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399121399121B003YBP89KA3PGSZC6PR1KEJmwlf1151289779200Pickwick teaThe tea is great the black and green. Can't find it anywhere in the USA Stores. However, don't expect to get it in 5-7 days if you order it will take about 3-4 weeks.
399122399122B00451SCUUA2NYK9KWFMJV4YMike Tarrani "Jazz Drummer"0051334793600Before plunking down hard earned cash on boutique oils try thisWhen it comes to olive oils I refuse to make compromises or cut corners, and have purchased many boutique oils over the years. While I will confess that if I were independently wealthy I would exclusively use Raineri - Unfiltered Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, I happily settle for this great oil.

Either I am going senile in my old age, since I am Italian-American and prefer this Spanish olive oil, or Badia is merely a well kept secret. I have tried some of the other higher end mainstream brands like Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 17oz. bottle, which is usually a decent oilve oil, but keep coming back to this one. One of the main reasons is consistency. I have experienced bad batches of most of the other brands on the market, and the boutique ones are truly hit or miss in my experience. And that is why I am loyal to this brand: no surprises when I open a bottle, and I am never disappointed in the quality.

If you are finicky about olive oil and have not tried this one, invest in a smaller bottle and give it a try. You may be as pleasantly surprised as I.
399123399123B000FBQ5HQA23NI56ZAB3R0XVictoria R. Solmon1151271635200very tasty & no HFC!We use this to sweeten up our raw oat breakfast, to which we add chopped apple, dried cranberries, nuts, cinnamon and rice milk or soy milk or juice and some frozen blueberries. This was discontinued for some time, so I'm very happy it's back on subscribe and save. It's a little pricey, but if you stretch it the way we do it goes far. Thanks Amazon, as always great products and shipping!
399124399124B000FBQ5HQA1080SE9X3ECK0L. Meza "fire2ice"2351234396800delighful taste!!!this crunchy granola is the best tasting,that i have had in a long time,cruchy clusters with a hint of honey and hazel nut flavor,plus the great taste of strawberries and rasberries.great as a healthy breakfast or snack,pluse put a little of this on vanilla yougurt!!! it will leave you wanting more,i will buy again.
399125399125B000FBQ5HQA3DK7WMAK2588ELucy Dashwood "Lucy Dashwood"0051327276800Perfect on YogurtI've been buying this Familia variety at the local supermarket but it's been discontinued so am very happy to see it at Amazon and get the subscription service which makes it a better deal. A couple spoonfuls of this in a container of Chobani Black Cherry yogurt and I'm in heaven.
399126399126B000FBQ5HQA12KSJ6NJBODTMD. Becker "JRX"0051308182400YummyEveryone in the family loved this cereal. Yah, it did not taste healthy, it was too good for that. That said it may still be a healthy cereal but who cares when it tastes so good. Great straight out of the bag for a snack or in a bowl with milk. I also mixed it with some of the raw (healthy) cereals, that taste healthy but you would not want to eat them, to make them quite good. Loved the crunch and the flavor.
399127399127B000FBQ5HQA1H0W7S2H5HC04North Gate Outlander0051301184000trying to eat betterI am trying to eat healthier.
I purchased this, and another Muselix. I personally like the other one better (my favorite cereals are oatmeal and cherrios so you can see I'm somewhat fussy and like certain tastes), but this one is VERY good. My husband, who loves bran cereals really, really likes this.
It is definately worth a try. If my husband doesn't eat it, I still will!
And I gave it a FIVE!!
399128399128B000FBQ5HQA3HC55XYJEMQP6Robo210051262390400Excellent! Do yourself a favor and try this great product.I first tasted Swiss Familia Muesli in 1964 as a kid. I grew up on that cereal and really loved it. I had no idea that Familia made other cereals until I started shopping on Amazon. Then, after buying the Swisss Familia Muesli exclusively from Amazon for quite some time, one day they ran out of stock.

Rather than go to my local health food store I noticed that they had the Familia Swiss Crunch with berries showing up in "other products available." I read the rave reviews and decided to try a 6-pack. The cereal arrived and both my wife and I have been hooked since.

Unlike the Muesli, this cereal has a crunchy texture that stays crunchy in the bowl. The included berries offer a tasty accent. We usually add blueberries and sliced bananas to the bowl to make it extra special but that's a bonus. The cereal is delicious with or without added fruit because it comes with dried berries. It has a nutty flavor and crunchy texture that is unlike any cereal I've tried to date. I'm so hooked on the Swiss Crunch I really have no interest in any other cereal.

