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398641398641B001D09KAMA1YEWXBFW0N655M. B. Milson "Accountant Mom"1151279411200Healthy Candy Bar!Of all the KIND bars (and I've had them all) this one will hit the spot if you're craving the taste and texture of caramel and nuts. What's nice is that the fat content is relatively low for something that really can qualify as a comfort snack, while the nuts and other unprocessed goodies will give you sustained energy and the important OMGA-3.

I've removed all the junk snacks from our home and put in boxes of KIND Bars; this one is the one I have to restock most often. If you're curious, go to your local health food store and pay $2.00 for a single bar; I promise you'll be back here ordering it by the box.
398642398642B001D09KAMA3SIXO7D5FFA5Fzebramama1151278115200Really good.My 12 year old son who is gluten, dairy, soy, and egg free loves this bar. He is a little particular about his bars and there are limited choices that meet his dietary requirements. He loves this one and some of the other flavors of Kind Bars (check labels- not all are soy free).
398643398643B001D09KAMA2JFUXMTD3VTD9L. Annie Foerster1141272412800better than chipsWhen I need a snack I know fruit would be better for me, but chips are easier to eat. Then I discovered how easy this is to eat and how much better for me.
398644398644B001D09KAMA22G7XRA7SOO2XVishal Iyer1151266624000Really, Really GoodAfter eating just half of one, I know that I will be buying another box. This is nothing even close to the fruit+nut bars sold in grocery stores. Far fresher and tastes way better.
398645398645B001D09KAMA269T9K2WVAJ9LLee "Lee"1151263945600Kind BarsI snack on kind Bars and love most of them; they are filling, healthy, and generally tasty!
398646398646B001D09KAMATMSYFZBXCLETAmy Smith "Middle-aged Michigander"1151256256000Delicious!The KIND Mango Macadamia are my favorite...not too sweet, great texture, great combination of flavors. I keep them in my office for snacks or the occasional missed lunch! The Amazon price is reasonable; I've also seen them on sale elsewhere.
398647398647B001D09KAMA25KP6F9R5Q0IESara E. Lee1151250640000Yummy!!!!!These bars are awesome! I first tried them at Starbucks, where they cost $2.45 each, plus tax. Amazons price is $1.48 each, almost one dollar in savings! I eat these for breakfast on the go, or for a quick pick me in the afternoon. The Mango/Macadamia Nut are the only ones i have tried so far, but I absolutly plan on trying the other flavors.
398648398648B001D09KAMA1JL3ORMUR8792Kerry Patton "meret29431"1151245974400KIND Plus Cranberry & Almond, 1.4 Ounce Bars (Pack of 12)These bars are delicious not to mention gluten free. Eating gluten free does not often leave many easy to grab breakfast foods. These bars are tasty, all natural and easy.
398649398649B001D09KAMA22A4ZYT83Z2SSSandra Capron "Sam"1151245801600One of the best products to come along in a long time.I bought a couple bars in a grocery store a few weeks ago. It was way past lunch time and I did not eat breakfast. Was I surprised I have since ordered several varities and have my whole office hooked. They are all excellent.
When we go to the shore this summer (20 of us)they will be going to the beach also.
Great snack for kids and adults.

398650398650B001D09KAMA2YDI4BDE90WMXMissRobbie1151244332800Nutritiously DeliciousThese bars are wonderful! Sort of a "Good for you" candy bar. They are a bit pricey but oh so good!
398651398651B001D09KAMAAJSIP9A8OY5YDynamic Dave3421325030400Not up to kind bar standardsI saw this kind bar on amazon and bought it to try. I had high expectations that were dashed the minute I tasted the first bite. The mixture of the mango and macadamia do not go well together. I was very disappointed.
398652398652B001D09KAMA17V2N0N8CXSA9H. Curran "English Bay"3421320364800Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio + AntioxidantsFirst got turned onto these bars at Starbucks. Our favorite is the blueberry vanilla & cashew but Amazon does not offer this combo for some reason. So I ordered the Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio + Antioxidants as well as another type, figuring that even if the kids did not like it my husband would take the remainders to work to snack on midday. Well no one likes this flavor. It consists of a lot of the puffed filler grains used in cheap bars, almost like smaller firmer rice crispies. I even had the box in the car to pull out when the kids were starving as a snack but no go and husband doesn't like them. The other kind I ordered was the fruit and nut delight which everyone will eat, but our favorite remains the blueberry vanilla and cashews.
398653398653B001D09KAMA1648PNP0S8G07CocoRosieFan3421296000000Too SweetI've had other Kind bars and this one is okay (I don't particularly care for the taste). In my opinion, it's too sweet (while I occasionally indulge in sweet things, this isn't what I had expected with this product). Every bar is 40g and there are 13g of sugar. Yikes. I wish I had looked this up before I purchased this because I have nine more bars. What's worse, instead of getting twelve bars, my box only came with ten. I will not be ordering this or any other Kind bars.
398654398654B001D09KAMA1T1YSCDW0PD25A. Wiersch5741265155200Quite tasty but expensiveI am impressed with the taste of this "almond, walnut & macadamiat" bar! Too bad it's so expensive.

