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399631399631B005GIF5WYA321VVGR7UL7P0dv0051304812800whiskas temptations creamy dairyWhiskas Temptations Creamy Dairy Flavour Treats for Cats, 3-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12)

My cats do not eat any treats but temptations.
Use the subscibe and save feature when ordering.
The price is great. You wont find them for this price when they go sale at the pet stores.
399632399632B005GIF5WYA4TQKG0TXTKPZPat M0051302307200Cats Love These TreatsOnce I started giving my cats these treats ...I just have to touch the bag and where ever my cats are their super hearing picks up the 'bag noise' and everyone comes running. Definitely
better than other treats I have tried.
399633399633B005GIF5WYA4TQKG0TXTKPZPat M0051302220800What Cats LoveIf I don't know where my cats are...I just have to rattle the bag and they come running. They just love these treat.
399634399634B005GIF5WYA2CJFTFVC8L2LHpsr0051302134400PurrfectOur kitty is some what fussy about his treats. He loves these and I have been buying them at the grocery store for around $2 - $2.50 per pouch. We go through a pouch a week, so was very happy to find these on Amazon. The price is great and the quality seems as good as I have seen at our local grocery store.
399635399635B005GIF5WYAD7SZAO857FBTBrenda0051301702400Like An AddictionI have 2 cats and they are basically addicted to this stuff. The minute I so much as pick up the bag they come running from whereever they are. Even if you just say "yellow bag" the little ears perk up and they are ready to pounce. Don't have any idea what makes them so irresistable but they obviously are. I know other people who have had the same experience with their cats. Too bad chocolate doesn't have 2 calories per piece like this does.
399636399636B005GIF5WYA2B15SRBD1OEFYThomas Smith0051300924800My cats love it!My 3 cats can't get enough of these treats. A great product at a great price AND fast shipping. What more can 3 cats ask for?
399637399637B005GIF5WYA14ELYDYX7LOFQLisa0051296172800Our cat LOVES these treats!Our cat goes bananas over these treats! He will do anything to get them. He begs, he turns "the cute" on to overload, and then he purrs as soon the bag opens. They picked a great product name, because he can't resist them and I can't resist giving them to him!
399638399638B005GIF5WYA3QEPQ2QPMWSYHMarcia R. Johnson "marciaj"0051295136000terrific turkeywe have 3 cats and they all love temptations. they get all excited whenever we get new flavors such as the turkey,beef,and dairy. this written part, is for all the flavors you are asking me to review,in fact the beef and dairy are exactly the same review as far as stars. and everything
399639399639B005GIF5WYA2D8I5YWORSGQ3spot0051285027200Hairball treatmentI was very pleased with how fast I received my order.Thank You! Thomas R Templin
399640399640B005GIF5WYA22CW0ZHY3NJH8Noname0041278720000Cat likes it, but doesn't help tartarMy cat gets one Whiskas Temptation treat whenever I do her nails. She's always been very compliant, but the treats have made her jello in my arms. Not so sure about the soft filling, because she swallows them whole. Ditto for tartar control. It doesn't do much for that . . . maybe would be different if my cat would chew them.
399641399641B005GIF5WYA3URG3C2QF17RRLynne "Knitter"0051275696000crunchy goodOur cats really love these treats. If you just pick up the bag you have any within hearing distance there to share.
399642399642B005GIF5WYAMRBD94N86GWAAmazon Shopper "truthteller"0051259193600Wiskas TemptationsThese are for cats "Wiska Temptations" (I found after I purchased them)but my MinPin will stand up and beg for these. I thought he might get tired of them, but he hasn't and I can get him to do anything for some. He likes them more then his own dog food! Crazy.
399643399643B005GIF5WYA1I85Y08VRZ32QJimmy Morelli0051254700800Cat's love these thingsThese are the only treats my wife's cats eats. Give them anything else the dogs end up eating them. Its funny because they like them so much they have learned to beg for them. You can't lose with these treats, your cat will love them.
399644399644B005GIF5WYAGF53TM0RAV1NWilliam J. Tidwell1231328400000Cat's are fickelMy cat's are spoiled, I'm sure they aren't the only ones out there, but probably more spoiled than most. The price of most cat treats and even some canned food is cheaper than Wally World, especially with a subscription. These particular treats they love, until they get too many of them and then they want something different. I tend to have four or five varieties on hand at any given time. One cat seems to know that. On any given day he knows what he wants but just looks at me until I figure it out. If I just walk away, he will stalk me, or sit in front of the TV, or lay on the keyboard, whatever is most annoying until I give in and offer something else hoping I get it right. I know, I'm whipped. But be honest, if your thinking of buying these you probably are too. Chances are good your cat will like them, mine do much of the time. But they also like other flavors much of the time. Price is a little more but packages are larger. One strange thing with Amazon, different flavors of cat treats are different prices, even though they are all Temptations, Friskies, Party Mix, or whatever.
