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399331399331B00017LEX4A1BNIAGZBAGU6Rjudys4444 "judy-m.p."5551263168000great for air poppergreat popcorn for air popper. only 17 kernals left from 1/2 cup. chewy & some kernals dont pop completely - which i love. my yorkie likes it, too. tried red, blue midnight, black, purple & this is my favorite. i love black, but not good in air popper.
399332399332B00017LEX4A3ALBNONB84QW2Moon Girl2251323993600Love the blue popcorn!This is the best popcorn ever. I bought it previously from this same company & when it ran out I was so sad because it is a seasonal product & it wasn't available. Stock up! When I don't have it i use white popcorn from store, but this is without a doubt the best.
399333399333B00017LEX4AENDI8NHK2F0WG_to-the_D2251318636800Get the "blue" popcornThe best popcorn I've ever made. No joke. I don't know about the other colors or flavors; I haven't tried them. But the "Blue" popcorn is absolutely dynamite.

Note: it is not actually blue in color. More of a cream color, like most popcorn.
399334399334B00017LEX4ATNCTIAZZFQ2Stmg1111343347200Very disappointedWe've been popping corn (not the microwave junk) 2-3x a week for many, many years. After this stuff was popped, it tasted stale and it was popped a couple of days ago and left out.
The kernels are very, very small also and didn't have much flavor.
I was also surprised to see that the bag wasn't even airtight, which explains the stale popcorn. There was no expiration date on the bag and it was closed with only a twist tie, so Lordy know how long it was sitting around.
Amazon refunded my money and I threw the rest of it out. Although it's more expensive, I'm sticking with Orville!
399335399335B00017LEX4A3K5LESV135GFJ-E1151315785600Super Crunchy and hearty (for popcorn)These pop a more crunchy and seemingly more dense then yellow or white corn, has a better flavor to me. I love this stuff!
399336399336B00017LEX4ATXHLQ3CYXINDBrittany Kwong1151299024000So yummyWow this stuff is good! Almost every single kernel popped every time! It was flavorful and pretty. I would totally order it again. I loved it!
399337399337B00017LEX4A1UP81S8OCJASLA. Dominguez "A."1151264377600greatThis is very high qulity pop corn, I recomend it. Almost all kernels pop and they are a crisp white when they pop. Very healthy and yummy!
399338399338B00017LEX4A1M9BA7J07JEA6Domenico Bettinelli1141261180800Nice popcorn, but not huge kernelsI was hoping this was the kind of gourmet popcorn that makes huge fluffy, round kernels. It's not. But it is a very good popcorn, almost good enough to eat without butter or salt. And it has the added benefit of having fewer little hulls to get stuck in your teeth. Incidentally, I've been using it exclusively in a hot air popper.
399339399339B00017LEX4AB6GZMVLCZZPJKaren A. Fillebrown "KKKEOKA"1151240099200Great popcornIf you have false teeth and don't eat popcorn because of kernels hulls getting under your plate, or if you have regular teeth that they get stuck in-between, then this popcorn is for you. It's smaller then the avaerage popped corn, however, it's tasty and no stuck pieces between your teeth or under your plates. I rate this cor, a 5 star. I used an air popper for this popcorn.
399340399340B00017LEX4A2UFTO2195NCCTPamela J. Moore1141228176000Tasty, but chewyI enjoy trying different popcorns, and this one is very good. The flavor is great. The only negative comment I have is that the texture is a little chewy. I prefer a crisper corn.
399341399341B00017LEX4A347FPS9SM1E5TDianna Olsen1151179705600AwesomeI have tried other top name brand kernals but nothing beats this Amish brand.
399342399342B00017LEX4A1ZIIA126U09PVE. Capretto0051340582400Yummy in the Tummy!I've been trying different kinds of popcorn and this rates as one of the best out there. A must try for any popcorn lover.
399343399343B00017LEX4AJU47O1608QTIMaru21221194220800Somewhat Disappointed !!!This popcorn was not nearly as good as I expected. It was tough to chew, and loaded with significantly large sized hulls. I have tasted store bought popcorn superior to this product, and I would not purchase it again.
399344399344B00017LEX4A32D188SSHH8LSPam Kelso91531153353600popcornTaste like popcorn, less husky but not worth the money. Won't be ordering again.
399345399345B00017LEX4A3FYKEHHNLNEUNK. Bishop1311290643200Dry, dry, dryI looked forward to amazing popcorn... Instead what I received was the driest popcorn I ever made. We went back to Orville's which actually tastes better! This was a total waste of money.
399346399346B00017LEX4A2K43MWNP754SEBlueSiren BlueSiren "Celeste"3911197763200Impotent PopcornAs an alternate to the high fat microwave popcorn and noisy hot air poppers. I wanted to pop my own popcorn - the old fashioned way over the stove in a pot. This was a dissapointment. Nearly half the kernels never pop and the kernels that do pop are very small. I'll try buying other kernels but I would not buy this again.
399347399347B00017LEX4A29RB1E5ZESJF5L. Zhu "popcorngod"0911229558400Not very BlueThe popcorn tasted alright, but it wasn't blue as I thought it was going to be. If you're expecting blue tortilla chip blue, it's yellow inside.
399348399348B004CH7VYKA2F7NP03S5OYJWJeff Gaipo "Jeff"1151336003200A TON OF CANDY FOR THE MONEY!!!!!!A great candy with a nice center! No complaints at all about these. I wish I would have gone down a size though, they are not HUGE but... I actually shared some with friends because you get a load of these.
399349399349B004CH7VYKAO5B8K7IMNWW4M Anthony Aiello0111336003200Tastes Like ChalkI had rather high hopes for these, but they taste truly awful. I couldn't even bring myself to finish it -- though I did manage to get through several of the color changes. My wife described them as tasting like chalk and didn't get as far through hers as I did before pitching it.