Highly recommended! Definitely a must try. And Amazon is the best place to buy it. Bon appetit.
399129399129B000FBQ5HQA2624W1VFNDLIlenco "scooter"1251277942400Familia muesli with raspberriesDelicious. One of the best cereals ever tasted. Nice crunch. Good to have a cereal that's not loaded with preservatives and, most especially, not sweetened with corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup. Somewhat expensive; does not come with free shipping though other varieties in this line do.
399130399130B000FBQ5HQA3U2T3EO0RJ2ACA. Slechta1251257811200Best Granola CerealThis granola cereal is DELICIOUS!!! Not only is it tasty, it's also pretty healthy. It's relatively low in sugar and low in calories compared to other granolas. I eat it with non-fat greek yogurt for a healthy breakfast or afternoon snack.
399131399131B000FBQ5HQAZB461JRZKEYUC. Harangus "C.H."1251254096000Great cereal!This is one of the best,if not the best cereal I have ever taste since I moved to USA.I was looking for roasted clusters,without corn flakes,with fruits,and I got it!In Europe we used to eat Kelloggs Extra,unfortunately we could not find it here.The serving size is 2/3 cup(55 g), 240 calories ,I use 1% milk ,so total 340 calories.Not bad for a tasty,healthy breakfast!
In the end....I will buy this product again...very soon :):):)
399132399132B000FBQ5HQABIVFEOB4C7YKlola0131275782400Does not taste healthyThis one is too sweet and does not taste healthy. They make one with sunflower seeds which is much nicer, more filling, not as sweet.
399133399133B000FBQ5HQA1AHG76Y8S89BJDavid De Sousa "The Automation and Control Guy"61251157155200An Excellent and Healthy Choice for Anyone's DietA quality product from Bio-familia, a Swedish company that developed "Birchermüesli" a product so popular and successful that made the name Muesli famous all over the world.

If you need a high fiber and protein snack option for your diet, this is absolutely a very good product. You can't go wrong and the best of all: excellent taste and quality, and for a pack of five this comes at a good value. The Strawberries and Rasberries included in this version of the cereal at Anti-oxidants to the mixture, making a good product even better.

Sometimes your diet will require you eat frequently and consciously, and in those cases you need to have a snack at hand when you get hungry, in order to keep your metabolism high all day long. In such cases finding a good and balance option could be hard. I love this 5-pack and I always have one at home an another pack at the office. I try to eat five or more times a day, so in my case having a healthy snack at hand wherever I am when I get hungry is a priority.

Since you are checking this product I have to guess that you are probably a person that cares about what you eat, either because you are interested in losing weight, getting in better shape or just be healthier and keep in good shape, so I will share my own experience in the weight loss game and staying in shape game

My own successful personal experience in weight loss is based on strategies to boost metabolism. Don't stress yourself, eat frequently, eat just what you need each time, and choose wisely what you are going to eat, supplement your diet. Yet simple and it works. I loss more than 200 lbs and shrink my waist (from 44 to 32), and I have been able to keep in good shape since then. Every single aspect of my life has improved since then.

Keep in mind that a good diet is just part of the equation, you also need a plan that helps you keep on track and monitor your condition. Based on my own personal experience I can recommend some tools that you may want to consider, to establish your own strategies for boosting your metabolism, loosing weight, and even more important keeping that weight off. They are:

- "Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss" by Mark Hyman. A practical an realistic plan for weigh loss.

- "The ABS Diet", which is another very practical, readable, insightful, and inspirational book, that also includes an exercise plan.

- A Body Fat Monitor or Scale. This will help you monitor your progress, to assure that the weight you are loosing is fat (fat lost = increased metabolism) and not muscle, water or bone mass (decreased metabolism).

- A Heart Rate Monitor Wrist Watch. This is an excellent tool that will help you monitor and control your Heart Rate in order to keep yourself in a burning fat state (increased metabolism).

- "Heart Monitor Training for the Complete Idiot", a primer on the use of Heart Rate Monitors for health improvement or weight control.

If you want to star focusing only on your diet, the first two may be worth considering. If you exercise, or want to start doing it right, the last threee are for you. If you do both, all the recommended options can improve your results.

I am 39 years old, With the help of the tools I just mentioned not only I went fro size 44 to size 32 pants, but also obtained substantial benefits that included weight control, cardiovascular improvements, lowered blood pressure, and improved muscular-skeletal strength and flexibility, but also the myriad of mental and psychological benefits derived from being in the best shape of my life.
399134399134B000VK4K3WAOMO31D8U3OPHjoyce sineni3511277424000My two cats hated it.My two cats did not like this stuff at all. I thought I would treat them to a more pricey organic food and they would love me for it...not looked at me like I was nuts...she wouldn't go near it, the other gave it a try and barfed right in the bowl. The chicken and brown rice had a very fishy smell, not good. Sorry Paul, great dressings but the cats give you a thumbs down.
399135399135B000VK4K3WA29JBDORT8V4LYV1211342310400cat hates it and it made her sickVery disappointed. Made my cat sick. Total waste of money. Back to just eating tuna for our girl. Can't afford to waste money.
399136399136B000VK4K3WA1NS7569J443J0Mema1251294531200ORGANIC IS THE ONLY WAY TO GOOrganic is the only way to go. Newman's Own Organics Turkey Formula for Cats, 5.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)
399137399137B000VK4K3WA3T09F1DUAALLNPaula Rosenblum "Paula"162611297382400BEWARE - AMAZON LIMITS THE TOTAL AMOUNT YOU CAN BUYThe food is GREAT. The cats have gotten completely addicted to it. BUT....what Amazon doesn't bother to mention is that "quantities are limited". I have been buying this food for my 3 cats for about 6 months. It comprises roughly half their diet (or 3 cats/day).

