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399871399871B002IEVJRYA2D7B5I7ZQ51XLTime Enough At Last0031338508800Mediocre. Can't compare to Starbucks Frappuccinos.Competing with a company like Starbucks must be different. To succeed, you either need to be creative enough to stand out or of such a high quality, you can gain traction. Illycaffè, the Italian coffee company that created this product, is actually decades older than Starbucks. However, they're relatively new (since 2009) to producing the single-serving canned beverages known as "Illy Issimo." One thing that's for sure, if you're going to compete with a giant like Starbucks, it helps to have a giant of a partner. Illycaffè has Coca-Cola, so we can call it a fair fight. There are five different flavours of the Illy Issimo canned coffees: Caffe, Sugar-Free Caffe, Cappuccino, Mochaccino, and Latte Macchiato.

The first flavour I decided to try was the classic Cappuccino. Here's a breakdown of the elements:

Smell: Dull, unappetizing, with only hints of a Cappuccino aroma.

Taste: Quite the same as the smell. It's not a vibrant Cappuccino taste and, though brewed with Arabica, the coffee flavour is just not strong enough. The aftertaste, also, isn't very good. It really can't compete with the Starbucks canned & bottle releases.

Nutrition: 100 calories and 18g of sugar is not that bad for a full coffee drink like this. However, if you again compare it to the Starbucks Frappuccinos, it's not a big enough difference to warrant the nutrition difference. The Frappuccinos contain only 50 more calories and 8g of sugar, but keep in mind the Starbucks bottle contains quite a bit more than these cans.

Overall, while this Illy Issimo Cappuccino drink is convenient, the taste just isn't nearly good enough to compete with the at-home Starbucks releases.

399872399872B002IEVJRYA25C2M3QF9G7OQComdet0051338508800Tasty treat, especially over iceI was a bit hesitant about trying this since I normally don't care for coffee drinks that include milk, chocolate, sugar - basically anything other than coffee. But one sip and I was sold - this is wonderful! Smooth, tasty and the flavors blend together very well with the coffee.

Although it is very good sipped right from the can at room temperature, I enjoyed it even more when poured over ice. Great way to cool down on a hot day.

The only way to make this better would be to have a decaf option available. That would make for a great dessert drink at night when I can't deal with the caffeine.

Highly recommend!
399873399873B002IEVJRYA29M09QBG9TZLPShana "That's my opinion- I could be wrong!"0051338508800Very tasty and not overly sweetI love this stuff! It's a true Italian espresso taste and it's not overly sweet like most other cappuccino drinks that I've tried. It has a hint of chocolate from the cocoa powder.

As with most of these drinks on the market there is quite a bit of sugar 19g carbs, (sugars 18g), but that is less than my other favorite coffee drink. This only has 1.5 fat grams, which is pretty good.

Overall, I'd highly recommend if you like a treat that isn't overly sweet and has a nice espresso taste.
399874399874B002IEVJRYA105S56ODHGJEKPeace Daddy "Eclectic ReflectionZ"0031338422400Very watery / thin, but tastes decent.I decided to try this illy issimo Cappucino Coffee Drink, as I do enjoy the Starbucks and Caribou chilled coffee drinks from the grocery store as an occasional indulgence. My immediate reaction upon trying this was that it is very thin and watery. I'm assuming a big reason for that is they use lowfat milk. The Starbucks and Caribou drinks I usually buy are slightly more unhealthy than this drink, but they have a rich, flavorful taste and are slightly more substantive compared to this drink. Since I only drink them on the rare occasion (maybe a couple times a month), the health differences aren't a huge deal for me.

This Cappucino does have a nice light flavor to it, with equal hints of cocoa and coffee, but it's not nearly as boldly flavored as the aforementioned drinks. Considering the price is just as expensive as others in the category, I don't think this would be my first choice when on the go and in need of a quick pick-me-up. However, I wouldn't be completely opposed to buying it for a change of pace down the road.

