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398980398980B004CJ3VH4A1NO0DM08OFIOPGrammy0151326153600Dad's Root Beer BarrelsThis order was for a relative who lives in California and cannot get this product, and Amazon was the ONLY place I was able to purchase it from. THANK YOU!
398981398981B0005ZZFUAA36L6CCJ3H27AQMatthew Glinski "Computer Expert"0051349222400This stuff is crack!I will not cook stir fry foods without this anymore. The Prime shipped price for one bottle is expensive, but it's worth it to get a sample to see if you like it as much as I do. Once your hooked, go for the 6 bottle cases, I wish I could get this stuff by the gallon!
398982398982B004HFLW1UA2C5GT4XW978PGLMM0051350604800BEST everYou can't beat Watkins for their nutmeg. The aromatic freshness enhances the whole flavor impact of french toast, eggnog, quiche, etc, thanks for the speedy delivery too!
398983398983B000QGG1M4A2ULLPJNCLC6B1Shofaith5551220486400AwesomeCoins arrived quickly and in great shape... packed for non-breaking. The quality of the imprint was perfect, very impressive. Many commented that were it not for the color they would have thought they were real coins at first glance. The chocolate was good quality also, good flavor.
398984398984B000QGG1M4A35S8WG5QNZ9EPA. Modesitt "Look up for the stars."4421263254400The chocolate wasn't very goodWhen I bought these I had them confused with different chocolate coins I'd purchased at Costco last year. These just didn't taste very good, waxy and chalky.
398985398985B000QGG1M4A36P4UFZ4YOED0L. Millman4421262995200Was very disappointedWe were really looking forward to these chocolate coins - especially after reading the reviews, but I must say that while very pretty, the chocolate itself was almost greasy in texture. We're very familiar with high quality European chocolate, and this - to our family - did not fill the bill at all. I would not buy it again.
398986398986B000QGG1M4A1RP51W5HR9S8PE. Browning1151211500800Chocolate Kennedy Half Dollar Gold CoinsMy kids didn't appreciate the chocolate which I think is better than typically found in chocolate coins. Priced right and more for me.
398987398987B000QGG1M4AUTJIHA640YHJS. Schwarzkopf "Sarah"0051336348800yummy chocolates!I purchased these for a recognition event for work. They are the size of a half dollar and look great. The chocolate is good quality- not waxy. I would buy again!
398988398988B000QGG1M4A2WL4YBYQJHCICarol Geck0051311120000Chocolate Gold CoinsThese gold coins were added to a bag of favors for a treasure chest theme. I was impressed because they arrived in the heat of the summer without any melting or damage. They are a good size and make a nice party favor.
398989398989B000QGG1M4ALZAUKAA3WTTPS. V. Griend0031301529600more copper than goldThe Gold coins are not very golden, more like copper. So while they are "half dollars" they seem like large pennies. The chocolate as expected is low grade. But, they were relatively inexpensive for chocolate coins.
398990398990B000QGG1M4A2TL4X2TKBZ6FCAE "Ed"0021297468800chocolateThese chocolate coins arrived in the proper length of time. They looked like the picture on computer. The chocolates tasted horrible. The most disguisting chocolate I have tasted. Would not order again.
398991398991B0038B3AGOA1JD2GXVKK2VCWA. Swain889141311379200Powdered Wheat Grass vs Fresh Wheat GrassAs most of you probably are, I was a bit skeptical while placing my order for this Wheat Grass Powder. Instant wheat grass sounds both unappetizing and not especially nutritional. Well, as is my nature, I did needless amounts of research on the effectiveness of powdered wheat grass, and found several articles with very mixed answers, so I decided to give it a shot and decide for myself.

My first impression was that this stuff was disgusting. While fresh wheat grass bought at a health store smells like a freshly cut golf course, this stuff smells like a barn. I held my breath and mixed the recommended amount of the dark green powder with a glass of ice water and chugged. I couldn't get 1/4 way through with the mixture before I gagged and decided I would never drink the stuff with water again. The label recommends drinking it with a juice, particularly orange juice, so that's what I did the second time around. If you mix it with a strong enough flavored juice, it is actually quite enjoyable. The nasty taste is barely detectable, and all you are left to put up with is the smell. Currently my favorite juices to mix it with are stronger flavored juices mixed with multiple types of fruits - anything with grapefruit juice works great. On to the effects.

