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399091399091B000S89GGIA3HYVPLENTF0P7J. McGoff "bookreader"2311234656000these treats make dogs sickI gave these treats to my chihuahua mix and he developed renal failure. I then found out the FDA had issued a warning about these treats causing renal failure. I'm amazed Amazon is still selling them. My dog just spent 2 days getting IV fluids at the vets and may still not survive. Yes, he absolutely loved these treats. But please, at the very least, read about the warnings and what's happened to other animals before thinking about giving them to your pet.
399092399092B000S89GGIA2MJDXTRL0XE6WP. Clarke0051288656000chicken stripsmy dogs (and any dogs I've given strips to) love any kind of dried meat strips, and these are no exception. I've found better priced deals, but they'll never go to waste.
399093399093B000S89GGIA28ITQ20PBKT6GFiana0051286582400Great product!!My dog loves this treat!!! I taught my dog tricks using this treat and she learned the trick soooo fast!!!!
399094399094B000S89GGIA18HNY48GV3ATBDebra C. Honerkamp0051282521600Smokehouse 100% Natural Duck & Sweet Potato Dog TreatsI have three toy fox terriers and they a crazy over the Duck and Sweet Potato Treats. This product is Awesome!!! Your dogs will love them!! Smokehosue products are the best. I buy several different kinds of their Treats for my dogs. The Chicken Breast Strips are another favorite for my dogs. I don't think there is one of Smokehouse Treats that my dogs don't like.
399095399095B000S89GGIA38S389R45ENRRS. Sterk0041267574400dogs LOVE themMy dogs Love this product. The quality is higher than other brands as I've tried most all of them. I guess this is why they are a bit more pricey also.
Consistently a quality product. Just wait for super saver and free shipping-then it's a perfect deal!
399096399096B000S89GGIA3GM1ALT4FH2FJAshley "kralpn"0051215993600chicken tendersMy puppy loves these. She does not like the stron treats available at your local stores. She will chew these for hours. Will buy again.
399097399097B000S89GGIA19NAQAQ27SXOPIlene "I"0051215129600dog loves chicken filletscan't keep enough of these treats in the house.// glad i discovered them and so is the dog
399098399098B000S89GGIADUKNSH80HM7MDebbie Fox0051211155200my dogs favoriteMy dogs love these. They break easily if you don't won't to give them a whole one each time. The container can be used after to hold other treats or other things.
399099399099B0041QI7N6AW6J9IILGOZY3Katawampas2241323734400Very good coffee but not my favorite bean blend.This is the second coffee I've tried from Weaver's. The first was the "Organic French Roast" which I prefer to this blend. I guess I prefer a darker roast. This "House Blend" is a medium-bodied coffee with citrusy hints; it was slightly bitter to my taste buds and not as full-flavored. If French roast is not your style of coffee, this might be an excellent option. It's still very good coffee but I'll probably order the French roast next time.

There were no visible quakers; I have not found any quakers in the 4 Weaver's bags I've tried so far. Quakers are underdeveloped coffee beans that make coffee taste awful. They stick out because they do not roast/darken properly. A good test of coffee beans is to empty the bag on a cookie sheet & see how many quakers you find. A few is "acceptable" but more than 10 is pretty bad in my opinion.

I use the "pour over" method to brew coffee every day because I can get water to the ideal brewing temperature of 192F to 204 F. I use 2 tablespoons of coffee for every 6 ounces of cold, filtered water, a Melitta natural brown filter, manual drip coffee filter & brew directly into my stainless carafe. I heat the water to boiling, pour a few tablespoons over the grounds to saturate & plump up the beans, wait a minute & then flood the grounds with the rest of the water.