399645399645B005GIF5WYA2R8T36N7BW6L1Frederick H. Brown "Animals Best Friend"1251265932800Chester and Pumpkin both say "keepem' comin' please!We have two cats. One is a large black Bombay 4 years old. The other a Teal Tabby 2 years old. We love our kitties. They are our family. We tried every cat treat we could find and many large animal supply (and small) chain stores and neither Chester or Pumpkin would have anything to do with them except turn up their nose and walk away. Then we came on "Temptations". Now, unfortunately, they whine for them all day. But, loving parents as we are, they usually get them. An inexpensive and tasty treat. They get the best food, and now thanks to "Temptation" the best treats. All they need to get now is a JOB!
399646399646B005GIF5WYA3P3S46A8MXK10T. Williams0231257638400Not for kittens less than 6 months old!My 4 month old kitten usually eats another variety of Whiskas Temptations (Chicken Flavor Dentabites, which he LOVES!), but he's gotten into the habit of eating my hair that I've shed and that's fallen on the floor(gross, I know), so I decided to get him this hairball control variety of Whiskas Temptations. The fine print on the package says that it should not be used on kittens less than 6 months of age. I didn't notice this until after I bought and opened the package. Hopefully, they'll stay fresh for another 2 months.
399647399647B005GIF5WYA1PNVFHW53BKHUHoodun3821257552000Im skeptical as to what is in these things!So my cat loves these things. She practically hisses at me at random times and jumps on the counter throws the bag on the floor and starts swatting the bag all over the house. I then put them in the cubbard and I found her in the cubbard one day crying to get out. Its insane. She acts like someone on crack. Im starting to question what they put in these. Is there really a lot of regulation regarding cat snacks. I doubt it. Ive tried to stop giving them to her but she then turns her back to me and pouts for days to weeks on end. It has taken me a while to figure out what was going on with her and I have narrowed it down to these Temptation snacks. Im concerned about what drugs they put in these.
399648399648B005GIF5WYA1TNK6MP89YXY2Jamie R. Wilson7751249689600The name does them no justice. The cat loves these things!I found these in a local Petco and decided to try them with my friend's cat. The cat has gone crazy for these things! I've never seen this cat walk around on two legs, try to climb my arm to get to the treat in my hand, or reach into a bag to try to get to the contents before I gave her some of these. The name is very fitting, but the real temptation is for we humans to keep giving just *one* more treat to the cat over and over again to enjoy the fun reactions.
399649399649B005GIF5WYA6E9IIKU5KPUYTBR5551286409600My cat goes bananas for TemptationsI have a very tall, lean, long-legged male cat. He doesn't eat much. I put out the finest wet food and he shows barely any interest. I buy expensive dry food to supplement his main meals. Eh, he could take or leave it. I even tried giving him high-end tuna from a can--the kind people eat--and he hardly nibbled at it. He just doesn't have much of an appetite, or so I thought. When I sprinkle a handful of these treats on a napkin, he furiously eats them all up. When I open the cabinet where I keep them, he comes running from wherever he is in the house. He seems to like all the flavors equally (chicken, beef, salmon - doesn't matter). Temptations is the only food I can count on his eating on a consistent basis. I could never train him or manipulate him with food before because nothing ever motivated him. These treats motivate him. If I need to calm him down for a brushing or a nail trimming, Temptations will work the magic. Thank you, Temptations.
399650399650B005GIF5WYAIZQOIHEZWMZ8Marc Fitelson "M.M. Fite"5551285459200Winner, winner, dairy dinner...My cats LOVE these. I call them their "Oreos". I was buying these from Target for awhile and then they stopped carrying them. So I ordered them on a subscription basis from Amazon and I even get a 15% it.
399651399651B005GIF5WYA1I85Y08VRZ32QJimmy Morelli5551254700800Try one bagThese are the only treats my wife's cats eats. Give them anything else the dogs end up eating them. Its funny because they like them so much they have learned to beg for them. You can't lose with these treats, your cat will love them.
399652399652B005GIF5WYA1PI8VBCXXSGC7Lynn4451285459200My cats love this...Both my 19 year old cats love this. I decided to use Amazon's subscribe and save plan so I'd always have a supply on hand. With the 15% discount, the price is about $.24 less than the grocery store's.
They also like the Whiskas Temptations Creamy Dairy Flavour Treats for Cats, 3-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12) flavor.
399653399653B005GIF5WYA5A3C6XVDYUNDJulia A. Andrews4451280102400Frankenstein's Little Monsters' TreatsOf course, my cats deserve only the best so I began giving them treats to elicit a desired behavior in them. Little did I know this would backfire and they would elicit a desired behavior in ME!

