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398932398932B001D09KAMA3KSFXRHGPWHQTMelissa2251299542400So very yummy!Wow! Since I have discovered my sensitivity to gluten, it's been difficult finding a quick breakfast bar to fit in with my busy life. However, after finding Kind bars, my confidence has been restored in gluten free food. It can both taste yummy and be nice to my tummy! The peanut butter dark chocolate + protein bars are a great mid morning snack as well as a dessert after dinner. I L-O-V-E them!
398933398933B001D09KAMANEYAM9NN6BS5Tess Graham "Roger'smom"2251299369600Extremely deliciousI ordered these because I am trying to get more protein in my diet (I'm almost vegetarian). They're GREAT and perfect size for an evening snack.
398934398934B001D09KAMAF0064G3N6INLLinda "Fine Motor Skills"2251299024000Healthy & Delicious!I have tried many of the KIND bars, and have found the Almond Walnut Macadamia + Protein to be my absolute favorite. I was looking for a bar that has a low sugar content, and this one fits the bill better than the others. I eat one of these bars each morning! They are packed with whole nuts, and are absolutely delicious. I chose to receive these through Amazon automatic delivery because it is less expensive than what I was paying per bar in the "Organic" section of my local supermarket.
398935398935B001D09KAMA2RJOLFHD613BVAlisha Newton2251298937600one a day = easy nutritionAs a busy high school student, good nutrition is a challenge, but these bars make it a bit easier for me when I pack my lunch in the morning. No lie, I ate one a day until they were gone!
398936398936B001D09KAMA3LYTPKCXCK331Jane2251291939200Our favorite gluten/casein free snack barWe have tried many gluten and casein free products. This is by far our favorite snack bar. It combines crunch with chewiness which makes it very satisfying and it tastes great.
398937398937B001D09KAMA2WF6V6R7MQJXXDeSi2231291766400Not consistently freshThe first box I got of these were great with very fresh tasting nuts; however, the second box was not so fresh and some of the bars had a stale taste. Nothing worse than a stale nut--can't get that taste out of your mouth. I guess I'll give it one more try before I cancel my Subscribe & Save for this product.
398938398938B001D09KAMA3E02KBFI21TY0Angela Risner "Pretty in Orange"2251288051200I am in love with these barsI'm not sure why they're not available on Amazon yet. They are available on the KIND website and in my local Kroger.

They satisfy my sweet tooth and provide that crunchy/salty texture you look for as well. They fill me up without filling me out. I highly recommend them!!
398939398939B001D09KAMA4UNLGM6VM5Z1YellowBird2251279670400Best protein/snack bar I've foundDiscovered KIND bars at a roadside rest area and was amazed at how one bar kept my hunger at bay. Very nice tasting. Have tried a few of the other flavors, but they all had coconut, which I'm not a fan of. This has a nice sweetness to it and therefore, some real flavor even though it's good for you.
398940398940B001D09KAMA22G7XRA7SOO2XVishal Iyer2251271203200AmazingAnother amazing flavor from this company. Unlike their other bars there is no coconut undertones, and it is also surprisingly sticky. This is one of my favorite flavors, up there with the fruit+nut and mango+macadamia bars.
398911398911B001D09KAMA1IPMLTS9KZFZQMeg2251345161600Delicious & Healthy!I have tried a number of the Kind bars at this point because I have basically fallen in love with their line of products. It started with a Cranberry Almond one from Starbucks and since then, I have started buying several boxes every month. I don't like dark chocolate very much but thought I would give the Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate bar a try this time around. I'm glad I did! Delicious and not at all bitter like I expected. It will be the perfect late afternoon snack for those days that I am craving sugar and/or chocolate at work. Overall though, I like the Cranberry Almond the best and repeatedly go back to it as a staple for those times I skipped breakfast, need a snack, I'm on the road, etc. The Madagascar Vanilla is very good as is the Pomegranate Blueberry. Not so thrilled with the Mango and Apricot versions. I've shopped around locally and online and Amazon seems to be the best place to buy them in terms of price, especially if you put them on Subscription. Kind's line of Grains is also good... The Maple Walnut is perfect heated in the microwave like oatmeal. Strong excellent flavor and loaded with healthy grains, nuts, etc. Overall, I have been very pleased with Kind and will continue to buy their products as long as they remain available.
398912398912B001D09KAMA1Z8ENYSB5AU74Christianne2251344643200KIND PLUS Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew BarsThis review is for the DARK CHOCOLATE CHERRY CASHEW flavor only....these are so good that I had to quit buying them so often because I would eat the whole box in 2 days! These are as good as candy bars. They DO NOT taste like any sort of "healthy" snack bar or anything. Now, some of the other flavors do and I think some of them are gross but this flavor is like eating a dang Chunky candy bar or something. Seriously, they are so good. They are really crumbly though so don't eat them in your jammies watching TV late at night (guilty!) or you will wake up covered in chocolate. :) But if you like nutty chocolate bars you will love these and you won't feel as guilty as if you were eating chocolate candy...but you won't be able to tell that you aren't!
398913398913B001D09KAMA1VWO36TYCUJM1SimpleGranny2251341705600Delicious!!I have tried almost all of the Kind bars. They are all very delicious
and filling. They are low in sodium and a lot the fat they contain
is the good kind (from nuts). My husband is not crazy about nuts in
food but loves this Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew,which I think is much
better to satisfy his sweet tooth than a candy bar. Hope Amazon continues
to sell them because I can not find them in the store.
398914398914B001D09KAMA38O2ZHRYANECHZahuindanda M. Deforrest "Reading and Gaming ...2251337644800Love these!The flavor of these is definitely what stands out immediately to me. Most healthy snack bars have either an unappetizing or bland flavor. The flavor of these is bold and the textures are great. The chewiness of the cranberries mixed with the crunchiness of the whole nuts makes for a great combination. They also are healthy for you and pretty filling. Great snack to give you energy for exercising while also helping you keep your food intake down.
398915398915B001D09KAMA1ONT5BHMPV111The South Face2251336089600Balanced, satisfying, and not too sweet!These bars are great if you are sensitive to sugar. I have a hard time eating things that are hight in carbs with very little fat or protein. These bars are very well balance for an energy bar and I've never had a problem eating them. They taste very fresh and not as processed as most bars. They seem to be made of whole ingredients that you can see in each bite. They aren't too sweet and won't make your blood sugar hit the roof only to crash shortly after. They provide steady hunger relief. The flavors are wonderful. I love the peanut butter chocolate and the dark chocolate cherry cashew.
398916398916B001D09KAMA36O7RRPGI5C1Wveebee2251335139200Yummy!I can't believe these are healthy for you as they are so yummy. I love them. I will be ordering more in the near future.
398917398917B001D09KAMA3G67803TWOB6DJG2221332201600New and NOT ImprovedI saw people here complaining that the formula changed, but it seemed the same to me. Then recently I bought one that tasted awful. I figured it was me - maybe I had a cold coming on or something changed my taste buds for the day.

