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399961399961B002IEVJRYA23GS4UGLQBG2VC. Boudreau0031334707200Yoo Hoo wannabeIf I didn't know what it was, I could easily believe that this Illy Issimo Cappuccino Coffee Drink was a new coffee flavored version of Yoo Hoo.

I really like Illy coffee and cappuccino, but this doesn't taste much like either one of them. It tastes ok, but I wouldn't go out of my way to ever have it again.
399962399962B002IEVJRYA6VSWJVTWEOIITabitha0041334707200Wish there was more!This drink had a really surprisingly good flavor, especially considering other canned coffee drinks tend to be pretty bland. It had a smooth finish, not too bitter at all. The buzz was energizing but not too much, no jitters. I only wish the can had been a little bit larger.
399963399963B002IEVJRYAM004PHO6F3FZgotta run now0031334707200Weak espressoilly issimo Cappuccino Coffee Drink is a fairly new coffee to go drink for those times you need a coffee, but are cannot get to the coffee shop. It is an 8.45 ounce, 100 calorie can of coffee-like goodness.
Yes, it actually does contain coffee. Pretty good coffee, actually. Illy is not new to the coffee world and some of their beans produce delicious coffee. Its not surprising they decided to branch out to the portable market. In doing so, they have joined forces with Coca Cola, likely because of their ability to mass market as well as produce an inexpensive canned product.
A cappuccino to an Italian is generally one third espresso, one third steamed milk, and one third foam. Obviously the steamed milk and foam would be impossible in a chilled can. But this is meant to be the chilled version of that drink. Yet it contains cocoa. Indiscernible cocoa, but it is right there on the label. I find it a bit confusing, since there are actually 5 different illy flavors. They also offer Cafeilly issimo Caffe Coffee Drink, 6.8-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12), Mochaccino,illy issimo Mochaccino, 8.45-Ounces Cans (Pack of 12) Cafe sugar free,illy issimo Caffe Coffee Drink, No Sugar, 6.8-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12), latte macchiato, illy issimo Latte Macchiato Coffee Drink, 8.45-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12). I would have expected the mochaccino to have a chocolate flavor, and cappuccino to be strong espresso with milk.
So, upon opening the can, I expected a (Starbucks) canned frappuccino-like drink. Despite the warnings stamped all around the top to not shake the can, I could not stop myself. No explosion, so not sure what that warning is all about. The coffee drink inside is a rich brown color, tempered with low fat milk. Has a certain appeal, although I think it might feel more decadent poured over ice. And while illy knows its coffee, they did not use enough of it in this prepared drink. Strong espresso can stand up to the addition of milk, and this was not strong enough. Had a watered down taste to it, much like home brewed coffee with added milk and sugar. One thing I dislike about frappuccinos is the texture and somewhat artificial thickness. illy wins hands down here, because the texture has not been altered. It definitely feels real.
Keeping it under 100 calories is a plus, especially if one plans to drink these regularly. Large fatty fattening coffees with sugar and cream should be reserved for special treats and given dessert status in our lives. But you could get away with a 100 calorie drink much more often without sacrificing your health.
Overall, the Cappuccino Coffee drink is a pretty average addition to the ready to drink coffee market. While the ingredients are well thought out (no high fructose corn syrup here!), the proportions left me feeling as though I had enjoyed some average coffee, watered down with milk and a bit of sugar sprinkled over. Happy it was not any sweeter, just wish it had a richer coffee flavor.
399964399964B002IEVJRYA1BK60GZ4QME6IJohn W. Graham0041334707200Nice boostI find the illy issimo Cappuccino Coffee to be at just the right ratio of sweet to bitter. The taste is rich and intense, and you really get the feel that this is a high quality product. Comparing it to other famous brands, I find the illy equivalent, if not better. I plan to keep several of these around for situations where I don't have time to wait in line at the coffee shops.
399965399965B002IEVJRYAQLL2R1PPR46Xgrumpyrainbow0041334620800Liked itPretty high in sugar, but not all that sweet really (which isn't a great thing), but still has a nice coffee flavor and is a great pick me up. It only has 100 calories so it's also not bad there. I enjoyed it a lot.
399966399966B002IEVJRYA30KPB2ILF6K6JSteve Ruskin0051334620800Very tasty, less caffeine than Starbucks's DoubleshotFor this review I will compare illy's issimo Cappuccino Coffee Drink to another canned coffee drink I have often bought, the Starbuck's Doubleshot. I would consider these two coffee drinks to be close competitors in price and size.

illy's canned issimo coffee drink is very tasty, is sweet but not overly so. The illy drink is larger by volume (it's 8.45 oz to the Doubleshot's 6.5oz), so the illy drink has a more milky flavor--it also contains cocoa and so tastes a bit sweeter.

