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398221398221B002UVKPMKAD4ZX3ZPCHMWRC. Clark0041347667200It's pure, to a faultThose that want a pure nut butter will be happy. I, on the other hand, had to add a little bit of salt for it to taste perfect.

It's also great for cooking - especially in BBQ sauces and deserts.
398222398222B002UVKPMKA2CTARM2ZE4P9YJ. Caughron0051339632000yumzIt looked different but the taste is great. Dry but nothing a drink cant handle. A little pricey but worth every bite
398223398223B003CHCT3YA382NTL24YEGIHS. Worrell1151325376000College care package!I sent this to my friend at LMU for her birthday and she loved every bit of it :) She received it quickly and in great condition. Thanks!
398224398224B0049OQJXAAIXHHGL04X9SZLove Santa Barbara!141451301184000Best you can buy!I'm a baker with a child who must not eat gluten (ironic, I know). But as a baker, it's been really tough to come up with something GF that has the mouth feel and flavor of either home baked or store bought bread and muffin products. Udi's products have solved that issue. The bread tastes like real bread, and doesn't break when you make a sandwich or bite into it. The muffins are so good that you wouldn't guess they are gluten free (they actually have crumbs!)--particularly if you've been trying other gluten free products out there. I highly recommend Udi's products!
398225398225B0049OQJXAA3F2809LLLDCFOB. Bellamy "brandibell"111151294185600best gf bread EVER!!!!UDI's GF bread is the best GF bread I have ever tasted because its actually soft like bread. Most Gluten Free Breads are hard and require toasting or microwaving to become soft but not UDIs. If you havent tried it, you have to. They also have cinnamon rolls and lemon struesel (spelling??) muffins that are nice and soft and delicious as well. Check them out!
398226398226B0049OQJXAA3FGQFHBNO5ZIBFrances C. Cann4441295222400Udi's Gluten Free White Sandwich BreadDiagnosed with Celiac disease, I tried making my own bread. A support group told me about Udi's bread. I ordered it from Amazon. com since I hate to shop. I must say this is the best bread that I have found so far. It makes really good toast, french toast and grilled cheese sandwich. Anyone with this disease will enjoy this bread. I buy it by the case.
398227398227B0049OQJXAADGQI1N9NX1ZJL. Suffi2251313798400Thank You Udi's!Thank You Udi's for making a delicious GF bread. And on top of that it is soy free!!!! I love all the Udi's products such as pizza crusts, bagels, muffins, etc. They are the closest to regular that I have found. Yes, they are small but that's ok - they are great. They toast up nice, they can be eaten without toasting and not fall apart. We even use it to make garlic bread when the rest of the family is having the french bread garlic bread. It works well for french toast too. We love it!
398228398228B0049OQJXAA1TLMVXCMJLIH5Marya Berger1151346544000No Smoke Alarms with Udi's BreadUdi's bread is the best around, according to my husband. He also thinks it's even better toasted and, unlike some breads he has tried in the past, no crumbs fall into the toaster to start toaster fires and set off our smoke alarm! He thinks Udi's bread is the best because it tastes more like "normal" bread. We wish Udi's bread was carried by all our local grocery stores.
398229398229B0049OQJXAA30GM01PMGLJ5JPeanuts Mom1151343779200Better than Ener-G breadIf you are gluten free, the search for bread and pizza, and maybe bagels, is a real quest.

After eating Ener-G for a couple of years, I tried Udi's at my local Trader Joes. I started with the hamburger buns (fantastic) and then tried the hotdog buns (fantastic and a great substitute to make garlic bread. Udi's bagels are just round pieces of bread - not really a chewy bagel and reminds me of the Lender's frozen bagels. But this white Toast it up, put butter on it and you are back to the pre-gluten free mindset. Was so good I had 4 pieces of toast in a row! Kind of has the big nooks and crannies like Thomas' english muffins but has a really good bread flavor.

By far the closest thing to real bread. Now to find good take out pizza...
398230398230B0049OQJXAAUZIOUEDQGQYVsillysongbird1141340064000Best gluten-free bread I have triedI'm fairly new to the gluten-free world as I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease only a few months ago. I have tried several gluten-free sandwich breads, and Udi's is the best I've tried. It looks, smells, and feels like an upscale version of regular sandwich bread. The flavor is great, and the bread is soft and yummy right out of the bag. Toasting it makes the flavor even better, and the bread also makes great french toast. If you are in the market for a gluten-free bread that is delicious right out of the bag, this one is for you. It is about $3.99 a loaf at the local Lowes Foods store (in the frozen food section), and it stays fresh for a couple of weeks once it's thawed.
398231398231B0049OQJXAAWFI7DXIJ4A8RTRLK1151331251200Best GF Bread on the Market!I first had Udi's white sandwich bread at a restaurant. I spit it out because it was so good that I was sure they must have screwed up and given me regular bread. But they hadn't, and thus began my love affair with Udi's bread.

