Amazon Fine Food Reviews

398732398732B001D09KAMAFUZRJRXSQV4LJoe0051336262400Great product, tastes goodThis flavor tastes very good. Great product!!! I subscribed to receive one box every 6 months, very convenient and great service.
398733398733B001D09KAMA1V4OAPTMOKIX2M. Kolod "M. Kol"0051335398400Get Your Fiber the Pleasant WayI knew nothing about Kind Bars, until I saw them on QVC. Since I must be on a high fiber diet due to a colon problem, I tried them. After the first box, I was "hooked". These are the best tasting fiber bars I've ever had. The ones in the markets are good, but Kind Bars are the best. I use them as a once a day snack or desert. If I use it as a snack, I follow with 8 oz., water. I feel as satisfied as if I had a full meal. My favorite is almonds and cranberry. They are not too sweet, but just right for my taste. Another thing that I like about them is, they are moist and the nuts are easy to chew, not hard. If you like nuts, cranberries and honey, you'll love Kind Bars. MAK
398734398734B001D09KAMATSIX0LEYCH9POlga Semenovskaya0051335398400Very tasty barsThere are many varieties of bars on the market these days. I like Kind Plus and tried several varieties. They have almonds, not peanuts as other brands have and this makes a big difference. They taste grate and very fulfilling. Each bar still has 12 gram of sugar, so be careful and do not eat too many at once, but one a day as between meals snack is OK : )
398735398735B001D09KAMA3KBG41S1S2SU4Margery Erp0041335398400Kind BarsThese bars are exceptionally good, with whole nuts, large pieces of fruit and seeds, all bound together in a delicious snack. I want to increase my order.
398736398736B001D09KAMA1A41QWJP5M2G6J. W. Robinson0051334966400Best Bars Ever !I discovered these KIND bars at the airport. They are pretty good for you and taste great ! Just what I have been searching for! If only Pizza was good for you, I would be all set !
398737398737B001D09KAMACSGOJCV2169GDarlene Klischer0051334880000Super fresh and goodThese KIND bars are the best bars I have ever had.
I received them promptly and they were very fresh
I plan to try other varities by this manufactuer
398738398738B001D09KAMA16R6V5T0YM4LWkn05260051334793600Yumm!These bars are so delicious! Every time I wanted to purchase them at the store they were sold out- plus the cost of 5 at the store you can basically buy the whole box anyway! These are great!
398739398739B001D09KAMA2F4H6R8ZH7QELMichael Altose0031334707200Hard!?I normally love this product - 5 stars - but in this shipment the bars were all hard like a rock. I wonder if it had been stored improperly prior to shipment. Still tasted great, but not the soft like the KIND bars I buy in the store.
398740398740B001D09KAMA200NJR1P9CFCXJason McGonicle "Jay"0051334188800Wonderful Breakfast Bar!!These bars are great - and I am not even particularly fond of cranberries. They are not overly sweet (I can't quite stomach chocolate early in the morning), but provide a good, solid start to the day. They are my favorite breakfast bar right now, and for those who do like cranberries, you will love these.
398741398741B001D09KAMA2JI04DVN1R7QZmatt's mom0051334102400just like a good candy barLove, love choc,cherry cashew Kind bar. I will eat this in place of my regular candy treats. I just ordered the choc peanut butter bar.
The price at Amazon is so much cheaper than grocery store or health store in my area.
398742398742B001D09KAMA1SYEY0VXLA17ZKKookie0051333843200Kind bars are GREAT!We have tried a couple different flavors of Kind bars and are liking the blueberry ones now. We appreciate Amazon carrying so many gluten-free products!
398743398743B001D09KAMA10JWU28FPMMVRLori Fornicola0051333843200Love <3
398744398744B001D09KAMACVMA9Y3ULJ1TSusie0051333324800Excellent barsI have ordered these Cranberry Almond + Antioxidants KIND bars at other sites, and have been very happy with all the flavors I can get. Because I wanted to have a box of this flavor only (not a variety pack), I ordered these bars. Great flavor and they feel "so healthy." Give tham a try. You won't be sorry.
398745398745B001D09KAMA2ICZYFD825S13Luv Books0051333238400Kind bars cranberry almond and antioxidantsLove them, heat them in the microwave for 7 seconds and they are the best. Also, give you a boost of energy when you really need one, without caffeine or lots of sugar.
