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398411398411B004CGJ5SQANVQ1R6Y0ZVQ3GravityForce3341327881600Good StuffJust made a great 1 gallon mead with this tupelo honey. Good floral aromas and very complex taste that should mellow with a year of aging. Great product
398412398412B004CGJ5SQA2WFQNVRCE3KTLNobody4551303430400Powerful!Wow, is this great stuff. The flavor of the flowers lingers on your tongue like the "tail" of a fine wine. So that's what Tupelo honey is all about. This company seems to be priced well.
398413398413B004CGJ5SQA1S9O13OGU0D3Zxyz1151348012800fghthis honey never crystallizes and tastes incredible in anything.I use it to make bread, spread on toast, mix into Greek yogurt, etc. I had a large bottle for over a year and NO crystals. It's awesome
398414398414B004CGJ5SQA1S6CO566X40E4Melissa1151344384000Good ProductI bought this product for my husband who loves honey. It arrived in a timely manner. My husband loves this honey and thinks it is a LOT better than the honey I usually buy for him. He had some this morning over biscuits and from the look of his chin afterwards, enjoyed it immensely. I would recommend.
398415398415B004CGJ5SQAW5DSCRLV843GBig Bad John1141340409600Hard to find item is foundThis is a rare and nice tasting type of honey which is hard to find when one is not in Florida where it is produced. It is unique in that it does not crystalize over time.
398416398416B0018N7YUMA2M9D9BDHONV3YA. Bennett4441235606400This side dish is really tasty!Knorr Sides Plus Veggies, Butter Herb Rotini with Garden Vegetables, is so much tastier and so much better a side dish than the plain noodle side dishes sold under the plain 'Lipton label' of the same company. There are pieces of carrots and green beans that add so much more to the flavor and texture of this carb loaded side dish. It still has too much salt but the veggies seem to help negate that problem. It's really quick and easy to prepare and very tasty. From now on, I'll only buy the Knorr varieties with added veggies. They are just so much better! As a matter of fact, I'd like to tell Knorr that they need to add even more veggies to this product so that the high carbohydrate negative sugar consequences will be decreased making this a much healthier side dish for every one.
398417398417B0018N7YUMA3DTOBZ535AK4MKapil1141303776000Good..But prepare on the stoveI liked the taste, but only when prepared on the stove. If it's made in a microwave the pasta does not cook very well. Also i needed to add some extra salt and pepper for taste because otherwise it's good but not very flavorful.
398418398418B0001392BOA2DVTX6EMV8YTLinda Roberts6651231804800to all chocoholicsthis is a great product-rich in both color and taste-packaged nicely and very well. Makes a great holiday gift.
398419398419B0001392BOA2ITG77VWH4DH1ghpilotf160051319328000Dark ChocolateI bought this item for my daughter's birthday. She is not a fan of dark chocolate...Having been raised on milk chocolate. But, this one she gave a thumbs up "Yummy".....GH
398420398420B003U7UHSAA3R6HKRG8KKKJ4newpuppieowner0021347321600nice assortment but...This product had a nice assortment of treats and snacks but really the boxes were just cheaply crafted and useless.
398421398421B0043GZU1GAZ8PXTVFA9U23Andrew Barber1151300665600Great item but description is misleading.These bars are great and shipped in a timely manner. My only complaint is that the description of the item volume is misleading. The listing says that you will receive a five pack, so I was thinking five boxes. Instead I received one box of five bars. This may be my fault for being naive, however I still believe the item could be listed better.
398422398422B000N1662MA198KX8QUH0YSSChloe Blue "travelinglass"3351189468800This isn't like other canned tuna -- it's a piece of good fish!Really good! The only thing better is Ortiz Bonito Del Norte Tuna Packed in Olive Oil in a glass jar! This is really good tuna without that wierd canned tuna taste that the "regular" brands all have.
398423398423B000N1662MA249LHUAX530KKDeborah "Queen of Hearts"2251278806400The Best Tuna Ever!I went on Amazon to see if I can get this any cheaper than Whole Foods which is where I buy it now. Nope I can't so I will keep getting it at Whole Foods. But, while I'm here I will do my rave about how good this tuna is. I eat it straight out of the can and I have it on saltines in the morning for breakfast. Its the best! I spend 3.99 for a 3.24 oz can. The tuna in the glass jar is like $7 bucks. Worth every penny if you like tuna.
398424398424B000N1662MA2RO2UTW8P8K69Adrian Gutierrez "Diesel Mercedes guy"2251241568000I'm Spanish and before Amazon, I had to bring it from homeWell, the title says it all. I grew up eating this kind of tuna and here in the US, the tuna tastes very different. My wife (an American) could not understand why I insisted on home tuna until she had it. Now, there is no going back for her either. The flavor is rich and the meat is not just shreds. Enjoy...
398425398425B000N1662MA1XWNUV6U09NEKLloyd S. Gray0051348185600Great stuffNot much to add over other reviews, but would like to point out that it is fabulous in recipes that use a minimum of equally magnificent ingredients.
398426398426B000N1662MA3CAEHGE8DSKQ1Erica0051262822400Omg.This tuna is life-changing. I'm completely serious. Don't use it in a recipe, just eat it straight out of the can, and be in awe.
398427398427B000N1662MAYF4V9CPMZ5D8Perry Smith "statemintman"0051242432000Ortiz Premium TunaOrtiz El Velero Bonito Del Norte Tuna Packed in Olive Oil 250 Grm Tin

