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399901399901B002IEVJRYA1X2YRSD648FM3Alexandra Henshel "Librarian/Book Blogger/Pas...0041337644800Delicious, but very small can!This was a really tasty coffee drink, but it was in a very small can, even smaller than the bottles Starbucks very similar packaged cappucino drinks come in. It was really about 5 big sips, and then it was gone. Wonderful aroma and taste, but not a thirst-quencher.
399902399902B002IEVJRYA2TO2BN3P4C00LMusic Fan Jeff0041337644800nice, sweet joltI much prefer my coffee either black or with a bit of milk, but every once in a while it is a nice change to have a sweetened coffee drink that's more like a dessert than coffee. That's how I view this illy issimo coffee drink. Compared to the Starbucks coffees that come in small glass bottles in the grocery store, I'd say this illy drink has a bit more coffee flavor and is a bit less sweet.
399903399903B002IEVJRYA1K0MZ12Y8VX2EEvan Hammerman0051337472000Just the right amount of milk!Like the other coffee drink I tried, I wasn't sure what to expect. This time I didn't worry about whether to chill it or not; I didn't shake it (says on the can not to do this) and drank it at room temperature.

Usually I don't like cappucino because it tastes too much like milk and not enough like coffee. This drink had just enough milk in it and more than enough coffee flavor. It wasn't overly sweet either.

I would definitely buy this and drink this.
399904399904B002IEVJRYATLO3YXU2BC16Jim Z "music aficionado"0041337299200Never before a fanI was never really a fan of cold coffee. Until now.This coffee drink was great ! A few ice cubes , a couple of off-the-grill hot dogs and I was ready to go!
The drink was very smooth , not any bitterness at all. And although I don't see it as a daily drink , I will certainly get some for each grillin' day !
399905399905B002IEVJRYA1BTNPMESS99PLNunya Biz0041337212800Nicely balanced flavorNot being one for coffee drinks, I decided to give this one a try. I was pleasntly surprised by the flavor. I found the flavor to be a nice balance of bitter and sweet. Its also very creamy and nice on the palate. With the amount of caffeine contained within it, it gives a nice boost of energy. Overall, it was very good.
399906399906B002IEVJRYA29Z0B2L367ZODavid Jimenez "DJ"0021337212800Nothing noteworthyI am really disappointed of this product. The closest way I can think of describing the flavor is like I imagine it would taste if I left an opened, half full can of cola overnight on the counter, so it is totally flat, and decided to mix it with yesterday's coffee left over. Does it sound appealing to you? Not to me. It is not totally gross, but far from good.
399907399907B002IEVJRYAYNTULRNAIPNYrealnaynay "realnaynay"0041337212800Very Good, would have prefered cane sugarSince Pacific Foods has stopped making their coffee drinks, I tried this to see if it would be a good replacement product for me.
I occasionally work part-time, and because of where I work, it is not always possible to leave and go get a snack or coffee, so I carry my "kit" which usually contains: Yogurt, fresh fruit, a sandwich, several bottles of water, and a coffee drink.

I really liked the taste of the Illy Issimo Coffee drink and the fact that a can only has 100 calories is a real plus in my opinion. Other good points are that it is made with
no preservatives and rBST-free milk.
I am not sure about beet sugar vs. cane, as I usually choose cane sugar when shopping, but it doesn't affect the taste in a negative way, so it wasn't really a reason to lower the star score.

Recap of the pros: Low calorie, small and light can, no preservatives, rBST-free milk, and great tastes.

No real cons, other than it is a little bit on the expensive side, but with suscribe and save, it is still much less expensive than a cup of coffee from Starbucks.
399908399908B002IEVJRYA3V2EZ6MA32FF6Bearcat0051337126400Tastes great.I would recommend this drink. It tastes very good and is not overly sugary tasting. Seems like a high quality product.
399909399909B002IEVJRYA24OVLPXPGS1V3theus "theus"0041337126400Not cappucino, but not bad.I drink a lot of cappucino, so I decided to try this drink. It is only vaguely reminiscent of real cappucino. That said, it was rather tasty, a nice light drink. If you don't care much about true coffee flavor - and they do name this a "coffee drink" - it might be worth a try.
399910399910B002IEVJRYA3VLCQX7NG1N0EErin O'Riordan0051337126400AddictiveI've had the espresso before, and I found it absolutely delicious, so I was not surprised to find that the cappuccino is the same. A gal could get addicted to this. I tried it hot (not in the can, of course) and it was wonderful.
399911399911B002IEVJRYA2M1MNG7G40V85Surface to Air Missle0041337040000Another good product from illiIlly issimo coffee drink - Cappucino is a decent "coffee like" drink in a can. I would describe it as a mild cappucino flavor that isn't to sweet but fairly smooth. I received one can and drank it out of the refrigerator on a hot day, so mine was ice cold.

