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398491398491B0031TX7HKAFQEQ49FN8AIYlp3432221319500800The filling is more viscous than molasses.Don't get these if you value your teeth. The tartlet filling is very viscous. It will stick to your teeth and you could probably use it to glue pieces of plywood together.
398492398492B0031TX7HKA2M06OGP6J0DMCflincky0051320537600my favorite cookieroland tartlettes are difficult to find, particularly as i am partially handicapped. it is really good to find them on line at
398493398493B005A1LE0YA1FT1G72WADIJSpearl "avid hiker"0051343001600Totally love this stuffIf anyone is on a diet, or needs to eat more fiber, this is for you. Only 12 calories in a TB. but 3 TB. will fill you up. So for 36 calores you can have a healthy breakfast or snack!!!
398494398494B005A1LE0YA1JGIHKSS36IXGJillian3330051333497600A crunchy, healthier substitute to granola!I like to add these Sprinkles to my yogurt as it gives me the needed daily fiber easily and it has much less calories/ fat when compared to granola or other items that you can add to your yogurt (i.e. M and M's). It also pairs nicely with ice cream - instead of nuts you can add this on top. It comes in a nice shaker bottle too which is helpful when cooking. I also use the Sprinkles to replace bread crumbs when making a breaded chicken or fish dish. I've also had some luck finding people who use this on a daily basis in their meals and there are many on line recipes that have helped me come up with new ideas when using Sprinkles. Great product!
398495398495B004V1MBYMA2R0EJ2Z4M1HNHgraham1131329264000Pandan FlavoringI was looking for the extract but this was all I could find. The flavor has too much of an alcohol taste but it does carry some of the flavor!
398496398496B0044LXXZ0A3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis3351297123200What do you mean you've never heard of White BBQ Sauce???Only in the barbecue mecca of the known universe (Alabama, not Memphis) can you find a white sauce for barbecue. At Big Bob's in Decatur, if you order a half a chicken they will dip it in a big vat of this stuff before plating. Its fantastic, much better than any red sauce I've ever had on chicken.

This stuff is great on chicken wings, fried catfish, baked potatoes, in chicken salad, and even works as a base for packaged dips. You can make white sauce at home but don't bother trying, you cant replicate this stuff. Also great on pulled pork sandwiches with slaw and red bbq sauce. They mix well together.

Editorial on N.Alabama BBQ in the comments section.
398497398497B0044LXXZ0A2GOTY2STOMEAUJohn G. Gleeson Sr.2251299888000Simply The Best Commercial BBQ sauceOver the decades that I have been cooking over live fire, I have used many different BBQ sauces, including some of my own. This one has been for some time the only commercial sauce I buy any more. It's medium thick and a bit spicy without excess heat. It's sweet with out excess. It's the definitive Kansas City, tomato based sauce and it compliments everything from pork to poultry. Careful online shopping will get a better price however, but the sauce is da bomb!

I just realized that this review of the Gibson Championship Red Sauce had been moved to the white sauce. I did not review this product. It's good, mind, but the red BBQ sauce is superb!!
398498398498B0044LXXZ0A3BCFH6L16B20KMitzy1151341446400Bestest Big Bob Gibson Red BBQ SauceI saw this Big Bob Gibson Championship Red Sauce reviewed on the food network channel and they said it won several awards, and when they interviewed folks in the restaurant they all raved about this BBQ sauce and they were right on!!!! This BBQ sauce is excellent, I have used it on chicken and pork ribs and my hubby raved about this sauce, I will have to order more online. I don't think you will be disappointed with Big Bob. Love it!!!!
398516398516B0019S714AA8WRN6S6XGAG9Brockeim "Playful Literary Adventurer"2451224374400Lifts the Meal to SublimityNo phantasm, nothing eerie about the friendly, warm mist lifting from the gentle mound. The concise hills, like sandy camels kneeling in petition of an oasis, were baked and split Russet Burbank potatoes sending a steaming waft as a signal for butter, and for salt. A quick slip of a smooth knife delivered a melting slice of yellow cream.

A sprinkle from a common table shaker would not do. Not with a filet recently from the grill waiting. Not with a 1994 merlot resting before pouring. Not with green spring peas buttressing the steak. A plebeian salt could not do.

