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399391399391B000HZJRVGAEC90GPFKLAAWLisa Kearns2321276905600Great idea ruined by too much salt and MSGI like Knorr products and have used them for many years. I just wish they would reformulate them to cut out the MSG and reduce the salt. These little cubes, which are a great idea, have 750 mg of salt in each one. That's basically the entire cube! They do have a nice onion flavor, but I'm not sure even that is natural onion flavor.

Instead of these little cubes, I suggest McCormick's range of MSG and salt free seasonings (found here on Amazon, some with free super-saver shipping). They come in large containers at a great price, and are a better choice for healthy cooking.
399392399392B00551E1P4ABI037DM7KFQBshortman0051323475200Sour gummy candies, exactly as expectedI found these to be exactly as I expected. They are typical gummy candies dusted with sour stuff. The figures lack detail because of the sour stuff. The first box I opened contained two transparent plastic packets of five pieces each. The first packet had all Mario and Yoshi. The second packet had all Donkey and Diddy Kong. Mario and Yoshi were Strawberry and Mixed berries. Donkey and Diddy Kong were Watermelon and Orange. They were all yummy! The packaging is exactly as pictured.
399393399393B006GZYZRWAMUW1QQ17YNPJloveDogs0051341792000Birds love this Papaya suetI switch out the different kinds of suets but this papaya suet goes in just 1 day. The birds go nuts for it.
399394399394B00421EU7MA34U4Y40W1GW9Iandiesenji1151350086400Excellent product, tasty and versatile.I like this product both for how handy it is but also for its versatility, how well it combines with other products, other foods and its nutritional value.

I live on my own and I could make 4-bean salad easily enough by opening cans, but then I would have far too much for me to consume easily within a reasonable time and would waste far too much.
There is no waste with this product.
I usually mix it with fresh lettuces, other vegetables, with cooked grains (rice, quinoa, etc.) and with pasta - to make a one-dish meal. The addition of meat or chicken adds protein and fat for a nutritionally complete dish.

My only complaint was with the shipping the case was shipped in a box with a case of another canned product and with inadequate packaging material to keep them from banging together. Two of the cans are dented (9 cans dented of the other product) so I will make sure that I do not order these items at the same time in the future and will not order anything else at the same time.
Amazon shipping is usually very good and the packaging is fine. In this case someone was either very careless or very lazy and I am disappointed. I did not return the product because I was going to be away from home during the next several days.

I recommend this product without reservation, just order it on its own.
399395399395B00421EU7MA2GF53PVZRJJRI. Alde "BerkingKid"2331311897600Contents good, outside partially badThe salad tastes very good, but some of the cans were dusty, rusty, and a few were so badly dented that I had trouble opening them.
I will not order this product again.
399396399396B000NMCFUIA1F1P0X6M058OAGift Recipient "krashdog"0131223251200watermelonThese are good,but not as good as the ones you get from the fleamarket in San Jose....The ones with chili and salt are better
399397399397B005JWMMF0A3EQ4GLUWQLOI2thewayiseeit2406651324425600Title is deceivingIf you have not ordered a Ghirardelli product before then you must know.
What you will receive is a Ghirardelli Classic White Chocolate Sauce 64 fluid ounces.
The 89.4 ounces are weighted ounces which means if you weigh the sauce it is 89.4 ounce.
399398399398B005JWMMF0A12QJIONOUN1TKdenisegn0041347062400Very good in coffeeThis taste gret in my coffee. Would use this in place of sugar. Helps make it richer and creamy? I would recommend
399399399399B005JWMMF0A3TBJF5TBII0JGKatlin0051346630400Yum! yum!A delicious delicacy. My wonderful husband of 46. Plus years wakes me up every monimg with a scrumptious cup of white chocolate latte, What a guy! What a treat! My day is better for both of them.
399400399400B003ER1E3IA2D0NQPY162VMWPatricia0051323907200Tootsie Flavor Roll - 5 lbsI ordered these Tootsie Flavor Rolls to add to some Tootsie Midgets and some Salt Water Taffy. I mixed it all up, and I am giving it in a basket with a Christmas figurine to all my neighbors that we exchange gifts with each Christmas. The soft, chewey candies seem to go over well with my neighbors.
399401399401B000E199QGA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"3351212105600Magical Tazo Tea"Sitting on the porch of a bungalow on a tea plantation in Darjeeling, you can see the peaks of Everest and Kanchenjunga as you sip a cup of this exquisite brew. Life is good." ~tea packet

If you want a subtle tea with a smooth, soothing flavor, then Darjeeling is an excellent choice. The slightly floral flavor is much milder than an Earl Grey. I especially love this blend when eating a Caramel Apple Cobbler Clif Bar. For some reason, the flavors mingle nicely.