If you enjoy a lightly flavored coffee drink that's not too thick, you'd probably love the illy issimo line of drinks. Either way, it's worth a try if you can buy it in a single can to see how you like it before choosing to buy it in bulk. Just as a side note, the product touts being "Italian Espresso Style," but it's actually a product of Denmark not Italy (for anybody keeping score at home).
399875399875B002IEVJRYAW6J9IILGOZY3Katawampas0041338422400Tastes like more than 100 caloriesI wasn't expecting much from a cappuccino in a can but this is quite good.

-Smells like coffee.
-No bitterness.
-Tastes like coffee but not very strong coffee; I would guess medium roast.
-Not too sweet but definitely "treat" sweetness. (18 grams sugar)
-Light cocoa flavor.
-A nice amount of milk; not too much.
-Good chilled, would be good over ice.
-No weird aftertaste.
-Has 81 mg caffeine.
-Only 100 calories; tastes like more!

This isn't like a cappuccino at your favorite coffee shop but this is a good, convenient treat; I wouldn't drink it every day.

Ingredients: Coffee, Low fat Milk, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Potassium Bicarbonate, Cellulose Gel, Potassium Citrate, Cellulose Gum, Carrageenan
399876399876B002IEVJRYAMRMK86X3PKXDR. Thomasson0041338422400Good "Lite" Coffee DrinkI found the 8.5 ounce illy issimo Coffee Drink, Cappucino to have good flavor, but it seemed just a little on the "weak" side for a drink intended for iced coffee. After a very short time the drink melted the ice to the point that it tasted truly watered down. Here"s the good news! This stuff has a great espresso flavor. Having it to do over, I think I will chill the cans ice cold and drink it without ice. These are not overly sweet.
399877399877B002IEVJRYA3HAA7H8PBVM78Joseph Oppenheim0041338422400Pretty goodWell, I'm not a coffee drinker, so I tried this drink with a bias. That said, I thought it went well, cold, with a meal. But, I would have preferred a Coca Cola or iced tea. As for the ingredients, OK, and reasonable, calorie-wise. The only negative is the price, almost $2 for a can, about 8.45 oz. As for the energy part of the drink, caffeine, I didn't feel a buzz. Overall, if a person definitely wants a cold coffee drink, this cappuccino one is fine.
399878399878B002IEVJRYALNFHVS3SC4FVDarena Dorsey "Mom to 2 Boys"0051338422400Yum!Love the Illy Cappucino! It has a good strong coffee flavor and a milk and chocolate flavor too! It reminded me a lot of the Starbucks bottled drinks that I get. I must admit that I love all these. How could cocoa and coffee not be good? It only has 19 carbs per can too so it doesn't overload me on carbs too bad since I have to watch my carbs for health reasons.

I would definitely get this again. As a matter of fact, I've every Illy drink that I've tried has been really good.
399879399879B002IEVJRYA35HOUWHAYZZN6Hedera Femme0051338422400smooth and mild pick-me-up with 100 caloriesSome iced coffee drinks can have a bitter aftertaste or be a bit strong, but this one is perfect, kind of like coffee ice cream, but with a bit more oomph! At only 100 calories, it's a nice way to start the day. (81mg caffeine, 1.5g fat, 18g sugars, 4g protein)
399880399880B002IEVJRYA2GY5WCU9PKTMIjennahw0051338422400so good!I was skeptical. But this stuff is good! I had it over ice this morning and really enjoyed it. Not too sweet or overpoweringly coffee, only 100 calories, no weird ingredients (a short list that includes all natural products), doesn't have to be refrigerated for storage. I don't drink iced coffee all the time, but I'd love to keep this on hand for when I get a craving.
399881399881B002IEVJRYA3EXWV8FNSSFL6Daniel G. Lebryk2251339718400Great espresso flavor with light sweetness.This is one heck of a good cold cappuccino drink. I like this much more than the syrup sweet thick Starbucks variety.

Illy is a maker of excellent espresso coffee and machines. They are all over Europe, where the red square with Illy on it is visible, the espresso will be good - never great or spectacular, but never bad; always the same, always very good. It makes sense that they would produce a very nice clean not too sweet iced cappuccino drink in a can.

