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399841399841B002IEVJRYA19V2TRL68EOHVJohn Jorgensen0041338681600Good, Not GreatThis tastes all right. It's got a definite cappucino flavor, though the flavor of regular coffee is stronger than it is in a really good cappucino. It's not very creamy, which is a bit disappointing. According to the nutrition facts, it's healthy enough that you can drink it guilt-free, though it is fairly sugary, if that's a concern. Overall, I enjoyed it but didn't love it. I don't know if I'd bother buying it for myself, but the free sample was certainly nice while it lasted.
399842399842B002IEVJRYA3EK2KTYHJCPB9Brian A. Roush0031338681600Good flavor, but watered downI liked the flavor of this drink. On the up side, they're only 100 calories per can, and it didn't have that metallic taste that sometimes permeates canned coffee drinks. It wasn't overly sweet, but seemed to lack a strong coffee punch. Also, it tasted watered down compared to other drinks I've had, and that was the biggest negative. I did like it, but just wanted something with more to it rather than feeling like each sip was only giving me half the flavor.
399843399843B002IEVJRYA2T9EHCUD7CNEBKarie Hoskins "karieh"0031338681600Similar to Other Coffee DrinksNotes on this product:

1) It is almost physically impossible not to shake this up prior to drinking it. (The can has a warning NOT to do so.) I really wanted to make sure that the coffee, milk and chocolate were well blended - the way I do with the cold coffee beverages from the "S" company. But I held off.

2) The flavor was OK. Too much chocolate for being labeled a cappuccino - but not bad. And not quite as weirdly viscous as other coffee/milk drinks.

3) The can is too thin to stay safely in my car's drink holder.

So...I would drink this again if offered - but it might not be my first choice.
399844399844B002IEVJRYA1XFI340SHOS5KZenpony0031338681600good for a picnicWhen you don't want to pack a big thermos of fresh coffee, this little can is a good alternative for picnics, beach, lunch. I usually drink coffee with half and half and no sugar, so this can was a bit sweet for my taste and a bit thin in texture. I added ice and a splash of half and half to a tall glass and it was okay. The coffee flavor was good and the hint of cocoa could be tasted, however there was a bit of a metallic taste from the can. I liked it better than Starbucks coffee, which usually has a burnt taste to me. My favorite coffee always was Dunkin Donuts, but even that has changed over the years, (or maybe my taste has change). I gave this three stars for the coffee flavor but not the five stars because it was too sweet. It's okay for a quick fix.
399845399845B002IEVJRYA17HMM1M7T9PJ1Timothy B. Riley0031338681600It had it a weird after-taste to me Length:: 1:59 Mins

This was the second illy product that I have tried. The first was the espresso and I liked that one, but this drink had a pretty strange, unnatural after-taste to me. I was tempted to give it 2 stars but it wasn't horrible, just strange. I decided to do this as a video review and I hope that you enjoy it.
399846399846B002IEVJRYA2LRNLAV0ZIL4UNathan Webster0041338681600One of the better cold coffee drinksI normally drink hot, black coffee, so anything with milk or sugar is outside my comfort zone.

This was one of the better cold cappuccino-style drinks I've had. It was not bitter, had a good, real coffee taste, and the sugar was sweet without being overwhelming.

I think Issimo's ingredients (and I also tried Issimo's milkless illy issimo Coffee Drink, Caffè, 6.8-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12) drink) are high quality. I drink high-end coffee, and this tasted similar, with the addition of milk, of course. I preferred this drink to the Caffe, though that one was okay too.

The taste is smooth and it does not leave a bitter aftertaste that I often associate with these iced coffee drinks. It does not taste like a child's version of coffee where they throw in a lot of sugar.

So - Tasted good, with an adult level of sweetness, low calories and a good portion! I might get it again for summer days when even I can't take hot coffee.
399847399847B002IEVJRYA3QNQQKJTL76H0buru buru piggu0041338681600Convenient, but no different from other canned coffee drinksMy fears were confirmed. This illy cappuccino doesn't have much coffee taste. All I can taste is milk and sugar, making it indistinct from other such coffee beverages like Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino Coffee Drink and competitors. It's good, mind you, but nothing like fresh cappuccino. The can makes it very easy to toss in a bag and take with you on the road or to the office.