While many of the Tazo teas are blends of a variety of teas, this tea is purely a blend of Organic Black Darjeeling teas. The tea is grown near India's border with Bhutan. There are only "true Darjeeling" tea leaves in this tea.

This tea is just perfect when blended with an Organic Sucanat: Natural Sugar Cane. You might also want to try using "milk powder" instead of cold milk with your tea. I find it helps to keep the tea strength and adds a creamy element to the smoothness of this tea.

Darjeeling is a very satisfying blend for morning tea. You might also enjoy AWAKE and Earl Grey if you enjoy this tea.

I just love the packaging of the Tazo Teas. The individual wrappings have a nice crinkly sound and the colors are all so soothing and quite beautiful. These teas are definitely for the aesthetically aware. Drinking Tazo teas literally becomes a magical experience. There is something mysterious going on here. The teas even seem to have a magical glint or luster to them. When you drink Tazo teas the world looks more beautiful and you feel much more aware of life itself. I find that my creativity soars after drinking Tazo teas.

For more information on the mysteries of Tazo Tea, read the review for the Tazo Assorted Teas.

For a calming experience try the Tazo Calm Herbal Infusion which is perfect for quiet evenings, after completing a yoga workout or just to sip on while you write in your journal.

~The Rebecca Review
399402399402B000E199QGA2NZZ6N4Z05NQ4Mara Addison "Mara Addison"2251270944000I live for this tea.I am extremely particular about tea, and after years of searching for the perfect cuppa, I found it in the Tazo Organic Darjeeling. I used to have to make the long drive to our "local" Whole Foods and hope there were a bunch of boxes on the shelf for me to buy so I had a stock. Now that it is available on, all my dreams have come true. Exceptional price, free shipping, and fast delivery--of what is simply the world's finest black tea.
399403399403B000E199QGA7O0F005U45TLSoumya Mitra1111287532800Missing the "Muscatel" flavour from the second flush Darjeeling TeaI had earlier purchased the same pack from "Whole Foods" and it was awesome. Hence I decided to save money by purchasing online. I was surprised when I missed the "muscatel" flavour from the second flush Darjeeling Tea. I STRONGLY suggest to purchase this tea from your nearest grocery store instead of purchasing online.
399404399404B000E199QGA3I49HMI4LV6HUmedialint0051230681600Very good DarjeelingDarjeeling Tea is a black tea from the Darjeeling region of the Indian state of West Bengal in the lower Himalayas. This is my favorite black tea. Tazo's is exactly what one should expect from a bagged Darjeeling tea. I won't bother to elaborate on the qualities of Darjeeling with adjectives such as "floral"--you can probably get all the subjective descriptions you need from Google. I pretty much will assume you know what Darjeeling tastes like (your local tea & coffee house should carry Darjeeling if you haven't tried it). If you want a good quality bagged Darjeeling this fits the bill. So too do several others (ie St. Dalfour).
399405399405B00527VOL0A21A1KNY21GS0VDorothy A. Davis0051315353600Delicious!This ia a wonderful pasta. It goes so well with a nice light chicken and wine sauce. It's fast and east to cook. Highly recommended!
399406399406B000V4WPB2A249XG03P0LVXIBuyer0051323216000I found it!I moved 4 years ago and was not able to find this item on the Eastcoast, but I found it on Amazon so now I'm happy once more.
399407399407B000V4WPB2A20X871A8JS810M. Montgomery0051309996800Wonderful flavor for pork chops on the grillLove this stuff, was thrilled to find it listed on Amazon. I bought a case of it several years ago, and regularly used it on grilled chicken and pork. Adds a nice sort of sweet, mildly spicy flavor, but is not overwhelming if you don't overdo it. Much better than slathering with BBQ sauce or other options.
399408399408B000V4WPB2A3SS8NLSE2NBZCwanderer "doni"0051296950400Johnny's SeasoningThis product it just spectatular. We tried it about twenty years ago in Nebraska. I looked for it in the stores for years, but only recently thought to check the Internet. Low and behold there it was. Same company, several new choices in products. We chose the chicken turkey, and pork seasoning. Then, later I ordered the seasoning salt as well. All came promptly and are just as tasty as they were in the 1980's no wonder Johnny's Dock is still alive and well in Tacoma Washington.
399409399409B000V4WPB2A1D9E07EAFX1X9Donna Pyper0051234396800Johnny's Pork and Chicken SeasoningALL of Johnny's seasonings are great. ,Just a little goes a long way - but they are number 1.
399410399410B000V4WPB2ACZTXAIYIOR6ZJoyce L. Anderson0051222214400Johnny's DockI have been using this product for lots of years. All of my married children also love the product. It really inhances the flavor of pork and poultry. The product comes from a restaurant in Tacoma, Washington called "Johnny's Dock." It is still one of my favorite places to eat when going back for a visit.
399411399411B0055AF0ZAA1K7164WERJTYKMelinda Henke1151342483200Fantastic Taste!This is my favorite cereal...the taste is unbelievable, and it has the fiber I need, plus it's not as hard as Just Bunches, so I don't have to worry about breaking/chipping a tooth or anything...I was buying 7 or 8 at a time back in Illinois. Now I've moved to Tucson, and it's really HARD TO FIND at all. I called Post, and was told they were trying out a different kind of cereal, so the shelves are empty here now. Please mention this cereal if you like it at all, because I WANT TO KEEP GETTING IT, and someone needs to KEEP STOCKING IT! Thank you, POST, PLEASE DON'T STOP MAKING THIS CEREAL!!!!!!
399412399412B00333ADXKA1TZ7LZM4EJ8R1Reuben5541309305600Great if you don't have freshThis is actually a pretty standard product in our fridge, because we're not always up for grabbing fresh garlic, and usually by the time we get around to using all of it, it's gone bad. So a big thing of minced garlic is a convenient way to keep some on hand for those times when I'm doing meals on the fly and don't have fresh garlic available.

