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398431398431B000KFWCE2A1VEE4GPRIR7FELambries0051290816000Great taste, varietyThis product performs as noted in the description- you will be relaxed! Yogi teas are one of my favorite brands as they do a great job blending practical function with subtle, delicious flavors. My wife has a difficult time sleeping and found this tea helpful in unwinding before settling in for the night.
398432398432B000KFWCE2A16I7IM799OHTMHolly G.H.0051264809600Great mix of teasMy boyfriend and I love Yogi teas, and this sampler is the perfect way to get a variety of teas for a good price. I particularly like the Calming and Chamomile teas, and he likes the Bedtime - it really relaxes him and helps him fall asleep. The Kava tea is pretty strong stuff, but it's helpful if you really need to be knocked out. I agree that some of the teas have a unique taste because of the herbs, so may want to try a box from your local grocery store before investing in this pack.
398433398433B000KFWCE2ANSRDS1AFUZQAJanet French0041235260800Great Product, Good PriceI was surprised by the amount of tea that I received for the price. Plus the variety is great. My husband found the tea to be less tasty than I, but he is normally a coffee drinker and I am a dye hard tea drinker. He did state that the calming tea did help him sleep better. I have been drinking it on the way to work in the morning to help start the day in a stressful work environment calmly. It really seems to help. I am even considering having a mid-day tea, to ease the stress for the remainder of my day.
398434398434B000KFWCE2A3H1NVKEV7VHROO. SOLIS0051233273600This is the tea to get!One day i was walking through the store trying to find something to one relax me on a stressful day and put me to sleep at night. This one attracted me with it funny little box. But what was next was an amazing flavor and quality that I have yet to match it with any other tea. This is the best of the best for the price. It will do exactly what it said, and will put you sound to sleep at night, wonderful stuff. I have a subscription to most of their flavors, it's just that good.
398435398435B000KFWCE2A13XHAQXGVQYA7love to learn0121254700800Expected more from YogiLove many of the Yogi teas, but was really disappointed in the taste of most of these. The Chamomile is good. The Kava Stress Relief and the Calming were the worst for me...bleck, couldn't even finish the cup when I made those. And 6 boxes..sheesh, what was I thinking not buying a box locally first to try? Oh well, there are plenty of other Yogi teas to enjoy :)
398436398436B005CX21AMACL9MB4L8VUMYModel A0051347062400Great stuffThis is great stuff I bought a can to make some apples with a group of kids and it, worked, looked, and tasted great. With the left over caramel we made caramel turtles.
398437398437B005CX21AMA19C2S27SRXROOsara smith "sassysara"0011336521600Awful productCaramel was extremely old and couldnt be used. Had to throw it all away. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DON'T BUY IT. I WANT MY MONEY was a waste of time. Would give zero stars if I could.
398438398438B003OP72O0AYWUHB7N8XGZQEvelyn A. Getchell "Evie"5651284854400Wonderful and my new favorite!When I choose coffee I usually go directly to a dark French Roast but I thought I'd like a little change of pace so I selected The Bean Coffee Company Mocha Java, Organic Whole Bean, 16-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2) the last time I needed to buy coffee. I'm so glad I did! I now have a new favorite! This mocha java coffee is so wonderful!

First of all I love that it is organic. Secondly, it is whole bean because I prefer to grind my own. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, its flavor is divine ~ it is a medium roast that has a full bodied depth; it is smooth and low acidic; and the chocolate "notes" are subtle. All of this simply translates into a very satisfying and delicious cup of coffee.

