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398884398884B001D09KAMA2Y89QKRS0YVYThenry0221348185600package was openedYou gave me a package that was already opened with one bar missing. NOT cool. If this happens again, I am not ordering from you anymore.
398885398885B001D09KAMA2MZJ3UWHDVUMTJune Van Liere "gramma"0231342396800DELIVERY OF FOOD ITEMSLove "Kind bars but" When I ordered the Kind bars I thought they would come fine.... but when the UPS person left them on the deck in the sun.... must not have been long.... they became gooey and stick to the wrapper.... there was no indication on the package so they would know that something edible was in there or he probably would have at least put them in the garage... I had two packages so a big investment was disappointing...
398886398886B001D09KAMA2YLQH1T18ZCCTrae0251283644800Kind Plus BarsThe Kind Plus is high in protein, nutritious and tasty. Its a dessert for us.
398887398887B001D09KAMA3SENBAJ3PMF61Jennifer Pham1411343952000I am so disappointedI was so excited to buy these fruit bars because they are just so good. I ordered this KIND PLUS Almond Cashew PACK OF 12 and guess what? When I openned the package this morning I was so confused if there was anything wrong... Instead of 12 fruit bars, there were only 8!!!! I shop at Amazon all the time and never complain or anything but this is so RIDICULOUS! I couldn't believe my eyes I just thought that I was wrong. But I keep counting over and over and there were just 8! Now I don't want to say anything but so mad!
398888398888B001D09KAMA26ILR5AA8TYCVPolar 2[Eya-Andrea]1421337040000TO SWEETMay 15th, 2012 9:04 am
I bought this product[KIND PLUS, Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio + Antioxidants Gluten Free] for my grandchildren for a healthy snack at school!
When it came I tried it, it was very tasty, but very very sweet and it had something in it that was so hard to bite, that I thought it would chip my tooth! I told my daughter my concerns, but she said she would try it and let her children try it as well!
They found nothing wrong with it!
It was very tasty as I said, but I can not of good conscience recommend this as a healthy snack! It is extremely sweet and children should be where they can brush their teeth after eating it! Which they would not be able to do at school! I would not want whatever that tiny hard thing I bit on[maybe a hard grain] to chip a child's tooth. The adult should try it first to see if they want their child have this either as a for snack for school or for outside playing!
As I said it was very tasty, but it was hard and just to to sweet! I first gave it 5 stars, but I felt I was not being honest when I am trying to eat as healthy as I can! I will not buy this product for my grandchildren nor for me again! And I love nuts/grains/fruits and all the Antioxidants this product offers, but it is just too sweet and that out weighs any nutritional value you gain! If The maker would not have it so sweet as it is, then I would try it again and then could give it a better review! Not everything that sounds healthy is healthy! We see all the healthy stuff and then think wow this is good for us, but we neglect to notice the larger amounts of fats or salts or sugars that has been added and then it is not as healthy as we thought! It is the fats/ salts/ and sugars that is destroying our bodies from the inside out!
398889398889B001D09KAMAEPQN6ML6SF6XAnirudha Jadhav "Ani"1411298937600Mango Macadamia - Strange tasteThis bar just tastes plain weird.
There. I said it.

I love KIND PLUS bars in general...they are like candy but with nuts and other awesome things.

The Mango one tasted like Mango and coconut - and entirely TOO SWEET. Almost sickeningly so. Won't be buying the mango one again.
398890398890B001D09KAMA2W3L3BKR0XJ8FFeRoCiiOuS "FeRoCiiOuS"61311302825600Warning CONTAINS SOYThis contains Soy, I wish It was mentioned in the details. Soy has many negative side effects, and its linked to a similiar to estrogen hormones which isnt good for men.

-Tastes Great
-10g Protein
-All natural
-Gluten/Wheat Free
-Low Glycemic Index(45)
-Non GMO, No transfats
-Dairy/Cholesterol free

Contains Soy Crisp (Soy protein isolate, Tapicoa Starch)
And Soy lecithin.

Soy protein isolate is horrible Do a google search
398891398891B001D09KAMAC9NHBI16OSZ3John M. Fox1521312070400High GlycemicIf you've got sensitive blood sugar, DO NOT eat Kind bars. They are certainly not Kind. I crashed on them a few times before I realized their "glycemic index" numbers were false and misleading. They pump a lot of sugar into these bars and then juke the numbers. The best alternative is Mrs. Mays Trio Bars. I've been eating them for the last two years and never crashed.Mrs. May's Trio Bar Variety Pack, 1.2-Ounce bars (Pack of 20)
398892398892B001D09KAMAB3XJK543W027Herb Kauffman0751313884800You stuck me with this I Never ordered it , ried to cancel but you refusedVERY UNHAPPY



398893398893B001D09KAMAA9DOZJQJ7393Review21321324166400Why would anyone buy these?I bought these to try out based on good Amazon reviews which made them sound like some kind of wonder bars that were healthy and would make you happy for eternity (or something). I bought two flavors of these kind bars to try out. One was borderline gross the other decent. Here's the thing though: these are overpriced and not healthy. Let me explain:

These are marketed for people are paranoid about what they eat. It's marketed to the same people who buy organic milk, produce and always look for things like "gluten free" etc. Most of this product is marketing and selling an image. I'm sure this is free of whatever they think at the moment might harm you. You might get the impression then from their advertisements that these are healthy. They're not. They may be gluten free but they're high in sugar and calories. Despite having so much sugar and carbs you can't even taste it. One of these bars is ~200 calories and is almost completely carbs (and some fat).