398746398746B001D09KAMA2N1UDVECWM3MFB. Jennings "bjer"0051333152000Highly recommendVery tasty and full of fiber. A very satisfying, crunchy snack to get you through - that you can feel good about eating.
398747398747B001D09KAMAQCK0L64XNZLER. Venugopal0051332028800just love itMe and my wife love this and our 3 year old toddler thinks this is Cake...Great product and very satisfying.
398748398748B001D09KAMA18RJKCYAW9RJPD. Wu0051331164800Great deal, delicious snack!I get these bars delivered to me at my office. They are delicious, easy to eat, fresh, and healthy! I'm definitely a repeat customer!
398749398749B001D09KAMA1IO0EZBH5XXM9Casey0051330992000No need to eat candy bars again!!These are great, way better than a Snickers and healthier. Great to carry one with me when I am out for the day. This way I have something safe to eat and has some chocolate! :)
398750398750B001D09KAMA3HA3GY1WURBDGDorothy S. Bruce "gma23"0051329350400best ever snack or breakfast barsThese bars taste good and have all the right things in them (like almonds and cranberries, etc) that let you know they are doing your body good. These bars were better tasting than other snacks I have eaten. They are packed with good stuff that help keep your blood sugar balanced (I am hypoglycemic with fibromyalgia and a few other mechanical issues) and your energy stays up there. This may have me making it a major part of my daily regime. These bars keep actually full me up for a while too. They come in a smaller size which I am going to get just to stick in my purse for those sugar drops that leave you shaking and dizzy!! and of course for fighting those hunger pangs between meals.
398751398751B001D09KAMA287D5XE55CSY4AshokLA0051329264000Tasty!I generally dislike most "healthy" bars mainly because they don't taste particularly good. Like bars are different, they are truly tasty! Well at least the cranberry almond and the almond cashew with flax bars I have tried are amazing. I am more than happy to snack on them rather than a chocolate bar or other snack, they are that good!
398752398752B001D09KAMA9TRAUM6WDDM7Qualitypicks0051328832000Kind Bars are the Best!This box of Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio & Antioxidants is delicious as is all the Kind Bar products. They are a great choice for a balanced, satisfying, nutritious bar very low in sodium and without gluten. LOVE KIND bars. I will definitely be back for more. The 12 Pack boxes from Amazon are a GREAT VALUE too!
398753398753B001D09KAMAXFMSVSZ6FVXOIdotou040920110051328745600These things are the best in between snackOkay I was given one of these at a hotel during a conference. I love these things. I can't wait to try the other flavors. They are a great snack to have in between meals. My kids think they are candy so now I have to hide them.
398754398754B001D09KAMABHMZC1JQR17DGarDog0051328572800Really Good and Gluten FreeKind Bars come in many flavors but this is my favorite. It allows you to have something made from healthy and organic ingredients that still seems like having a candy bar-just healthy. Received my last shipment and my bars were stale/hard as a rock. Never had this happen before.
398755398755B001D09KAMAMLKOZD3389XGpatricia van vorous0051328572800KIND-super xtra greatAll of the many products are of the highest quality and very delicious too. I only wish they were larger bars.
398756398756B001D09KAMA298QC2BG1YR2OEva M. Kellstrom0051328486400Fantastic barsThese bars are my favorite. Everyone else in the office love them too. Can't even tell they are Gluten Free.
398757398757B001D09KAMA32HS17F43SEGPBrighteyes1270051328227200A must buy for GF people!I can only eat gluten free foods and struggled to find a tasty snack when I'm on the go or in between meals. This is one of the best tasting GF bars I've ever tried!! The blueberry pistachio bar is fantastic too!!
398758398758B001D09KAMA2L1Z55GVXM1AFJ. Partin "extremities71"0051327276800Great for breakfast or a snackThese bars are perfect to grab and go in the morning or for an afternoon addition to lunch. Crunchy with a hint of sweetness from the cranberries. I haven't tried the other flavors but intend to give them a shot as they are a low carb option for a bar.
398759398759B001D09KAMA1KOCC28DINKMAFin0051326844800Love these barsI highly recommend Kind Plus protein bars. They're tasty, satisfying and get me through a workout or balance me after one. I am slowly switching to a gluten free diet. I say slowly because I am still discovering new products and I'm very happy I found Kind.
398760398760B001D09KAMADDUE9RSZ3HAZenewjersey0041326585600Kind chocolatkind bar satisfy's the chocolate craving and also has antioxidants. Great as a breakfast bar and also tastes good. My kids like it too.

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