I should also say that the Amazon pricing is extraordinary and as soon as I post this review I am going to order some more!
398439398439B003OP72O0A13SV7V95KQBXQÃ¥mâzŏniān "Being an Earthling, Livi...1141328486400Not bad.If this wasn't organic, I would have given it only 3 stars. Beans don't look oily/shiny at all. Pre-brew aroma isn't that noticeable. Bag has no rigid wire on top for re-closing. Post-brew (via Aeropress) aroma also isn't that noticeable. There was floating sediment during the stirring step of Aeropressing - a first ever for me (what's that floaty stuff?). Taste isn't bad at all for a medium roast. You shan't be disappointed. Will I buy again? No. Even Target's Archer Farms brand (espresso dark roast) is more exciting than this. But for an organic blend, this is among the best I have tried.
398440398440B003OP72O0AE0HFVSVCXB6HB. Wilson1151298678400Fantastic coffee!Exceptional coffee all around - rich, full, with subtle hints of dark chocolate. My coffee-snob neighbor just ordered 4 pounds herself after having just one cup!
398441398441B003OP72O0A2NLIF9756AE04J. Gross1151292025600Really good mocha javaWas looking for a good mocha java as I have been disappointed by some I have recently purchased. I am happy with this selection.
398442398442B003OP72O0A1HKW2TELCHGLLastraelraen3431315526400Wasn't that impressedI have only had this coffee twice now, but I'm not that impressed at the moment. I drink all of my coffee through the French Press method, so keep that in mind when reading my review.

At roughly 9.60/lb I was expecting reasonably decent coffee. As anyone who drinks coffee knows, coffee has gotten pretty expensive over the last year or so. I judge all my coffee based primarily on taste as well as taste/cost. For a frame of reference, I love Peets coffee, but the cost is simply too much to make it worthwhile for me to enjoy drinking it all the time. Most of the Peets blends I enjoy cost roughly 14-15/lb.

The description of the coffee states "medium roast, chocolate notes." I would say this coffee is most definately a medium roast - and it may even verge on being a medium light roast, at least the beans I got. In terms of chocolate notes, I haven't had a mocha-java style coffee in awhile, so I am not an expert on chocolate notes in coffee. But, I could not really taste any subtle chocolate notes in the coffee. Maybe it was the French Press method of preparation, I do not know.

Overall, I have a hard time rating this coffee. For the price, I wanted it to be better than it is. But when I think about price again, for a "really good" I would have to pay 50% more than this price.

I think if I could, I would give it like 3.5 or 3.8 stars.
398443398443B003OP72O0AAXF0L9LKKWCCaujohn1211329955200crappy coffeeI don't usually take the time to write reviews, but I wanted to save others the time and money. This is crappy coffee; there is NO flavor. It is almost as expensive as my usual mocha java blend from whole foods. This stuff doesn't even stack up to folgers. Have been adding extra coffee to try to compensate, but that doesn't help. Whats worse, I can't even return this. I could drink it, but I like to enjoy my coffee (not water with a hint of coffee flavoring).
398444398444B003OP72O0AJHAK3WYROV5KDana Mendenhall2451283817600great coffeeMy husband and I love this coffee. We are in our sixies so you know we know our coffee. This coffee smells and tastes great and we will never change coffee.

Everyone should try it - you'll be hooked.
398445398445B001RBVOLUA273KTX9YWNMTYM. Seabron2251301443200Delicious and full of flavorThis is the first time I've felt compelled to leave a review on I ordered this honey on a whim, while on the lookout for some decently priced wildflower honey. This is a little pricey, but worth it. I believe I bought it on sale for $8 a jar. I can't say as there's anything particularly pumpkin-y about this honey, but it certainly has a wonderfully present flavor. Sweet certainly, but also a little spicy, a little woodsy. It's worlds apart from your standard clover honey that's for sure. I absolutely love it in the mornings on buttered toast. I imagine that it would work wonders in any Middle Eastern or European pastry that involves honey.
398446398446B001KPI2KYA3J6TE3SKSYBUIDaisy Chubb (Ash-Lee)0041349395200oo strong mint!Mint mint mint! This is my review of how to love mint matcha!
First of all - they're both green! That helps with that feeling of "I'm drinking a strawberry flavoured drink but it's green instead of red! Ow my brain!"