In addition, if you calculate it out, it's more than a dollar per bar. You could buy the ingredients for these bars and put them together without the sugar and it would be much more tasty and healthy. Just save yourself the money and buy the ingredients.

Bottom line: These are just overpriced, unhealthy (but not tasty) snack bars whose strongest selling point is the attractive packaging and feel good marketing. It's amazing how much they cost too. I'm guessing it's mostly in the packaging and marketing.
398894398894B001D09KAMAGZKJ1RCAT9Z9Amazonian Shopper4451268092800Totally deliciousThese bars are great and truly a 5 star product. Some of the nuttier varieties from Kind are a little hard on your teeth, no worries like that with these. Nice soft, chewy, tasty. Best fruit/nut or granola bar I've found. Downside, a little on the pricey side and a little high in saturated fat. But the perfect sweet "healthy" natural treat, and gluten free, a wonderful plus. You can really taste the mangoes and the macadamia nuts. A nice balance of both. These bars have calcium added but you cannot taste it, they just taste delicious.
398895398895B001D09KAMA2PCECBJUND1ALJudith S. Peterson4441262995200Good stuffI've enjoyed KIND bars for a long while and it's convenient to be able to order them through your site, though I can buy them at a lower price locally. Can you do something about that?
398896398896B001D09KAMA3FM0G6Z0JO7NTbirdy4451253836800Take caution -- these are delicious!I think I could eat myself to death with these. One is NEVER enough for me. They are soooooooooo yummy! I love almost all of the Kind bar selections, but these are my favorite because for 150 calories--you really feel like your eating something much more sinful (even though you're not!). They're good for you too (all the right fats for beautiful skin) and it's just a perfect guilt-free treat.
398897398897B001D09KAMA1RKGR4GBD56E7J. Watters "Jodywatt"4441246924800Good munch to crunchKIND makes a good variety of these raw food bars. The Almond, Walnut, and Macadamia are very good and can be addictive. Nice crunch, good protein. Great snack that's easy to enjoy!
398898398898B001D09KAMA2WF6V6R7MQJXXDeSi101311292889600Don't buy these online as they don't ship wellThis is the second box I received from two different sellers (Amazon was the other one) and both arrived all broken up and stale. Maybe they are freezing on the way to California but definitely not like the ones I purchased at the store which were fresh & chewy. These were like plastic wrapped broken brick.
398899398899B001D09KAMA2URDCT9F4H27EH Atkins3331345248000Not good shipped?I bought one of these at a store and thought I would order a box of the Peanut Butter-Dark Chocolate Protein online. I am not sure if it is the heat of the summer or off batches but the last two 12 packs I have ordered have been in date but as hard as rock. Not like the individual one I bought in the store. Also, it is a delicious bar and barely impacts my blood sugar so makes a great on-the-run snack. Note: I don't taste the peanut butter at all. I like peanut butter so was a bar disappointed but the bars are still tasty.
398900398900B001D09KAMACOK7PLOXJ99ARza3311334102400Arrived StaleThe first box I received tasted fine but the second box arrived stale.
Amazon does not allow returns on food so that does not leave much confidence in ordering any further.
It's too bad because this particular mix is the best out of all of them as some of them can taste really disgusting, makes you wonder what the KIND team was thinking. Will have to try and find them locally.
398901398901B001D09KAMAPJPHCOS7CT9HLois Lott3311333929600Not the same!!!!Formula has changed as well as where the product is made and it shows!!! None of the packageing indicates these changes. Not half as good in flavoring as it used to be along with the fact that it is now higher in fat % which has affected the taste and the calorie count......would not buy unless the calorie counts goes back to 150 or less. Whatever changed to accomodate the fat change also affected the flavor big time.....almost tastes blah.KIND PLUS, Almond Cashew + Omega-3, Gluten Free Bars (Pack of 12)
398902398902B001D09KAMA254HJEKU1NF2YTakeAPic3311332460800Stale!Unfortunately, I got a bad batch! This box was apparently old because they are hard and nearly break my teeth when I bite into them. I've eaten nearly every flavor of these KIND bars so I know what they are suppose to taste like and it's NOT flavored bricks! Stale!
398903398903B001D09KAMA2Z4TQN4C4WSSBKelly L. Roth3351324512000Yummy!These bars are more like candy then energy or nutrition bars. They do have a hefty amount of nuts and fruit though that sits atop a dark chocolate bed which is then drizzles with more yummy dark chocolate. I get these via subscription through amazon. They are almost always eaten within the first week of arrival. Everyone in my house loves them. Perfect snack to throw in your purse or grab as your walking out the door.
398904398904B001D09KAMA18F2X2V11C9ETGabrielle Awe "product junkie"3351322611200So delicious!I love Kind bars - gluten free, filling, and incredibly tasty. I've sampled many flavors and this one is incredible. Every bite I taste the cherries, the chocolate, and the cashews. I sampled this flavor at the grocery store and then RAN to Amazon to buy a box (free shipping! Low price!). I live in Texas, so buying food in the summer doesn't work (they are not packaged like food - you get a box in a box). Now that the temps are cooler and they will survive shipping I will be ordering many more boxes of Kind bars!
398905398905B001D09KAMA2IQM22V0QM4I6Doug Stevens3351316217600price v. value: five stars, even with the peanutsUPDATE: The five stars are for the almond-walnut-macadamia bars, peanuts and all. I gave the cashew-almond-omega3 bars a try later and was somewhat disappointed with them. Not as much flavor. Back to almond-walnut-macadamia bars.

