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399027399027B0038B3AGOA1Z3XWG2W5GOHPNite Runner1141303516800Amazing, save the taste.I decided to jump on the wheatgrass train to see what the fuss was about. I've noticed clearer skin and a boost of energy every day when I take this. The only downside is the taste. I would mix this with orange juice and it would go down easier. After getting low in my supply, I have just bought the wheatgrass pills. I can pop a pill easier than choking down this stuff (and I don't have to run out every week to get more OJ!). Yes the taste is a little gritty and sometimes it doesn't mix well. When I add it to my smoothies and I don't taste it so that's an option, but I don't make a smoothie every day. I will be buying the tablets from now on. Great product otherwise, just the taste I can't really get past.
399001399001B0038B3AGOA33A705WR9DR1EDon Julio5551298764800Amazing product! Love this grass.Great product when used on a daily. The taste well... it could be better but the health benefits outweigh the taste. You will start to feel healthier and full of energy almost immediately. I highly recommend this product to everyone.
399028399028B0038B3AGOA3NWDL41IO54IGPeachy!1141300233600I'm digging itMy brother loves Wheat Grass, the fresh stuff, and I have tried it. I mix a scoop of this with my protein shake and drink it down. Don't even taste it! My guess, probably a good thing because it doesn't smell the best. However, I do feel better in the mornings I use than the ones I don't, more awake anyways.
399002399002B0038B3AGOA1UJ9DXE1S5J2Fbuymethat5541298419200Go Green!I was buying a pre-mixed product with similar ingredients, but it was pretty costly.
This is a great alternative. Takes more time, since you have to measure and mix yourself, but it is also
less than half the cost. I have mixed it with grapefruit juice, cranberry juice, orange juice and tomato juice.
Don't mix with tomato juice - it's too thick - like swallowing wallpaper paste.
OJ works and tastes the best with this powder. Works best in a shaker, since stirring it seems to take forever to break down the clumps that form. Overall, I'm going to continue to use it. Sign up for the subscription, to save even more.
399029399029B0038B3AGOA27MJAC90XL414l.s.1151291680000wheatgraassFantastic product for your health! Shipping was unbelievably fast. Hassel free automatic shipping for future orders. Product description was exact.The price is great. I have purchased this product before at the local store and have paid nowhere near this price. Very satisfied!!!
399030399030B0038B3AGOA21AJNW2R55ZQCPoetface1151290211200Quick and easyHaving this product available in the freezer at all times is great for a fast pick-me-up. I have 1 scoop every morning in water (with other powders) and give about half a scoop to one dog who loves it too. Someday I hope to make my own but for now this is the best! Plus I have it delivered automatically every 2 months.
399003399003B0038B3AGOAMEMYZC3GEE1KMeli J5551295481600Amazing..PRODUCT!Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Powder is simply the best! I started using Wheatgrass about a year ago when I went vegan. I saw immediate results. My skin felt smooth. Particularly, I noticed a change on my face and hands. I like to mix the wheatgrass with orange juice and take it once a day or every other day. You won't be disappointed with this product.
399004399004B0038B3AGOAZE9U9GERKVGRbytmc4441300752000Great product!I did a lot a research before buying this and I am very happy with the results. I feel like I have more energy and my body functions more regularly when I take this. I use a scoop of this with a scoop of whey protein and 8 oz. Of skim milk. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the taste. BUT I guess what should I expect from wheat grass? it does taste better mixed in my shake though.
399005399005B0038B3AGOA6KL17KKN0A5LK. Harper4451273104000Super!Love this powder. I prefer to mix with almond milk or soy milk, and it makes a great drink! Love the flavor, and I can even take straight. I'll buy this again!
399006399006B0038B3AGOA2H10UX65GM66VXcalygrl3341343001600Still prefer fresh over packagedI am a wheat grass advocate, but my "habit" was getting a bit expensive. I decided to save myself some money and time by buying this product.
Taste - eh; I would rather drink the fresh stuff they clip and send through a juicer than this. I mainly drink it just mixed with water. It is a bit chalky, but it is bearable. I really like it mixed with OJ (lessens the taste), but I don't like to drink that many calories so I pull through with the water. My suggestion: mix with a juice if you don't like a chalky, grassy taste (and who does?).
Ease of use - good; super simple. Get some water or juice, add a scoop, shake and drink. It is almost dummy proof (I say almost because people never cease to amaze me).
Value - good; this is sooooo much cheaper than the real stuff. To stop daily and get a double shot of real wheat grass is almost $4 near me (almost $120 a month). I'd rather spend the $30-some odd twice a month than $120/month.
Convenience - great; the great thing about this is you don't have to drive anywhere to get it. When I wake up, I can walk into my kitchen and have a glass of wheat grass. I don't have to get dressed to drive 3 miles to get the real stuff juiced. When I'm rushed, it's not a big deal. I take the canister with me to work and drink it at my desk.