The can warns you not to shake, but I instinctively shook it immediately upon taking it out of the fridge and it exploded into a small mess! Apparently, pressure can build up inside like a soda, even though this product is not carbonated. 100 calories per can (15 from fat). Made in Denmark, distributed by Coca-Cola.

Carrageenan is an emulsifier (keeps fats and liquids from separating) derived from seaweed. Cellulose gum (and I'm guessing cellulose gel) improves viscosity. Potassium bicarbonate and potassium citrate are pH regulator, used to control acidity. All these are natural and vegan/vegetarian additives common in the food industry. Why can't it just be coffee, milk, and sugar?
399848399848B002IEVJRYA39650P2CZUUC9Bonnie Brody "Book Lover and Knitter"0041338681600Pleasing DrinkThis Cappuccino Drink is very refreshing. I put mine in the refrigerator over night and had it cold. It was delicious as a morning start-up drink. I could taste the milk and espresso in it and all I missed were the visuals - the foamy milk on top and the splash of brown espresso mixed in with it. Otherwise, it is a great substitution for the fresh drink.
399849399849B002IEVJRYA8WAYVOKYBLO6Rane Wallin0021338595200really sweet with chalky finishI love cappuccinos, but I get more of a cream and sugar taste from this than a coffee taste. That cream and sugar taste is pretty strong, reminds a little of sweetened condensed milk. The drink also has a powdery/chalky finish, probably due to the cocoa powder. I also noticed a metallic aftertaste. Mostly, just a lot of not very appealing flavors and textures coming together into a sugar bomb that was not very pleasant. Taste varies, but I would not drink it again.
399850399850B002IEVJRYAAA0TUKS5VBSANerd Alert0051338595200Milk and Cocoa BlissIlly coffee beans make amazing, if very expensive, coffee. I purchased a bag before as a special treat. It seems almost wrong to put it in a can, but the flavor profile does hold up overall. This is primarily because unlike other canned drinks, this coffee is not super sweet or filled with strange ingredients. It has a little sugar, milk, and cocoa, none of which overpower the coffee, but instead balance it.

If you are a fan of iced coffee with sugar and cream, you will likely enjoy this brand. It is more coffee than dessert.
399851399851B002IEVJRYA2MJ8OL2FYN7CWLynne E.0021338595200Lowfat Milk Overwhelms Coffee, Cocoa FlavorsBecause I like Starbucks Mocha coffee very much (is it coffee or cocoa?), I expected to like this ILLY ISSIMO "Cappuccino" drink. But what a surprise! It turned out to be a strange, thin, "milky drink". The low-fat milk taste dominates, and the coffee and cocoa flavors seem barely there. At least the drink does not taste sugary, as does the otherwise quite decent ILLY ISSIMO "Caffè" alternative. However, this larger-sized "Cappuccino" actually has far more sugar, at 18g.

I do not know whether this canned coffee product is supposed to be consumed hot, chilled, or at room temperature. The can includes a "do not shake" warning, but has no other instructions. I tried the product after chilling for one day in the refrigerator, and after warming in a microwave-safe cup. It tasted about the same both ways. Perhaps it was a little better hot, but it came out of the microwave with an "unmixed instant coffee" swirl on top.

This "Italian espresso-style coffee drink with lowfat milk and cocoa" certainly did not convert me to canned coffee drinks, especially ones with 100 calories in a single 8.45 fl. oz. can. Because this ILLY ISSIMO "Cappuccino" tastes odd, and mostly like milk, I award it 2 stars on Amazon's scale ("I don't like it").
399852399852B002IEVJRYA31RULW0KNYJ5HLA0041338595200Tasty but ExpensiveI love coffee, and this product was a nice mid-afternoon pick me up. It was refreshingly cold on a hot day and gave me that burst of caffeine energy that keeps me going.

I enjoyed the taste very much. I like my hot morning coffee with lots of milk and a bit of sugar, and this was similar to how I make it. People who like their coffee black or with milk/cream and no sugar will probably not like this product.

Overall, I was very pleased with it, though I doubt I'd buy it often at approximately two bucks a can.
399853399853B002IEVJRYA3SMR4HRFJARSCchristinemm - The Thinking Mother0031338595200Made with Lowfat Milk - Tastes Thin - Not BoldWhen I drink coffee I like it with half and half or light cream. I like the consistency and flavor of a high fat cream product mixed with the coffee or espresso based drink (no matter whether it is a hot or cold or frozen espresso based drink). The illy issimo cappucino is made with lowfat milk and indeed it tastes thin and watery.

