Amazon Fine Food Reviews

398941398941B001D09KAMA3C7475SLZCQK8Mona "Carisma's slave"2251265760000Can't resist them!I frequently skip meals when I'm on the run. These bars have 10 grams of protein and they're delicious. I'm good for a couple of hours after I eat one.
398942398942B001D09KAMA2XGCJ7A788OQER. Pinkerton4531313884800Product melted during shippingI love this product. Best taste, texture and nutrition in an all natural bar. I just started regular monthly shipment of 2 cases from Amazon. First shipment arrived with the chocolate melted and it is a real pain to eat. Amazon's fault not Kind's. Even after putting them in the fridge to harden up the coating. I receive my next shipment in a week and will let you know if shipping is a problem
398943398943B001D09KAMA14R9XMZVJ6INBamf00014551293235200love them!My family devoured this batch and I'm buying more. They taste nutty and chocolatey, and have protein in them and stop the afternoon hunger pangs. My only quibble is that my local store is selling them for $17.99, so we are buying them from there for now, but if you can't get them locally, it's well worth getting them from here and they are yummy!
398944398944B001D09KAMA2ZYQQF0FRKE3OFolkhero1151348185600High Protein, Low Carb + DeliciousI was looking for a low carb bar that tasted good and had a higher protein content. This KIND bar was perfect with 10g protein/bar and only 15g of carbs and it tastes absolutely delicious! I like the fact that it has a lot of nuts (which their good fats) which helps it break down slower and more evenly so that you don't get hungry as quick and your body gets to absorb the nutrients more evenly. I bought the high protein KIND bard with the dark chocolate as well but this Almond Walnut Macadamia one tastes better. I highly recommend it!
398945398945B001D09KAMA3KPIR0F6QHQWRCyndi C1131346284800Best to not purchase during warm monthsI LOVE these bars however, this item should not be shipped during warm months. The bars arrived with the chocolate melted from the bars and stuck on the wrapper. I may try delivery again during the winter and hopefully they wont arrive melted
398946398946B001D09KAMAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson1141345420800Very Good, But Not My Favorite.My nearby Fresh and Easy Market has a display of Kind Plus bars and I find it difficult to pass without picking one up. I like the nutritional specs and the low sugar content of the bars. Plus they're quite good tasting. I often have one as desert with my evening meal, as is the case tonight. This one was Almond Cashew with Flax. It was good, but I didn't care for it as much as several others. The chocolate one is my favorite. In any case, this is a good bar with good nutrition.

Gary Peterson
398947398947B001D09KAMA321W4SSC0F6APJoseph Dewey1141345334400Good for you, tasty, but gooeyI really like these KIND bars. They're tasty, they're light, and they're good for you.

The bars I'm reviewing are Pomegranate, Blueberry, and Pistachio. They really don't taste like any of those, they taste like an almond bar with various bits of indistinguishable fruit bits. Here are the ingredients, with the titled ingredients in all caps: Almonds, blueberry pieces (BLUEBERRY, apple, and plum puree), raw sugar, glycerol, citrus fiber, cashews, honey, raisins, glucose, POMEGRANATE, crisp rice, chicory fiber, PISTACHIOS, soy lecithin, natural flavors. The ingredients are always listed in descending order of how much is included, and KIND pulled a fast one by calling their "blueberry pieces" a separate ingredient, since it's really just apple puree. By my math guesstimate, there is less than 5% of Pomegranate, Blueberry, and Pistachio in the whole bar.

Basically, this tasted like an almond bar. My advice is to read the ingredients, and expect it to taste like what's in the ingredients, and not go by what the title is on these bars.

They're also really gooey. These are probably the stickiest bars I've ever had. I never pick them up with my hands, but I eat them out of the plastic.

Also, I've ordered about ten of these boxes off of Amazon, and one box was rock hard. Not this one, but another kind. So if your box is hard as a rock, then just order another one, and odds are it will be okay.

