Amazon Fine Food Reviews

398203398203B0000SZ7RSAHN86VFJIJ2JPChicago Book Addict8851242950400Every bit as good, if not better, than conventional chocolate chipsI tried these chocolate chips after hearing rave reviews about them from vegan and gluten-free bloggers that I respect. I can understand why they've gotten so much hype. They taste every bit as good as chocolate chips that do contain dairy (and in my opinion even better) plus they can be enjoyed by people who cannot have dairy or gluten. They were also picked as a best chocolate chip by America's Test Kitchen. After going up against seven other brands (including many popular and premium brands) they were the winner, which reinforces their quality for me.

The ingredients are as follows:

Evaporated cane juice, unsweetened chocolate cocoa butter, roasted soy flour, soy lecithin (an emulsifier), pure vanilla extract.

Overall, these are awesome chocolate chips. If I had done a blind taste test I would have never known that they were vegan. They are a litle more expensive than conventional brands, but still in line with premium brands which given they are delicious as well as dairy and gluten free, is worth it for me.
398204398204B0038RMXHKAHHB6AQ0TORZGNancy L. Smith "Puppyseed"2311289088000Tastes like bug killer don't drink A real disappointmentI purchased a case each of these enhanced waters This one is absolutely awful. I would prefer to send back and exchange for Apple& Pear water. Have contacted Amazon . I love enhanced waters and order several online. I am warning all Amazon shoppers Please do not make the same mistake. This has too much of a chemical smell and taste NASTY. I think the company should announce a recall of this particular flavor. Please Amazon please send me a return label I am sure this is dangerous and defective
398205398205B0038RMXHKA3OMXJTH5SH4HXTiny Bubbles0011331769600Before ordering, make sure you like the taste of lemongrassI must admit, I didn't know what to expect.... I ordered the 24- sample pack to try them all. I had high hopes for this flavor, but from the first sip, I couldn't stand to finish it. To me, it tasted like grass and dirt. I eat fresh cucumbers and they really don't have a ton of taste, so I'm thinking the majority of the flavor is probably from the lemongrass. If the taste of lemongrass is appealing to you, you might like this. I prefer the Lychee Watermelon and Apple Pear.
398206398206B0038RMXHKA2XGTAZZEDSTWJGary Delossa "South Pasadena Gary"0051307232000Perfect water for a hot summer nightI'm a fan on lemon grass, so this water was awesome. The taste was not overpowering - and it is amazing when it's ice cold. Summer has been coming early this year, and I love having this while I'm out on the town. Highly recommend this for those of you who like lemon grass, cucumber, and non-sweet drinks.
398207398207B0038RMXHKA1TL2EPJ70BC8FTamara Daney0051269907200Refreshing and Delicious!I love this water - it has no artificial ingredients or sweetener - just pure delicious flavor. This water has a great cucumber lemongrass scent and clear, crisp taste . It is very refreshing and clean tasting. I always feel like I am at a spa when drinking this water. I love taking it on my walks and hikes as a refreshing treat. This water cannot be beat - I give it my top rating.
398208398208B0038RMXHKA2C4QXL9QA2AV7Alex Huynh "The Baller"0051269129600Unique and TastyThis is my second favorite flavor of ICIO after Apple pear. I got this in SF and I'll definitely order some more! The flask is beautiful and fits in my back pocket. Whoever invented this is a straight up genius! The cucumber really relaxes me.
398209398209B0038RMXHKA3V4KPUIZIBPRNK. Sarybaeva "Karina"1211268438400the worst drink ever!!!it tastes horrible! it's imposible to drink! I'm so pissed cause I just spent [...] on this crap and it's nonreturnable. I don't know what I was thinking when I ordered it.
398210398210B0029J6KQSA2VR60UB599ZDDLitigator Rater7751331769600Best peanut barVery few convenience or grocery stores seem to sell these anymore. Think "peanut bar" with a sugar-corn syrup binder and a touch of milk and butter in the glace. A low glycemic snack, if that matters. All natural ingredients. If you had them as a child, get reaquainted with the Munch Bar. If you like peanuts and have't tried them, give them a shot. I don't think you will be disappointed.
398191398191B0085RVRQQA2Y27MQ9EHIRIQyusseff0051332115200the best breakfast.its delicious almond flavor, price and size, economy and gives us a good complement to every morning, is a favorite of children since combined with yogurt flavors
398192398192B0085RVRQQA1DDVQ2GRMV7O4Book Lover0051325462400All-time Fav cerealPost Honey Bunches of Oats is an all-time favorite cereal for everyone in the family. We all like it and that makes it a great cereal to have in the pantry. The giant size lasts much longer than the small boxes. The price could be more competitive to in-store sales, etc, but the cereal itself is fantastic.