The flavor of this espresso is pretty mild, I think. My favorite coffee is a dark robust french roast. Although this illy issimo drink is made with espresso as a base I'd call it mild but others would say it's medium. I'm a Starbucks lover and I love the cafe au lait New Orleans style coffee with chickory also.

I rate this drink 3 stars = It's Okay because for me, it's too thin due to the lowfat milk and it's flavor is not quite bold enough for my palate. If you like lowfat milk in your coffee and if you like mild or medium boldness you will probably like this better than I did.
399854399854B002IEVJRYA1QK0XCAPHIW1LFlush Barrett-Browning0051338595200Wake up and pop the can....illy issimo Cappucino Coffee Drink provides that mix of expresso, milk, sugar, and cocoa that serves as a morning wake up for many Americans.

At 100 calories per can, the buyer should expect a sweet taste, but it's balanced by the cocoa. To me it tastes more like a cold mocha than a cappucino. Taste is relative (and surely based in part on what we're accustomed to drinking); I like it (and normally Peet's Italian Roast is my drink of choice). But thanks to the calorie count, for me at least, it's a sometime treat and not a morning ritual.

For those who choose to drink it regularly, the fact that it's preservative free and the lowfat milk is rBST-free should be a bonus. Although this does mean that the cans are labeled with expiration dates. And the 'do not shake' admonition does not indicate that the drink is carbonated; it's full almost to the brim and shaking causes the sugary milk to spew.

The Cappucino Coffee Drink is most flavorful when served cold, and, be warned, those who choose to plop in a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an afternoon pick-me-up had best share.
399855399855B002IEVJRYA1UQBFCERIP7VJMargaret Picky0041338595200illy issimo cappuccinoIlly issimo cappuccino Italian espresso style coffee drink with lowfat milk and cocoa is a nice little 100 calorie treat in a 8.45 fl. oz. (250 ml) can.

1930s Italy under the rule of Mussolini greatly contributed to the development of modern coffee culture, improved coffee-making, and new types of coffee-making equipment. The Horn of Africa (where coffee originated) was under Italian colonization and companies such as illy and Bialetti were founded.

In that tradition, this drink is now made in Denmark under the issimo brand from illy and distributed in the U.S. by Coca-Cola.

This canned cappuccino has a pleasant taste with a good balance of the coffee, milk, cocoa, and sugar with lots of visible solids. To be sure, it's not as good as freshly made cappuccino but it is what it is.
399856399856B002IEVJRYA2V92F5R7MLCVIwogan "the book reader"0051338595200Cup of cappuccinoThis is a 100 calorie coffee drink. I put it in the refrigerator and after it was cold took it out and automatically shook it up - it DOES say DO NOT shake, so it fizzed out a bit. It has an enjoyable coffee taste and does not taste like it came from a can.
I liked this drink - it was refreshing and if you like coffee, this is a nice summer drink.
399857399857B002IEVJRYA33PVCHCQ2BTN0Bali Bound0051338595200Delicious!I didn't have high expectations for this cappucino drink, because I find many packaged coffee drinks taste too strong or artificial. I was very pleased with this one from the first sip! The flavor is very mild, but you can still taste the coffee. It's sweet, but not too sweet. There's no bitterness, and it tastes very natural. In my opinion, it tastes much better than the bottled cappucino that is so popular. I wish the serving size was a little larger, but otherwise I think it's the perfect prepackaged cappucino.
399858399858B002IEVJRYA276OI0NHBYORXRebecca N0051338595200Creamy and Low Fat!I had this first thing this morning, and immediately signed up for Subscribe and Save. This is SO GOOD.

It's got a great creamy coffee taste -- but it's low fat. I'm not sure how they get it to taste so sweet and creamy with only 100 calories (15 from fat), but they do, and I'm not complaining. Also - it's really convenient that the caffeine content is on the can -- it's 81 mg. I'm on a caffeine restricted diet (doc wants 200 mg or less) so it's great that I didn't have to estimate.

I missed the instructions that were RIGHT THERE on the can "DO NOT SHAKE" and shook it anyway. Oops. It's exploded just a bit on opening. No major mess, but there was a bit. I'll remember next time.

