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399805399805B002IEVJRYA28IIVKXOE1ATFEmory Daniels0041339027200A Cold Espresso Drink Rich in FlavorMy taste for cold coffee type drinks was developed late in life and happened pretty much accidently. I would drink coffee while working and become so inspired by my work that my coffee frequently became cold. But I drank it anyway. It tasted good enough that I soon experimented with commercial cold coffee drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos.

The popular brand, however, doesn't do much for me so I began to look around for a more enjoyable substitute and decided to try illy issimo cappuccino, an Italian espresso drink made with low fat milk and cocoa. I loved it! This drink has a rich, deep coffee flavor that is not overbearing but lingers until you reach for the next drink. The taste-rich drink, not particularly healthy, is made of natural Arabica coffee.

This drink is made by illy cafe, a company started in Trieste, Italy, the Adriatic port town where coffee first entered Europe. The company was started in 1933 by Francesco Illy, the man who developed the modern espresso machine. The ready-to-drink product is distributed globally through an agreement with Coco Cola. The drink is available in 140 different countries.

I enjoyed this drink right out of the can but others get more pleasure by pouring into a glass and adding ice. The drink does come in a narrow, smaller 8.45 ounce can which does not excite me but I guess it's done for style reasons. Overall, an enjoyable drink.
399806399806B002IEVJRYA3AZI828WJN1CDBecky (beckygardens)0041339027200Refreshing coffee drink, not a lot of cocoa flavor-only 1.5 grams fat Length:: 3:56 Mins

Illy issimo Cappuccino drink is a cool refreshing drink. At 100 calories a can and 1.5 grams of fat (in the video I misread it and said 15 grams of fat, NO NO! It's 1.5) it's a nice cold pick me up on a hot afternoon. The can says do not shake, important since my first impulse is to shake coffee drinks.

Although Jim and I did not taste much of a cocoa taste, we would still recommend the cappuccino. The espresso taste is strong but not bitter, the drink is very smooth and tasty.
399807399807B002IEVJRYA3H8PA7AG48K33A. Silverstone0051339027200Best Canned CappucinoIlly is bringing their coffee brewing expertise to the much (often-deservedly) abused canned coffee drink market. The results are products that are elevated over their peers. Now, no one is going to do a blind taste test and confuse these canned drinks with a fresh brewed cup, but that isn't the point. illy's cappucino drink mixes strong brewed coffee (espresso-style) with milk, a touch of cocoa and not too much sugar (usually overwhelming sweetness to mask poor quality coffee is the biggest failure of coffee drinks).

These ingredients blend together to produce a drinkable and refreshing beverage.
399808399808B002IEVJRYA2UEB48LAWFUCWJoseph "jck09"0051339027200Very Tasty, but PricyThe taste of this canned cappuccino style drink hits my sweet spot, literally. If I had to describe it, it's basically very similar to Starbucks' mocha frappuccino - milky, very sweet, with a good coffee base smoothed out by a little cocoa. (Of course, if you find that flavor combination too milky or too sweet, then this isn't for you). The finish leaves some coffee and sweet notes, and the 8 ounce can was just right for a tasty, 100 calorie liquid snack.

My only criticism is that the product currently seems overpriced at over $2 per can. I didn't knock a star off for the price, however, because those can change frequently. If you like the sound of a sweet, milky cappuccino drink and can find this at a price that works for you, then I highly recommend it.
399809399809B002IEVJRYA3CN9CCJUNIPKTDJ Joe Sixpack0041338940800Sweetened coffee in a can-------------------------------------------------------
Illy Issimo Coffee Drink,
Cappucino, 8.45-Ounce Can
I'm a fan of Illy coffee, an Italian brand best known for their vacuum-sealed whole beans and ground coffee varieties. I try to keep a can or two around in case civilization breaks down and I either want a little morning jolt before the aliens attack, or if need something to trade with the survivalists and atomic mutants.