My husband doesn't have celiac disease but he still loves this bread. The only reason he doesn't eat it all the time is because of the expense.

The ends/heels of this bread can be hard so I grind them up in my food processor and freeze them for later use in recipes that call for bread crumbs.

Highly recommended!
398232398232B0049OQJXAA1I6RF8FDTWUTRMark Twain1141323216000Good bread, one of the bestI was pleasantly surprised by this bread having tried baking GF bread and failing miserably in my attempts. The price is basically obscene for what you get but it's worth it because it is descent, and there is a serious lack of GF alternatives. Unlike other reviewers I disagree that this bread is all that great from an absolute view point, it's only quite good compared to other GF breads.

I like the taste of the bread in a relative sense, it is a bit flavorless but toasting brings out more of the flavor. I find this bread to be quite good when toasted, buttered, and eaten with a savory soup.

The one thing I really dislike is that when toasted it becomes somewhat dry and brittle and the crust becomes rather hard. Toasting the bread on setting "3" of "5" turns the bread into a dried out brick. The bread is very easy to over cook in this manner. Straight out of the bag it's not a very soft bread but it's not hard either. If a regular bread had this texture I'd say it was getting just a bit stale.

Considering the lack of quality GF bread products, Udi's is probably the #1 pre made GF bread, especially in terms of being able to find it easily at a variety of stores.
398233398233B0049OQJXAAP4WMPVEZRT40E. Williams1151321660800Great breadI've only used this bread toasted, but I thought it was great. I stored it in the freezer until I popped it in the toaster; I think you can also store it on your counter if you want to use it for sandwiches. It was soft and aftertaste. Honestly, you could have told me it came from a bakery and I would have believed you. I've had some GF breads before and made several loaves; I think this could make very good garlic bread too! My hubby thought it was good too and he's not GF. I'll be buying this again; I did not buy this bread from here, but at my local grocery store. But I thought I needed to write a review because I look at Amazon reviews before I buy stuff.
398234398234B0049OQJXAA2QSVJHRV1YWVRMiss1151315353600Sweet relief!This is the CLOSEST thing to wheat bread that I've found, and it's DELICIOUS! It toasts very well, too. My only wish would be for longer loaves and larger slices because I can devour a loaf on my own in one day :) It's THAT good!
398235398235B0049OQJXAA2WDN3PFRYXS5YS.E.Mamolo "Shay"0051348444800The Best!I've ordered as many different gluten free breads as there are available. Let's face it, most of them suck and the only reason we buy them is because we have little choice in the matter. BUT ... this product surpassed my highest expectations! The slices aren't tiny ( think ener-g), the didn't crumble upon a touch and when toasted ( I wasn't brave enough to try it untoasted) it tasted ... well ... like bread! I bought a case since I live in the country and I'm already placing my next order. If you need to eat gluten free and miss bread, give this one a try.
398236398236B0049OQJXAA3661AM0NXF850JMCarlton_0051335312000Outstanding!!!I'm fairly new to the gluten-free lifestyle and I've only tried a few brands of bread. Udi's takes the cake!!! It toasts really well and makes a wonderful sandwich bread.
398237398237B0049OQJXAA179P02FXWLRIJA. Vercelli "Wifanita"0051333756800OMG!Got it at my local grocery store for 4.99 tried it and sliced bread ive tried in a long time including glutened ones...
I toasted it and put butter on it....i wish the slices where larger though.
Great bread!
398238398238B0049OQJXAAZU8GQQW6HESPEmily Davis "Avid Reader of All Non-Fiction"0051331942400Best Gluten Free Bread!Udi's makes the BEST gluten free bread, and I've tried many brands since being diagnosed as gluten intolerant. To me it's almost like 'regular' bread for sandwiches, bread crumbs, etc.

However, it's very, very expensive, especially if your family depends on sandwiches for a quick meal during a busy week, as mine does. I wish they'd lower the price...
398239398239B0049OQJXAA2UZOQJWAS9JMMTheresa A. Conner0051328313600Udi's gluten free breadVery good product for anyone with celliac disease. Best bread I have eaten since I was diagnosed with celliac
approximately ten years ago. This product is the same as a wheat flour bread. Pricing was a little lower than
in a market with gluten free products.

Purchasing at Amazon is very simple, and shipping and condition of product upon arrival were very good.

I would recommend anyone with a celliac or gluten free requirement to try this product.