When I down a shot of fresh wheat grass, I get a small boost of energy - but most importantly I maintain a healthy up-beat feeling throughout the day. The result is more of a lack of fatigue than an elevation in energy. With this powdered wheat grass, I get the same effect, simply on a lesser scale. The initial boost of energy is barely noticeable, but I am able to maintain that same "healthy feeling" that I get with the fresh wheat grass. And the nutritional value is all there: both the vitamins and chlorophyll (see table below). The final test, which I plan on conducting: The Hangover Test. A shot of wheat grass will get me out of that half-asleep feeling I get after a night of heavy South Florida binge drinking, so it is only natural that I test the effects of the powdered wheat grass on a hangover. While I am tempted to drink solely for the sake of this review, for now I must wait - I will update with results asap.

Nutritional comparison of generic wheat grass powder to fresh wheat grass. (Please note that these numbers are not the same as the Amazing Grass brand, nor are they the values for an equivalent serving size as the values listed by Amazing Grass.)

----------------Powdered--------Wheatgrass Juice
Protein ----------850mg--------------550mg------
Vitamin A----------1670 IU-----------120 IU------
Vitamin C----------8mg----------------1mg-------
Sugars-----------< 1%-----------------> 2%-----
Folic Acid--------21mcg---------------8mcg------

I'm sad to report that this does absolutely nothing for my hangover.. but that's cool, it's not magic. Still deserves 5 stars.
398992398992B0038B3AGOA1SWSWXNVYV4FHKevin S. Brunette272951292889600Great stuffMy friend who is a raw vegan recommended I start taking wheat grass to energize and detoxify my body. I was a bit skeptical at first but this stuff really does wonders. Not only does it give me loads of energy in the mornings it also has helped me stay a "regular" guy in the bathroom. Also! For any of you folks that are drinkers this stuff is AMAZING for detoxifying. Take this hungover and you'll feel like a million bucks in a half an hour. Taste isn't amazing but then again I just drink it straight with water. Would highly recommend this product for anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle.
398993398993B0038B3AGOA3296XF40IS2Slucy cranky "yarncrazy"202151278374400wheat grass is good for the bodyMy son started me on this product. He is into organic foods and a vegetarian. This was to start me on the path. I can tell you one thing it does. IT IS BETTER THAN METAMUCIL. and you don't have to take chemicals into your body. good stuff. taste takes getting used to.
398994398994B0038B3AGOA3LX57I5OKG70VRachel W101051302134400Love it!It's not placebo. I feel more energetic and clear-headed after taking this product for a month. In fact, you can already feel a little bit of the uplifting effect after drinking it in the morning. Taste pretty good, too!

The bottle says "60 servings." However, I feel that it's more like 40 servings. I used the scoop it provided inside, but I used up the whole bottle in slightly more than a month.

Still cheaper than buying fro Whole Foods though. I recommend subscribing it, especially if you intend to become a long-term user of this product.
398995398995B0038B3AGOA29D4ZYY6NXECHAndrew Anderson "Andrew"9951317168000Wheatgrass satisfies my veggie cravings and hydrates...I'm not a health nut per se, nor am I a vegetarian. I eat all foods, more healthily than your average American perhaps and prefer organic, but I'll nab a chicken sandwich from McD's in a pinch. But I do run a lot, and fitness buffs might share an experience I get pretty regularly: cravings for vegetables! When you put your body through physical stresses, I think it does a pretty good job of telling you what you need. So veggies really satisfy that craving, both for sustenance and feeling that I'm putting good nutrients in that my body is asking for. And this is where wheatgrass juice fades in...

Through a little bird advertisement message or Amazon stumbling, I heard of wheatgrass and decided to investigate. My research pointed towards nutrient info, substantiated and unsubstantiated claims that sum to this: it's at least a healthy serving of veggies, plus maybe some protein, etc. I figured I'd give it a try.

I'm now happy to report that wheatgrass is an amazingly refreshing alternative to crunching on or preparing veggies, choking down protein shakes after a run, or satisfying a general craving for something healthy to ingest pretty quickly. I drink usually two scoops at a time, shook up in a blender bottle, or one scoop if it's in the morning before work. After work or a run (H20 plus veggies? gold!), I can enjoy it a bit more, with the two full scoops, 2/3s a bottle full and fully shook up. Letting it sit a few minutes and slowly drinking it allows the powder to dissolve more quickly. If you're two quick, you're likely to get some green blobs in your teeth. But it's not bad, nothing like some stomach turning protein shakes (I am probably burned out on them).