398193398193B0085RVRQQA3CBDPSAOM7MGVJim0121348444800Honey Bunches of OatesI love this cereal and I buy it all the time but I have never paid more than $4.50 for a box of cereal, I'm not sure where these people shop but $6 for a box of cereal is nuts
398211398211B0029J6KQSA2GPVA0G0TPRFUHomar0051351209600Munch BarsThe candy bars were awesome they don't sell them locally so I had to buy the through Internet. If fact between my daughter and I finished them up. I'm ready to order more
398194398194B000162MSGANEHGW7YIBMA0SG "Sluggo"3351242432000the best everI purchased these cookies for my husband. He travels alot by air and I always pack him a sandwich and a surprize of some sort. I was in the health food store and saw this great packaging and the price was lower on this Uncle Eddies cookie so I bought the 'trail mix' version as opposed to the others. OMG! These are the best ever. Not too sweet and lots of nuts and seeds. Im going back for more. Dont change a thing!
398212398212B000W4GV4IA3TIRJRRNXWH56T. Fisher2251216684800Great gift!I ordered this for my father who was, guess what, born in 1952 - surprise! He loved it. He and his wife had a great time picking the different candies out and sharing stories about them from when they were young. It was a great way to celebrate a birthday and I would definitely purchase this or a similar item again.
398195398195B000162MSGA1V7BGG5CGA6MWnutmeg1151199750400Yummy and won't make you illThe Trail Mix Cookies are my favorite from Uncle Eddie's. I have tried almost all of the varieties and have found some of the others to be on the sweet side. I am not a huge fan of super sweet and that is why the Trail Mix is perfect. Not to sweet. Plus, these cookies never make feel sick like a commercial brand cookie would. Would highly recommend any of the Uncle Eddie cookies!
398213398213B0033RSJGOA1VB3I53VP29AOHappy Traveler2251338422400Perfection!This was the perfect food for my finicky feline. My vet tried all the fancy prescription "skinny" foods and while they worked, they caused my cat to have reactions to it. This food is a God send for us because its natural and high in protein AND low in fat. Big Boy lost the weight and its make maintaining his weight also easy. Thank you Fromm's for such a wonderful quality food. I also love the fact that the first ingredient is duck because it happens to be his favorite. Thanks so much Fromm's for solving our food problem. My cat LOVES it!
398196398196B000162MSGA1OZBQQCW71HFBElle0051182902400FABULOUSI bought these in a store today after ordering another flavor from amazon. They are amazing, and I'm not even a big fan of trail mix normally. They have a definite sunflower seed & peanut taste, and the fruit pieces were fresh and chewy. I really love Nana's vegan chocolate chip cookies, but they are sometimes too large for my appetite. These are a perfect size. I can't wait to try the flavor I ordered!
398214398214B0033RSJGOA2OLIJAR21U6DSNikki1221333670400My cat does not like this foodI don't know if she smells something funny but she wont touch it. I got a refund immediately cause it smelled rancid but then I thought it might just be a horrible smelling food and I'll give it a try anyway cause the expiration date was in 2014. I put a small amount in her bowl to see if she'd like it and she wouldn't touch it. Thank goodness I called right away and complained, and thank you amazon for that easy refund! My cat loved every other dry food I'd give her and despised this one so that's something I just had to write about.
398197398197B000162MSGA1HYFY941TS0POG. Farnham "AIROLG"0051173312000AwesomeLove 'em, will buy 'em again. A must buy for lovers of vegan food.
398198398198B000162MSGA1KS99ZEFEJ4P2Nate Franklin0041135814400tasty snackThese cookies are tasty. At times they're a normal part of my daily diet. I've eaten a bag for breakfast on multiple occasions. Also try Trader Joe's vegan trail mix cookies for an alternative. I can't decide which ones I like better. TJ's are chewier. Both rank as my favorite cookies.
398199398199B000162MSGA2KT47D2LFWV5TT. Rawls1211130976000Uncle Eddie's Trail Mix is TerribleMaybe you have to have a taste for these cookies. I bought them and hated them. The Chocolate Chip/Walnut and the Oatmeal Raisin were delectable but the Trail Mix was not. I love these brand of cookies but the Trail Mix is not my cup of tea.
398200398200B0040WHJ44A2GH1A5JGI8PUNTara1151304553600DeliciousI took a chance on this tea maker as I hadn't heard of them before. This has become my new favorite tea. Good blending between the strong black tea and the rose without going overboard on the florals.
398201398201B000F9Z22CA3EPHBMU07LZ50Penmouse1151186704000Tasty, crunchy treatI've been trying to increase my iron, calcium and fiber intake and after discovering the tasty Honey Maid Chocolate Graham crackers it's become a whole lot easier.