As to caffeine content, the illy drink has 81mg, whereas the Doubleshot (per its name) has 130mg. So, in the Starbuck's drink you get more caffeine in fewer total fluid ounces. Thus the Starbucks Doubleshot has a stronger coffee taste than the illy issimo.

For me then, the illy drink is better tasting however it does not provide as strong a caffeine punch as the Starbucks Doubleshot. Choosing between the two may be a matter of how much caffeine you feel you need at a given time. However on taste alone, illy's issimo beats the Starbucks Doubleshot.
399967399967B002IEVJRYA3GPW9NANH6WF2Melanie0041334534400Plenty of KickI don't drink much coffee, but I do drink plenty of hot cappuccino. Therefore, when I saw some cappuccino coffee that could be drunk cold, I was curious.

illy issimo is a Cappuccino Coffee is a good drink with a lot of kick. I drank about half of it over the course of a couple hours one evening. Usually, I can last until about one or two AM before needing sleep. With half a can, I went to bed at four and wasn't even sleepy.

The taste is good- just a bit mellower than normal coffee. It was still plenty sharp for me, and I took small sips. I recommend drinking cold. Once it warms up, it doesn't taste nearly as good.
399968399968B002IEVJRYA89ZZKNDFQH23Delaney0031334534400It's a little better then mehIt's not really coffee. It isn't an energy drink. It's okay. If you were looking for chilled coffee, I believe there are coffee drinks available with coffee in them. If you want an energy drink the monster espresso tastes pretty decent. This didn't do it for me. I did give it a second chance and after I drank the illy over ice, I did try it blended with as a 'nutty iritshman', it was still only fair to midland in flavor appeal.
399969399969B002IEVJRYAKCZIJ6ZHE41DJarucia Jaycox Nirula "~A Pink American"0051334448000Light, tasty and has the punch you're looking forThis illy beverage was extremely refreshing after a long night of have a good time. I liked that it wasn't too bitter, but was light on the sweetener too.

That it clocks in at under 100 calories for the can was a bonus as well.

Overall, would probably keep a pack of these hanging out in my fridge.
399970399970B002IEVJRYA3CA3RWZYJDWXEBJ Fraser0031334448000You say cappuccino, I say frappuccinoI had already tried the illy issimo espresso canned drink, which I thought was pretty much just a cup of regular coffee poured into a can. The cappuccino was a big improvement if like me you don't really like the bitterness of coffee. There's enough milk and cocoa involved in the cappuccino version that you don't really taste the coffee.

This tastes pretty similar to the Starbucks Frappuccino you can buy bottled from any local supermarket. I don't think there's enough difference to really prefer one to the other. So I would suggest you check out both products an see which one is going for cheaper.

That is all.
399971399971B002IEVJRYAY8RR5LJIYM8CRick Lobrecht0031334448000Not badThis review is based on a single can received from the Amazon Vine program.

I'm a coffee guy. I drink it almost every day. My coffee brewing method of choice is a French Press, and I like a rich full bodied coffee. I do like iced coffee, and I like sweets, so this thing seemed like a good fit.

I tried this refrigerated, and that's a good thing.

The coffee flavor was fine, but and not too sweet. There was also a hint of chocolate. Comparing this to a bottle of Starbucks Frappuccino, this has more coffee taste, and less milk and sugar taste. I like that, but it is something to keep in mind.

I would buy these to keep in the fridge for when I need a coffee pick me up.
399972399972B002IEVJRYA2L6QS8SVHT9RGrandomartco "period film aficionado"0041334361600Delicious, sligtly sweet cold Cappuccino drink!illy issimo Cappuccino Coffee is delicious, and only a touch sweet - one can contains only 18g sugar and 19g carbs, and 100 calories...not bad for a cold caffeine kick! It contains 81mg of caffeine, and I found the taste quite refreshing and good ~ an easy thing to grab and drink on the go, when you don't have a chance to brew something or stop at Starbucks. I would definitely recommend this drink!
399973399973B002IEVJRYA1IGCX2XNZPUVFPaul R. Waibel "Paul R. Waibel"0051334361600Canned Coffee Like It Should TasteThis was my first experience with the Illy brand. Being a coffee lover, I am familiar with the brand. I have often thought of purchasing some, but never did. Given the reputation, a very good one, I was expecting something special. I am happy to say that I was not disappointed.

First, I really liked the taste. It tasted like real espresso. It is not over sweet, like so many of the other canned or bottled coffee drinks. Also, I liked its being thin and watery, rather than thick and syrupy like so many others.