I just went to re-order and was repeatedly told "there's a problem". Long story, and 2 phone calls plus 2 emails later, I was told I have bought the LIFETIME MAXIMUM of this product.

I ordered it for almost twice the price via the marketplace, but I am furious with Amazon. NOWHERE on this page do they tell you there's a limit. So I'm here to tell you there is.

The food is great, but don't get used to buying it here.
399138399138B000VK4K3WA1OUPSQ8EGXXZGSarah M. Mcculley2431210464000okMy cat will eat it, and I'll use it in a pinch when I am out of Wellness canned cat food. I wish it came in a fish only flavor. Also I all the fruits and vegetables my cat gets when eating the Wellness brand.
399139399139B000VK4K3WA1ZGNS0OCHONBMC. J. Brown5911289088000The cat, the dog, nor the grackles would touch itI bought a can of this for the novelty of seeing how my cat would react to a can of cat food that cost almost a buck fifty. He's normally not a picky eater and routinely eats canned Friskies or 9-Lives. I opened the can and placed the contents into a clean feeding bowl and presented it to him in his normal feeding place on the counter (up away from the dog). He took a sniff and recoiled from it. I then offered him a can of his regular food that he happily ate. Well, that didn't go well. So I then offered it to our Lab/Golden mix, a dog that loves nothing more than snapping up the cat's food if it is left within her reach. One sniff and she jerked her head back from it and walked away. Next step was to fling it out into the back yard where the grackles (an omnivorous bird common to South Texas) scavenge for moldy bread, pizza bones, stale chips and pretty much anything else we toss out. Nope, the grackles wouldn't touch it either. But the fire ants love it. They are all over it and within a few days it will be gone.
399140399140B000VK4K3WA2H2DJS31WHEXPK. A. Wolfe "rebel with a cause"5941221868800cat food - organicNewman's Own« Organics Turkey Formula For Cats, 5.5-Ounce Tins (Pack of 24)
This does not contain any anti-nutrient soy products.
399141399141B000VK4K3WA1TWZ4MJQM6W2VThe Amateur Librarian0131332633600Didn't hold their attention for longI chose this for the quality ingredients. At first my cats liked it but about halfway into the case they stopped eating it. I left it out, thinking they'd get hungry enough and eat it eventually, but they never did.

After a while, I pulled out a can, hoping they'd want it again, but nope, they're done.
399142399142B000VK4K3WA3KE6TMMH3BG00Walker "pseudo-savant"3611263772800None of my cats will touch this stuffI have three cats, and even the chow-hound (the one who will eat anything, even, frequently, the inedible) will not touch this stuff. The same is true for the only other flavor in the Newman's Own Organics line we've tried (Newman's Own®Organics Turkey & Vegetable Formula For Cats, 3-Ounce Tins (Pack of 24)). I'd like to donate the rest to an animal shelter, but I wish I knew why my own cats find it so offensive!
399143399143B000VK4K3WA3HQB1AGA0DOX8T. Philpott3611263600000Terrible smell, starving cat wouldn't eat itThis stuff smells bad,and looks worse. My cat will eat anything and is not finicky. She was hungry but wouldn't eat it. We disposed of it, and replaced it with another Newmans Chicken product. She disposed of it quickly. I now have 23 tins of useless stuff. Normally, I try before I buy in quantity, but I thought the brand would be safe.
399144399144B000VK4K3WA18Q7QC9D36EYDCathyHarrington1311327104000avoid!!!my cats hate this cat food. I have never seen them turn their nose up at anything. It's terrible. I had it on recurring delivery and cancelled it and was shocked when it arrived again. They refused the return! I am very disappointed. My cats won't eat it and I can't send it back and didn't intend to reorder a second time. GRRRR
399145399145B000VK4K3WA2L2O9KVGGWSZ0NN1331316908800smells awfulMy cat does not seem crazy about it and I don't blame her.... man it smells like dog poo. I am always wary of food which is mashed to the point of being unrecognizable. There are no chunks of meat or vegetables. My cat and I will have to live thru finishing the 24 cans I bought. I will be cancelling my subscription.
399146399146B000VK4K3WA29G1QXA8NU22JL. Niles2511337040000Nasty StuffThis stuff is pretty nasty. I live in a household with two cats. I supplement their diets with wet food and thought I'd make the change to a organic brand.