The comparison to Starbucks Frappuccinos is just too easy to make. Starbucks packs 180 calories and a lot more sugar in their drink. They are good and tailored to the sweet tooth, more like a sweet soda pop than an espresso beverage. Illy's drink is about half as sweet and feels a lot thinner in the mouth. These are all good things. There's a good strong flavor of an espresso. The milk flavor is slightly burnt or caramel, a good flavor that reminds me of steamed milk.

Illy does something a little bit different from Starbucks. Where Starbucks builds their mouth feel with sugar, Illy has chosen to use a bit of gum in the mix (carageenan, cellulose, and cellulose gel). It's a very simple food science issue, milk and coffee alone will end up feeling like water from the can. In order to make the drink taste rich, they have to add some body to it - Starbucks chose sugar and Illy chose gum. I'd take the gum over the additional sugar any day of the week.

I really like this drink a lot more than Starbucks. I love the clean espresso and milk flavor without the sweetness. I liked this drink so much I've purchased a four pack and shared it with my wife. She really likes this drink also.

Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino Coffee Drink, 9.5 Ounce Bottles-(pack of 12)
399882399882B002IEVJRYA2TBAUW2W7J538Matthew Brown "mbrown3"1141339459200Good, not greatThis is a decent chilled coffee drink. It has a nice coffee flavor and good amount of sweetness. Not too strong or too watered down. Much better than their cafe one. Recommended for those who like chilled coffee.
399883399883B002IEVJRYAPBA7Y4SINS0Hswitterbug1141339113600A sweet does of Vitamin C--caffeine, that is!There are 81 mg of caffeine in this drink, which is 20 mg less than in a 7 oz cup of freshly brewed coffee (I figure there is about 7 oz coffee here, and the rest is the lowfat milk and etc) but, drinking it in the afternoon is enough to raise me from my morning crash. It is advertised as an Italian espresso style of coffee, and it does have that nice rich flavor.

I don't typically like canned coffee drinks, because of that...canned taste. But, to its credit, that acerbic bite was only present in my first sip. The subsequent sipping was pretty flavorful. The coffee taste was good quality, and the cocoa powder added a nice creamy zing.

It says DO NOT SHAKE in all caps, so I speculated that there was some carbonation to it. But, there isn't. So, if anyone knows why we're not supposed to shake it, I'd love to be informed!

So, for those afternoon slumps and a not-too-sweet pick-me-up, I recommend this cold beverage. I always add cream and sugar to my coffee, so for black-coffee drinkers, I cannot be 100% sure if it will be your cuppa. However, it doesn't have the cloying, overly sweet taste of some of those other bottled and canned coffee drinks on the market.
399884399884B002IEVJRYAYB4ELCS5AM8PJohn B. Goode "JBG"1131339027200Mocha, is that you?This is my second illy issimo coffee drink. It's labelled Cappucino, but it's an "Italian style coffee drink with lowfat milk and cocoa", and in my book that makes it a mocha.

It's not bad. Straight from the can it's bland, but I nuked it as I like my mocha hot, and it tasted better that way. The color is unappetizing as it looks like a weak mocha. Tastewise, it's not too sweet, better than a lot of over sweetened coffee drinks. The coffee taste was a bit weak as was the cocoa taste. But you can't please everyone. Coffee is such a personal thing. I make my mochas with dark roast so the coffee taste comes through and only use a certain cocoa power brand so my mocha is strong with a hint of cocoa. This one is weak in comparison.

It depends on what you want. If you don't want a very strong mocha and like convenience in a can, then this is for you. Purists would want to make their own anyway, so this isn't for you. Overall, it's not bad for the casual coffee/mocha drinker to whom convenience is important.

And lastly when I went to put my white cup in the sink I noticed that it had a very strong stain so I went to brush my teeth right away.
399885399885B002IEVJRYA3JPFWKS83R49VBryan Carey "Bryan Carey"1131338940800Light Bodied, Creamy, Easy to DrinkIlly Issimo Cappuccino is a new drnk for me; a brand name I had not tried until recently but one I was anxious to sample. I like cappuccino beverages and I am a regular consumer of coffee, so this beverage sounded like something suitable to my tastes.