Anyway, this is a wonderful cold coffee drink to start your morning. It doesn't taste overly processed like a "coffee style drink". It tastes like a nice cold coffee+cream. Love it, and will probably be having one every morning. It's not cheap, but it's not starbucks pricing either ...
399859399859B002IEVJRYAHQRU3MRORIWQEMTP EJ "EJ"0041338595200Good tasteI drink a couple of cups of strong black coffee every day but rarely a fancy drink from a cafe.

This product is convenient- you can just put it in the refrigerator or open the can and pour it over ice - or both.
The taste is smooth and well balanced.
It has plenty of caffeine and the right amount of milk and sugar.

I have had a very similar product from Starbucks and I really don't sense much of a difference between the two. I would probably buy whatever is a better value at the time. Again, this product and the product from Starbucks seem to taste the same to me and are of the same high quality.
399860399860B002IEVJRYA1INBQLNQNSHTK~Kimber~0051338508800Delightfully Yummy!Based on some of the reviews here, I'm wondering what some of the other reviewers here were expecting. If you expect ANY canned/bottled coffee drink to taste like a fresh iced coffee from a local coffee house (that has actual frothed cream in it and was sugared to your own personal preference), you are going to be disappointed. I am comparing it to other coffee drinks that also use lowfat milk in them.

I'm drinking this wonderful little beverage, as I type the review. As is consistent with the illy issimo coffee drinks, it's refreshingly restrained on the sugar. Just enough to compliment the coffee, without trying to turn it into a confection. This has just enough of the lowfat mik in it to give a slight "creamy" taste, without overpowering the flavor of the coffee, as well.

There is a perfect blending of the cocoa, cream and sugar to combine with (and compliment) the coffee flavor. It's not quite as robust as the illy issimo Coffee Drink, Caffè, 6.8-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12). But then again, if you desired that you wouldn't be drinking a cappuccino.

I think the illy issimo Coffee Drink, Caffè is probably better for a quick wake up call on a rough Monday morning, and this is better suited for around 3 o'clock to help get you to through the rest of the work day.

Serve chilled, and whatever you do, don't shake it. It might "asplode". :)
399861399861B002IEVJRYA2RX62V4E2BF5ZCeleste "Vodka, Apple Pucker & Sweet 'n' Sour"0041338508800Okay Café
399862399862B002IEVJRYA397CWU6DM3O5Gganka0041338508800tastes OKThis coffee drink was a bit better then plain coffee variety of illy issimo. Not too sweet, you can claerly taste cocoa.
399863399863B002IEVJRYA2YB7DLC3FOR7WPamela V ""MS V""0031338508800I Wouldn't Buy ItThere's nothing impressive about the taste of Illy issimo Cappucino flavored coffee drink, in my opinion. It tastes like a cheaper version of the famous coffee house ready-to-drink cappucino you can find at convenience stores near you. The can has 100 calories, and just wasn't impressed with the taste. Not worth the calories or the price.
399864399864B002IEVJRYA1N5FSCYN4796FPhilip R. Heath "Gadgets, Music, & Books"0031338508800Better Than Their Caffe OfferingYesterday I tried and reviewed the Caffè drink from Illy Issimo with less than stellar results. Today I was hoping for a better experience with their Cappuccino. I am happy to report that I liked this one better than the Caffe. I drink hot cappuccinos on a regular basis, and this is not a bad chilled version. I would tweak it a couple of ways. First it is a little sweeter than I would like, and I would be curious how this would be without any added sugar. Second it has a bit of a twang in the aftertaste. I am guessing this is from the potassium citrate. I'm not sure what the purpose of this ingredient is, and again I would be curious how it would taste without it. However I suspect it is meant to act as a natural preservative rather than to enhance the flavor. For similar comparisons this Cappuccino weighs in with (8.45 oz, 100 calories, 81 mg caffeine) while a tall Starbucks Iced Non-fat Latte has (12 oz, 70 calories, 75 mg caffeine). I would prefer the Starbucks option better, but the Illy Issimo option is OK.
399865399865B002IEVJRYA240FRPD4MEXNDPhyllis Staff0031338508800No Worries for Your Local Coffee HouseI love cappucino, at home or at my local coffee house, so I hoped that this illy issimo cappuncino coffee drink would be a good substitute. Alas, it was not to be.

Here's my take on this cappucino drink:


1. Convenience -- With these cans at home or at the office, you can heat up a full cup of cappucino in a minute in the microwave. No dragging out the cappucino maker or running out to get a cappucino.