Unfortunately, the good news is I can now find them at airports and everywhere. The bad news is that I've thrown away most of them half eaten as they almost taste "off" like they've gone bad. Very disappointed - I used to travel with 5 or 6 of these in my suitcase at all times. Hopefully they do something to revive their previous quality. Sometimes growth is painful.

Someone post a review if they get better - until then I'm not buying any overly expensive and inedible bars. :(
398918398918B001D09KAMA2EVG2PM6CUV18KELLI "Kelli"2231330041600Break out the Beano/Peanut Bar w/Protein Powder AftertasteOn the plus side they do fill you up & are packed with protein, filling & gluten free. On the downside - unless your idea of tasty is protein powder, I'd choose a handful of nuts versus this bar. Also you may want to consider Beano before eating these bars!!!

LOVE the Almond Coconut KIND bars. Love the dark chocolate peanut butter ones, though more peanut than actual peanut butter. Taste somewhat similar to a healthy Baby Ruth. These Macadamia, Almond, Walnut bars have an initial odd protein powder aftertaste (though I don't think there's any in them). Once you keep eating it the initial taste goes away. I question why they would incorporate an odd taste when full of nuts that are protein packed. What's been added to make my tastebuds cringe at the unsavory taste? Peanut flavor outweighs the any flavor of other nuts once past the Protein Powder flavor. Barely a hint of macadamia nut flavor exists, though a promise of macadamia is what swayed me to order. All in all - would have been fantastic if able to elmininate the offputting protein powder taste. Wanted a tasty replacement for unhealthier counterparts. Unfortunately these failed to do the trick for me.

A fan of the Almond & Coconut ones cause those have a great taste. These are off my list of future items to order.
398919398919B001D09KAMA2AWH1BQSIU5CGLuanne2251328486400SO CHEWY GREAT FLAVORSI heard about this bars on QVC thought I could get a better price on Amazon & I did. These taste so good, I like that they are all natural, they are so chewy. While I was eating one,they were so fresh that they started bending in my hand. I gave them to some of my co-workers to taste & they already want to order some. Wouldn't hesitate to buy if you like a chewy, great tasting bar if you want something less chewy try the blueberry, pomagranite pistachio. I'll be ordering more
398920398920B001D09KAMA8KIOVD9NPW0OVarian2251327881600All natural and all fun!Kind bars are not only all natural but gluten free as well! They are a great tasting snack (can be a meal replacement), that are filling and available in a variety of flavors. And yes - these are made in the US of A. So, you don't have to worry about contamination.