Overall, the crackers make a yummy breakfast treat, or an anytime treat throughout the day, as they are relatively low-fat, have a good dose of fiber and iron too. I love to snack on them when ever I get an attack of the munchies.
398202398202B000F9Z22CA215BG8X8L7YY4A. Kehe "anda"0051223942400chocolate grahamsI was so happy to find these online since they are no longer available in my local markets - they are the best! AK
398215398215B0004LZYISA1X9QB2W80Q897RJ1151184112000Fantastic on eggsI know, it's not hot sauce, it's sour sauce, and is a marriage made in heaven on any egg preparation. Try it!
398216398216B0004LZYISA34PAZQ73SL163Bernard Chapin "Ora Et Labora!"0121168732800For Amateurs.To me, this isn't really even a hotsauce. It's strictly kid stuff with all the heat and power of a mitten. As for its flavor, I don't think much of it. I'm not sure what buying a moped recipe like this does for someone. I wouldn't even bother with it.
398217398217B003W59WYAA1YNR1BTXAZI8MAndrea Haynes "Andrea"0051348963200delicious, easy, funThese caramel wraps are very good and fun for the whole family to do together. However, $14.99 for a package of 5 is totally unreasonable. You can get them for $2.00/pkg of 5 at Walmart or your local grocery.
398218398218B002UVKPMKA3SJHSB8J8C72ZIlya M. Sluch "Eli"9951264291200DeliciousThis is delicious pistachio butter. I decided to try some after watching "The Gamer". Which is also a great movie. The pistachio butter went great with bread, it does not dry out or separate unlike organic peanut butter. If you like pistachios, you have to try this.
398219398219B002UVKPMKA1PW72D2CDXV7Bmickb424451300924800Great productThe Pistachio Butter from Fiddyment Farms is fantantic! I do have to limit myself to small prtions, however, because it was a bit pricey. At $20.00 per pound, I need to make it last a loooong time. But, it is well worth it since I can't enjoy eating pistachio or other nuts due to diverticulitis.
398220398220B002UVKPMKA3IK5O032GCTJHFloy Kern "Baker"0051350345600Make A Pistachio Cake With This!I made a pistachio cake with the All Natural Pistachio Butter I purchase on and, even though I didn't have a recipe, it was wonderful! I also used some of it in the Frosting. Sorry I didn't write down the recipe! I will when I make it again. I do know that I used less butter and added a little more sugar since this product isn't very sweet.

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