The ones I've gotten don't have 'little hard bits' of garlic like one of the other reviews said, but it could possibly be the end pieces of cloves that were minced into the bunch. It doesn't taste sour to us either, but when you open it, the overpowering garlic smell punches you in the face for sure. I will recommend making sure to keep the threads of the cap clean, because the garlic juice can seep onto it easily and start to build up, and it will eventually get to a point where you can't open the lid because of the sticky juice buildup.

All in all, I like having conveniently minced garlic on hand. Is it an amazing, can't-live-without product? No, but it's good to have all the same.
399413399413B00333ADXKA2SS44O400KIZ7carol7851312070400Spice World Minced Garlic 48 oz.Oh My gosh, I love this minced garlic. I can't believe I let myself run out--but thanks to Amazons Subscribe and Save, I was able to get my order early. I use this in so many things I cook. I know Garlic is suppose to help your health and I must be getting really healthy by now. I never used garlic much till I tried this Spice world Minced garlic. Now almost every meal I eat has something I find to put the garlic in. I love it.
399414399414B00333ADXKAC82K46M2JV8YJanneman1121341100800smells like garlic-looks like garlic--tastes like ????Garlic is a staple around here. Whilst waiting for a batch of this season's fresh garlic I thought I'd give this a go. I would say that this product is totally useless, takes up space in my fridge. Very puzzling is the fact that not a hint of garlic flavor. I am about to bin the whole jar. What more can I say other than don't waste your money!
399415399415B00333ADXKA2NOW4U7W3F7RIrpv1131331251200Good but not tastyGarlic is great for health, but this one is coarse and does not seem to "immerse" itself into the cooking. If you don't have fresh garlic, this is better than nothing. I prefer fresh US grown farmer's market garlic. Gilroy, California produced garlic is the best !
399416399416B00333ADXKA1ZINDKSO9V709Gail E aka the Stitch 'n Frog2351320883200Great GarlicWe received the product quickly and in excellent condition. It's a huge jar of minced garlic that is simply delicious. A must for garlic lovers who don't like to chop their own~
399417399417B00333ADXKA269A78KT2CRQGZ. Shao "Dinosaurkiller"2321276992000too sourthe product has minced garlic and citric acid, tastes very sour, and thus is very different from fresh garlic.
399418399418B00333ADXKAO2NWD5W949A2kyhunter010051343779200Easy to use.This item is easy to use without the mess of crushing the garlic cloves. The taste is not too strong and the container is large enough that it should last a long time. I'm very pleased wih this purchase.
399419399419B00333ADXKA1O0U03P2LVCY0Mntijo0211340755200you're kidding meThis is the worst tasting garlic I have ever had! If you want to destroy EVERYTHING you need GARLIC as an ingredient do not use this product! Use dried granulated or powder but better yet; go on the internet and find the GARLIC CAPITAL OF THE WORLD ---- Gilroy, California.
399420399420B00333ADXKACGC9Z5VIDWKTBurnzieny1411287014400GrossI bought this garlic, and it was bad. It tasted very, very old. There were hard bits, like it had been sitting on a shelf for a few years. This is clearly something that has almost spoiled that they are trying to get rid of. Only giving it one star because they won't let me give it zero.

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