I have a personal preference against peanuts and unfortunately that limits your selection but there are still quite a few options. The Almond Cashew + Omega 3 is my favorite since it not only is all healthy nuts (no peanuts!) but also includes a vegetarian source of Omega 3 - flax seeds.

Our four year old loves these bars as well and that makes these truly special (as part of what I can assure you is a very small list of healthy foods!) Amazon's price on these is the best!
398921398921B001D09KAMA1Z0FL4N24LUUMLinda J. Davis2251326067200The Perfect Power BoosterI often use this KIND Plus Cranberry Almond Bar as lunch. Why? Because it is the perfect all-natural combination of proteins and fruit, is gluten free, and delivers 50% of the DV Antioxidants Vitamin A, C and E. Oh, did I say it's delicious?! I also carry one bar in my purse for low blood sugar when I'm away from home. This bar certainly has my vote, and my loyalty! ~ And you can't beat Amazon's subscription prices anywhere -- with free shipping to boot!
398922398922B001D09KAMA3SQV1Q3LQH59ZDot2241323043200Not as good as the almond coconutI love the Kind Almond coconut bars so I decided to try the peanut butter dark chocolate. It arrived in a box of 12 and all appear fresh. The bars are both gooey and crunchy. It is tastey but not as good as the almond coconut. Very peanutty with a little but of nice dark chocolate. I like that it is higher protein and that I get to feel like a I had a candy bar but without the crash of eating way too much sugar. This bar is good but not my favorite
398923398923B001D09KAMA2GJC0LDERXTE6chris2251322179200Snack BarsI use the Kind bars to keep me going at work when there's no time to have a meal. They are crunchy and good tasting, they also seem to sustain me during the day. Great product!!!!!!!!!!
398924398924B001D09KAMAA3ADS2NJS6D4Danielle2251321747200The best KIND bars!This is far and away my favorite of the KIND bars. They aren't sticky like some of them, and they don't just seem like another combination of almonds and fruit, like many of them seem to be. The peanut butter taste makes these really different from the others, and the drizzled dark chocolate is such a great addition. These are prone to becoming melty, though, so I keep them in my desk instead of a backpack or pocket. These are also hard to find in stores around me, so being able to get a box at a time is nice.
398925398925B001D09KAMA18EKQMJ0TK6K5ButterflyDiver2251320796800The Best Gluten Free Bars!I bought a box of the Mango Macadamia KIND bars from Amazon, since I had not seen that flavor at the stores. They have a really delicious fresh fruity tropical sort of taste. You can actually recognize what you are eating. There are whole macadamia nuts in the bar. They really do not taste like any other gluten-free bars that I have tried. The KIND bars are so much better! My absolute favorite is the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew! I buy several of those every time that I go to Kroger or Whole Foods. I highly recommend these snack bars!
398926398926B001D09KAMA2IAYGGXNMS4J0S. Roach "bookivore"2251319846400Dark Choc is the dominant flavor lots of crunch and chewiness
398927398927B001D09KAMA1SMD64UCU1OY2Joshua Abell2241317513600Delicious, but wait until fall...These bars were delicious. The nuts were great, the honey flavor came through, and the dark chocolate was spot on. The only problem was the texture - I ordered these in the middle of summer & the chocolate had melted & wandered around in the wrapper. I hope to have better results ordering these in winter.
398928398928B001D09KAMA3AOK7HBYITQMZJanet Parrish2251317340800Absolutely delicious!These bars are absolutely delicious. I have steered clear of any of the so-called fiber bars, snack bars, etc., because honestly they all tasted like stale cereal to me. These are completely different--no cereal similarities at all. They are all nuts and fruit. It's hard to stop at one! Try them; you will not be disappointed.
398929398929B001D09KAMA1F50LV18YHTLLR. Feldman2231306281600Not as good as they used to beAgree with previous reviewer -- these used to be fantastic, now just OK. Still my favorite energy bar, but as with others they have added cheap peanuts to most of the flavors. For those of us with peanut allergies, that's a real problem. I used to be able to eat most of the flavors, now there are just a few without peanuts. Last few months bars taste much more cardboardy than before -- they used to taste like fresh nuts & dried fruit.
398930398930B001D09KAMA3RHM3H0TPUP5Jsoccermom512251301356800Taste like a snickers bar but better!!!!!!These bars are awesome! I purchased for myself and and am going to order more because my daughter loves them too!!!!! Great bar - A little pricey but well worth it!
398931398931B001D09KAMA3EEETF9J18SZ1dah2251299974400KINDS Bars are WONDERFULI ordered these for my daughter who recently found out she was Gluten sensitive. She had been looking for something to carry with her for quick snacks that was healthy and GLUTEN FREE. She loved these KIND bars and has told all her friends about them. I love them too, such good flavors. KIND was a Great FIND!!!!!

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