The drink gave me a modest energy boost similar to a regular cup of coffee. I normally wouldn't buy this type of product but I think its the best "coffee replacement in a can" type drink you can get although things freshly brewed area always better in my opinion.
399912399912B002IEVJRYA3E07UISGJ2BT7nashvillegirl0041337040000Good taste and packagingOverall, this has a good taste for a canned coffee drink and I was happy to have tried it. It has 100 calories, which isn't all that bad for a drink of this type. I also like the packaging - it has a slim can, so it's easier to fit in a purse or bag than a larger soda can. However, I can't really say that there was anything outstanding about the drink - in fact, I think I have a slight preference for the Starbucks version. That's really all just a matter of personal taste though, so if you like this type of drink, I would recommend trying this one to see if it could be your new favorite.
399913399913B002IEVJRYA1C4J5MRES1KRKJennifer Sanders "Ethans Mommy"0031336953600Good but price is way too highThe Cappucino is good, not too strong and not weak. Hubby likes it more than I did and he's the real coffee drinker around here, I asked if he'd buy it and he said he'd definitely buy it if the price is good. Unfortunately the price is not good. You can get a gas station cappucino for less or buy a cappucino maker. A maker would make up for itself cost-wise in a short time if you're not spending tons of money on buying the cappucino.
399914399914B002IEVJRYA2QRXQPHDMFCQVSanjeevP "Bottom Line"0031336867200100 Calories But Not Very Full & CreamyMy reference of standard for canned cappuccino is Starbucks and compared to that this cappuccino feels light and less creamy because it uses low fat milk and does not have as much sugar. So you compromise low calories for less creamy and full cappuccino.
399915399915B002IEVJRYA1DG75OT3Y49EMScott Asher "ashertopia"0041336867200As Good as More Expensive Chain ShopsIf you're still paying $3-$5 for an iced coffee at a national chain code shop you're wasting your money. This is just as good and in many cases lower in calories than Starbucks or Dunkin Doughnuts. This flavor hada nice and not to assuring flavor.

The only down side to this product is the small can size, which may be right size for the calorie conscious or for snacking, but if your normal size is Grande then you'll be drinking two at a time. Even then it's still a savings and you don't have to leave your home to get it.
399916399916B002IEVJRYA1TMAVN4CEM8U8Gunner0041336780800for coffee lovers who don't want to wait.Illy

If you like iced coffee, this is an excellent way to get your first glass in the morning while that first pot is brewing. Just pour some over a glass filled with ice and enjoy.

I recommend this for coffee lovers who don't want to wait for the coffee to brew.

Gunner May,2012
399917399917B002IEVJRYAJJ2UM58CSGUBsoulatpeace0031336608000Good flavor for canned coffeeI Received this product as part of the Amazon Vine Program.

This has a good taste not too sweet and not strong.

This is not comparable to a coffee shop Cappucino. It would not replace it.

It is more on the go and no-time-to-stop type of deal.
399918399918B002IEVJRYA30UIZJMFL9PLTJish M.0051336608000OMG Super YummyIn my coffee I usually just add sugar and milk, so this review is from that perspective...

This drink is supper yummy, but may not be for the traditional coffee drinker. The cappucino flavor is strong, so you won't feel like you're getting a regular coffee with a just a little flavored creamer in it. The can size is nice and portable, the perfect size for a little pick me up, and easy to store in the fridge.
399919399919B002IEVJRYA3REK3OFONWB1QPaul M. Provencher "ppro"0051336435200Good Taste, Light on CaloriesThis beverage comes in an 8.45 Fluid Ounce serving.

It has 100 Calories per can.

It consists of Italian Espresso style coffee drink with lowfat milk and cocoa.

The drink is lightly sugared, and tastes great. I put my can in the refrigerator and drank it cold.

The can has a date on the bottom that indicates when the product expires (this one was 8/11/2012)

I liked it and would buy more. If you like coffee, you will probably like this drink.
399920399920B002IEVJRYA2X4PFSAC3732KEdie Dykeman0041336435200Good But Not GreatI tried the Illy Issimno Coffee Drink, Cappucino and it tasted good. Because I like my drinks either very cold or very hot, I placed the drink in the refrigerator overnight. It tasted good, but I wouldn't say it was outstanding.

Cappucino is probably a required taste and I do enjoy a good one. Go ahead and try this drink for yourself as others may very much enjoy this drink.
399921399921B002IEVJRYA1VBDMNT6I8RE5Katharena M. Eiermann "Existential Diva -- Pr...0051336348800Delicious! :)illy issimo Coffee Drink, Cappucino, 8.45-Ounce Can

I've always wondered what a canned Cappucino might taste like, so, after trying illy issimo Coffee Drink, Caffè , decided to give illy issimo Coffee Drink, Cappucino, a try!