I've gone through a few boxes of the KIND bars named for their alleged content of almonds, walnuts, and macadamias. I haven't encountered any of the funny tastes, apparent staleness, or wrappers horribly stuck to the bars, that some reviewers have mentioned. As other reviewers point out, there are a lot of peanuts relative to the content of walnuts, macadamias, and walnuts. But it tastes good nonetheless, and for the price ($1.06 per bar if you buy on subscription) it strikes me as a good value. This is a relatively high-calorie snack bar (almost 200 cal), but it's also high protein (10g), has extremely little saturated fat, and a relatively low amount of sugar. It's substantial enough that you can easily resist eating a second bar. The bars also contain some worthy vitamins and minerals in amounts sufficient to matter. So far, knock wood, the deliveries on Amazon's subscription have been fast and the product has arrived in excellent condition. I don't expect to get a gourmet no-peanuts bar for this price--it's a good product and good value at this price.
398906398906B001D09KAMA33IKMXLPRPB5AE. Reichert3351309910400Kind Cranberry Almond BarsI really like all the Kind bar flavors but the Cranberry Almond are my favorite. They have the right combination of chew and crunch and like all the Kind bars, they are completely natural and very flavorful. I won't eat any other bar with my coffee! Great snack and healthy too.
398907398907B001D09KAMA1X758SWLBIVAMJohnny Wang3351307491200One of the best KIND varietiesUnfortunately, Amazon doesn't allow me to review the different KIND flavors individually, so I have to do them all in this review.

I picked up a box of Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio and Cranberry Almond a few weeks back when Amazon was doing another one of their KIND promotions. Among the varieties of KIND bars I've tried over the last few months, the Pomegranate Blueberry Pistachio ones are easily my favorite in the whole line. They aren't overly sweet, and the variety of flavors in this version is excellent. While the pomegranate doesn't stand out much, the pistachio is definitely there as a nice subtle aftertaste.

The Cranberry Almond, while still enjoyable, is a bit lower on my list - with nothing else to balance the flavors out, the cranberry flavor comes across a but too strong and tangy (though some might actually appreciate this).

While I don't think these are meant to be more than snack/dessert bars (as opposed to meal replacements like with Clif of Powerbars), they certainly tide me over for at least an hour or two until I can eat a proper meal.
398908398908B001D09KAMA3QEJW1XWMHR98moontide3321306368000Damp & chewyI purchase Kind bars from my retailer every day and was trying to save a few dollars. These bars arrived in a damaged carton that appeared to have experienced excessive moisture. The bars had a weird "melted" texture and were not up to standard. I would absolutely not reorder them from this source.
398909398909B001D09KAMA125Y24R91RCKUi<3341304553600Very delicious
398910398910B001D09KAMA8XJGDPFRVWU1J. R. Pearson "Brandydog"3341278028800A Nutty BrickTaste is a personal issue so I won't comment on that. Just be advised that compared to the Fruit and Nut variety which, if you hold one sideways, will actually slowly fold over, these are thicker and MUCH more solid. If you have sensitive or loose teeth or maybe dentures, be forewarned. You should take your bites with your molars or break off a piece by hand just to make sure your chompers can handle it. I apologize to any dentists financially harmed by this review.
398881398881B001D09KAMA2BVRY6JO35VKLGordon3621283040000Unfortunately out of the ZoneAnyone interested in The Zone, these are 13g carbs, only 4g protein. Completely out of the zone... as most bars are. Of course you can't find that info here on Amazon, gotta go poke around the Kind website, and after a while, there it is. So, beware!
398882398882B001D09KAMA17MZDKDNTLBR1M. Brickman2511316995200don't buy this item from amazoni received this product and each bar was not only STALE and inedible,
but it looked there were some sort of insect droppings in the bottom of the package...
it was disgusting...
buy directly from the the KIND website...
amazon is only good for books and audio, not food items
398883398883B001D09KAMA1CDHEZSJU8RM7Hillary Kramer2521311724800All I taste is nougat and peanuts.The taste of nougat and peanuts is overwhelming in this bar. If you would like a "healthier" version of a Baby Ruth candy bar, this is it.

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