+Good for you
+Lots of natural ingredients
+One bar is a good snack (not too sweet, not too small, just right)

-The ingredients on the title of the bar misrepresent the actual ingredients
-Very gooey and sticky. You won't be able to touch them with your hands
-From my experience, 10% of the boxes have bars that are hard as rocks
398948398948B001D09KAMA1HA8EAOD4VAHLR. Lahr1141341360000dark chocolate ballsThis dark chocolate candy covers a center of blueberry and Acai berriesm and the peanut butter is not prominent. Very tasty! I wish the chocolate covering were more dense, as it gets on your hands during hot weather.
398949398949B001D09KAMA2E4ROH3UVXCEJJake1121340582400Good but maybe my package was old.I thought that these bars were very tasty if a bit on the expensive side. My main complaint is that the bars disintegrate as you open up the packaging. Since the bars are also very sticky remain stuck to the rapper as they break apart so you are stuck having to pick off pieces of the bar from the inside of the wrapper (which is difficult because the wrapper is plastic not foil). I don't know if I got an old box of these or if they're all like this. Regardless I probably won't risk getting another box like the first.
398950398950B001D09KAMA2ZTFDUDNBQ2Z7Bruno "Bruno"1121340496000Taste great, but way overpriced for the size and ingredients.I must admit I like them, and they are a healthy alternative to a candy bar. But at about $1.50 each for a very small light bar, they're too expensive for most. Honey, nuts, and a few pieces of dried fruit shouldn't cost that much. A competitor may come along hopefully with a better value.
398951398951B001D09KAMA16KONELRQH1FZ80's4ever!!1151339977600Yummy!!I tried these on the 'fly', man was I pleasantly surprised, better than any natural nut/fruit bar I've ever had! Almost would say I like'em better than chocolate.
398952398952B001D09KAMA1CMB8ICIZEBW0Gift For You1151339718400Love these bars. Great purchase from Amazon!I totally love these snack bars. They are amazing. The bars are packed with fresh nuts & dried fruit. The dark chocolate adds wonderful flavor. Will purchase them again.
398953398953B001D09KAMA36ZW3GXA66GFMChris1111339286400Nasty aftertasteI am a big fan of Kind Bars. However the Kind Plus, Almond Walnut Macadamia + Protein bars left a biting aftertaste as though they were rancid. I tried two bars with the same result. Will not order the bars again
On the bright side, the Almond & Coconut are delicious. Will definitely order them again -often.
398954398954B001D09KAMA2OJY60H267OYKL. Stacks1151338508800Healthy and TastyI love this KIND bar. It is healthy with the antioxidants and protein. I try to eat one each day. I prefer this to empty calorie candy bars. Tastes much better and is better for you.
398955398955B001D09KAMA1LHBN5MFVL4FSweetie Baby1151338163200The Perfect SnackThese bars are delicious and easy to grab when time is a factor. I especially like the amount of protein available. They are Gluten free and the sugar is low compared to other bars. Amazon has the best price and it is well worth having them delivered on a schedule for even greater savings.
398956398956B001D09KAMA1ZNU29B56MYHYJNB1151336953600Love these!I LOVE these bars! I first started eating them at Starbucks and had to buy a box! They are delicious and nutritious! Amazon has them a a good price and they nicely wrapped and packaged so they are fresh!
398957398957B001D09KAMAFVA6I9FPT4O8Mary Jo Amschler "Perpetual Learner"1151336608000Here or there?I love these bars....low carb. Protein. Great taste : ) I buy them at my supermarket for 14.99 per box. If I buy them here, I pay more, even if I subscribe! Here or there? I wanted it to be less expensive here, but looks like I will continue to go there.
398958398958B001D09KAMA1SLSU5VAOYTH0Scott Pelton1131335830400Good taste, but difficult to get out of packageI do like the taste of these bars, however, do plan to get sticky when eating. These stick to the plastic pouch and are difficult to get out, especially if you eat them while bike riding, running or working out. You end up with a mess on your hands. Refrigerating before eating may help, but may also lead to tooth loss. These are my thoughts!
398959398959B001D09KAMA35XLNGFZZX54WL.A. Burt "LAnneBurt"1151330905600outstanding productTasted these bars in a health food store and grabbed several flavors ot Kind bars to try. The chocolate cherry cashew ones are like crack -- totally addicting! Amazing blend of tastes makes me feel like I'm sneaking a candy bar instead of a healthy, wholesome friut and nut bar. These are soft and chewy with with wonderful nuts throughout. Major indulgence and healthy snack in one. FAB product!
398960398960B001D09KAMA26Z48H1RUMAXHDiane1151330819200Super YummyOrdered the Peanut butter with dark chocolate first and these were exceptionally good. Then went back and ordered the coconut and almond which was outstanding too! Put both on auto-shipment so I'm not left without. Can't believe the awesome price I got too!!
398961398961B001D09KAMA2UJF2RRY9RO5FJT from Chicagoland1151329955200Excellent taste and nutritionThe dark chocolate cherry cashew kind plus bar combines everything I enjoy. The dark chocolate is not too sweet and the cashews add the right amount of crunch. Also I like the fact that it is gluten and dairy free. My children also like the bar. It is good to eat when you need to postpone a meal for a couple of hours.
398962398962B001D09KAMA2LO2O0JJ1CAVYBridget E. Smith "historybelle"1151329264000Reminds me of Christmas time when I was a girl. . .I couldn't believe my luck. This little nut bar was included in my variety pack of these yummy Kind bars that I had ordered from Amazon last month. The taste and texture of this nut bar is the exact same taste as the beloved "no bake fruit cake" that my Nana made us when I was a little girl back in the 50s and 60s. It must be the dates and the particular kind of nuts because it tickles my taste buds in just such a way as to send me back years ago. I thank you Kind bar makers as being genius in your combinations of ingredients. I love these things... Love, love, love. I have just recently made an order with Amazon for a box of 12 of these things... and just when I remembered a book I wanted and decided to add that to my order... gosh, well, I goofed up and I hope that Amazon figures it out for me just in time because if I get all 24 of these nut bars I am in real trouble. I will eat them till they're gone. So, please, cross my fingers Amazon does their usual magic and gets my order just right! I have been invited to "Like" them on my Facebook page, but then I don't go there often and... well, if I tell everyone, then they may become hard to find in the future... sorta like telling everyone where your favorite fishing hole is and then not being able to go there because it's so crowded.

