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399768399768B004I8SYBCA39137LW12KK7BR. Toro "Tech Junkie"0051338854400Very Good Cough DropsThese cough drops are very good. The taste is so good, that people have even asked me for one when they did not have a cough, just because they like the taste of them. These also do a good job of soothing your throat and momentarily reducing your cough.

These sticks are convenient for taking with you on the go. I usually buy these in the bag, but the sticks are handy for tossing in a backpack, purse, or pocket. Overall, I definitely recommend this item for coughs or sore throats. There is also a cherry flavor, which is very good. I recommend them both so that you can mix up the flavors while using these: Halls Mentho-Lyptus Cough Suppressant - 200 Cherry Drops
399769399769B004I8SYBCA2Y5EC78TO4Y0EVictoria Jade0051336867200Work BestItem came fast and no problems. Can't find these in stores in the "stick" form any more. Seems to me that these are stronger or something about them works better than the oval ones in a bag form.
399770399770B004I8SYBCA3T0OL6KWVVC7AT. Ellerman0051328832000Great Product for nasal passagesThis product works for me as a natural, non addicting product.

My doctor approves of this. I buy it online a Amazon ,com for convenience because the places I shop only carry the bagged drops which are not as effective for me, I use a lot of the stick menthol drops because they stop a sore throat but clear my nasal passages whether allery or cold.
399771399771B004I8SYBCA3SOYHZKYBUYH1Mrs. Joanne Caporale0051319500800Halls Sticks, Mentho-Lyptus Pack of 20When I say 20 to a pack, I mean cough drops not smokes.I put a cough drop in my mouth and the yarning for a smoke goes away.
399772399772B001U2FEF8A3LDKPBIJTKCVDCaptain Awesome "sam"0051283558400ahhhhhhhhhhhthis is a lovely tea. found it for a good price at my local market. i drink a lot of yogi tea, meditative time smells great. hints of sage and lavender..very calming for me, a stay at home mom of three under the age of three. another great tea by yogi.

ps this is not a fake review!! i am a real person who loves all the yogi teas i've tried so far!! you can check my other reviews to see. sad that some companies are putting fake reviews on here. shame on yoU!!!
399773399773B000HDONQCA17GXQUND6OYLKSally3351245801600Great productI've been using this for years. It doesn't require cooking; all you do is pour hot water on it and voila! It's great for tacos, nachos, or any other Mexican food. Couldn't be easier and tastes great! It's also a cheap source of protein when combined with corn.
399774399774B000HDONQCA2YLD81DDAYPVMP. Newcomb3311191974400Don't Recommend it for Gluten Free DietsI was glutened by this product. It claims to be gluten free, yet at the same time it clearly states on this website, though not on the box, that this product shares production lines used by gluten foods. Didn't care for the heavy handed spices anyway. If your goal is gluten free, stay away.
399775399775B000HDONQCA1W8ZAUCIL7IAHSuzanne Ewing2251275868800Fantastic Foods Instant black beansI use this product often, especially to make a dip. It is always well received & popular when I share it at gatherings. I am happy to have a good supply. Now I'll be ready for parties, pot lucks and family gatherings.
399751399751B00017LEXYA3K5LESV135GFJ-E1151315785600Super Crunchy and hearty (for popcorn)These pop a more crunchy and seemingly more dense then yellow or white corn, has a better flavor to me. I love this stuff!
399776399776B000HDONQCAU2EBC2WHIO7PSirius Book Reader "Star"0051339632000Great mixed with rice and a can of rotelI use this every week for dinner. I mix a few ounces in with wild rice, a can of hot rotel tomatoes and it makes a great hearty tasting dinner. Just top with grated cheese and eat with tortilla chips.
399752399752B00017LEXYATXHLQ3CYXINDBrittany Kwong1151299024000So yummyWow this stuff is good! Almost every single kernel popped every time! It was flavorful and pretty. I would totally order it again. I loved it!
399777399777B000HDONQCA1PDFBS64JCPQCAC0051337299200A Favorite RediscoveredFor many years we depended on this bean soup mix on wilderness backpacking trips, and then our local stores stopped carrying it. I'm very happy to discover that I can buy it from Amazon, and it's still exactly the same product that we knew and loved.

It's a versatile mix that combines well with other dried foods such as rice, sun dried tomatoes, or bacon bits. By varying the amount of water, you can make a nourishing hot soup for a cold, wet day, or a dip to enjoy with tortilla chips from the last town at the edge of the big woods.

I used to cook it with McCormick dried soup vegetables that we bought in the spice aisle at the grocery store, but that product has disappeared as well. So for my test run tonight, I substituted Harmony House Foods Dried Vegetable Soup Mix. Even better than I remembered!