On the whole, my experience was a very positive one. I must note, however, that it is a bit pricey. Whether it is too pricey is left up to the individual consumer.
399974399974B002IEVJRYA37R3P5JFNQG8SKaren Wilber0041334361600Tastes good coldSure, this is not going to taste like a fresh cappuccino from your local coffee shop. But you're buying a coffee product in a can--so adjust your expectations. The Illy company has a small variety of canned coffee drinks and the cappuccino is my favorite so far. It has a nice blend of coffee taste, chocolate flavor, and sweetness. The small size makes it very portable and packable in a cooler or lunch box. It has 100 calories and 18g of sugar. It's not a health drink, nor an energy drink, but a coffee drink meant to be enjoyed for a break or as a treat.

I would never drink this room temperature, it would be too chalky tasting and would probably have a funny aftertaste. However, I did drink this sample cold (from the can) and poured most of it over ice in a glass (was better from a glass). I found it refreshing on a warm afternoon and it was a nice pick-me-up. I could taste the coffee and I could taste the cocoa and the texture was quite smooth.

I enjoyed this product and it's definitely something I will purchase in the future (though I'll look for the best price for my budget).
399975399975B002IEVJRYA16WPA6JV83YXTSandra Trolinger "trolsgirl"0031334361600Passable iced/cold coffeeI tried this at refrigerator temperature but it might taste better if it sits in the freezer for a short time before drinking. It was passable but nothing outstanding that grabbed my taste buds. Starbucks drinks are better especially the bottled Frappaccinos so that is why this seems mediocre in comparison. I gave the rest to my teenager and she didn't even finish it. It might taste better on a super hot day if you are craving iced coffee but no guarantees.
399976399976B002IEVJRYAXVKMYWNIHK7WTerri "3kids-at-home"0051334361600Cappuccino CoffeeThis was a great tasting coffee! I love illy! Thanks for the free sample, I will be buying this from now on. Tasty yet not sweet, great pick-me-up!
399977399977B002IEVJRYAYPEPA3VS4KDMLibrarian0041334188800Convenient Caffeine FixIt's not often I drink iced coffee but I found this drink very convenient when I didn't have time to brew hot coffee. The flavor is a good coffee flavor. Because it contains sugar I drank it as two servings. I like that the can is recyclable so no guilt about the container. I also like the slimmer size of the can compared to other beverage cans. For me, it's a convenient fit and I'll probably buy some to have on hand.
399978399978B002IEVJRYA2H2FT8WV5X6SVPaka Paka0041334188800No different from the others...As far as coffee drinks go, this one does not taste better or worse than any of the others. I drank it with ice and concentrated on what I was doing (tasting) to get the full experience, but the result was just "blah," nothing to write home about. It's expensive so I was ready to take in some fabulous coffee concoction. I only drank half the can and later on, mixed the other half with a little coffee-flavored vodka, which made for a very nice, smooth drink.
399979399979B002IEVJRYA1B3GNO9C8YX0NGene Pope "gene"0021334188800Ok but not greatA slightly bitter, metallic after taste.A long way from a properly prepared cappuccino in a good coffee shop. Convenient but I won't by this particular blend again.
399980399980B002IEVJRYA5U5T6EWH90O0Lauri0051334102400Love this!This was such a delicious tasting drink! I poured it into a cup of ice and drank it right up! It was bursting with flavor and completely satisfied my taste buds! I definitely will be trying this great drink again and recommend it! I also loved the packaging for this, very up to date and while not especially unique, it has a clean cut design that pleases the eyes.
399981399981B002IEVJRYA2E72E7YO5ZBJRSophia0041334102400Tasty designer coffee drinkCoffee is one of my grand passions (my one major kitchen gadget is a good espresso machine), so I was curious to try this drink. I found it to be very good - strongly-flavored, smooth and not too sweet, with none of the chalky aftertaste of similar drinks I'd sampled in the past. The espresso is definitely strong and it is nowhere near as sweet as a Frappuccino-style drink, but, since that's the flavor profile I prefer, I found it to be very tasty. I would seek this drink out if I were stranded someplace without coffee.
399982399982B002IEVJRYA3LXXYBYUHZWS5Monica Garcia0051334102400A pretty good Starbucks replacementI love frappucinos from Starbucks so I decided to give this one a try. Although it wasn't very sweet it had a great coffee taste that gave me a small energy boost for about an hour. I kept the cappuccino in the fridge until I was ready to drink it and it tasted better right out of the fridge than it did when I was almost done and the drink had warmed up some. I'll probably purchase the drink and try it blended with ice and sweetner to get closer to the Starbucks taste I love. I recommend this one for anyone who loves frappucinos.
399983399983B002IEVJRYA1F7AFVBKHSOT8Matthew Erwin0051334016000Really Outstanding Coffee ProductFor many years I've downed the Starbucks brand doubleshot. They have been quick pick me ups and provide something a bit different than soda. They also only vaguely taste like coffee. On the other hand we have the Illy brand coffee drink and it is outstanding. Rich and creamy with a strong taste of real coffee. If you are looking for a cold cappuccino drink, this is really by far the best in the market.
399984399984B002IEVJRYA96K1ZGW56S2Itvtv3 "tvtv3"0031333843200Extraordinary AverageI'm not a coffee drinker, but I do occasionally have a cappuccino. I've also been on a kick of trying various different energy drinks. Therefore, I was eager to try the ILLY ISSIMO CAPPUCCINO COFFEE DRINK. The taste of the drink is that of an average cappuccino; there was nothing peculiar or extraordinary about it. The drink is definitely has a coffee taste, but there's a bit of sweetness to it, too.