* Taste - very good to excellent
* Mostly good ingredients (including no trans fat)

* Expensive
* Not larger? Only 1.4oz
* Contains "soy crisps"

* No gluten, wheat, or dairy
* Bar says "Made in Australia"
398655398655B001D09KAMANR7N0TPK3RB9Lynn Jackson2351328140800BEST ALL AROUND NUTRITION BAR FOR A MEAL OR SNACKI have tried numerous bars, but the KIND PLUS Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio + Antioxidants is the best all around. It is visually & aromatically appealing and the crunchy fruit and nut taste is truly sensational. I have one every morning with a 4oz. probiotic yogurt and my coffee. It is very satisfying on many levels as well as healthy for me. Kind told me that the price I paid for these on Amazon is excellent since they typically retail at $2. per bar in stores. These are so incredible that I possibly could go into 'withdrawal' without my daily Kind fix!
398656398656B001D09KAMA125VNWJ2Y4VTMP. Rebek2311319760000Mango Macadamia bars are grossI normally like Kind bars, but the mango flavored ones are way too sweet. I don't even know how to describe the overpowering flavor. It tastes like the bars were sprayed with perfume and then dipped in tropical syrup. They could have made the mango flavoring a little more subtle.
398657398657B001D09KAMA385E4RHJS3T57Tara Santos2331291161600Just OK as far as KIND goesThis KIND bar is pretty intense. The chocolate and cherry combo create a really strong flavor. The palm kernal oil ingredient in the chocolate is a concern as that oil is not said to be very healthy.
398658398658B001D09KAMA3RUMVZZ7W2E2SJ. Baars2321286668800Definitely not for me...I have enjoyed the KIND bars, but these Almond Cashew ones are definitely not for me. Much more dense and gooey that the other varieties that I have had, they did have a good crunch. However, even the crunch felt slightly mushy at times. With no real flavor to make up for the texture, I would not buy these again.
398659398659B001D09KAMAEY5NHLOAWM21C Love0031351209600The Kind Plus item was stickyI have no complaint about the product itself. I likely would have rated it very good had it not been subjected excessive heat somewhere along, before it arrived. Although I ate them, each one was sticking to the wrapper and
difficult to eat without sticky deposits on my face and hands.
398660398660B001D09KAMA1XV4W7JWX341CDevereaux0051351123200Loved these gluten free healthy bars, saved $$ ordering on AmazonThese Kind Bars are so good and healthy & gluten free. My daughter came across them and loves them for a quick snack between her hectic schedule of classes & work. Most times she won't have time to eat a full meal and these are such a great alternative to fast food. I will order again & this time I'll get a few for moi! Really loved the coconut too..
398661398661B001D09KAMA34XBAIFT02B60travelinlight0011351123200Should advertise coconut as an ingredient more prominentlyFirst, these should be called Mac - Coconut bars, as Coconut is the #2 ingredient and Mango is #3. Second, lots of people don't like coconut. I happen to be allergic to it. Word to Amazon that if you want happy customers to make things like this more prominent. Thanks.
398662398662B001D09KAMA2NOJMODF77E0JEden Eskin0051350864000KIND chocolate, cherry, cashewThis is the KIND bar that made me look into all the varieties I could find. It's healthful and delicious and not too sweet. It's a chocoholic's dream
398663398663B001D09KAMA3LZ8FCM3BG2ONMichele0051350691200Kind Plus, Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew BarsThe dark chocolate cherry cashew kind bars are so good I can get my protein and my chocolate craving satisfied at the same time. It's a great grab and go when your in a rush and need something to hold you over for a while.
I tried many of the other flavors and they are all very good.
398664398664B001D09KAMA3B95ZTWQKJMC9Bugs0051350691200Great buy!My son takes a snack everyday and he loves the Kind Protein Bars. They arrived very fast and a great deal!
398665398665B001D09KAMA26SZPCDAC82BFJMac0051350432000Fabulous!I have tried many snack and nutritional bars, and these are my current favorite. The combination of flavors not only satisfies my hunger but also satisfies my desire for something sweet. What turns me off about most fruit/nut bars is the syrupy sweet substance that holds the ingredients together. I don't taste that at all in any of the Kind bars. I have this particular variety on auto delivery.
398666398666B001D09KAMAA4OAOCF9RZPBNakita0051350345600DeliciousWhen you need a healthy snack or do not have time for breakfast just grab a Kind bar. They are so good and are gluten free. Doesn't get much better than that!
398667398667B001D09KAMAPD7KZ6HTG0OYStuart Lefkowich0051350259200DeliciousThese are better than other gluten free granola bars because they have more flavor. Chewy, but not too sweet. The dark chocolate is a nice addition, as are the raisins. More complicated and dense than other bars and you don't get tired of eating them.
398668398668B001D09KAMAJ7Y095HYJN1PDanika0051350086400Delicious and satisfying all-purpose barAlmost every breakfast/snack bar is plastered with claims that it's "satisfying" and "nutritious." Ironically, the exact opposite is usually the case: the bar amounts to a couple of bites of chemical-laden chalk comprised of over-processed protein isolate and corn syrup. These KIND bars are one of the only available bars on the market that actually ARE delicious, nutritious, and filling.

I'm a chocolate and peanut butter fiend, and before I discovered KIND bars, I had abandoned my years-long quest for a bar that contained chocolate and peanut butter without being a glorified candy bar devoid of nutritive value. I have one almost every day for breakfast, and for hours afterward I feel both satisfied and energetic, in contrast to the jittery 30-minute sugar rush followed by a swift crash provided by other brands.
398669398669B001D09KAMA2XNF2FRM72I0Mcmoore0051350086400awesome productI carry the Kind Bars with me all the time. I have a blood sugar concern that is controlled by
diet and the Kind Bars help keep my blood sugar stable
398670398670B001D09KAMAI066ESWAN83Kpodushka0041350086400Love the tasteI got the dark chocolate cherry cashew, and I just love the taste! It rivals any candy bar. I'm not into candy and am trying to eat clean (Paleo), so thought this would be a nice snack idea for when I'm on the go, etc. Well, what bothers me is that it has glucose (the bar is very sweet) and soy. Otherwise, I think it's my favorite snack bar so far.

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