Computers are so picky! I offered to write a review of a different flavor of this Kind bar and it told me that only one review per product per customer... but I could edit my review! So, here I am. Back again to further praise and describe what has become my favorite snack food. They are so filling though, you have to watch it because it becomes a meal substitute and then your friends think you're no fun cause you won't eat with them! You're already full! The protein in these bars make them ideal for trail food, however, if you don't have the teeth for nuts, stay away. This last bar I decided I'd praise is the KIND PLUS, Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate + Protein, Gluten Free Bars (Pack of 12). I found them in my local grocery store but they often run out and that's what sent me to Amazon for a check on their availability. Yum! Lucky me! So, I'm out. I ate all I ordered last month and I'm daydreaming of them right now. Should've ordered them a week ago so I wouldn't be out now. These dark chocolate bars are so delicious I can conjure up the taste and sensation right now because. . . now here's the heaven part of this daydream. . .they taste like Baby Ruth candy bars from when I would a youth! Yum, yum, yum.

Gotta love it, guilt free candy! But, wait, everyone, it is NOT guilt free if you make it an extra snack, but instead make it part of your meal planning day. The nutrition and calorie info is printed on each bar and if you buy them in the carton, then the info is even easier to read.
398963398963B001D09KAMA2ECZB3IFXNUZMSonja091151328486400DELICIOUS and HEALTHY... YAY!!! :)These bars are just wonderful. I love my desserts but also love to eat healthy and take care of my body. These bars satisfy both! They are wonderful. Chewy, chocolatey, and the cherry taste is vibrant and delicious. Will continue to make these a part of my diet.
398964398964B0012QL1JUA3MHGA6BJJ7P27W. T. Hoffman "artist and musician"141451330128000COMMON GARDENIA PROBLEMS and their solutionsI've bought three Bonsais from BRUSSELS BONSAI in the last week, and I have to tell you, i'm impressed by the service, and the quality of their trees. I've had about a half decade experience with bonsai, and considering that an old bonsai is anywhere from 75-150 years old, I'm STILL a neophyle. However, a neophyle in Bonsai can still have lots of experience with gardening, and I have that. The first thing I'd say to those who hesitate to purchase a Gardenia after reading the bad reviews here, is I seriously doubt that ANY problem you read about is from the plant, but rather the plant's caregivers. GARDENIA IS NOT A FIRST ATTEMPT BONSAI. If you want an easy plant, get a Chinese Elm, or a juniper. However, lets say you have a Gardenia, and you dont want to commit bonsai hari-kari, then here are some suggestions.

1. These are tropical plants, zone 8-11, and don't thrive below 50-59 degrees. Everything i've read says to protect from drafts, give them LOTS of light (Southern Exposure), using a grow light, or florescent light in the dead of winter if nessacary. If you have it on a windowsill, you might turn it around, so the back faces front from time to time. MAKE SURE IT DOESNT GET TOO HOT OR COLD.