2. Foam -- After heating, you will see a small amount of foam on the top of the coffee.

3. Low-Cal -- Only 100 calories in this cappucino,

and therein lies my problem.


1. Taste -- Even though I love cappucino, I don't have it often. When I do give in to the urge, I want it rich with two packs of raw sugar, whole milk, and a generous dash of cinnamon on the foam. Heavenly. But this cappucino just doesn't measure up to my idea of what cappucino should be.

2. Off Flavor -- There's an odd taste of tin in my cup. Maybe it's the cinnamon, maybe it's the can -- I can't say, but I can say that the flavor is tinged with an odd tinny taste.


If you're not picky about cappucino, this could be your drink. I'll wait and get mine just the way I like it at my local coffee house.
399866399866B002IEVJRYA3EXIZWHSNVNMECynthia "Andante Cantabile"0031338508800A little better than the Caffe flavor....maybe it's the cocoa.I enjoyed this cappuccino more than the caffe flavor. It wasn't quite as sour as the caffe. It has a warning at the top side of the can a note that says "Do Not Shake" but it's in very small writing. I'm hearing from other people that the contents will explode if you shake it however I did shake the caffe prior to opening with no ill effects. Both of them had been well chilled prior to opening so maybe that makes a difference as far as exploding. The description on the can reads "Italian espresso style coffee drink with low fat milk and cocoa". It has 100 calories for the 8.45 ounces. It's 100% natural Arabica. It contains 2% fat, 5% saturated fat, 2% cholesterol, 3% sodium, 6% carbohydrates, 3% fiber, 10% Calcium. It is not a significant source of trans fat, vitamin A or C or iron. The contents are listed as coffee, low fat milk, sugar, cocoa power, potassium bicarbonate, cellulose gel, potassium citrate, cellulose gum, and carrageenan. It is distributed by Coca-Cola Company under license of ILKO Coffee International, a product of Denmark. There's an expiration date on the bottom of the can.

3.5/5 stars
399867399867B002IEVJRYA2MSQNPTNAAGL1P. Cannon0031338508800not bad but not that greatThis Cappuccino for me was just OK. It was just not very robust on coffee flavor or cocoa and too sweet for me however, only 100 calories is a nice plus. I'll stick with Starbuck's for a very occasional, high calorie, indulgent cappuccino treat. I did like the illy caffe' though, it is nice and robust and not too sweet.
399868399868B002IEVJRYA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0051338508800Smooth Coffee Drink - Highly RecommendedThis illy issimo Cappucino Coffee Drink is very nice served over ice! The coffee flavor is not very strong but it is nicely sweet and packs a good caffeine (81 mg) kick, making this a refreshing "pick me up" on a hot afternoon. I split a can of this with my coffee loving daughter and she absolutely loved it.

Highly Recommended!

399869399869B002IEVJRYA1W415JP5WEAJKRoberta Karchner0041338508800Don't shake it before you drink it ...The top of the can is clear. It says "Do not shake." However, on anything except sodas, it is automatic for me to do a little bit of shaking as I open the fridge, especially when it comes in the form of coffee. So my first morning surprise involved a bit of spray ... fortunately not too big, but it woke me up even before I had the caffeine in the illy issimo. But it does speak to the quality of the item, you don't have to shake it, it is already fully mixed.

I am not a big fan of canned (or bottled) coffee, and would prefer to make my own. So I wasn't sure about trying this particular item. However, I was surprised at how nice it tasted! Even better, unlike some others, this one did not leave me with an acid stomach ... I have gastritis and some coffees can really mess me up.

It is a good tasting coffee, mild and just the right hint of chocolate, not overwhelming. Even the aftertaste is pleasant.

The only reason I'm not giving it five stars involves the cost of the item, since it is pretty pricy, but hey, we pay an awful lot for good coffee these days! And this really is good coffee. Just don't shake it before you open it.
399870399870B002IEVJRYA1UINGIK3UG77DSuzanne R. Arnholt0021338508800Chemical smell/aftertasteI was excited to have a canned coffee option for those days when brewing is not feasible, but this will not be my choice. Though the taste is fine, somewhat reminiscent of coffee from Paris, the aftertaste is pure chemicals. The smell is also not the "wake you up" that brewed coffee should have. Save your money.

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