And hey, I might live longer, might stay younger, might heal strange diseases. None of that is bad, so who cares if it's not totally true! The only negative I've heard of is from an office mate, who appeared to relay second hand information about the fiber making you 'super-regular', if that makes sense. I'm plenty regular as it is though, and haven't noticed any change in that for better or worse.

So take it for what it is, and enjoy some healthy wheatgrass! In case anyone cares, I don't sell the stuff or partake in the health food industry at all...I just buy the stuff! Enjoy!
398996398996B0038B3AGOA13UDI5ZLZ8F6ORama Nalam8851301529600Tastes good and easy to useOne of my friend recommend this product and I found it on Amazon for much less price.
Actually it is cheaper to buy on Amazon than the manufacturer.
I am taking this with fresh apple juice. Cut an apple, put it in juicer, add some water and blend it.
I use Blendtec but any blender should work.
Add one spoon of powder, mix it. Add a little honey if you want. Drink. That's it.

I like the taste. I heard that it tastes like grass. But, it tastes good.
It doesn't look good :-)) You have to overcome that feeling and drink slowly.
398997398997B0038B3AGOAHVNX8KTI0Z1XGrand Ma "Mae B."131531331942400Still Loving My GRAY hair!After seeing the high rating this product received, I googled "wheatgrass" and saw various claims related to such benefits as improvement in digestion, increased energy, both anti-cancer and anti-aging properties, etc. One of the googled anti-aging claims is that wheatgrass will return gray hair (most likely hair that grayed prematurely) to its orignal color. Having grayed prematurely myself, I ordered this product even though I've not seen any such claims pertaining to this particular product besides what's on its label.

Almost 6 months later, I have noticed no changes in my energy level, I still need an apple a day to keep the digestion flowing smoothly and my lovely gray hair is still lovely and gray. On some days, I say to myself, "Ah! I think it's a little darker than usual..." but, I can't be sure. I may just keep trying it because I feel good about consuming something in the vegetable category. And, if my hair turns back to its natural color, that's a reason to report back.

Oh! I use a little $10 hand-mixer I purchased from Amazon to mix it with V-8 juices and/or carrot juices.
398998398998B0038B3AGOA1FVYDK81GWJ3AChris Seavey6651300320000I enjoy itI haven;t tried other companies versions of wheat grass powder but this seems top notch. It may be less expensive to grow on your own but you have to buy a grinder, and invest time into grinding time you want to take a shot.

I mix this in my morning smoothie with bananas, blueberries, strawberries, spirulina powder, coconut oil, and protein powder. It makes a pretty good smoothie I'd say. When I first started I could feel the big energy boost throughout the day. Now that I'm more accustomed to it I don't feel as much of the boost, but it feels good knowing I'm getting complete nutrition.
398999398999B0038B3AGOA1XA5BLGOHFQBTCuseSweetnessInDC8951284163200If you've never had wheat grass...I'll start by saying that if you already like the taste of wheat grass, you will probably like this product. It mixes well and scoops out smoothly (no clumps). Purchasing this product will taste just the same as you would get from a health foods shop. Another positive point is that I am allergic to mold and did not have any reaction to this product. (Sometimes cultivated wheat grass gets mold. Not the case with this product. I'm wondering if that may only be a concern of the fresh, recently grown/picked stuff.)

