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398761398761B001D09KAMA36IAK1CYGXVSFSharon0051325030400Kind Plus, Plus, PlusKind Bars have done it again -- thier Kind Plus adds protein or other vitamins to a deliciously, good for you bar!
Great for a breakfast in a hurry, or an anytime snack. Also a sweet way to end the day.
Thank you Kind bars for being Plus, Plus, Plus!
398762398762B001D09KAMA2N09DNTWZ1OZIken "average guy with opinion"0051324425600good taste and better than a snickers bar for youThere bars are pretty tasty. But you are never going to find something that is nutritious and tastes better than a candy and chemical bar. Anyway you look at this it is not a competitor to mainstream snack food. I enjoy these bars and think that they taste good and are an enjoyable treat.
398763398763B001D09KAMA37TDQG7V2XZMALeslie Gaarder0051323043200these are amaaaaaaazing!!!These are fantastic! I would recommend these to anyone! They're a great healthy snack for on the go! So yummy!
398764398764B001D09KAMARLH1C5N1XGT6Jango0051320883200Super Awesome!This is by far the best purchase I can imagine to have made.
I bought these KIND bars and keep them in my office drawer.
They are yummy, nutritious and filling.
I find it to be the best choice instead of running down to the cafe for a Bagel or some other form of breakfast.
Also a very good option when you are totally deprived of energy and saturated.
It is not too sweet. Just the right flavor and amazing if you like dates and almonds (I love them).
Sometimes I feel I could eat many but then it fills you up just right to not crave for too many.
I love this particular flavor and also the cranberry one they have.
It seems like a total value for money item and they also were prompt at shipping it.
398765398765B001D09KAMA20V3QYXWZ6BECP. Rubin0041320710400REALLY Tasty and Chewy... though a bit smallThese bars are delicious. Nuts and berries kind of stuck together with a thin layer of sweet, honey-like glaze. My only complaint is that they are not particularly filling - after I eat one I want to reach for another one.
398766398766B001D09KAMA1P3RPCUSA8C0HAnna V.0051320537600Love it.I love these bars. They are a great snack to have around! They are a bit expensive but it's worth it for me. I usually buy them once a week and they tend to last a while. The minis are also a great choice if you are unsure of what flavor you'd like.
398767398767B001D09KAMA2MHM4V8YUAZ5AK. Reynolds "kami"0031318723200LOVE LOVE LOVE the Almond Cashew with FlaxHATE HATE HATE the gooey mess I was just sent from Amazon. It looked like it melted then firmed up a bit. It was a brown sticky block. Tasted great but it still looked disgusting.
398768398768B001D09KAMA1XURWWD7GVA0Tsava0051318550400Great product!What I really appreciate about these bars is that it really takes time to eat and enjoy them. Highly recommended!
398769398769B001D09KAMA2XYFGIIAZPZZWS. Mcmurray0051318377600Perfect bars for meI have trouble eating cliff bars & other similar things -- they really upset my stomach. But These kind bars are basically my 3 favorite nuts stuck together with honey etc. Filling, natural food, no stomach issues while hiking.
398770398770B001D09KAMA3TARXGEBMVVZ6Cheryl J. Waggoner0051317168000A Delicious SnackThese bars were so good. There were big pieces of macadamia nut in them and the mango taste was intense.
398771398771B001D09KAMA3GWHM2Q8IPR3XRachel H.0051316476800Best Kind bar!I have tried all the other Kind Bars and this one is the best!! I usually take one to work and everyone always wants one. It's as close to a candy bar as something healthy can be!
398772398772B001D09KAMA15AIHT2A1FF19Colorado Kate0051315267200DeliciousThese are my favorite of the Be Kind bars. They're so tasty and keep me satisfied during the late afternoon hours when I'm feeling like a snack! Definitely good and good for you!
398773398773B001D09KAMA1P0YO97IU9RCVR. Holliday0051315008000ohhhhh.... Yummmy!These are very very yummy... it can have the taste effect of a nutty desert. If not kept in a cool place they will get sticky gooey and not come out of the wrapper very well.
398774398774B001D09KAMAPQJJGEJOY6OFmusthavebook0031314748800Tastes great, but low protein and high fat, especially saturated fatI love the taste and consistency of this bar. And the added calcium is a plus. But I try not to eat it too often because it has 12 grams of fat and the saturated fat is 25% of daily value. And 2g of protein is a bummer.