If you're hoping for something like a giant Wonka's Gobstopper (as I was), don't get these. In fact, unless you like slightly sweetened chalk, don't get these.
399350399350B007EWH7Q2A2I7U2LP6RO9Z8drfungee0011346112000too little too latebeware of this company their info is incorrect.
4-5 day promise a lie. i have bought godiva chocolate from other venders and got shipped next day.
this vender does not offer that.
buying godiva is an impulse purchase.
why buy godiva when it takes (8-21til 9-5)
i made big mistake ordering godiva from this vender,they are not competitive for godiva chocolate.
this vender of godiva does not operate on week ends!
buyer beware of venders like this for godiva chocolate!
david moyer
399351399351B004D7BI2AA9E1K3ZD1DKQVFordman07812251325203200Excellent!!!Product arrived cold, fresh, and very, very tasty. Didn't last very long. Looking forward to purchasing again. Seller had item well packed. Item appeared to be freshly cut upon my order.
399352399352B005BV1N0OA1FY2AMN9HP37Casey Swanson1141339113600My picky dog loves them!We got these to help clean our dogs teeth and she loves them! One thing I will say though is eventually they kind of dry out and get harder and then my dog will just leave them on the floor. She likes to eat them when they are still chewy, so just make sure you close the bag inside the box fully or they dry out. Zuke's is a great brand, my dog loves all their treats.
399353399353B005BV1N0OA2Z5RSZZO0GWLOLifesofine0031348099200Great Brand but...This stuff is amazing! Doggie love's the green one (apples) the orange ones also. This is red so the dye in it can make your dog's stool darker in color / almost black. We freaked out the first time thinking he had blood in his stool but it's the dye. It is quite large so only give this to your dog if he is a larger breeder or larger puppy that's finished teething. FYI : this took 4-5 days to ship to me and I did pay shipping even though I had in my cart more than $25 worth of product. This is the smaller box. They offer this in a larger box. Very good, and great ingredients. Just read the label for the size and weight of product.
399354399354B005BV1N0OAIQKBVM1DJW9Wcbowman660031333929600Not a favorite treat....I try to keep my dog's treats very healthy! This is not a favorite treat of his, but eventually it is eaten. Not sure if I will purchase again.
399355399355B000NYFBCAA1QTICTBQKS6I6No Name0051348617600Tastes better than full sodium, especially for cookingI find this works way way way better for cooking sauces than full sodium soy sauce. The normal stuff often overpowers everything, while this complements. I always buy this over the normal, even though I am not terribly concerned about my sodium intake.
399356399356B000NYFBCAA4YV49T8Y0X94RobbyB "RobbyB"0051342396800YummyLow salt soy sauce is the way to go. Tastes great, its healthier for you, and a good price on Amazon. Yum yummy.
399357399357B000NYFBCAAL9EU8JZ6LLCRalex0051341360000Excellent productWe buy this product regularly and have always enjoyed it with sushi or AFTER a meal has been cooked, say to add a dash of flavour to fried rice...

Fair warning: it is not suitable for cooking because it burns very easily, as do all soy sauces of this quality. I asked a sushi chef about this and he explained this was normal for these types of products. They are not intended to be cooked with, although we still do on low heat...

Well done on the delivery...
399358399358B000NYFBCAA392XPUTJDHSDJT. Chang0041339200000Not as good as yamasa but decentI don't have time to go to the Japanese grocery store and get the good soy sauce, so we have to settle for thIs. It's ok for sushi and sashimi which it what I use it for. I haven't used it for cooking because the consistency is thin and the flavor isn't robust.
399359399359B000NYFBCAA1Z0K3LNNGE24MRochelle Bayne "Ro"0051333670400Perfect for my purposesFirst off let me say I know it's probably kind of weird for the average consumer to buy 64 ounces of soy sauce at a time. However, I and my husband make our own jerky and marinate steaks on a regular basis, so that is why we bought two bottles of this. Previously, we just bought it at the store but this was a more economical alternative and being soy sauce, it will store well. I'd have bought full gallons if it were available that way.

I've never been able to tell a difference in taste between this lite version and the normal, so especially if you're watching sodium it is a good choice. We bought two of these and we'll probably use them pretty quickly.
399360399360B000NYFBCAAPD07P7JAEQKUPhil Mickelson "software programmer"0051260576000The best soy sauce and good for you too!I purchased this originally from an Asian food store local to me. This was the first time I've tried low salt soy but found it very good and perhaps even better than "regular." And, as I alluded to in my title, it's better for you since it adds less salt to your food.

If you've never tried this before, and you use a lot of soy sauce, try this. You'll find yourself very pleased.

I also have to apologize. Apparently I purchased the last two. Sorry, it's certainly worth waiting for!

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