This aluminum-clad product is a pre-made, sweetened coffee drink not unlike the gooey Starbucks bottles that they sell in convenience stores, though not as syrupy, and maybe with better coffee. I found it pleasant, and refreshing on a hot afternoon. Worth checking out, although the coffee flavor could be more pronounced. Kind of weird that the drink is licensed to (or owned by) Coca-Cola, from Italy, and manufactured in Denmark. But hey, it that's the flavor of globalism, it tastes pretty good!
399810399810B002IEVJRYAYGEP8I4BQ3CKchoiceweb0pen00031338940800Tastes like a Coffee MilkshakeFor better or for worse, coffee in the United States gets associated with Starbucks. Even in those rare places without a Starbucks store, there is ground, instant, bottled, or canned Starbucks products on store shelves. Meanwhile, Illy, a brand well-known in Europe, is trying to make further inroads into the American market. This Illy Issimo Coffee drink reminds me of a more concentrated version of Starbucks bottled Frappuccino. However, it is less sweet and the coco makes me think of a milk shake. It tastes good and the espresso provides a great pick-me up, though to me I can barely taste any coffee, yet alone espresso, which is something I would expect from a coffee drink. I might grab a can of this on though go, but I doubt I would order an entire case of this particular drink.
399781399781B002IEVJRYAUZ3EJAU37NC5Old Latin teacher0031339459200Needs to be really cold and it's way too sweet for me.The title of my review says it all but I guess I have to write something here. Perhaps my review is a bit unfair anyway because I'm not a big fan of iced coffees. That said, I gave this product a try. Well, it didn't pull me over to the Cold Side. Maybe because it is, as I said before, much too sweet. And the flavor of the coffee itself wasn't a big draw for me.

Since I do love hot cappuccinos and lattes, I gave this a try hot. Meh...
399782399782B002IEVJRYA34UVV757IKPVBjustsomeguy0031339459200Good but not GREATWhen I received this, I was expecting it to taste like those awesome cold Mocha Starbucks drinks you can find in stores these days. Do you know those things? Starbucks sells like Mocha and Vanilla cold drink things - I have no idea what they are, precisely, but I know they are AWESOME. So I figured this thing - this Cappuccino can thing - would be like that. And to some degree, it is, only to a lesser degree.
First off, the can says Cappuccino, but it tastes like no cappuccino I ever had! One of the ingredients is cocoa powder, and I'm pretty sure that's not an ingredient in cappuccino! First ingredient is cream or milk - I forget - so just FYI this is a creamy-coffee drink - it's not like black coffee or anything. It is very much like the Starbucks drinks I love, only it tastes more watery. The starbucks drinks have that super-creamy and sweet and strong coffee flavor that punches you in the mouth! This drink is more like being hit in the cheek with a slice of lemon. No, it doesn't taste like lemon. I'm trying to make this entertaining. Is it working? Anyhow - this drink is OK, but it's not GREAT. I liked it well enough, but if I'm going to buy some pseudo-coffee drink in a can, I'll reach for the Starbucks bottle instead.
Also - I got a slight headache after drinking this. Not from the cold. Probably from the massive amount of caffiene! But I survived.
399783399783B002IEVJRYA2WN1QF8GSVHYVAltmed0041339459200Strong espresso taste - a little bitter for meStrong espresso taste, but a tad bitter for me. If you like a little bitterness, then you'll prolly love this. Thankfully no can taste, which was a concern of mine.

Otherwise not much to say - plain, no flavors, although I'm sure you could add your own if you want i, but taste fine just like it is.

The bitterness was just a hint, which many regular espresso drinkers probably wouldn't notice - for me, it was enough to take off a star, but was still good. Don't know that I'll be buying a lot of it, but for that allergy or headache, when I use that caffeine, it would be great to have around to get rid of those.
399784399784B002IEVJRYA2LAS014NSRW72Amy Henry0041339372800delicious, perfect size, not too sweetThis was a great kick in the pants! Not too large, so none of that icky-stomach feeling. Yet it perked me up mid afternoon and tasted great. I also liked that it is lightly sweetened, but not super sweet like those Starbucks drinks that feel like pure sugar.