Not only do they LOVE these (and a couple of other flavors), they have now learned when it 10pm, which is treat time and time to leave the bedroom.

By 930pm the vultures are starting the circle me on bed while staring at me; at 945 they start to softly vocalize; by 10pm they hoist me on their little backs and carry me to the drawer where the treats live while in full complaining voice. I obey and give them an equal number of treats in the hallway, quickly locking the bedroom door behind me. Why lock it? We have lever type doorhandles and the male has learned to open the bedroom since "Treat Time" started, will march back in and demand more.

Did Dr Frankenstein realized the monster he created? YIKES!
399654399654B005GIF5WYAQV62LUX6LE0JMiss ReadsALot "reading with a coffee in my h...4451271548800cat favoriteMy cat LOVES these treats. If I forget to give a few out before I get into bed my guy makes sure I do not get to close my eyes!
I have tried other flavors and brands but these are a sure bet. Decent price too
399655399655B005GIF5WYAZPOFLFAWXONSleepy6751265587200Does wonders for bad breathWe adopted a neighborhood cat a few months ago. She is very nice, but had horrible breath even after we started feeding her various special cat foods. Otherwise great cat, but when she would yawn in your lap, you had to fight fainting.

We took "Dentabites" more for fun since our cat loved other whiskas tempations we tried with her, but well, thought let's try to see if it really can do anything about her breath. After about a week of giving her dentabites, we noticed her breath "improved" and after 2 weeks it was amazing. Her bad breath is almost completely gone, or gone as much as it can without brushing teeth i suppose. We didn't change anything in her diet at the time so we were pretty sure it was dentabites that did the job. Also, since then, we've been feeding her various foods but keep the dentabites snacks and bad breath hasn't returned... one more point to be sure that Dentabites really work.

Really great product. Just a few treats a day make enormous difference. Highly recommended.
399656399656B005GIF5WYATJN4KEHJBOC8KatyKatIL "KatyKat"3331330905600Cats love, I only like...Well, there is no denying that Temptations knows exactly what cats like to taste.
Much like putting MSG in people treats, they have figured out a combination that makes
cats go crazy for their treats.

HOWEVER - most Temptations are chock-full of grain fillers that cats do not need and do not eat
on their own if they are outside cats. For that reason, we had stopped buying Temptations entirely,
even though it was their favorite. It was like junk potato chips for humans, but we were hurting our

When we saw this flavor, we thought we'd give it a try, since they both love catnip. (Not all cats
respond to catnip.) I read the back, and it was not quite as gross as their other flavors, but still
something that needs to be occasional only or very limited usage.

Both cats really liked these. They only get a three-star rating from me, because Temptations seems to be
too cheap to put decent quality foods in their treats. For a pet food manufacturer, they seem to only
focus on the costs, not what the HEALTHY part is for your cats. But, I eat some things that aren't good for
me either from time to time, so for a sometimes-treat, this one will do.
399657399657B005GIF5WYA3U8MC62WFFNKHErnesto Ramirez3311327536000RUIN YOUR LIFEI innocently started giving these to my cats - had no idea they would begin to control my life. Run out of treats? you're screwed. One cat cries so loud in the morning it sounds like someone is torturing her. Eventually, the other cat jumps up on my face to wake me up...for treats. It's like I'm living in a nightmare if I don't give them their fix. C'mon...we know big corporations put addictive substances in candy, sodas & chips - - - of course they're in our cat treats. And, seriously....they've hit the kitty crack jackpot w/ these. Do yourself & your cat a favor: Save your mental & your cat's physical HEALTH.
399658399658B005GIF5WYA3OC93X866Z8TBAreesa3351290556800Hairball reducer AND soft fur all in one!My 13 year old cat has never liked cat treats. I have tried a variety over the years, and she wouldn't have anything to do with them. Until I found this one. I was really happy to finally find something to reward her, or get her to come to me when called. These treats have petroleum in them. My cat loves Vaseline, so it makes sense that she likes these. I have noticed a decrease in the frequency of her throwing up. The great surprise that I found is that her fur has become softer! I know it must be the petroleum in these that is coating her fur as well. I have to feed her a special cat food because she has a tendancy towards the urinary tract infection, and since I have been doing that, her fur has been more coarse and dry. These treats have brought back the softness to her fur. I'm sold, and I will be buying these from now one. My very picky cat loves them!
399659399659B005GIF5WYA1B4PMJVY3Q38WE. McKee "Book lover"3351289692800This must be crack for catsMy four cats adore this. They split one bag every night. I mistakenly gave some to a stray cat that I feed and he would not leave the deck until I gave him a whole bag. My mother's cat is also addicted and requires a hand full every day. She stares pointedly between my mother and her food bowl until she gets enough.

Since one my cats has some dental problems this cat food is great as a treat that is good for them.
399660399660B005GIF5WYA26TVLT787502YA. Reeves "altoid77"2251329955200Cats can't get enoughWith other treats, my cats eat a few and then they've had enough. With these treats, they'd eat the entire bag and more in one sitting, if given the chance! My female will stare at or attempt to get into the drawer where I store them. I can't feed them to my male with my fingers because he gets so excited he tries to eat my finger, too. These are definitely a favorite.

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