This cappuccino drink is a little different from what I expected. Poured from the can into a glass, it looks like chilled hot chocolate with a mocha scent. It also contains a little less volume than I would prefer. The can is only 8.45 fluid ounces in size, so it is consumed completely in a very short time.

As for the taste, it isn't as rich as I was expecting. I wanted something a little stronger and fuller bodied- something closer to an espresso. The taste of this drink, while certainly not bad, isn't very strong. It is chocolaty and coffee- like, as expected, with a creamy, medium to light body. It tends toward the sweet side, which is also not my preference. I drink all coffee- related beverages black, so I am not used to tasting sugar with my roasted brew. In addition, the sugar flavor in this beverage is different in taste and part of the reason is because the manufacturer uses beet sugar. This is probably healthier than refined sugar, but it does result in a little different flavor that may not suit the preferences of different drinkers.

I like a good cappuccino and this one is really not a bad selection. A few tweaks of the recipe would make it a little better, but I agree that it is very easy drinking and has enough good taste to recommend.
399886399886B002IEVJRYAJ86MYUT3VJE5K. Polzin1141338595200Tastes like coffee candyIf you've ever had one of those coffee-flavored hard candies (like coffee nips), that's exactly what this coffee tastes like, only in liquid form. It's a nice flavor, but it does not remind me of cappuccino. Still, I do like it.
399887399887B002IEVJRYA1ZCSSCAGBCD49J. SPIEGEL "Joe"1151338336000Very yummy coffee drinkilly issimo Coffee Drink, Cappucino, 8.45-Ounce Cans

I've seen these and other illy cans and packages on store shelves forever. This is my first taste of one of their products. Boy, am I late to the party! This stuff is tasty! I am a coffee drinker but I rarely get a cold coffee drink at Starbucks or other shops. I do get cappuccinos though. This is different. The instructions on the can are to not shake it. So, you are not going to get a frothy top foam. I took a picture and will upload it. It has a nice coffee with added ingredients color. There is cocoa and milk in it as well as sugar. At 100 calories for 8.5 ounces it's not that bad as sweetened drinks go, still 18 grams of sugar is a lot. Then again it tastes good so that's what's important with this type of beverage.

I liked it far more than I thought I would. It passes the treat beverage test. Tasty, refreshing and a bit of a caffeine boost. Great stuff!
399888399888B002IEVJRYAUCOL2XUE1IX7Joshua P. OConner "Josh O'Conner"1151337817600Great substitute for your morning cup of coffeeI really enjoyed the illy issimo coffee drink and I felt like it was superior to other similar products on the market (i.e. the Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino Coffee Drink). The coffee was a relatively dark roast with a full flavor and the drink itself had an appropriate amount of cream and sweetener (allowing the coffee to remain as the main focus of the drink). The drink comes in can sized to substitute for a morning or afternoon cup of coffee and it's excellent served chilled. This would be my first choice for a chilled coffee beverage compared to others currently offered (e.g Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino Coffee Drink or Java Monster Coffee.
399889399889B002IEVJRYAJQFYCKMA7TE3judolphin1151337212800Poured it over ice. Tasted like a good, lightly sweetened iced coffeeFirst of all, do not expect a Frappucino or Doubleshot when you drink this. Starbucks likes to load their drinks with sugar. This drink is much more lightly sweetened, but was still very smooth poured over ice. My wife and I both enjoyed it. I honestly can't recommend it at the given price, but if the price is acceptable for you, give it a shot.
399890399890B002IEVJRYACAXV4V8PBCE3Texas Rose "Roseanna"1151336694400Convenient and tasty!The only other canned or bottled coffee I've tried was Starbucks, and I was not sure I liked it, but that was related mostly to the fact that I don't really like French roast coffee like they offer. However, this illy issimo doffee drink is great. It is advertised as an "Italian espresso with low fat milk and cocoa" and I love it!

