email to CANDY MAFIA to make sure I was not dreaming. They sent an email back,saying it was the real thing. I ordered 2 bags. When I got the tootsie roll pops, the first thing I did was to eat one. It was the real thing. I still order them and eat them. I think eating too many of them. THANK YOU CANDY MAFIA.
398181398181B003VF7Q62ASB59WXVX47SNM. S. Schafer4451306800000Candy Mafia rocks!There isn't much I can say about chocolate tootsie pops -- you either like them or you don't. I do, and was really pleased to find a provider who could deliver the chocolate-flavored only. The candy arrived quickly, which is good, b/c this is Florida and sugar melts in the heat. The tootsie pops arrived in a fully packed, gallon size, unmarked ziploc bag -- this surprised me at first, but the pops are the real deal, not fakes. My guess is that the candy mafia buys bunches and bunches of regular bags of tootsie pops, then separates them by color (or maybe they have an inside connection:-)). Frankly, I'm thrilled someone is willing to do the work for me! I will definitely order from them again.
398182398182B003VF7Q62A1XS6VHO2Z5O5GRichard Tropp1151343433600Chocolate Tootsie Pops from CandyMafia via AmazonI ordered the 60 count Chocolate Tootsie Pops. At 60 Calories and 0 fat, they are my daily reward for staying on my diet. The product arrived on time and packed nicely. I will continue to order them from CandyMafia through Amazon.
398183398183B0025UC4VGA3DQUPXMIAPP9TTheresa Kamal Rezk "xxbigkisses"0051322438400duncan hines whipped choc.frostingOH WOW ! tall containers,with a taste so awesome. we are chocolate people anyway, but this was so delicious and creamy texture. its not only good on cakes, but when i got hard-up for a snack and no cake around, i opened this container and dipped my pretzels in it. this was the best snack purchase for the family.
398184398184B0025UC4VGA31N6KB160O508Fran W.0041270166400Tasty, rich, thick frostingThis was very tasty. Also very thick. I thinned it out with some milk to spread it more easily. Will also go much farther that way, I say. Definitely a good frosting.
398185398185B003Q4TSZAA3R0F9QQLHF18WBlue light1111324857600Kahlua syrup...NOTThis syrup tasted nothing like Kahlua! I have no idea what flavor it is. My biggest mistake was buying a three-pack.
398186398186B003Q4TSZAA3FS66D43R0LO9Linda0051326585600Kahlua syrup from AmazonThis tasty syrup for coffee is hard to find in stores. thanks to Amazon I was able to suprise a dear friend with a bottle for Christmas and she was thrilled. Thanks! Shipping was speedy.
398187398187B0085RVRQQA1XSB658OC6IVLIsabel C Johnson0051350518400Excellent healthy snack!This is a great snack to throw in the kids backpacks for school. They get to eat a cereal they love and it's a quick and easy pick from the pantry!
398188398188B0085RVRQQA18LNVC6NEC4CVJohn Travillian "jt54321"0051350345600Was greatThis product, cereal, arrived on time and was as as good as expected. What more can I say about cereal?
398189398189B0085RVRQQA2DTZUZK9YRJVKclearanceman0041348185600Good for the moneyGood cereal and at the price Amazon had it for with their 50% off special, it's good stuff. My kids like it too. It's not too sweet either, it's sweet but not sickeningly so like some of the kids cereals.
398190398190B0085RVRQQA27MBMFMSDQAYDTheHahnz0051334966400Great BuyI love being able to purchase "bulk" items at such a savings. These are my favorite cereal and I am able to keep a supply easily with the subscribe and save program here on Amazon. If you haven't at least checked it out, do so. You just might be surprised.

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