Amazon Fine Food Reviews

398821398821B001D09KAMA3RTD3FH5ZDVR8D. Cousins "homedecnut"0051288051200Awesome. Totally hit the spot everytime.I love these bars - especially the cranberry bars. I allow myself 1 per day. I think everyone is getting a box for Christmas.
398822398822B001D09KAMAEP0XAC6F8N2YApril Fear0051287705600Love These BarsI love the mango, whole nuts and coconut in these bars! They are perfect for a mid-day snack. My 10 year old granddaughter is always asking if she can take one for snack break at school.
398823398823B001D09KAMAPVZCLLIB9DO2Cautious Consumer0021287532800Product Arrived in Poor ConditionThese bars taste fine but there is a problem with the condition of the product sent. The back of the bars are stuck (perhaps melted?) to the plastic wrapper and can only be removed by scraping off small, individual pieces. I ordered these Cranberry Almond bars along with the Kind Apricot Almond and Mango Macadamia Nut bars. The other flavors came from a different seller and arrived in great condition, even though they were sent in the same shipment as the defective box. I won't bother with the hassle of attempting to return them, especially since I ate one of the bars before I realized there was a problem with the entire box. A real waste of money.
398824398824B001D09KAMA20M6PDSIP3TVMSheena0051287446400My Favorite Bar of AllI saw this amazing combination in a healthy bar at Starbucks. I am a mango fanatic so ANYTHING with mangoes rule! I was not disappointed! Mangoes, Macadamia nuts and coconut in 1 bar? Heaven! I turned on several of my co-workers to these and plus they have folate and calcuim, which were not in the bars prior. I fell in love with this bar first and eventually, it became popular because at one point, the Starbucks I used to frequent could not keep this flavor in stock!!!

My kids do not like the flavors I ordered but there are some that I am sure that will sway them over!

Thank you amazon for bringing these in at such great prices!!!
398825398825B001D09KAMA1Z8J6E7XYSO8Avenger0051287446400Probably the best nutritional bar I've had thus farKIND bar is little like fine dinning, they don't give you a huge portion, and its quite expensive compared to others, but the portion they give you is so good. This is one of the few health bar that doesn't give you that sugar high and then nap time afterward.