Harmony House Foods Dried Vegetable Soup Mix (10 oz, Quart Size Jar) for Cooking, Camping, Emergency Supply, and More

Black Beans with Veggies

Place 1/2 cup of Harmony House Foods Dried Vegetable Soup Mix in 1-1/2 quart pan. Add 3 cups of water and bring to a boil. Turn heat down to low and cook 5 minutes. Stir in 1/2 package of Fantastic World Foods Instant Black Beans. Remove from heat, cover, and let stand 5 minutes. Spoon onto tortillas or crackers and top with cheese. Serves 2.
399753399753B00017LEXYA1UP81S8OCJASLA. Dominguez "A."1151264377600greatThis is very high qulity pop corn, I recomend it. Almost all kernels pop and they are a crisp white when they pop. Very healthy and yummy!
399778399778B003QD6RWIAQ3VSP9NA83W5Books2 read0041343174400Bought for gift, took a little longer than I expected..Purchased as gift for someone from Argentina, they were delighted with a bit of home - same product as they enjoyed back home.
399779399779B00473BEN8A1MO0IF4M8PO6JDans73792251333411200Great Product!This is the best marinade out there! The roasted garlic flavor is perfect, so far I have injected steaks and pork tenderloin. My family and friends say I am a gourmet chef now. Next week going to inject it in a brisket for the smoker.
399780399780B00473BEN8A1VWAA26HE0PY2kimazzaro1141323388800Tasty and juicyI injected a 13 lb turkey after an overnight refrigerated brine. I fried the bird and let it set for about 20 minutes. all I can say is that it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Tender Juicy and the most flavorful, I used the roasted garlic and herb flavor. Sensational and we ate every bite of that succulent bird. The family gave me all the bragging rights.
399754399754B00017LEXYA1M9BA7J07JEA6Domenico Bettinelli1141261180800Nice popcorn, but not huge kernelsI was hoping this was the kind of gourmet popcorn that makes huge fluffy, round kernels. It's not. But it is a very good popcorn, almost good enough to eat without butter or salt. And it has the added benefit of having fewer little hulls to get stuck in your teeth. Incidentally, I've been using it exclusively in a hot air popper.
399755399755B00017LEXYAB6GZMVLCZZPJKaren A. Fillebrown "KKKEOKA"1151240099200Great popcornIf you have false teeth and don't eat popcorn because of kernels hulls getting under your plate, or if you have regular teeth that they get stuck in-between, then this popcorn is for you. It's smaller then the avaerage popped corn, however, it's tasty and no stuck pieces between your teeth or under your plates. I rate this cor, a 5 star. I used an air popper for this popcorn.
399756399756B00017LEXYA2UFTO2195NCCTPamela J. Moore1141228176000Tasty, but chewyI enjoy trying different popcorns, and this one is very good. The flavor is great. The only negative comment I have is that the texture is a little chewy. I prefer a crisper corn.
399757399757B00017LEXYA347FPS9SM1E5TDianna Olsen1151179705600AwesomeI have tried other top name brand kernals but nothing beats this Amish brand.
399758399758B00017LEXYA1ZIIA126U09PVE. Capretto0051340582400Yummy in the Tummy!I've been trying different kinds of popcorn and this rates as one of the best out there. A must try for any popcorn lover.
399759399759B00017LEXYAJU47O1608QTIMaru21221194220800Somewhat Disappointed !!!This popcorn was not nearly as good as I expected. It was tough to chew, and loaded with significantly large sized hulls. I have tasted store bought popcorn superior to this product, and I would not purchase it again.
399760399760B00017LEXYA32D188SSHH8LSPam Kelso91531153353600popcornTaste like popcorn, less husky but not worth the money. Won't be ordering again.
399761399761B00017LEXYA3FYKEHHNLNEUNK. Bishop1311290643200Dry, dry, dryI looked forward to amazing popcorn... Instead what I received was the driest popcorn I ever made. We went back to Orville's which actually tastes better! This was a total waste of money.
399762399762B00017LEXYA2K43MWNP754SEBlueSiren BlueSiren "Celeste"3911197763200Impotent PopcornAs an alternate to the high fat microwave popcorn and noisy hot air poppers. I wanted to pop my own popcorn - the old fashioned way over the stove in a pot. This was a dissapointment. Nearly half the kernels never pop and the kernels that do pop are very small. I'll try buying other kernels but I would not buy this again.
399763399763B00017LEXYA29RB1E5ZESJF5L. Zhu "popcorngod"0911229558400Not very BlueThe popcorn tasted alright, but it wasn't blue as I thought it was going to be. If you're expecting blue tortilla chip blue, it's yellow inside.
399764399764B000H153AEA1DTISL3Z2ZYZXM. Costa2251268265600excellentI've always found this to be the best major brand pasta in quality/taste/texture. My local stores stopped selling it so I'm glad to get it from Amazon.
399765399765B000H153AEA1NDA6BWF8W7L1Alan0041329609600FavoriteOur favorite pasta for many years. We rarely have fresh pasta and probably like some other much more expensive pastas (martelli's) a little more, but this is great for everyday use and a cut above the "more commercial" brands.
399766399766B000H153AEA38TVIYFEGSBWW"Doc" "Steve"0031327449600Just OKFor the price I expected more. It is real pasta just like you find in Italy, but the cost is high as far as I am concern. The plus is they stay full of flavor. I will pass on another purchase.
399767399767B000H153AEA1TLFX0VSPL9XZAndrew J. Thomas "Kid Doc"0051312934400Simply the bestSimply the best out there. Have been buying this brand for years. Well worth the extra cost. Flavor and texture, form retention after cooking and second to none. So happy that I am able to purchase thru Amazon.

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