First, the flavor is wonderful. This produce is made from "100% natural Arabica coffee beans", which accounts from the great taste. Then it also has low fat milk, so the calorie count is a low 100 calories in comparison to the often 250 calories of other cappuccino drinks. And I love chocolate, so the addition of cocoa just makes the drink perfect for me. It is not too chocolaty - it has just enough blend of cocoa and coffee for a great balance.

Next, I like the slender can. It carries well in my purse/bag on the way to work. I can tuck it in a bag and then pop it in the fridge at work to cool it off for a wonderful cold drink mid-morning or mid-afternoon when I need it.

Finally, this product is distributed by the Coca-Cola firm, which for me is a trusted company.

So enjoy! And remember to recycle when you are finished!!
399891399891B002IEVJRYA34CSXOGVYF94SJoel Avrunin "Electrical Engineer who loves S...0031338422400Flat and uninteresting coffee energy drink, but low in calories/fat compared to competitionThis product is obviously trying to be a tastier and better version of the typical energy drink. With 81mg of caffeine, it will definitely give you a boost. But it seems many drinks like this are either chock full of chemicals or are highly caloric. I was pleasantly surprised to read that in this 8.45oz can, there are a mere 100 calories and 1.5g of fat. Yet there are 4g of protein, so it's not just energy but some protein as well. For those of you on Weight Watchers, it is 3 PointsPlus points. The product is distributed by cCca-Cola, but is made in Denmark.

Upon opening the can and taking a sip, I was surprised by how thin and watery the drink tasted. It didn't taste bad, but not was not particularly flavorful or good either. Perhaps this is because it is only lightly sweetened and has low fat, but there was just no body or interesting flavor to the drink. I think it's just not good coffee. It just tasted flat and lifeless. I've sipped cold Starbucks left in my car for a few hours before and quite enjoyed it - this was nothing near that.

All of that being said, competing products such as Starbucks bottled Frappucino has almost twice the calories, fat, and significantly more carbs. Possibly this is why they taste better, but as I said before, I think the coffee they use in this drink is also not high quality.

So for a light chilled coffee beverage, it's not a terrible choice, but not a particularly interesting or tasty one either. I might buy it in the future, but it won't be a regular drink for me.
399892399892B002IEVJRYA1TR1R2QKWRSRAD. Chou0031338336000Enjoyable coffee drink but not the best daily beverage for my family.I tried this illy issimo Cappuccino coffee for a quick energy lift before lunch. The drink is made in Denmark (not Italy) and distributed by the Coca-Cola Co.

>The AL can chilled quickly (2.5 hrs) in the fridge OR pour in a glass and heat it up in the microwave.
>OK taste of Arabica coffee + lowfat milk.

>Medium flavor and sweetness; a bit watered down; nothing exceptional.
>Per 8.45oz. can: 18g sugar, 5mg cholesterol, 81mg caffeine, and 60mg sodium. My family and I try to minimize ingredients that are associated with diabetes, dental decay, heart diseases, and high blood pressure. Those ingredients don't seem too worrisome per 8.45oz. but I drink at least EIGHT x 8oz. of drinks (water or natural juices) each day.
>Priced at $2.11 per 8.45oz can, x8 cans (estimated) per day for me...that adds up quickly.

Bottom Line:
Tasty drink for an occasional indulgence but we wouldn't make it our family's daily beverage due to excessive intake of the aforementioned ingredients. Give it a try, some may enjoy the flavor and couldn't care less about the ingredients; make your own informed decision!
399893399893B002IEVJRYAEL6CQNQXONBXCute Chihuahua0031338336000I love Cappuccino but this taste like it's made with skim milk to me, not my favorite flavorI love Cappuccino in general and I like the idea of having it in a can that you can take on the go. I had mixed feelings about the taste of illy Cappuccino though. I liked the taste for the most part but it had a funny milk taste to it. It tasted more like skim milk than low-fat milk and I just didn't care for the taste of the milk. I enjoyed drinking it but not as much as expected. Each 8.45 fluid ounce can has 100 calories which is a little more than I would expect for such a small size. For the cost of this product I would think that they could be a little more generous with the size of the drink. It's nice and convenient while on the go and I like the energy boost from the caffeine.
399894399894B002IEVJRYA384HAQMS7XRZ4Tory0041338336000Loved itI think you either love or hate drinks like this and personally, I loved this one. I felt it was nicely balanced in its flavor and was unique; I'd never tried a product like this before from a can! I was surprised and impressed by the taste. It's in a slim (cute) can and the only downside is that it is addictive; I totally wanted to have another can. (or two!)