As a working individual that logs a lot of hours behind a monitor, sometime it is difficult to grab a meal when you are in the middle of something. So for the past few years, I've been stashing a collection of nutritional bar at my desk. Usually, that stash consist of items on sale from either Amazon or Vons. I've many different bars, from Clif Bar, Nature Valley's Granola Bar, to Balance Bar. None of them can compare to KIND bar. I've actually never heard about this company until a sale on Amazon, but due to great reviews. Which is why I want to put in my 2 cents as well.
398826398826B001D09KAMA39179SV97PX4JKatherine McEwien "Katy"0051287273600So Yummy!!!Oh, these are so good, and good for you too! Even if you hate "snack" bars, you'll probably love these. The challenge will be in eating just one--in my house they tend to get eaten several times a day until they're gone. It's the lasagna of the snack world.
398827398827B001D09KAMA1MI3W9A0JXA44Happy Shopper "$$$"0051287273600Great All Natural BarPurchased one out one day and really enjoyed it. Found them on Amazon and ordered this flavor, which is my favorite and Coconut. These bars taste great & are not like other protein or natural bars I have tried in the past. I would recommend these bars for a quick snack, after work out or even breakfast.
398828398828B001D09KAMA3MI80AD3RZOT0Deborah J Nicholson0051286928000Scrumptious!I just tried these for the first time and they're fantastic! Absolutely delicious and filling. A bar in the morning with a cup of green tea and I'm good to go. I liked them so much I handed them out to co-workers who immediately wanted to know where to get them. I'm ready to order a box of every flavor!
398829398829B001D09KAMA4KPGSL8GG2XPBrenda Crowley0051286668800Love theseThey came fresh and they were delicious. I will be ordering more when I am out! YUM YUM YUM. Love the ingredients first and foremost for no unnecessary crap!
398830398830B001D09KAMA36PG3D7ILZEU2Emily Rich "poet tree"0051285804800ScrumptiousThere isn't a KIND Bar that I don't love! These make wonderful, healthy, gluten-free snacks that I never feel guilty about indulging in! So far, they've always been fresh, wrapped well, and consistent in flavor and packed with goodies!
398831398831B001D09KAMA36PG3D7ILZEU2Emily Rich "poet tree"0051285804800AmbrosiaThese KIND bars are indulgently delicious. Who can go wrong with Mangos and Macadamia Nuts? I save this flavor for when I really want something special! I've shared them with a colleague who actually moaned with pleasure when he tasted the first one! (And he's not a person who is easily pleased by anything!) Food for the G-d or G-dess in all of us!
398832398832B001D09KAMA2MFQUJ4I0XVMpumalibu0031285718400looks better than it tastesi had the other ones from starbucks, but wanted to try something different especially with the combination of macadamia and mango, but this didn't seem to mesh well. probably wont buy these again.
398833398833B001D09KAMAFMAWUTGO9CE1AB0051285632000AddictingI came across these bars while at Starbucks and was really hungry and decided to give one a try. From the first bite I knew I was hooked, they are so delicious and healthy for you! I love the fact that they are high in fiber and have Omega. I highly recommend these bars to anyone looking for a healthy snack. If you have a sweet tooth grab one of these as a healthy option rather than a chocolate bar.
398834398834B001D09KAMANUEIQBZQFNVES. Bennett "alwayzl8"0051285545600A new favorite for me!I really enjoy these bars. I ordered the cashew-almond bars as well, but much prefer the cranberry/almond. The cranberry just adds that extra bit of flavor, plus I have a sweet tooth. I am a borderline diabetic, and I like how these bars are low-glycemic. The last thing I need is a sugar rush.
398835398835B001D09KAMA25709ZQ344YMTL. Andalora "lit-life"0041285113600very good butThese bars are moist and delicious. They aren't too small or too big and leave you feeling satisfied. They aren't full of too many or unknown ingredients. You can taste the fruit and nuts clearly. However, I find them high in fat/saturated fat and calories for their size, and quite sugary on the teeth.
398836398836B001D09KAMA2Q1ELWEHTTTF5Yogafreedom0051284336000Scrumptious bar, nutritionally giving, allergy-kind.I have never been one to rely on nor crave a nutritional bar. Following a gluten-free and low-allergy controlled diet, I stumbled across these KIND bars while looking for nutritious options for my teens, thinking I would be able to try them. Well indeed they truly are scrumptuous. My 18 year old loves them and when running out the door will grab one or two for the road. I have only tried the Walnut and Date and the Cranbery, Almonds and Oxidants varieties as I follow a blood type diet and also do not love foods that are too sweet. We are on our second box of each and I will be looking at the other varieties to try in time.
398837398837B001D09KAMA3RD8IE05Z629BM. H. Neal "fan of skilled musical interplay"0051284249600Succulent and freshJuicy, tart berries in a not-too-sweet combination with fresh and still crunchy nuts. A tad pricey, but convenient as packaged. Usually comprises my lunch, as I have a desk job.
398838398838B001D09KAMA1LFSTBR7L7PUTV. Wiedemann "2 avid readers"0051284076800a bit of heaven in a barWe are on a special diet and there are very few bars that are healthy and have no ingredients that are bad for us. This is one of them. This is also incredibly delicious. My husband, who has a lot of trouble chewing, says these bars are so good he doesn't mind the effort it takes to eat one!

I've ordered these twice, but now that hubby has found out how good they are we might be ordering 2 boxes at a time in the future.