It freshens your breath! Don't do what I do and make your matcha way too strong - otherwise associations of swallowing mouth wash come to mind. Oops!

It's classy! Think of crème de menthe. Okay crème de menthe way be a little old fashioned, but it still hits the spot when you sip from crystal glasses. Drink this matcha from a crystal bowl! Now you're fancy too!

It's great for cookies! Peppermint shortbread is one of my favourite Christmas cookie flavours. Nobody will blink at a red and green cookie - so go for it!

It's a perfect mixer! I know this is a strange and unorthodox review, but this is finally the part when I drink the matcha and love it! Chocolate mint my friends. I mixed a healthy dose (1/2 tsp) of Belgium Chocolate matcha with a small amount (1/4 tsp) of mint matcha! The mint is quite strong, but after experimenting I've found this to be my favourite mix. For an extra treat I add the matcha right into warm milk and froth it up!

It is delish and reminds me of an After Eight hot chocolate. If that's not a treat, I don't know what is!
398447398447B001KPI2KYAXRUDF4WWQ7EAbort0051349136000Great tea!This was my first time ordering from Red Leaf Tea. Everything went very smoothly and my order arrived super fast.

In the fall, I love the mint lattes offered at the coffee shops. When I stumbled upon this, it sounded too good to be true. I could make a yummy mint matcha latte at home? That's unpossible! But no, it's true. It took me a few attempts to get the proportions just right, but when I did, all I can say is mmmmm! To turn it into a latte, I add vanilla soy milk after mixing the matcha with warm water. The end result is very creamy and mint-y and one of the best teas I've had. I've also tried mixing in some cocoa powder to make a chocolate mint matcha latte, and that was very delicious too. I think I have a new fall obsession.

Even though mint is more of a fall flavor for me, I think because the mint in this is so smooth, it would also taste great iced. If I have any left by spring, I'm definitely going to try it, and also buy some bubble gum flavored matcha to mix in with it.

Highly recommended for all mint tea lovers!
398448398448B001KPI2KYA29P51TN9KKMU9Azzrian0051347235200MmmmmmMINT!MMmmmmmMINT Matcha is JUST what I needed to help round off my matcha supply!

I love mint but need to be in the mood for it. Luckly for me that mood comes fairly often!

Mint is eye opening, awakening, and also helps soothe a troubled tummy.

We had some really good Japanese food last night at a great restaurant but all of us were having some tummy "issues" last evening after dinner. This mornings mint matcha is really helping to settle the tummy woes.

When I opened my bag from Red Leaf Tea the aroma was striking! I instantly thought "ohhhh yessss this is IT". It had some slight resemblance to Spearmint gum, and while I do detect a slight peppermint flavor here I would have to say the mint used is mostly spearmint. For those who know their mints some really prefer one type of mint over another. Spearmint to me is sweeter than peppermint and there is less of a bite to it. Some may beg to differ since most people are used to peppermint candies but in its true form I find peppermint to have more bite, sharper than spearmint and spearmint more sweet naturally. Regardless of what type of mint you prefer I have to say this Mint Matcha from Red Leaf does in fact taste very natural!

Yet at the same time it is an excellent mixer as well. Of course you will want to use a little less mint matcha in your blend along with another matcha but I choose to blend mint with mocha this morning. The mocha I used a full scoop and the mint just a half of a scoop. I can taste the mocha very well and the mint does not totally over power it.

This mint does not in any way taste like mouth wash or toothpaste. It is quite enjoyable. I am so glad that I purchased this one and will absolutely keep this as a stash regular.

Also I notice that the mocha base is providing a nice creamy backdrop to the mint matcha! Ohhhh I MUST try a french vanilla / mint blend as soon as possible - I am thinking "Grasshopper" flavored matcha here! Oh yeah!