398775398775B001D09KAMA1VT715ZCPW3RAGina in Phoenix0051314662400So Delish!This is such a great product, looking forward to exploring more flavors. Shippied in timely manner, came in great condtioner. Will order again!
398776398776B001D09KAMAD84WXJJDB3LSminz0041314316800Really nutty, but melts to the packagingI'm excited to try the other KIND bars. I am looking for a low carb and more natural snack bars and I think KIND is a very good choice for that. The Almond Cashew + Omega 3 is pretty good, although I haven't found a great number of cashews. I've had it in rather hot places and it does kind of lose its shape. That's annoying. Purchasing it through was a breeze, I enjoyed having 12 at once and saving. This stuff is okay to buy in bulk because you can consume it so quickly.
398777398777B001D09KAMAO34Q3JGZU0JQD. M. Ockert0031314057600Mango Macadamia...there are betterTried the Mango Macadamia this time and will not get them again. Really like the Macadamia Apricot the best of all I've tried thus far.
398778398778B001D09KAMA1EZAZTJJO6XYWMarc Richardson0051313798400Cranberry & Almond - Tasty, natural and nutritionalAt 190 calories, these bars provide a great calorie boost with very healthy ingredients. Cranberries and almonds have loads of healthy benefits and naturally combining them into a convenient bar is definitely a one of a KIND product. I am very satisfied with the taste and they are my friends' favorite choice when grabbing a snack to go from the pantry. They have a short ingredient list compared to similar bars. Purchasing through subscribe and save makes the amazon price the lowest I could find and very reasonable per bar.
398779398779B001D09KAMAUMGVFDBLIC86FireFly "school daze"0041313539200Good snackI like this bar. It does have an initial interesting taste, but I'm sure it's the mac nuts in it. I would buy it again. It is VERY moist and sticky - which is good cause it won't dry out your mouth like a lot of bars do. I think I'd like to try other flavors as well. I let a co-worker try it and she said, "it tastes like lip gloss". I'm not sure how she got that opinion, but thought I'd put that in my review. It is different from any other bar that I've eaten; sesame seeds, mac nuts, etc.
398780398780B001D09KAMA2NP1ZBODTD8MNBryan Troll0041312848000great taste, more fat than i expectedTastes great and I'll happily finish the box but my mistake for not checking the nutritional info more carefully before ordering... 15g of fat per bar is pretty damn high. I was hoping for a protein snack that was pretty lean otherwise. This is sweet and delicious but not as 'healthy' as I was hoping for.
398781398781B001D09KAMA19LF8H78H24KJMinerva Rodriguez "MinRod60"0051311120000Great snack for on the go or at homeVery good and filling to have at home as a snack or on the go when I don't have time to cook.
398782398782B001D09KAMAQOM6EBCE9TX7Tracey0051310947200YUMMY! YUMMY! YUMMY!This is the only health bar, that is the KIND BAR that can compete with such treats as M&M Peanuts, MARS Bars, Baby Ruth etc.,this one dark chocolate with peanuts is my very favorite..I put them in the freezer and they then make a great summer treat!!!
398783398783B001D09KAMAJPW9QWBENCG8Christina0051310515200Love, Love, Love!My husband and I love, love, love Kind bars!!! They are so tasty and so good for you, it is a win-win!!!
398784398784B001D09KAMA1UPQ5YW89ORYGYessong "alankk"0031309651200Taste great, but beware the high fat levelsThey are delicious, yes, but I'm confused how a relatively small bar packing this much fat can be called "healthy." And they sure don't tell you about it in their description!
398785398785B001D09KAMA1EDY9U7KAOLCEA. Grimes0041308960000Very healthyI dont really worry about my weight these days. These bars are not exactly low calorie, though, in the writeup I read on the internet I , the guy who created the product says he sometimes eats a couple of them for lunch. That's about right, it would be a tasty light on-the-go lunch at 420 calories. So much better for you than a candy bar. I read an interview the magazine about the founder of the company, and it inspired me to try other bars also, where they are selling them everywhere . I loved it. The one I sampled was different from this one, but this one sounded like I would enjoy it even more, and I did.
398786398786B001D09KAMA2LX5CLQJ3FR8CMikey Aye0051308441600Good Stuff!A friend gave me a couple of these "energy" type bars last year and I immediately liked them a lot. But the prices at the local health stores and bicycle/mountain stores prohibited me from buying them as much as I wanted to. Amazon stepped in and I bought them by the box at a very decent price.