John Conner
398240398240B0049OQJXAABDM6L3FRXCPMlunch lady0041326844800Really tasty gluten free need to toast it!New to the gluten free world we have tried multiple breads. Finally, one that a child will recognize as "real" bread and not "gluten free." The whole family can have this bread without feeling like it is special bread.
398241398241B0049OQJXAA3LHRZ6Q3UUCVEBig Grown-Up Mommy0041324944000Nice Basic BreadLoaves sell in my local grocery store for just under $4/package. This is great toasting bread, and makes wonderful grilled sandwiches. It's less great straight out of the bag, but that's true of pretty much all gluten-free bread. The slices are thick but small, as is the whole loaf. My one complaint would be (similar to other Udi's products) that the size of the slices can vary significantly from package to package, and sometimes there are giant air bubbles baked into the bread that renders several slices useless for certain types of applications. Still, it's a good product and if you're not making your own bread, this is a solid choice.
398242398242B0049OQJXAAQ17US1YH6KKVMiriam0051318032000Fantastic bread!This is not only by far the best store-bought gluten free bread I've had, it's some of the best packaged bread I've had period. It has a firm texture, but it's not too crumbly; it almost tastes like the bread you can buy from the bakery of most grocery stores. The slices are small, and it's expensive, but this is true of all gf breads. I would not recommend buying it from amazon; it is much cheaper at my local whole foods.
398243398243B0049OQJXAA1CDJ3DAIP0X6Etaressa0051317600000BEST GF bread I've had!This is the best gluten free bread I have had. It is frozen, so it needs to be heated in some way. I think it tastes home made though :)
398244398244B0049OQJXAAWVKDM68T0LN0J. M. Pelton0021315267200Okay if you don't have time to make your own bread.Udi's is okay but way over priced. I like to make my own gluten free bread ... try this instead -Pamela's Products Amazing Wheat Free & Gluten-free Bread Mix, 4-Pound Bags (Pack of 3) in my bread maker before I go to bed at night and have fresh bread each morning . Udi's is used when I don't have time to do this. But its dry and really small slices.
398245398245B0049OQJXAA3TCG0TE3FOCOCSCS "Mom of three"0031311897600Great taste less filling:)
398246398246B0049OQJXAA2BU2E73JJ3XLHM. Ranney "txgirlinbigd"0051306281600Only gluten free bread my 8 year old likes and will eat!My 8 year old was recently diagnosed with Celiacs and, after purchasing numerous GF breads and bread mixes to try, this is the only GF bread he likes and will eat. It is the most child-friendly GF bread we have found by far. I just wish the loaf and slices were "regular" size and not "play food size" like another reviewer aptly stated. Not only is it super expensive when you look at the price compared to the small size of the loaf but the size of a two-slice sandwich is ridiculously small almost to the point of being comical. That being said, the best thing about Udi's is that it is "shelf stable" and can be stored on the counter and doesn't have to be/stay frozen as freezing GF breads (which most grocery stores do) seems to contribute to their hard texture and tendency to be crumbly when thawed.
398247398247B0049OQJXAA1Y6YLMUA88TV7J. Shaath0051303430400Unbelievable!Soft gluten free bread???? Amazing. I was shocked. Freezes great. Worth every penny. There is absolutely no other gluten free sandwich bread that compares.
398248398248B0049OQJXAA2CUEP5A2NQFY4Amazongirl3531308873600Good, but there is Better.This is a very fine product for those new to the gluten free world, and those who before their CD diagnosis ate white bread. For those of you who enjoyed whole grain breads prior to diagnosis this bread will not cut it for long. You will tire of the sweet taste. If you have purchased books on celiac disease and eating gluten free, well then you may have come across a suggested supplier of baked goods ([...]). Millet and Flax bread, and best of all real tasting bagels (I order the cinnamon raisin millet and flax bagels). Udi products are far superior to those of Glutino (save your money).
398249398249B0049OQJXAA2WLS1TTUUGJYUjipsii M'Sina "JMS"71211306800000MUCH Cheaper at Whole Foods!I was considering a purchase to try this out after reading so many positive reviews and reading that it is also dairy and soy free, HOWEVER, I called my local Whole Foods to see if they carried this and was told they did and it was $5.69 per loaf. This - - with S&H - - comes to $7.70 per loaf. NOT A GOOD DEAL AMZ!

WF also told me they carry Udi's Hamburger buns in a 4-pak for $4.69 per pk, again MUCH cheaper than AMZ's offerings.

Why is it that any time there is a special need, it is used to justify outrageous prices, even on items thar are cheaper to make/produce than the regular ones - - like Tuna with just tuna, water or oil and salt @ $2.++ or more per can, as opposed to the nonsense with vegetable broth, etc. for a dollar or less per can?

If we refuse to buy their products at these outrageous prices and let these venture niche products sit on the shelf, they might reconsider their outrageous prices.

Udi's Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread (1 Case)

(Are you listening AMZ????)
398250398250B0049OQJXAA28V8XJMS2T89ZMarilyn Parker1321315008000Not So greatThe grocery store i go to, only has this brand of gluten free bread.. It is 5 dollars or more and the slices are tiny. I went for the hamburger buns and the taste is not bad..but not great..But then i started having abdominal pain..lower pain and what usually follows i am hesitant to eat it anymore...I just found out i have celiax and at my age 50' is hard to give up everything i have eaten all my life....It seems rather unfair..but when one has been ill for years and did not know the is worth a try to go gluten free after being tested fro it...I wish companies..restaurants could have good gluten free products....

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