First of all, this stuff turned my stomach upon opening it. It smells disgusting, like something died in the can. The consistency was gross too. This stuff was sloppy and fibrous. It looked like spoiled tuna salad and smelt even worse. I thought it had possibly gone bad but the date on the can indicates that it's still quite good and nowhere near the expiration date.

I really shouldn't have given this to my cat but I gave him a portion of it (not the whole can) to see how he took to it. He actually did eat it very happily, gluttonously in fact... But he was ill after and the remnants of this come up all over the kitchen floor. That's the first time I've ever had this happen when sampling a new food.

I think I'm going to stick to my usual brand. This stuff was not worth it! I am very disappointed and quite disgusted.
399147399147B000VK4K3WA1Z4LX3Q1YMF84Cindy A. Osterhout "Cindy O"2521331510400None of the five cats will eat itI looked closley to see what the stars meant with one meaning "I hate it." I. personally, do not eat it, but none of my 6 kitties,including 2 ferals (last time I wrote, I had only one feral, but now have two and neither feral will eat this. They may be wild and not let a human close to them, but they know their cat food tastes. Two stars means "I don't like it, and since I am the one doing the buying, I figure it is OK if I state that that "I don'tlike it" because I do not like buying something that the 6 cats that I feed will not eat it. I feed the ferals outside the back door and I can watch them "eat or not eat" by watching through the window. My kitties always announce the arrival of the ferals by jumping up and down at the window when my regular "orange and white kitty" and my "sometimes I deign to eat here 'black and white Kitty'" arrive for dinner! My, My, What an exciting life I have!!!...The high point of my evening being watching the ferals eat and then writing a review of their eating habits up on Amazon!
Anyway, I have made it clear as to how I keep tabs of the ferals and their eating habits. The inside kitties are pretty easy to manage. When trying a new variety of food (new to us) I just put that bowl in the kitchen where "the special eating" bowls go. Dry food and water are in the kitchen and whatever "speciality of the evening" is also located there. No, they do not get a new flavor every night! But one bowl goes there so they always go "aLookin" in the kitchen area for their night's extra bowl of wet food! Spoiled??? Yes!!!! Then I know if it is eaten or not. The specialty bowl gets 3 nights of trial...not in a avoid "nose sticker uppers." But kitties know a wet bowl is always placed alongside the water and the dry in the kitchen. Water and dry are also located elsewhere, but the kitchen ONLY gets the wet nightly special got trial/accuracy purposes. Nothing is TOO much for the trial and accuracy information for Amazon!
It has been 3 weeks now with the Newman Chicken and Brown Rice. There is no question. None of my cats eat it. Not even the birds seem to care for it...or any other the birds generally eat the dried out left overs and if the bowl is chewed to death, it means a coyote has been by, but I haven't had any coyotes all winter.(Somebody is putting out vittles more to their liking somewhere else, or they have gone further south this winter.
So, there, my friends, is how I ended up at this choice of stars for Chicken and Brown Rice Rice Formula Newman's Own. Oddly enough, everyone likes the beef and brown rice:Newman's Own Organics Adult Variety Pack Canned Cat Food, but that is a whole "nother" story for a different time.
Sorry that we have a disappointing story to tell: Gabby, Trinity, Wisdom, Mercy, Orange and White Kitty and Black and White told to and documented by "Cindy O". Bye for now on the cat food trail tale until we "come upon" something else good ole mom thinks should be tried.
399148399148B000VK4K3WA137Y8DXKXIEJe1411302134400took a gamble on this product.. and lost....i was wondering why it was so much cheaper than the other flavors... now I know... my cat wouldnt touch it. He acted like it stunk and backed away.
he then went over to eat his day old dried cat food rather than eat this junk.
Im concerned that someone wrote it might be tainted and be recalled later. well ill save it in case it does get recalled-maybe then i can get a refund. i dont like how amazon wont let you return food items(unless recalled), especially when they are just unopened cans.

alot of people gave it good ratings but alot of people didnt.. I think if you only have one cat like me, the odds are bad... and you shouldnt buy it.
399149399149B000VK4K3WA2KB51686Z80I9nerkles1521217203200DO NOT WANTBoth my cats say "DO NOT WANT" when I give them this flavor. They love the Newman's Turkey & Veg though.
399150399150B000VK4K3WA1NSZ5JUXSJZ8CMort Guffman1611290902400Dented cans, stinky foodMost of the cans were dented even though they were in the original case - makes me wonder if they were repackaged. The food is pretty stinky - the dog wouldn't eat it, and she loves cat food. However the cats scarfed it right down.

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