Salt ground from coarse to useful fell into invisible crevices, engaging the potato into evoking flavor. The filet, the merlot, the peas were better for having shared the plate with the potato. No more can be said for this simple salt's necessity. This is what it does. Nothing more.

May your potato's request be met with salt ground at the moment before dining.

398517398517B0001VNZC8A2SL46X32VEZMBSha-rock0031301961600get what you pay forVery earthy and blah. If you use extra sugar in cappuccino it is fine. I am obviously not a connoisseur by any stretch of the word, but was not impressed by this espresso. It is also not as finely ground as I would expect and as espressos I have had in the past. I will not be ordering it again.
398518398518B000E9WCZIA1SWQXRZ4OQCMCcraig0011290729600Hard small peasI have enjoyed wasabi peas for some time. I usually purchase HAPI brand. Thes are produced in Thailand. Great taste, not too hot, large peas that are well coated and crispy rather than crunchy. However, they use artificial colors and palm oil.
So I purchased Sunridge Farms brand, and found them to be very hot which is not so bad, but the peas are very small and very hard. It is a chore to eat them.
398519398519B0014ARCSSAVYEYDC974DMDM. Barth "MTB"1151144972800Wonderful TeaThis is great, not the typical smokey taste from some yerba mate teas and slightly. And I have notice some weight loss just a couple of pounds, but I am not exercising or chaning my diet. It will suppress your appetite, and it does speed up your metabolism. I am over 40 and need all the help I can get. I only drink 2 cups a day before 5pm so it doesn't keep me up at night.
398520398520B0014ARCSSA2HKJIVV8WUBJ0Carolyn1251301011200Fantastic Addictive Tea!I totally love this tea and I can't live without it. I don't know what that other person was thinking because I find it to be totally addicting. My main problem is I like it better than water. FABULOUS!
398499398499B0044LXXZ0A2O0LG0B1KXT3FMooty1151335484800Big Bobs RocksWe actually went to Big Bob's restaurant in Alabama and got "hooked" on his sauces. We love the habanero red sauce because it has a little bit of a kick but not too much. Try one and you will order a case just as we did.
398500398500B0044LXXZ0A1ZR4F7MC5U67PRandy A. Woodward1151314230400Gibson's White Sauce is Unique... and deliciousAlthough I thought I knew it all about BBQ, I'd never heard of white BBQ sauce prior to reading The Big Bob Gibson's Barbecue book. I'm generally an adventurous eater, but the thought of chomping on a piece of chicken dripping white sauce just seemed strange. Until I tried it, that is. It's very hard to describe exactly what this sauce is like. You expect it to be like ranch dressing, but it's not even close. The blend of ingredients complements the smoky goodness of pit-cooked chicken perfectly, and in a completely different manner than a tomato-based sauce.
398501398501B0044LXXZ0AEYNRKQ1RPZSNLolo0051348272000Best BBQ Sauce EVER!This is hands down my favorite BBQ sauce for pork. A mustard sauce goes so well with pork butt and this is the best in my opinion.
398502398502B0044LXXZ0AVF6X93ORDVQRTom Allen0051347408000Great productBeen using big bob Gibson sauce for 50 years still can' t beat it on chicken or pork. Excellent sauce glad to see I don't have to have my mom send it to me anymore.
398503398503B0044LXXZ0A25LQ70JDDDDXFjdp505 "jdp505"1311316217600White BBQ SauceI do not like tis BBQ Sauce! To me, it has a rancid taste and I like any "red BBQ sauce" much, much better. Perhaps the manufacture used old mayonnaise to fabricate this white sauce, however personally, I do not like the flavor. The shipment was packaged just fine and it is that actual tang which I find offensive. I will not purchase this again!
398504398504B0044LXXZ0A2X2N7N0Q7R5LTJERI JAYMES0811294272000Poorly packaged...threw awayThis product arrived so poorly packaged (no interior padding at all). Then postman left in a sunny spot on my porch all afternoon so I was not confident the sauce wasn't spoiled. I decided to be safe and just throw away rather than have to deal with return. Very disappointing transaction.
398505398505B0016BOCEWA9TJ1ZSTUF9BVP. H. Allen "phasr"0051346457600Smooth.....Absolutely no after taste with these soft-gels. I do believe that the quality is top-notch. I would recommend them to a close friend.
398506398506B007B9I8NYA5INLGEAYOGGJmarcus c.1151348617600Fresher than the word.. FreshGreat product and great quality. These raisins are awesome. Couldn't beat it for the price. Very happy with this decision.
398507398507B007B9I8NYA1VXZJVVLQNX9Goriginalwit1151343433600Very good as expectedThese raisins were just the same as the ones I buy from the grocery store. They arrived fresh and not dried out. The expiration date is Nov 2013, well over a year from the date of purchase. I got them for just over $4 as part of Amazon's Add-on program, which isn't the best price I've seen, but still a savings over the current grocery store price.
398508398508B007B9I8NYA283UD6WWOJ2A4nodice0051348099200Amazin raisin.Loved Sun-Maid raisin ever since I was a kid.It's a good things that some things don't change,but rather get better with time.
398509398509B007B9I8NYA12KYJ40E3KZ2DC. J. Vasta0041343088000Fresh and Plump Rasins.Rasins are good quality. They were very fresh and plump instad of dried out. They work especially cooked into hot cereal.
398510398510B00135U1AUAY0OKQ98YBF4Scameroneod "cameroneod"0051345852800Unbelievably tastyI've been eating Applets and Cotlets my whole life and am thoroughly addicted. As the other reviewer stated, there are other types (Greek) which I prefer, but this is as close as you can get to the real thing in the US. Try them. You will not be disappointed.
398511398511B00135U1AUAXS72HY1AFVEGDavid Heath0041338508800Consistently Excellent. "Turkish Delight" as made in USAWe lived in Turkey for a couple of years in the past and enjoy Lokum aka "Turkish Delight". (Warning! Sugar is not good for you. Go easy.) These are consistently Excellent, but if you go to the right shops in Istanbul, you can do even better. Otherwise, I'd give 5 stars. That said, these are here and cheaper than a flight to Turkey. Read the story about how these came about. They are addictive. Use caution. Best if you never try the 5 star version. You might hurt yourself.
398512398512B0019S714AA1UK2R9B7DM9JYBecky1151250035200Great sea saltThis is great sea salt and hard to find in stores. We buy it 12 at a time so we don't run out.
398513398513B0019S714AA2NYK9KWFMJV4YMike Tarrani "Jazz Drummer"0051335139200Convenient, but be carefulI always have this and Alessi Whole Mix Peppercorns, 1.12-Ounce Grinder (Pack of 6) on my table and love the convenience. The caveat for this sea salt grinder is it produces relatively coarse pieces of salt when you grind a portion.