I do think this is better ice cold in the can instead of over ice: with ice it loses it gets diluted quick. But the shape of the can makes it quick to chill and keep on the go.

Much better than the illy espresso shot, which doesn't taste as full-bodied as this. Before, I was hesitant about stocking up on these, as they are pricey, but if it keeps me from running into a 7-eleven or AM/PM to buy one, it saves me the element of risk of running into all that junk food! So, keeping this at home cold is a treat that doesn't involve having to look at a rack of Snickers and being tempted to buy one of those too! It will be cheaper in the long run!
399785399785B002IEVJRYA3R4794K2RVU1SDanny Yu0041339372800Light, well balanced cappuccino coffee drinkThis illy issimo cappuccino coffee drink is enjoyable, light, and tastes refreshing.

Ingredients: Mostly natural. The first four ingredients are coffee, lowfat milk, sugar, and cocoa powder. The other ingredients include cellulose gel, cellulose gum, and carrageenan.

Content: Per can, there are 100 calroies, 1.5g fat, 1g saturated fat, 60mg sodium, 18g sugar, 4g protein, and 81 mg/ of caffeine.

A combination of ingredients and tastes makes this an enjoyable coffee drink.
399786399786B002IEVJRYAHUT55E980RDRNeal C. Reynolds0041339372800A tasty treat on a hot Summer dayI've tried both this and the same company's Caffe drink...I preferred this which is less bitter and is smoother. It did taste good on a warm Indiana day, but I doubt that I'll be a regular consumer, preferring freshy brewed coffee. It's sure worth a try though.
399787399787B002IEVJRYA3MDETK0D5UAINxoxo "woodfairy"0041339372800Drinkable! Finally canned coffee thats pretty good!I really might buy more of this so I do recommend it. Most prepackage beverage coffee just lacks that fresh brewed taste. However I was pleasantly surprised to find this one has such rich smooth flavor. It was not bitter and left no aftertaste. It is not the best in the world I am sure but at least it is quite drinkable.
399788399788B002IEVJRYA3VI2VETB90ZG5J. Sullivan0041339286400Authentic FlavorI like this one. It actually tastes like an iced cappuccino beverage. It's both smooth and sweet.

The ingredients include coffee, lowfat milk, sugar, cocoa powder, potassium bicarbonate, cellulose gel, potassium citrate, cellulose gum and carrageenan. There's 81mg of caffeine per 8.45oz can.

It's one of the better choices from the illy issimo line of canned coffees. The flavor is nice and I would drink it again.
399789399789B002IEVJRYA16YU3GRGCD95STheresa M. Studer "Terra57"0041339286400NIce Flavor!I had this after dinner and it really was good. The only thing I can see missing was the nice head of froth that you usually get with the hot version. Flavor was right on and it wasn't overly sweet like some drinks are which was a plus in my book. It was a great cold ice coffee drink on a nice warm early Summer eve. I would most certainly buy these again and am very happy to have given it a try before turning my nose up at it. Yumm! Mayhap a bit of real cream on top next time with a bit of cinnamon will make it perfect.
399790399790B002IEVJRYA215WH6RUDUCMPShilom0021339286400Tastes Bitter, Strong, But Wakes You UpReally couldn't stand the taste of this, very bitter and didn't taste sweet at all. I usually drink Starbucks Mocha Frappuchino in the morning, so I am used to the taste of something sweet and creamy and perhaps am spoiled, this just tasted strong and bitter and blech after having that every day. If you are a black coffee type person and don't do sweeteners, than this is definitly for you though. It definitly gives you a jolt! Just tastes like crap to me! Blech!
399791399791B002IEVJRYAY6A8KPYCE6B0Tate0041339286400Sweet and RichIn comparison to illy issimo Coffee Drink, Caffè I prefer the caramel taste of this Cappuccino version. It's a little creamier and sweeter, but still contains traces of a good solid black coffee. I don't drink a lot of coffee mostly because I find it so difficult to find the blend of blackness and cream and sugar. Temperature is also a difficult think to master (it always seems too hot or too cold!) However, this coffee blend is a masterful mix of my favorite sweetness, creaminess, and blackness. It's rich, but not too rich. It's sweet, but not too sweet. And no bitter aftertaste! I refrigerated it and thought it tasted great cold.