I brew directly in to this carafe using this coffee cone (pour over method):
RSVP Manual Drip Coffee Filter Cone for Carafes or Thermos

I use this grinder:
Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder, Black

I use this water kettle to heat the water:
Oster 5965 Stainless-Steel 1-1/2-Liter Electric Water Kettle

I use these coffee filters:
Melitta Cone Coffee Filters, Natural Brown, No. 6, 40-Count Filters (Pack of 12)
399100399100B0041QI7N6A2T68P9I05KBFTRusy1151308268800The House has become a staple at homeI first tried the Organic Blend and decided to order the House Blend as well, a little cheaper alternative to their top seller. WOW ! The same great aroma and consistency !
Thank you Weavers.
399101399101B0041QI7N6A1KZUXE70GYNGOtalonmedic0041347926400Marvelous.Weavers is one great coffee. Was looking for the best type (french roast, peru, house etc) and so far have't found one they all taste superb, smooth, low acidity, no after taste all round wonderfull.
399102399102B0041QI7N6A3U7302CWDGZLRTim Haveman0051320278400Weaver's Coffee is FRESH!Weaver's is not available in stores in Las Vegas, so I have it delivered to my front door. I have tried almost all of the the blends and the single origins Weaver's has on, it is all I will ever drink. Weaver's aroma is HUGE! Super fresh. I feel bad for those who drink over-roasted cardboard. Don't be that person.

399103399103B0043XNS6IAL380DK65Y7VZCharles W. Berry "wacky charlie"1151338595200Different & delectableThe Lingonberries are very tasty and hard to find locally (they're from Sweden). We first had them in Door County, Wi., on Swedish crepes.
399104399104B0043XNS6IA12RIBH3FE09MHTemple Naff "harleyridingirl"1151328054400Never had them beforeDr Oz said these berries were the new super fruit so I ordered this. They are tart and not really too sweet. Great on toast.
399105399105B0043XNS6IAN1C0UZYI73DEVictor Anaya-Baez0051336348800Very elegant taste.Not overwhelming. Very smooth berry taste. The right amount of sweetness. Very elegant texture. Had it with "magret de canard"; fantastic.
399106399106B007RFSQDOA17FRGDX4IJL0DCLE Jackie0051345507200great coffeeLove this coffee. will def purchase again! Perfect donut house coffee, for when i prefer non-dark coffee and just want a perfect AM blend.
399107399107B007RFSQDOA1DYYEUH00I30MJillian Unger "Jillian A. Unger"0051344988800Keurig K cups donut houseI love this coffee! Have tried it before in the past and it never disappoints! A+ ALL THE WAY! Would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has doubts about trying Keurig k cups for the 1st time!
399108399108B007RFSQDOA35ILMFS009LUXLindsey P0051342828800great coffeeI have tried lots of plain coffee's lately and my boyfriend and I like this coffee best, great price too!! shipped quickly
399109399109B00012189OA2AKI3TF1RQWBONanVac0051348876800Makes every sandwich + burger taste betterOn a trip to Paris we visited the Maille store. They have hundreds (or more?) of different flavors of Dijon mustard. We selected a few in the smaller bottles and 2 or 3 "poivre vert" in the normal size. All were wonderful but we quickly realized just how lucky it was that we brought home so many of the poivre vert - Dijon with green peppercorn.

It's difficult to explain why - except as a base for my families favorite salad dressing, I'm not a big fan of plain Dijon mustard - but this combo makes an amazing mustard.

At first we used it on turkey burgers. We rarely eat beef and until we found this mustard, felt as though we were sacrificing every time we had a turkey burger. Now it is one of our most favorite foods. Combined with a slice of red onion, the green peppercorn mustard just makes the burger something unbelievably tasty!

We could not find any way to buy the Maille Poivre Vert mustard here in the States so when our Son and Daughter-in-law travelled to Paris we asked (begged) them to find the store and bring some home, which they did and we savored every drop.

This past Summer they visited France again only this time they brought back a bottle of Edmond Fallot 'moutarde au poivre vert' along with some of the Maille.

They told us they picked this up in the Dijon region of France (or town?) and fully expected we would like it better.

It is at least as wonderful as the Maille. We may not have a palate sophisticated enough to discern a difference between the two but THIS one is available (placing my first order today via Amazon) here in the US.