I'll continue by saying that this was the second time I tried wheat grass. I wasn't exactly fond of it before, and I still am not a huge fan. It has a very earthy and strong flavor. Even when you mix it into drinks, you still taste the wheat grass. I highly suggest trying it first at a health foods shop before buying it online. I plan on finishing this container (mostly because I am stubborn and don't want to waste a good product). I've found that it is best to mix it (in small quantities) into drinks or smoothies that already have a strong flavor. If you mix one part wheat grass and 2-3 parts your other drink, the wheat grass taste is muted a little (not completely) and it's tolerable to drink. I do this every so often and it feels nice to know that I'm doing something good for my body. (Next time, though, I'll just eat spinach!)
399000399000B0038B3AGOA1M6RZKKXE0E8QJess Jr5551308096000Great ProductThe product is a Great product and we usually buy it at the vitamin store but what a bargain on Amazon!
398971398971B0012QL1JUATE1GKHHR6QM5O. K. Spears "kelso"4551243209600so cute!!I bought one of these for my mother bc it is her favorite flower. It got to her in beautiful shape. Has not bloomed yet but is going strong:)
398972398972B0012QL1JUA35VFHN7MMZ3A2Mrs. B6811271462400yellow spotsI bought this for my mom as a gift. It looked first just a little "over watered". Instead of blooming it developed yellow spots and all of the leaves are dropping off. It has a bacteria. I would never buy this again. Before I learned what the problem was she gave it back to me to try and fix. I put it with my other gardenias and now I realize I may have contaminated my own plants.
398973398973B0012QL1JUAAOC31ILG5XGJgary j prevost3411300320000not even worthy of one starmade mistake of my wife and myself trying to revive plant where everything fell off within few days as was stated by another review where exact same thing happened. finally after few tries and we both have many successful bonsai plants and some from seeds my wife declared plant dead and when i called brussel's bonsai they said i was not considered their customer because i purchased plant from amazon and when i looked at amazon return policy i found it no longer covered as period where we tried to revive plant took us past return day(by a lot). total lack of anything that could be called customer service and will never purchase anything from them again. very rude and even swore at me when i tried to explain what had happened. i think amazon should take some of the reviews of this particular plant and realize something is wrong and make it right with both myself and other customers who complained about this product. definitely lots of dependable sources for bonsai on internet but brussel's is not one of them, buyer beware buyer beware buyer beware
398974398974B0012QL1JUA24GEE4G429JLPJoseph Lee0041266192000Very nicely packagedThe bonsai was very tightly packaged and arrived shortly after my order. It was full of leaves and the friend I bought it for loves it. Waiting to see if it blooms in March/April but everything looks decent so far.
398975398975B004CJ3VH4A2HGX2A4TLR77Qreadaholic "tightwad"5551317945600Muscle FlavorRoot beer barrels on steroids. These are a sweet and delicious treat. This flavoring is for those of us who like a kick--there is a lovely herbaceous taste to these barrels that lingers until the barrels are disintegrated in your mouth. I tasted several herbs and spices, and even tried to read what they are made of (a guarded secret I guess). For sure there is lots of vanilla and maybe some sassafras, nutmeg or allspice and maybe cloves. I am just guessing in order to give the idea of strong flavor treat these barrel will give you. They are larger than other barrels and delightfully long lasting. The wrapping is strong and protective, but easy to tear open. There is not one barrel left.
398976398976B004CJ3VH4AH7LHHQVZBAILN. G. Mellish "Dad"3351316908800These are the bestI am a root beer barrel lover and have tried many brands of candy and these are by far the best brand around, They have a real strong and very natural taste of rootbeer, are rock hard until the very end and have a true sugar taste. Cannot be beat!
398977398977B004CJ3VH4A26FW51OVQQZMUjudy pawlowski1151338854400A taste of childhoodThis candy tastes just like the candy I enjoyed as a child. Everyone in my office that is over 35 comes over on a regular basis to get a taste of childhood.
398978398978B004CJ3VH4A3M34NPTGTSIWIReal Name0031344816000They are ok but "brand" is deceptiveI am not sure these are that different than any generic root beer barrels you might buy. They taste fine, have a nice flavor and are as good as the rest. But don't fool yourself into thinking these are "original" or made by Dad's. Probably the exact same maker of the generic root beer barrels has licensed the Dad's name and puts a label on these -- and they cost 25-50% more than the others.
398979398979B004CJ3VH4A1SPNYO2BXNBPFhopatconggirl0051344556800Dad's Root Beer Barrel CandyThis brand of root beer truly reflects that taste of a Dad's cold Root Beer in a frosty mug. I'n ashamed to say that they are so good that including my purchase today, I have consumed 9 lbs. of this candy within a few months, and I am the only one in my family that eats Dad's Root Beer Barrels. I recommend them to anyone who truly wants to go back in time and recreate the taste of an old time root beer.Dad's Wrapped Rootbeer Barrels, 3 LB

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