If coffee is part of your everyday life, I encourage you to give this a try and see if you like it. Personally, I did. Smooth and with a balanced flavor, it tasted great on a hot (nearly) summer day!
399895399895B002IEVJRYA1YVO5V1SO18DZfair_deal_guy "BB"0051338249600Love it!I'm not the kind of person who drops $5 a day for my coffee fix at the local shop, but I do appreciate a good coffee drink, and the illy issimo Cappucino in a can is absolutely amazing. I'm not sure it matches what I can get at Starbucks, but for about half the price (and 10x the convenience), this one's a winner. I'll be tossing one of these in my laptop bag every morning before I head off to work!
399896399896B002IEVJRYA1C58YXM2A30CYHenry Rockwell "James"0031337817600Coffee CanShort, sweet and quick to drink. I've seen this brand before; they make coffee machines and such. Frankly I prefer a nice, hot cup of Joe rather than these overpriced, over-processed things. Still, not a bad beverage for a quick "zong" during your day.
399897399897B002IEVJRYA3SLC8F6VIWXIRJohn T. Horner "jthorner"0051337817600Delicious and enjoyable over iceI really enjoyed this iced Cappucino, even though it was from a can. Poured over ice in a nice clear glass, it looks and tastes like the fresh brewed real deal. I had never tried this before being offered a free Vine sample, and now I'm sold.
399898399898B002IEVJRYAIEEK7AHXKZCCBeatleBangs19640041337817600For Coffee HoundsWhile I never liked coffee, this was a hit with the coffee drinkers in my household. It is well packaged and for those who want to take their cans when they travel, this packs well and maintains the freshness of the contents. If it passes the coffee hound test, then you know you have a good product.

This brand has only 100 calories and very little fat, which is far better than you will find if you purchase gourmet coffee. You can also buy this in a 6.8 oz can.
399899399899B002IEVJRYA30IP5D5DLHRPAKyle Slayzar0031337731200Light Tasting Coffee for the Light Drinker, NOT for Your Regular Coffee DrinkerAs a heavy coffee drinker (born and raised in Seattle, it's in our blood) I've become... somewhat addicted to caffeine and by that I mean that with all the soda/pop I purchase I might as well purchase some stock options in Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola *light bulb*.

I am mostly addicted to Diet Pepsi and Canada Dry Ginger Ale but I also dabble in Starbucks canned mocha energy drinks despite the fact that my burn-out is longer than my energy buzz. Needless to say, I prefer heavy stuff and am very picky about the taste. After given the chance to try the Illy Issimo cappuccino cans, I'm not really that convinced that I want to switch or even buy them in bulk.

In short, the Illy Issimo coffee energy drinks are lighter for your... lighter person, I guess. They are lighter in taste, calories, and size so they're nice if you're a petite office worker but, as an hourly-wage slave laborer in retail, I'm on my feet all day and I gotta have something stronger. It just isn't for me, but I won't discount the fact that there are others that would probably love it. For those wishing to watch their calorie intake but indulge in a little bit of caffeine, I would suggest this product but, for everyone else, there's Starbucks energy drinks.
399900399900B002IEVJRYA1H6JP5UC5WVT7Edward Durney0041337644800Good, but not greatMy wife is the coffee drinker in the family. As she is Japanese, she is used to drinking canned coffee, as it has been popular in Japan for many years. She thinks this coffee is good, with a taste that is not too strong but not too weak. While the taste is fine, it's nothing to write home about. Good, but not great.

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