With that being said, I would never spend $2 on a little tiny 8.45oz can of it. But if coffee is important to you, this is a great-tasting product. And a nice--albeit unhealthy--way to boost your energy!
399792399792B002IEVJRYA1BJOHHLG0D965M.D. Edwards "Avid Aesthete"0031339286400It's good, but my palate still prefers Starbucks' Frappuccino.I opened my can of this illy issimo Cappuccino iced coffee to enjoy with my breakfast this morning, but, even though it WAS good, and had a pleasant-yet-not-overly-strong coffee flavor, I found it to have a bit of a thin mouth feel for me, to the point where I felt compelled to gussy it up with an extra splash of half and half, and a pump of the bottle of Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce syrup that I keep stocked in my kitchen.

All that I've ever had from the grocery store (that I can recall) in the way of prefab iced coffee drinks has been from Starbucks' Frappuccino line, which I've always found satisfying, sweet, flavorful, and thick enough tasting that it hit the spot perfectly. This illy iced coffee just left a little to be desired for me, which is where it loses its two stars.

If you're a true coffee connoisseur, you might find that you prefer this brand over Starbucks. What I've read and heard indicates that this is Italy's preferred brand of coffee. As a frugal Foodie, even though I like Starbucks, I'm typically loathe to dish out happily for the prices they charge for their products. Even still, in this case, Starbucks wins, at least as far as my palate is concerned.
399793399793B002IEVJRYA19FRW264WZTGPBunson Honeydew0041339200000Very goodObviously the best option is to brew your own. But if you're on the go, this is a good choice. It doesn't taste too artificial, but is packed with sugar. So beware if you are watching sugar.

illy is a a premium brand, so expect to pay premium prices. But it also tastes a lot better to me than the competing offerings from Monster and Starbucks.
399794399794B002IEVJRYAG4U11RFDY7LUVirginia Campbell0041339200000delicious treat, only 100 calories"illy issimo Coffee Drink, Cappuccino" was such a treat after a hard day slaving away at the computer. I filled a tall glass with crushed ice, poured in that smooth, creamy cappuccino and sipped away. I actually took a break, propping up my feet, settling back in my chair, and closing my eyes while I savored that rich coffee-cocoa goodness. Then I ate the ice : ) FABULOSO!
399795399795B002IEVJRYA3R9X003XW0LNRDeborah Verlen "Deborah"0051339113600Great additiveFirst off I'm not a coffee drinker, but like a little jolt in my hot chocolate to give it some extra flavor and of course to add caffeine. Generally in the morning I drink a cup of hot chocolate or chai tea latte. When I go the hot chocolate route I like to put about a third of a teaspoon of instant coffee in the mix. As I said I'm not an adventurous coffee imbiber. Thought I'd try a liquid coffee form and this coffee cappuccino drink seemed like it would be an 'adventure' to try for someone who is not coffee oriented. As an additive it was great. Because the cappuccino mixture includes some milk and beet sugar, it complemented the hot chocolate's taste. I used about an eighth of a can per 12 ounces of hot chocolate. Gave it a little zing. If you are not a coffee drinker, but like to add it to something for a bit of that coffee taste--this is a great product.
399796399796B002IEVJRYA19JDXB5R33C7RWryGuy20031339113600Not bad for what it is ...I typically drink a large cup of hot coffee every morning, but in the summer months, I'll switch to a cold/iced coffee every so often. I decided to give this product, the "illy issimo Coffee Drink, Cappuccino, 8.45-Ounce" a try. Below are my impressions:

- I like the idea of a coffee drink in a can. It gives me the option of just bringing it with me and drinking it when I'm ready rather than having to stand in line every morning (or buying a coffee maker) to get my morning shot of joe.
- The portion size (~8.5 ounces) is good. I wouldn't mind an even larger size, but this size is big enough to get you going in the morning.

- The coffee and chocolate flavors were too delicate for my taste. I prefer the milder coffees, but this cappuccino was a little too mild for me.

Neither a pro or con:
- You can drink the product cold from straight from your refrigerator, but in my opinion, it tastes better served over ice.

Overall, in my opinion, this product's strength is its convenience and portability, and its weakness is that doesn't taste as good as the freshly-made alternatives. While it's a little too weak for my tastes, if you like cold/iced coffee, you should give it a try to see if it works for you. Three stars.
399797399797B002IEVJRYA2V9DTXTQ5YIMKA. Hudson "papillon_lover"0041339027200Like it, but not in love, like their other flavors moreI keep my house stocked with cold coffee. It is usually Starbucks Frappuccions. I buy them by the case. Caffeine is my one and only addiction. Cold coffee is my treat. I am familiar with illy coffee. I have bought their espresso to use in my stove top espresso maker. When I run to the drugstore and they do not have Starbucks, I grab illy in its place.

Taste wise this is just OK to me. I like it but I do not love it at all. It was easy to drink but did not leave me craving more. I did however buy a case of their illy issimo Coffee Drink, Mochaccino, 8.45-Ounces Cans (Pack of 12). I like the other one a lot more. This one is a tad bland to me where the mochaccino is a bit more bold and flavorful.

After drinking Starbucks Fraps, these are a lot healthy for you. Starbucks is just a tad over an ounce more in size but has 180 calories where this has 100. Also, the fraps have 31 grams of sugar where these have only 18 grams, which still is a lot.

I like illy cold coffees but will stick to other flavors. Again, this one is OK but not one I would keep stocked in my fridge. I already have made the switch from Starbucks to illy since they are a lot healthier. Still not healthy but it is my one and only treat of the day.
399798399798B002IEVJRYA33Y8C4818EJL0Live, Laugh, Love...0051339027200Tasty Iced Coffee on the go!I have always loved coffee hot or cold. Depending on my mood or the season, I enjoy trying new creations. This little can packed a powerful flavor that I really enjoyed. This is mildly sweet with a creamy flavor, with a refreshing cold boost of energy on a warm day in June! This I will be ordering more of and hope to find at the local convenience store.
399799399799B002IEVJRYA1HGXLP6WATS4BF. D. Gillett "Comparison Shopper"0051339027200Extreme - maybe not, but definately good."Issimo" in Italian is an intensifier to an adverb much as we might say "extremely". I don't consider the Illy Issimo Cappucino to be an extreme coffee drink but it is one that I enjoyed. I frequently use Illy coffee in my Gaggia machine to make espressos, cappucinos, lattes, and so on so I'm very familiary with the brand and their coffees.