So all in all I could not be happier that I went for it and grabbed this Mint Matcha from Red Leaf!
398449398449B001KPI2KYA3OGYXV9S7MJHMRita Lonie0051335225600A Shamrock whatnow?Ah mint. My wife and I both adore mint, but I'm a spearmint girl, where she's a peppermint lover. And these are two very different mints.

But I have love in my heart for mint teas. My childhood summers were fueled by Lipton tea bags with fresh mint set out on the porch to brew in the sun. Picking mint and just chewing on it as we played in the sun. Heck, my college days were fueled by mint juleps and raspberry mojitos. Mint and I are good, good friends. And a Shamrock Shake is a must-have for me every March! At least, it was until I found out about my dairy allergy.

Which is what brought me to this tea, Mint Matcha, a desire to make my own version of the Shamrock Shake (which is essentially a vanilla-mint milkshake from McDonalds) with vanilla and mint matchas and soy milk or ice cream. But for the sake of this review, I'm drinking this matcha the way I drink all my tea, no milk and some sugar.

Earlier today I made a cup of this for a friend of my wife's, who I am eagerly trying to seduce to the ways of matcha with my Red Leaf Tea collection, and I fell in love the second I opened the package. It smells like a smooth creamy mint. When I commented on how good it smells, my wife agreed with me...and she doesn't even like matcha! I can't wait to have a cup of this myself!

My wife's friend (who needs to be on Steepster, darn it!) says this tea tastes like Christmas (which may have something to do with the Rudolph travel mug I sent it to her in!). This made me think of my favorite tea of all time, Santa's Secret, which is a vanilla-mint black tea, so I have high hopes for this one.

Holy mint, batman! This is definitely a peppermint tea, with just a hint of the smoothness that reminds me of spearmint tea. Wow. I am definitely craving a raspberry-mint matcha mojito now. Yum, yum, yum. It's mega minty in a non medicinal way and now I am dying to try it with the vanilla, but if I have any more matcha today, I'm going to explode XD. I love it! The burst of strong mint really helps wake you up too, and can definitely see myself adding this to my collection. And mint mixes so well with berries and fruit that I can see endless smoothie options here. If you're a mint fan, I definitely recommend this one.
398450398450B000QB7TUWA3HPS03BEA8M7TMissVivi4411291766400A card would be betterI was a bit embarrassed when I visited my sick friend (65 yrs old) and saw this product I'd shipped. It was a bunch of junk, basically. I should have read the contents more closely -- a nice plant would have been better and probably cheaper.
398451398451B002GE9YE6A8OSIE7WV9MVGFitness maven "Kathryn"5551258243200Yum!A very tasty goji berry: chewy and not too dry. No black spots on like some berries (mold?). Soak a few hours in just enough water to cover (or orange juice), with some dates, put in food processor with some pumpkin pie seasoning, orange zest, a pinch of salt, and it makes a great cranberry sauce substitute (better if put in the dehydrator a few hours to thicken and intensify flavors). Wish they would sell them in larger bags for a per-pound discount.
398452398452B002GE9YE6A1Y5N2SFT000ADRumana Bai1151322611200Soft and ChewyI have bought Goji berries before- once from a whole foods kind of store and once from Amazon from another seller but this one is of great quality. Before I used to soak them and add to salads and it tasted not that great as all the sweetness gets diluted in water. Also I don't have a blendtec blender now and uses a regular one and with old goji berries I had, it used to settle down without proper grinding but this one is good and it blends good with no settlement at bottom.
398453398453B002GE9YE6A349URP86U4Z46D. Brown0031344556800Hard and CrunchyI bought these because another reviewer had described them as soft and chewy. They were a lot more hard and crunchy than I expected. Otherwise ok.
398454398454B0002YB20QA2TEP2FMBLHN1NMicah Sisk "diacritical by nature"394011301875200Not the real dealKikkoman mirin is probably what's called mirin-fu chomiryo (literally mirin-like seasoning). It's certainly not hon mirin (true mirin). If you look at the ingredients list, you'll see a big give away: Rice, Water, **Corn Syrup**, Alcohol, Salt. I'm not even sure this is made with rice wine. It's got rice and (a very little) alcohol in it, but it's sweetened with corn syrup. That's not mirin.