I like to have them on bicycle rides and I'll eat one half-way through and I feel a little "lift" immediately afterward.

Taste good, filling - ya oughta get some.
398787398787B001D09KAMA39RMTD780WVJFA. R. Smithee "Rayjay"0051307923200TASTY CHOCOLATE TREATThese bars do not qualify as high protein or health bars, but exceed in the taste department. Contain all natural ingredients, which will give you instant energy for that tennis game or other favorite sport. Not recommended as trail bars, because heat will melt the dark chocolate in the bar. Can be refrigerated. The three main ingredients are almonds, dark chocolate and cherries, in that order. They do contain some added vitamins. Recommended.
398788398788B001D09KAMA2XRQMAJYZVA32Eva0051307318400Delicious!These are the most delicious granola bars ever. I loved them!Healthy, good taste and light but enough filling for a perfect snack or breakfast on the go.
398789398789B001D09KAMA8WIWT45M3IGPMoniquesreviews5541328659200Great tasteI ordered the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew bars and I was pleasantly surprised how good they tasted. My husband likes them and so does my daughter. The only thing is I wished they had a little less sugar. The nutritional facts say they have 14g of sugar. Now 14 grams of sugar is not bad if you are comparing it to a candy bar but for a nutritional bar I would ideally like 10g of sugar or less.
398790398790B001D09KAMAGJRZA4GW3E1HSluggo5551283558400I've finally found "my" barI've been some combination of nursing and/or pregnant for a few years now, and trying to find time for a meal when chasing after a toddler or when morning sickness gives you many reasons to avoid every food on earth can be a real challenge. Because of this I sometimes feel like my pantry is some sort of test cabinet for a nutritional bar company. There are always at least a few kinds in there, ones that I've tried before and like and ones that I'm trying out for the first time. I finally got around to trying Kind Bars after all this time, and this specific flavor is officially on my "that's it, you've found a gold medal winner" list.

There's usually something for my picky side to take issue with, but not this time. I love that they have extra protein, as they really manage to leave me feeling full and satisfied if I end up turning to one in place of lunch. The fact that it was packed with nuts made me suspect that I would find it too crunchy, but it has the perfect level of chewiness with a really pleasing-but-not-overpowering crunch. Unlike their sister bars (Passion Fruit Macadamia + B Complex, which I purchased at the same time) these are not cloyingly sweet. Don't get me wrong, they have sweetness, but I find that it's just the right amount-- you're tasting the nuts and other good things with just a bump of sweetness to help it along.

I bought one box to try them out, now I'm back to load up on them while they are on sale. I'm going to be keeping these as my main bar with one or two other favorites for occasional variety. If you are the kind of person that is always on the lookout for a quick meal or snack fix, I really can't recommend this specific bar more!

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