2. As tropical plant, THESE PLANTS REQUIRE HUMIDITY. More humidity than you will get with a humidity tray placed under your pot. I've sat a tray of water next to the plant as well. This is obviously a big problem in winter in the north, where dry houses are common fron central heating. PLANTS WONT FLOWER WITHOUT PROPER HUMIDITY. (or the flower buds drop off, right before flowering.)

3.DO NOT MIST. The people who complain of yellow spots on their leaves, got those spots from either allowing water to sit on the leaves, or from misting the plants. Misting also leads to leaf rot. Obviously these are VERY TEMPERMENTAL PLANTS. You need to provide enough water, too little or too much, and your leaves will drop off. Water less during the winter, and keep well watered in the growing season, and hot, sunny weather.

4. FERTILIZE the plant with an azalea plant food (ACIDIC/high nitrogen). Do this in the spring, dropping to a low nitrogen food in the summer. I've read that the plants enjoy getting fed thru their leaves once, during the spring.

5. INSECTICIDES. The gardenia gets scale insects that suck the sap, also white flies and aphids. You can pick off the bugs if just a few. I've seen people use flypaper to grab gnat like pests, tho a weak insecticide if you have too many bugs to pick off by hand. Gardenias can also get mildew, from the high humidity, which will require removing the infected leaves, and even using a fungicide if nessacary.

6. PRUNE this bonsai only if it's lost all shape, and then after flowering, careful not to remove next season's buds. Stems with 6-7 leaves, can be trimmed by hand back to 3 leaves. Repot them in early spring, making sure the soil has NO LIME (acidic soil lover), and is free draining and fertile. Personally, I think you can get away waiting til the plant is completely pot bound.

TAKE NOTICE! These plants need a fairly constant tempurature, tho some writers say they can require cooler nigthtime tempuratures. These plants are so tempermental, that even moving them around, can cause them to have problems. Its no joke that plants appreciate prayer and gentle talk, tho that might be because you are close to them, breathing CO2 on the plant, which they breathe in. It's not a bad idea to research these plants on line, where you'll find lots of websites filled with gardenia suggestions, youtube videos, and helpful hints. GOOD LUCK BONSAI LOVERS!
398965398965B0012QL1JUAM550KS3TP9JOM. Cataldo6651239408000Nice, healthy bonsai!I ordered a gardenia bonsai from Brussel's Bonsai. It arrived well packaged, healthy, and with flower buds! I am very pleased with the purchase and would order from them again.
398966398966B0012QL1JUAZLNAAZ4DIBW8L. Fischer5611273795200pot shattered!!!! no replacement available!I bought this as a Mother's Day gift for my mom and it arrived with the pot shattered! She said the bonsai is fine but she was so sad that she had to go buy a new pot. I tried to use the returns process to get a replacement and apparently that's not an option because they are all of a sudden out of stock. How in the world do you return a tree? I just want a new pot or compensation for the new pot my mom must now go out and buy. :(
398967398967B0012QL1JUA2ZB44GXSAGNCKCathryn Currier2241265760000So far it's still aliveThis plant came with no flowers which was disappointing but then again, it was December. The leaves all fell out (almost all) and then sprouted new fresh ones. I think it will thrive beautifully in the Spring - I cannot wait.

This plant came well packaged and bonsai plants give you luck if you believe in Feng Shui. This seller ships fast and packs the plant well. I will definitely order again another bonsai plant for our living room. I wish they would sell more variety though.
398968398968B0012QL1JUA1SQR1JBJ56ZK7Utah Mike2251246492800Nice plantThe plant came in a very nice pot, and was packaged extremely well. No complaints.
398969398969B0012QL1JUA1F0XDYZBIUUVJMark L. Peterson2251246492800Bonsai gardeniaTree came in good shape and is living in the kitchen.
Very good experience.
398970398970B0012QL1JUAN7KGVVTLC2R1Jeanne K. Fouke4511271894400DisappointedThe gardenia was packed very well, looked great, I followed the directions, but the plant appeared to be suicidal; it started losing leaves immediately. They turned spotty black and brown, fell off, and I'm left with a nearly leaflass carcass. However, it is still alive, I'm still following the instructions, and hope springs eternal. My $9.00 gardenia from a Big Box store is thriving (Although Not a Bonsai), as are my other plants, so I know it's not me. Help!

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