While the grinding process breaks the sea salt, releasing flavors that you will never get from iodized table salt, or even unground sea salt, you need to be very careful if you have sodium restrictions. Be aware that the grinder will deposit a lot more salt with one grind cycle than most people realize. By the way, I use a clockwise-counterclockwise motion on the cap to grind my salt - the Alessi disposable grinders seem to work better that way.

Another consequence of how much salt is dispensed is this particular grinder is quickly depleted, even if you do have sodium restrictions and use it sparingly. While the peppercorn dispenser I mentioned above will last me nearly six weeks, this sea salt grinder barely lasts three weeks, and sometimes two - and I only use it on the table (for the kitchen I use Alessi Fine Sea Salt, 24-Ounce (Pack of 6)).

For convenience, though, this is hard to beat, even with the limitations I have discussed. However, do be aware of the possible implications if you or your guests have sodium restrictions because the grinder does dispense too much salt.
398514398514B0019S714AAF5AJ5V9T6LTSfidelisM0051322006400Very nice taste.This salt is very tasty and not so salty (I know that sounds strange). I realize that there are many different kinds of tastes in the salt world. In fact, I remember an American hotel in Hong Kong that had a steak house within it that served eight kinds of salts from around the world. I especially liked the Mediterranean salt from South of France. This is from Italy and is equally good. Excellent value for those looking for gourmet salt flavor.
398515398515B0019S714AA3NYWYYFOK9NONJim Weatherly "Jim."0041260576000Very HandyIf you enjoy sea salt, this is the product you want. I love sea salt, it does not seem as "salty" as iodized salt for some reason. I have never had fresh ground sea salt before, and like the pepper, it seems to taste even better. Only two minor drawbacks like the pepper from the same manufacturer, there is no way to adjust for fine or course grind, and it's hard to turn the grinder because it's stiff, and small. Even with the drawbacks, I would still buy this product again.

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