I drank the ILLY ISSIMO CAPPUCCINO COFFEE DRINK on a day when I hadn't had much sleep and was quite drowsy in the afternoon. It too a good 30 minutes or so, but I did get a burst of energy that lasted until I went to bed later that night.

Overall, the ILLY ISSIMO CAPPUCCINO COFFEE DRINK is a decent coffee drink that's just extraordinary average.
399985399985B002IEVJRYA2Z60VDPHR6NEODrew McLellan "author, 99.3 Random Acts of Ma...0041333843200Very tasty!This little can packs a good punch! Lots of flavor and a caffeine boost. Apparently, all for just 100 calories (according to the can). The flavor is very rich but not so rich that you can't finish it. I drank it right from the can, as I probably normally would and did notice a bit of a tin after taste from the can. I poured the rest into a glass over some ice and it was excellent. So if this is going to be your "on the road" solution, you might think again. But, if you can enjoy it in a glass -- you won't be disappointed.

Good stuff!
399986399986B002IEVJRYA1P9BVW2JB1OVLAuntie Annie0051333756800better than the coffee shopI really love this product. I was running late one morning, didn't have time to make coffee (and cannot tolerate instant), so I popped the can, poured it in a cup, heated it in the microwave for 30 seconds, and enjoyed an excellent cup of cappuccino. It is every bit as good as what I buy at you know where. It is not too sweet, as many cappuccino drinks, especially the convenience ones, seem to be. I'd highly recommend it to any coffee drinker.
399987399987B002IEVJRYA37KG9AQK1PN10William B. Dwinnell IV0041333756800Tasty, less sweet than competing productsThis is a sweet coffee beverage which we tried refrigerated. We found it tasty, and less sweet than competing brands (Starbucks, Cappio). Calories are still pretty steep (100 calories for the 8.45 oz can: equivalent to the calories in most sodas), likely owing to the use of dairy.
399988399988B002IEVJRYA1R9QOPV6HVEKFAdam F. Jewell0051333756800Nice Mocha Taste, Not Quite As Sweet As FrappuccinoThis Cappuccino Coffee Drink has a nice mocha taste. It is not as sweet as a Starbucks Frappuccino; the coffee taste is stronger than Frappuccino. It tastes good arm but is much better over ice or chilled. For anyone who likes coffee flavored mixed drinks, this would make a good mixer for Bailey's (for a pretty sweet drink), Frangelico, Kahlua, or even vodka if you want a bit more of a kick! If you want a sweeter, more candy-like taste then buy Frappuccino. If you want something with a more robust coffee taste then opt for the illy issimo Cappuccino Coffee Drink, 8.45-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12). At about $2.00 per can when purchased from Amazon the price of this item is reasonable.
399989399989B002IEVJRYA30QAOLNZ4415RSummer B. Frace0041333756800Enjoyable but not perfectI've had some of the Illy canned drinks previously, though not the Cappuccino. I enjoy them as cold as I can get them and find them refreshing and an easy bit of caffeine boost during the mid-afternoon.

The texture is light yet creamy. The coffee flavor could be more pronounced, though the flavor that's there is mostly nice. There is a pinch of bitterness but in some ways I'm not sure if it's the coffee or the can that I'm tasting. Disappointingly, for a cappuccino, I expected there to be the slightest tinge of cinnamon, but it's not there and not in the ingredients list either.

One thing I can appreciate is the relatively short list of ingredients. Nothing unpronounceable, no artificial additives or preservatives.
399990399990B002IEVJRYAKE6DXEN3GWPCCyndi Beane Henry "Texicanwife"0051333756800Love at First SipLove, love, love a good cappuccino, so when the opportunity arrived to taste test illy issimo cappuccino, I couldn't help but say, 'Send me a sample!'

An 8.45 oz. can arrived, and I waited till the time was right. And what a treat!

Italian espresso style coffee, made with 100% Arabica coffee beans, with a hint of cream and sweetness. No shocking jolt came afterward, simply a satisfied, coffee satiation.

I give illy issimo cappuccino Five Stars and my Thumbs Up.

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