Love it! :)
dark rich, creamy, color
a little frothy, on top, when poured into favorite glassware
very smooth taste
slightly sweet
no bitter aftertaste
no coffee sediment to deal with -- which means no waste
take almost anywhere, drink straight from can or pour into favorite glassware, kind of convenience
1 can of illy issimo Coffee Drink, Cappucino, 8.45-Ounce packs a big punch, so to speak, 81 milligrams of caffeine
100 tiny calories
No preservatives -- a "plus", imo
Low Sodium

Does this sound like what you may be looking for? :) You might also like to try illy issimo Coffee Drink, Caffè! off to buy a couple of cases! Highly Recommended! --Katharena Eiermann, 2012
399922399922B002IEVJRYA3SDBL8SJC2ME3Typical Consumer "AGN"0041336348800Good Ice-CoffeI'm not a super fan of iced-coffee but I did try this after having refrigerated it. I liked it. It didn't have too bitter a flavor and it wasn't truly sweetened. I'd try it again in the future.
399923399923B002IEVJRYA37NHGD0WTRYFHThe Curious0021336348800Not quite rightI drank it but it tasted a little bit like baking soda. Lowfat milk makes it taste flat, empty, like something important is missing. Just not as exciting as I expected it to be. I haven't had any other can cold coffee drinks, so I don't know if I just don't care for all of them or whether this one is worse than usual. I think I'm going to stick with my hot black coffee and when I do doctor it up, its going to be with all the real stuff.
399924399924B002IEVJRYA2FRFAQCWZJT3QB. Davis "The Happy Hermit"0051336348800DeelishWhat a treat. It is quite sweet but I think well worth the 100 calorie expenditure. I had mine heated but it would also be good chilled with some whipped cream on top or simply over ice. The cans have pop tops and are pure aluminum. I prefer canned beverages in aluminum because it does not impact the flavor and also because that is the only substance I can recycle in my current situation. This is my second sample coffee beverage from this company and both have made me say YUM right out loud.
399925399925B002IEVJRYAN4HRAGRHHX1HHeather Harris "ATitus2Woman"0031336348800Pretty good for canned coffeeNot bitter, not to was good to try. I was hoping for more of a "mocha" flavor, but I didn't quite get that. As far as canned coffee goes, this was okay, but I would rather spend the money and get it from the coffee shop or make my own.
399926399926B002IEVJRYA3M7BCQKSQAK4LInksnatcher "Sally"0051336262400Very enjoyableThis is a great drink. The Arabica coffee espresso shot and the cocoa could be tasted in an even blend, and the milk wasn't so creamy that you couldn't taste the other ingredients.

It comes in a small can, and I would have liked a larger one, but its size makes it easy to stick into a purse or a lunch bag with other stuff.
399927399927B002IEVJRYA2SNRRXE9M9ZDYLive2Cruise "Live2Cruise"0041336176000A nice little pick-me-upThis was a nice afternoon pick-me-up for just 100 calories. It's lightly sweetened, and not too strong or bitter. I didn't really taste any cocoa flavor in it. I enjoyed mine chilled and it was very good.
399928399928B002IEVJRYAV1F8VNJPLPTLS. Smerud0041336176000Like a fresh cappucino put in a can - nice flavor but texture is lackingThe illy cappucino has a nice unsweetened flavor. Of course, the challenge is having the texture of a cappucino in a can, and that challenge has not been mastered. The texture is a little thin and flat. The instructions say not to shake the can, which I would have though to help. Overall, it's a fine substitute for convenience.
399929399929B002IEVJRYA13WOT3RSXKRD5LD0021336089600I really like the chocolate-coffee combinationBut this product had an after taste hard to describe. It was something on the order of a bitter, metallic taste. At first sip, the chocolate taste came through along with the coffee. Then this nasty after taste spoiled it. I regularly buy Wendy's Jamocha shake, add chocolate to my coffee, and like coffee ice cream with chocolate syrup. So its not the basic flavor that seems to be the fault. Possibly something is wrong with the container or the coffee is bitter.
399930399930B002IEVJRYA2H9UO8RYFX5MBRichard Stoehr "Idle Rich"0041336089600Tasty and smoothilly espresso was my first "fancy" coffee, and I loved it. So I had high hopes for the issimo Cappucino drink.

Most refrigerated coffee drinks (who shall remain nameless **coughfrappucinocough**) are either too sweet or too milky. The first sip of issimo I took had me worried for a second. It's a strong flavor, with more than a hint of sweetness. A moment later I tasted the coffee, and the flavor mellowed. The best part is that the coffee taste is there - not overly bitter, but a good foil for the sweet milk and cocoa.

After that first taste, the rest of the can went down smooth and easy, with a clean and refreshing aftertaste.

The illy issimo Cappucino coffee drink is mellow and tasty - a great alternative to most of the refrigerated coffee drinks I've tried. Nothing can live up to my first taste of a hot illy espresso drink, but at least this lives up to the name.

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