I am sure EVERYONE who enjoys a sandwich or a burger will love what this mustard adds to the flavor. It's even great added to cheese and crackers!
399110399110B001BM3N5UA1EMWGE60TJVEALaura H.3351250380800Good Product, Poor Packing/ShippingI am familiar with the soup, and the Amazon price was excellent. However, the shipment arrived with two badly dented/crushed cans. It could have been packed much better.
399111399111B001BM3N5UA1CKEKUVGPLUEXFilm Guy2251282089600DeliciousI think these soups are great. If you're not used to 'no salt added' foods, then you'll find it bland. But once you have a bowls of this soup, regular soup with it's 2,000 mg of sodium will taste like ocean water. You can actually taste the flavor of the beans and herbs rather than just being saturated with salt. The minestrone is my favorite of these soups and the potato/leek my least favorite. I'd rate the lentil as my second favorite.
399112399112B001BM3N5UA3284FBRF1CHBGtulaz1151338595200Quick and easy healthy lunch.I really need to watch my salt intake which is why I purchased this. I find this lentil soup to taste pretty good with some red wine vinegar added to make up for the lack of salt. Sometimes I'll chop up fresh spinach and put in before cooking for added vitamins.
399113399113B001BM3N5UA1NECUZI01IU79Amazon shopper0021298851200Lentil soupI might be a bit partial in my judgment of the taste of this soup, because I have made it homemade before. I didn't care for the flavor of the soup. Even after adding a little sea salt it still did not have the right flavor. It had what seemed to be an almost tomato soup flavor. I particularly did not care for it, but everyone has different taste buds. This is just my opinion.
399114399114B0023AFDDEA2MD9XAN2I6SE5jg "(o...o)"0051346112000If you love coffee....This stuff tastes so good! It's more like coffee than tea. Only downside, it's pricey. It looks just like soy sauce so when you open the package, be careful not to get it on your clothing.
399115399115B001717UGIA2EPNS38TTLZYNtedebear0031312675200Pok ChopsThe pork chops from Omaha Steaks were very tasty but at the same time exceptionally dry. Pork is usually dry meat but these were to the extreme. Possibly shipping them frozen and keeping them frozen was partly the problem.
399116399116B007RW7BXSA1DYQU3SKN4YA2Sonia C. Stewart0051347494400fulfilled intended purposeI guess my Malamute liked it. I like the size and hoped to present to her as a nice reward. I found the empty wrapper in the living room and deduced she served herself. I plan on ordering more.
399117399117B0058IAVTEAXGCRX2ZBD5I1N. Stepro0051312329600delish!We don't have fresh figs available and the canned figs (only brand I ever saw was Oregon) disappeared too, so this was a treat to find.
399118399118B000B8N7QAAHCT2ZFJX1FN0St. Patrick's Day Mommy0051306886400Our beagle dog loves this dog foodAfter our dog turned one and was off of puppy food we started noticing that whenever he ate he would throw up. We tried all kinds of dog foods but nothing would help. We finally took our dog to the vet and he was diagnosed with pancreatitis. Our vet put he on Hill Prescription Diet dog food and it was around $50 a bag for this dog food. After paying for this expensive food for several months I decided to give Fit & Trim a try & my dog can eat it and not vomit it back up. He hasn't lost any weight, but maintained his current weight and he can eat without vomiting so that is what is important to us. Our vet even said that this was a good option for our dog.
399119399119B000B8N7QAA32DZY18PNKUTFPete F.0051274227200Two paws up!We've fed this to our dogs for just over a year now (after our vet suggested it) after years on Purina Puppy, and then Dog, Chow. Our dogs are healthy 10 & 6 years old. Go ahead and empty your wallet/purse on other brands, we'll stick with Fit & Trim until the Queen of England's dog come for a visit.
399120399120B000B8N7QAA1O8HWOG788THSSkoe Veduh0211279065600No real food for dogsPeople, READ THE INGREDIENTS BEFORE BUYING ANY BRAND OF DOG FOOD!!!
Don't feed dogs wheat gluten, corn gluten, corn, soybean hulls, by-products. Absolute garbage for a dog's health. Buy a dog food with real meat or meat meal and few grains, NO CORN or CORN GLUTENS.

It doesn't matter how pretty the picture is, or how cute the commercial is, read the ingredients, the ONLY important thing when considering a dog food.

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