If you want a quick pick-me-up snack that is healthy and tastes better than most candy, try these!
398839398839B001D09KAMA1V99QLGRRKELCAdam "Adam"0051283731200Sweet but really deliciousI like this bar, the mango flavor is really strong and it just tastes awesome. I purchased this from Amazon's Subscribe & Save program and will keep it for regular delivery.
398840398840B001D09KAMA3PFI1B6M35CINR. Perloff0051283644800Kind BarExcellent gluten-free nutritional bar with really, really good flavor. Perfect for the 4 o'clock tired feeling and tastes good too
398841398841B001D09KAMA332IM0QC4GEQ4Phil Rizzo "Happy Handyman"0051282521600KindThis is not the first time I've ordered this product. Love it and will order it again.
398842398842B001D09KAMAISHY95HIIAMJRice Delman0051281830400Delicious, another awesome choice by KindI have the Fruit and Nut bars quite often, and wanted to try something new. Read good reviews about these so decided to order some. Yep, they're delicious. It actually took me eating two before I REALLY loved them, but now I actually crave them.
As usual, I like that the ingredients are simple to read, and everything is identifiable. No long chemical compounds in there. I also like getting my daily serving of nuts really easily, and these totally give me a boost during my 3pm crash.
398843398843B001D09KAMA3FE548L7ZYSFXTD0051281312000Wow!Very tasty. Not too sweet. The only downside, I wish the bars were a little bit larger. It is difficult not to eat 2 bars in just one eating.
398844398844B001D09KAMA1RXX18AE56BOWpepper's mom "jack russell lover"0051281312000Great and yummyMy celiac teenager loves these. Now in high school he does not want to carry the thermos lunches I used to always make for him so these fit in the back pack and he can get something healthy and that tastes great to get him through the day. I love the protien and omega 3 extra he gets too!!
398845398845B001D09KAMA1GUZD4WXNAQIQC. Thomas "music box"0051280793600delish and nutrishThese bars will save you in a pinch. With a gluten allergy, I must always be prepared, and KIND bars are not only satisfying and delicious, but they fit the bill with REAL ingredients that you may pronounce without having to take on a new accent. Thank you to AMAZON, too, for your excellent service and timely shipping! GO GET 'EM!
398846398846B001D09KAMA3FY3H6F4249E0Kathy W0041279929600Almond cashew + omega 3 Snack BarThis is a nice snack. It looks fairly healthy. It's tasty and filling, especially with a cup of tea. It is pretty chewy and loaded with nuts. The almonds are on the hard side, in case you have trouble chewing. The bar is mostly nuts with some cranberries and something that tastes like a date paste holding it all together. It tastes a little on the sweet side but not too bad. The wrapper claims 50 % each of vitamins B3, B6, B12 - 500 mg Omega 3, all natural, gluten free, wheat free, 4 g fiber, non GMO (sorry, don't know what that means), no trans fats, 150 calories per bar/80 from fat. Total fat 9g, o sodium, o cholesterol, 190 mg potassium, 16 g carbs (I think--wrapper hard to read), 14g sugar, 4 g protein

If you are looking for a decent snack for you or your children's lunch box, here ya go.
398847398847B001D09KAMA27IHE8E5MGKG3Randal J. Geringer "Everybody_is_Devo"0051279756800Yummy.These taste great. It was 100 degrees when these were delivered so they were a little sticky. A few minutes in the fridge and they were fantastic.
398848398848B001D09KAMA1QCH87Q6SKAO4Marie A "Marie"0041278374400Packed With NutritionThese nutrition-packed bars are delicious and I highly recommend them for an energy boost. One slight drawback is that in the heat/summer, they tend to become quite soft and mushy and can be a mess to open and eat, especially if you are carrying one with you.
398849398849B001D09KAMA3NJTPZ9A8OMKKBarbara L. Alm0051276732800kind barsThese are so delicious and healthy. They are a great snack for eating while in the car.
398850398850B001D09KAMA2FE2YG8W9G8UWLinda B. "politically incorrect in..."0051271808000Hard to believe it's good for youI was looking for a replacement for my morning biscotti, something a bit more nutritious. After searching on Amazon and reading reviews of breakfast snacks,
I decided to try these bars. I'd had a KIND bar once and sort of remembered it was good. Well, these are FANTASTIC! At first bite, I realized there were chunks of sweet mango, the intense mango flavor hit my palate, and it tasted real, not at all artificial. This was followed by a bit of cruncy coconut which just perfectly tempered the sweet mango. The macadamia's added a stronger crunch with just a hint of honey. So I tried the ultimate test: I gave one to my co-worker (out of the package, a blind test). This person lives on junk food and considers Krispy Kreme one of the four major health groups! She absolutely loved this bar and sat down and ordered some on her break!! The ones from Amazon were received in two days, expiration date was Dec 2010 (ordered April). They are fresh and the price was great with subscribe and save. Love that I am getting some extra calcium and vitamin D (and no, you can't taste whatever they put in to add that). I'll be ordering these regularly through subscribe and save. I just have to make sure I don't eat them for snacks, just for breakfast, or I'll run out =)

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