I especially enjoyed this beverage first chilled then served over ice. The perfect blend of coffee, 2% milk, and cocoa powder, were excellent but seemed to be a mocha rather than a cappucino. My home-made cappucinos are frothy where this was not. I'm puzzled by the "do not shake" statements printed on the can. I would think that shaking the beverage in the can would froth it up a bit to make it more cappucino-like but they must have their reasons for not wanting it to be shaken before opening. Regardless, this is a very good coffee drink that I will be enjoying more of in the future. I hope you will enjoy it as well.
399800399800B002IEVJRYAVHLBVRZI8ZEXPam Gearhart0051339027200Tasty, not too sweetThe only other cold cappucino drink I'm familiar with is Starbuck's Frappucino, and I like the illy issimo better. There's more coffee flavor, and the chocolate essence is more like cocoa than chocolate. If you've ever made hot chocolate with unsweetened cocoa powder, you'll know what I mean. At 100 calories and only 6% carbs, it's almost health food! I like that it's not too sweet. I'll be buying this in the future.
399801399801B002IEVJRYA38Z8ZXX1BPFRLMelodie "2kidznus"0041339027200Refreshing cold...nice pick me upI drank this cold and it was refreshing. I need a afternoon pick me up and this drink does the trick. A little sweet but very smooth. Only 100 calories, a lot less than coffee drinks from many of the coffee chain stores. Highly recommend.
399802399802B002IEVJRYA2V0I904FH7ABYRam0031339027200Low on Calories, OK on tasteIf you have tried the Starbucks Frappacino - you would have loved it with its rich creamy taste. Not so much with illy Issimo.

Flavor: As good as Starbucks, Lavazza or any other premium coffee

Taste: Illy has tried to minize on the calories (only 100 cals) - so it is not that great on taste, compare it with the starbucks Frappacino which is made with whole milk and obviously more filling

Calories: 100 calories

Ingredients: Unfortunately it contains cellulose which is a factory product, so does starbucks and others, but a premium product like this should have not included this kind of ingredients.

Overall - it is low on calories and OK on taste. Loses a star for the taste, and a star for the ingredients
399803399803B002IEVJRYA1ZPY91VE3IDN1J. Offenbach0031339027200If calories don't matter to you, might be worth a tasteFour individual coffee lovers from different cultural backgrounds conducted a sampling of this illy issimo Coffee Drink, Cappucino, 8.45-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12) side by side with the illy issimo Coffee Drink, Caffè, 6.8-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12) and we had an exact split on the selection of a favorite between both samples. Of note is that the Cappucino single serving can is a couple ounces greater and double the calories. My personal preference was the Caffe because I found it to taste fresher, less like a canned beverage, less sweet, and stronger in the coffee flavor.

I gave away my Nespresso machine and currently do not have an electric espresso maker other than the Delonghi EMK6 Alicia Electric Moka Espresso Coffee Maker and prefer very strong coffee. I still make it on the stovetop or prepare French drip coffee. I sometimes use Splenda and froth steamed milk. I used to roast green coffee beans but have also given away my roasters. I grind beans prior to preparing coffee. Just a little history for my frame of reference in writing this review.

I'm not at all crazy about this coffee drink because my first impression was the sweetness, followed by the milky and very thin taste, and I experienced an aftertaste that I didn't care for. I don't use much sugar, so that's perhaps why my taste buds were more sensitive, and as with all four tasters, although the ingredients listed Cocoa, we tasted very little in this beverage. The coffee flavor was stronger than a simple cup of coffee, but the other flavors overwhelmed the coffee for me personally. All three other tasters liked this flavor and said they would buy it if it's cost was around a dollar. Two of the four tasters drink Chai regularly, always with lots of milk and sugar added.

Our natural instinct is to shake a non-carbonated beverage, but there are strict instructions stating that the can is not to be shaken. The can is nice to look at, smaller than a soda can and may cause problems in a beverage holder if you take these on a road trip. At the current cost and weighing in at about 25 calories per ounce, I'm not going to recommend this product.
399804399804B002IEVJRYA1V1EP514B5H7Yasiana0051339027200A perfect drink !Strong coffee, lowfat milk and cocoa, all of my favorites in one can. What more could a person want on a hot summer day? This illy Cappucino really hit the spot after spending the day out in the sun and I put it on my shopping list for more as the weatherman said more sunny days are ahead. You won't go wrong as this drink is smooth and thirst quenching and just plain good.

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