Real mirin is sweetened by rice that has been subjected to the Aspergillus oryzae fungus, which breaks down the rice starches into sugar. It's what's used in the production of sake. Mirin uses the same fungus to produce the unfermented sugars that sweeten this essential Japanese cooking wine.

If you're looking for the real thing, go to an Asian market and check the labels. Anything with sugar or corn syrup in it isn't authentic. Eden Foods also makes a widely available and very good mirin made from organic brown rice, rice koji (Aspergillus oryzae), pure water and sea salt.

(The salt in mirin sold in the US is not authentic either, it's added to calssify the wine as cooking wine, thereby avoiding alcohol taxes).

Do yourself a favor, read the labels and opt for authenticity. You won't regret it.
398455398455B0002YB20QA2B8GXSCB1R05TZack Davisson151751216684800NecessaryMirin and Soy Sauce. That is all you really need for authentic Japanese cooking. And you need it everywhere. Those two liquids are the foundation for almost all recipes, and are used in some quantity in every dish. I do a considerable amount of Japanese cooking, and running out of mirin sends me into panic mode and heading out to the store.

Don't be fooled into thinking that "teriyaki sauce" has anything with Japanese cuisine. Purely an American invention, true teriyaki cooking is a combination of mirin and soy sauce, based on the meat or vegetables which are then slowly cooked, rotating sides until they become a delicious brown sticky mess. It is sooo much better than the fast food restaurants try to pass off as "Japanese teriyaki".

When it comes to brands, it is hard to go wrong with Kikkoman. For both mirin and soy sauce, they put out a consistently good product that you can count on to enhance your cooking. There are probably more refined and expensive brands out there, but Kikkoman does me just fine, as it does for the millions of Japanese households where it sees daily use.

As a sweetened wine, mirin adds flavor as well as nutrients to a dish, and can even be used as a sugar substitute in some recipes for those trying to escape from refined white sugar. Check out Japanese Foods That Heal for an in-depth discussion on mirin's health benefits and uses.
398456398456B0002YB20QA1GYEGLX3P2Y7PShala Kerrigan5541277510400The secret ingredientI'm not sure why, but it seems like a lot of the recipes my friends have for teriyaki sauce are almost exactly like mine. Except for this one ingredient. Then they want to know why mine tastes a lot better. It's the mirin, plus using a bit less sugar because my husband prefers not-as-sweet teriyaki sauces.
For quick meals at home, I just mix the ingredients in a measuring cup, and stir them directly in my wok without making a glossy sauce out of it. For grilling, I cook the sauce and thicken it with corn starch mixed into a couple tablespoons of mirin. We also use mirin for our rice balls to add a little flavor to the rice. This is a nice inexpensive choice for mirin and adds a good flavor. Like vinegar, soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce, it's a staple in my kitchen for homecooked meals.
398457398457B0002YB20QAYPFT2ILU5XK6Cynthia L. Seal5651249344000Try itI bought a cookbook that uses Mirin in some recipes. I've used it and it makes a great addition to a recipe. Just like using any cooking wine. Give it a try.
398458398458B0002YB20QA1O85NC7K90KFFandha11010041329696000NiceI used this to make teriyaki chicken. Kikkoman has always been a great brand. You can always notice then difference when you use Aji-mirin.
398459398459B0002YB20QA2CBE8J2CL76X7Kjeep1251322179200Good brand, better priceThis is the same brand we buy at the grocery store but Amazon brings it to me at a much better price.
398460398460B003CWOIJWA1OJN093WWPH7BSlick0051333929600Holy crap-literallyThis really does work!! Make sure you dont plan on travelling until this is out of your system. It took about 12 hours to get a bowel movemeent but everyone's body is different. good luck

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