Overall, I gave this product 4 stars. I would have given 5 if it tasted better. If you would like to start incorporating wheat grass into your life, this is a pretty good way to do it. I'm 85% positive I'll buy this again.. The other 15% is considering starting to grow my own wheat grass (but that is a HUGE investment in seeds and a juicer).
399008399008B0038B3AGOA1M6UBI3O46255nickel2231335484800wheat grassFirst sip was not so good. After that every sip I got used to flavor. I took it religiously the first 3 months. Now I like it and add it to smoothies or just take a shot of it when I feel I did not eat enough fruits and/or vegetables for the day. I do not feel a difference in energy levels or anything, but it is suppose to be healthy. I will keep buying to have in cabinet and use ever so often.
399009399009B0038B3AGOA3HBTLZ01UVROBBill C2251317254400Wheat Grass PowderGreat product. Tried the 60 serving size and felt a positive change in my energy to take this product on an empty stomach since it doesn't seem to mix well with food. Will purchase again!
399010399010B0038B3AGOAD9G0HBBVAJFSSB2251315612800Very happyWe are very happy with this wheat grass product. We have also recommended this to some of our friends and family. Many people have definitely seen noticeable increase in daily energy levels. The product also definitely seems to help with boosting immunity. The Amazon subscription model for this product also makes life simpler.
399011399011B0038B3AGOA2FEELCJ9E7UIMKellie G. Mcgarry2251311120000Love it!Love the health benefits and i enjoy putting it in my green smoothies! I also like how it is gluten free.
399012399012B0038B3AGOA21ZARFWKZM7Y4A. T. Smith2251310860800FAST GRASSProvider shipped the items to me superfast - thanks! The only downside to this size of the wheatgrass powder is that you should have the small container (from a previous purchase) to use for practical purposes ... otherwise you'll never get your hand down into the container to scoop out what you need. But for buying in bulk there's no better method I've found. I've been using the powder for 18 months now and it's so much more convenient than growing wheatgrass, and my naturopath says nothing is lost from having the powder instead of fresh.
399013399013B0038B3AGOA844QT2C8NQCpunkin2251309046400I bought this on Amazon and it is good stuff!It was not as bad as I thought. It was very tolerable and I only drank it in water. I was very pleasantly surprised as, let's face it-green stuff typically is awful! Not this. I am very delighted with this product.
399014399014B0038B3AGOA1XOTIKWHQVUJ7Vivek Kamath2251305936000Amazing Stuff!At first, I was a bit skeptical about all the benefits that were attributed to wheatgrass. Now after taking it for 2 months and losing 20 lbs, I am a firm believer! It makes you regular, reduces acidity in the body (good for people with gout), improves energy levels and clears up the skin. The best description I can give is that it is a full body cleanser. It has a "grassy" taste, but is palatable if you are a green tea drinker. I have introduced it to my friends and each one of them has said that it has been nothing but beneficial. I highly recommend this product.
399015399015B0038B3AGOA2V2YJFE9KAN6QColeen E. Sams2251299283200Great tasteI enjoy the flavor and benefits of fresh wheat grass but it is difficult to keep on hand. This powder seems to offer the same "punch" as well as tasting good. I'm very pleased with the product and now rely solely on it.
399016399016B0038B3AGOAI2MRYH16GQ6ZO. Lee "We love because he first loved us"2251280188800Love it :DMy mom made a drink with wheatgrass, honey, and soymilk.
Although I was skeptical about it at first, but oh boy, this is a good stuff!
It almost reminds me of starbuck's greentea frappuchino taste (that's if you put less than a tablespoon and more honey). Also, the SS program is awesome! I was able to get a bottle at 27.41!! Amazon, please keep it at this low price!
399017399017B0038B3AGOA1N0RCF2U5ZJBLS. Phillips6851263427200Great tasteI have tried a few other wheat grass powders and had a hard time drinking them. This was very mild. I can drink it just mixed with water. My 2 year old and 4 year old liked it and wanted more. I love all of the Amazing Grass products. They all taste great and are a great company to order from.
399018399018B0038B3AGOA19ZHB4KFPIBIVpatrick collins1151340064000really great stuffI starting using wheatgrass several months ago. I have more energy every day and I feel healthier then I have in some time. My immune system has improved as well. I used to get sick alot with colds or some sort of bacteria infection. I have not been sick in the last 6 months. I would have to say that this stuff really works!!!!
399019399019B0038B3AGOA8M4P3UR4WTPXKali Lover1151339372800great taste!after reading the reviews i was a bit concerned about the taste. took a chance due to the health benefits. when i got it i mixed a scoop w/a cup of ziegler's apple cider inside a water bottle & shook it like crazy. it was TASTY!! to me it had an unexpectedly chocalatey-like flavor! it's a bit grainy but that didn't bother me at all (luckily). i drink it for breakfast and have substituted it for dinner if i had a large lunch along with maybe a fruit. it seems to be filling and feels good in my body. love it!