Well worth the price! It is by far the best tuna I have ever eaten. I had planned on adding a little mayonnaise, but after the first bite, I realized there was no need for any enhancement. It would be like putting steak sauce on a good steak. It was so good, I just ate it just as it was. If you want to try really good tuna, this it it! Beware, you will probably want more of this after you try it. You're other brand will not compare to this.
398428398428B000N1662MA1T3T8I0XA0AEKAngela Briggs "Angiebaby"0051233705600I didn't know tuna could taste like this!Had everything ready to make tuna salad, then opened my can of this expensive, imported tuna to see what it was about. I tasted this tuna, and I knew it was one of the best foods I had EVER tasted. To make it into tuna salad would defile the chunky, smooth tasting fish. I ate it plain, and threw some on a regular salad. I never do this with plain Jane tuna. My expensive, imported tuna transformed into an investment in a very special product.

I used to wonder why Giada would use a canned tuna on her live cooking show, and now I know why. Only wish I had more of this tuna so I could experiment with some tuna, white beans, onions, salad, vinaigrette.... Oh, I'm sorry! I got carried away! This olive oil packed Spanish tuna is an indulgent treat!
398429398429B000N1662MA2MZWMPIGQG97QB. J. Larsen1341215993600Olive oil packed tunaGood quality product, but only received half my order. The other size of the tuna is out of stock. No mention of when it will be back in stock.
398430398430B000KFWCE2A36EK9QNCTIDYQP. Holden0041335744000Yogi Rest and Relax SamplerI wanted to try several teas for relaxation but I'm on medication that doesn't mix with some of the teas. I really like the Comforting Chamomile,and the Bedtime Tea. Couldn't drink the Kava Stress Relief at all and Calming was just okay. I really should have looked at the ingredients and picked one kind instead of a sampler. I will select just one next time probably Bedtime. The Yogi Teas are wonderful.
398401398401B000EBI4IKADFIKFZ11HKMRable1241306454400scrumptious, delightable, ill have another !very tasty when you start eating them frozen and you just want to yell " this is scrumptious, delightable, ill have another " but after like 5 it gets boring .
398402398402B001YUPSX4A32K6WN17LBZHOphatso0011336435200Are you kidding me?$15 for this tub??

This costs $3.50 at sam's club

these people expect buyers to pay an extra 328% in price?
398403398403B004VLVKWGAVG33MXJZ5N2Mpmajor3351338076800Best Whole Wheat Bread EverI've experimented with some whole wheat bread mixes for my new bread machine, and so far, this is not only the tastiest mix, but the only one that results in a loaf that is evenly shaped. Everyone in the house likes it, too, which is also a huge plus. Delivery is really fast -- I now buy it two cases at a time, which results in free shipping, and it still arrives within just a few days. What's not to like???
398404398404B004VLVKWGAUGM9LIE24TU6Christopher Torgersen "kaelcarp"2241331164800YummmI just got a bread machine not long ago and wanted to get a pre-made mix so I could test it out and get the hang of it before trying any concoctions of my own. I wanted something simple and straightforward. This was a very good choice. You just add some oil and water, and it produces a pretty tasty and healthy loaf.

It was slightly on the bland side, so I made some alterations for my second loaf. I added a bit of sugar and some flax seed, and the second loaf was awesome. I love it.

I'm very happy with the purchase and would certainly recommend this product. It gives you a good starting point and you can alter it as you see fit.
398405398405B004VLVKWGATSIBX9JJTSE8Kathy Leitner2251318291200Excellent Bread MixThis bread is delicious with a wonderful whole grain texture. I bake it in a breadmaker. Sometimes I bake it with nothing else added to the mix but my favorite way is to make a breakfast bread with it by adding chopped dried cherries, almonds, and pecans and finishing off with a good dash of cinnamon. Either plain or mixed with fruit and nuts, this bread rises high and beautiful. Your friends and family will love you for it...should you decide to share.
398406398406B004VLVKWGA1E079MVIIMWOKMommyohs1151338508800Very nice breadI made my first loaf of this bread today in my Zojurishi bread maker which makes a 2lb loaf but this mix was no problem as directed (it makes a 1.5lb loaf). The bread is moist with a nice firm but soft texture. My family wants me to try it with a bit of sweetness next time so I will do that and see if they like that change. They tend to prefer a honey wheat bread, though this mix does contain honey in the ingredient listing. I like the sunflower seeds in the dough, too, which add a nice nutty flavor and texture. I am looking forward to experimenting with this mix and trying the addition of flax and other items to customize to our preferences and boost nutrition even more. I have always been well pleased with Bob's Red Mill products and feel that they are well worth purchasing.
398407398407B004VLVKWGA31N6KB160O508Fran W.1151333152000Superb, rich tasting breadThis is the first time I have used this mix. It was wonderful especially warm right out of the oven after cooling a few minutes. The bread comes out rich and hearty with a rich deep brown color. The taste is superb. I chose to use margarine instead of the oil when I mixed it to give it an extra rich taste, as I do for most bread mixes. It it fantastic bread and healthy too!! Try it, I think you will like it.By the way, I did not use a bread maker, I made it in the bowl the old fashioned way and let it rise in a slightly pre-warmed oven with the heat off. On the second rise after putting it in the bread pan I left it uncovered to rise in the oven/ I have found this is best, rather than covering it with plastic wrap which sticks to the bread dough. This way it does not and allows the bread to rise well.
398408398408B004VLVKWGA1XGANPDEQ9E2EJanet Tremblay "dray"1151326326400Great product, simple, and great taste.This bread was so good that I bought enough to bake for the whole neighborhood a Christmas.
did I tell you that it was healthy, too?
398409398409B004VLVKWGA3GZCGECPIEQZ0Deana Etush "rkach"0021344384000Not GreatI've tried it not best taste bread. It's okay but won't order it again . Just so so not for me.
398410398410B004CGJ5SQA3FN1OZ2TJ5HS2Michael J. Frederick4451321315200Wonderful honey!!Just received this and tried it out immediately. This is some fantastic tasting honey. Can't believe how much better it tastes over the stuff you buy in the grocery store. Now that I've tasted this I won't be going back to the store bought stuff.

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