looking forward to the weight loss i know i will get. this is MUCH better than those diet meals in a bottle. thanks, Amazon. your price is the best anywhere i've seen!
399020399020B0038B3AGOA3F9G17PMUTW6FPam Moore1131339372800Just OKIt took me weeks to get used to this flavor. And at this point, I'm not even certain I'm receiving any "benefits" that others have described (more energy, etc). I will more than likely not buy this product again.
399021399021B0038B3AGOA10WV8FX2F9EKEAlex Tai1141335916800Good for you....Tastes horrible; very grainy; makes your mouth green, but its very good for you.

After taking it for a few weeks I notice a difference from drinking this. Even on days that I get like 4, 5 hours of sleep I still pretty energetic throughout the day.

Overall energy level for me has gone up.

However, this could all be a placebo too; if it is, then that is fine too. These don't cost too much, and is giving me lots of vitamins and minerals which I probably need.
399022399022B0038B3AGOAOXMSGH15FT41TokyoPurpleDog "TokyoPurpleDog"1151331942400my dogs love itWhen I drink this, I add other powders to it (acai, young barley grass, and kale) so I'm not able to give a review of how good this single item has been for my health, as it's mixed in with everything else.

However I know that people also use these supplements for their pets, so let me address that aspect.

Eleven of my 12 dogs love this stuff. They sort of enjoy powdered kale (different brand than this) and will put up with powdered young barley grass if they are hungry enough (but don't really enjoy the taste), but this stuff they all think is great. (The 12th dog will only eat it if she's REALLY hungry but otherwise doesn't care for the smell.)

They also absolutely LOVE the Amazing Grass Amazing Meal Powder, Organic Pomegranate Mango Infusion, Gluten Free, 15.5-Ounce Canister made by the same company. That one makes their breath smell wonderful, even if you have stinky-breath dogs.

Incidentally, this supplement doesn't leave a lingering green tinge to their fur, as other grass powders do. (When I add other supplements to their food, the vet sometimes asks me why the dog's snout is discolored. Not so with this brand.)

The Amazon price is the best I've found, and the "subscribe and save" price makes it even better.
399023399023B0038B3AGOA35HHXUW4B80OUMike1151326067200Good ProductThe taste and smell aren't great, I mix it in my daily Vitamix (specific blender) fruit and a few vegetables and you can't even taste it.
399024399024B0038B3AGOA22JYT4VMX4PVODebra King1151323820800Great ProductThis product does everything it say it does. The dosage is twice daily but I only use once. Highly recommend.
399025399025B0038B3AGOA1FVXSQ89WBJ5UM. Wisdom1151315526400All hail the wheagrass!!This product is amazing. I initially bought the smallest canister to see how I would like it and I was immediately hooked! Not only does it give you gradual energy that is sustained throughout the day but it detoxifies your body. I remain very regular on it and see vast changes in my mood and energy level. I am unsure if it's helped my hair, skin and nails but they seem to be looking great so I would tend to think the juice is the cause. It doesn't taste the best but can be masked with any type of juice. My boss makes an entire meal out of it but in the mornings I don't have time to chop up and blend fruits so I just mix it in some juice, chug and I'm on my way.

This green powder is a must have!!
399026399026B0038B3AGOA30OYRX3R94YB3itech1151314144000Awesome!I began using this item after doing some research on the benefits. I have to say, I love it!! I have more energy during my day, no more cravings in midday and I lost 5 lbs in the first month! You do have to acquire a taste for it but in orange juice, it's very good!!! Love it!!

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