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400021400021B002IEVJRYA28I19Q54MYXGVBuffy0031332892800Cappuccino FlavorTasted nice enough but I'm not in love with it. Has a milky-chocolatey cappucino flavor. Listed as having 100 calories in an 8.45 ounce can so drink accordingly.
400022400022B002IEVJRYA2GK5S3ZF9Y8YOR. Ritta0041332892800Great-tasting iced coffee drinkAt first blush, the illy issimo Cappuccino Coffee Drink reminds me of those refrigerated Starbucks Frappuccino bottled drinks you can pick up at a convenience store. However, the illy issimo has a much more defined coffee flavor. It's smooth, not too sweet, and has just the barest hint of chocolate. And at 100 calories and 1.5 grams of fat, it's not going to be a diet buster if you enjoy one every so often. (Honestly, I was surprised at the relatively low calorie and fat content--this stuff tastes GOOD!) As for the caffeine content, at 81 mg, it's on par with a Red Bull and has less caffeine than a cup of brewed coffee. Of course, it's cheaper to make your iced coffee at home, but if I feel the need for a pre-packaged coffee drink, I'll definitely reach for the illy issimo before any other brand!
400023400023B002IEVJRYA3W4D8XOGLWUN5Michael Kerner "Michael Kerner"0031332806400DrinkingWhen it has came down to us coffee drinkers, we often try to find the best tasting cup to start off the morning, and even the best iced coffee drinks all the way around. For Illy, they have made good coffee drinks, but this one I was honestly skeptical of trying. Their Illy Issimo Cappuccino coffee drink isn't bad, but honestly not as thick or driven as other iced coffee drinks I have had in other places, like Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts. While it isn't bad, there really is much that makes it try and stand out from all the rest. Illy has had some good coffee drinks, but more should honestly have been done for their canned, ready to drink cappuccino.

Price: C

Taste: C+

Overall: C 1/2+
400024400024B002IEVJRYA26TWY9AD935HCS. Finefrock0041332806400Hits the SpotWhile not a huge consumer of canned iced coffee drinks I was excited to try Illy's Issimo Cappucino Coffee Drink. Other canned coffee drinks I have tried have ranged from acceptable to retched. As Illy is a respected "high end" brand of coffee, I had higher hopes than usual and overall, I was not disappointed.

I poured the contents into a glass with two ice cubes. It smelled good with a light coffee fragrance. The initial taste was neutral, with a medium coffee flavor and chocolate overtones. It seemed a bit watery as well. I cannot say that it tasted a lot like a cappuccino, but overall was agreeable. After finishing the drink, I noticed no unpleasant aftertastes that can sometimes plague canned coffee drinks. The ingredients did not read too much like a chemistry experiment, so that comes as a relief.

Overall, I'd rate this an enjoyable drink, not exactly something that I can say that I crave, but one that I would choose over other competitors if I wanted a cool pick me up in a pinch. I do see that they are priced on the higher end of the scale of the competition, but I would say that it merits the extra change required.
400025400025B002IEVJRYA36K8DLXYRUMBRAmber M. Anderson0041332720000Not bad overall - would pick if I can't find my all time favoritesI went ahead and tried this - the idea of a coffee drink in a can in this country under 100 calories is always inviting. (I love Japan and China where there are so many different ones some served hot some cold, all from vending machines and convenience stores, but the US is sadly much more limited).

Rockstar Vanilla Roasted remains my number one choice for canned or bottled coffee. That said, I enjoyed this and would choose it over pretty much anything made by Starbucks and DEFINITELY over anything made by Archer Farms (or whatever that Target brand is) or Monster (ew, ew, ew) that's in my local grocery or gas station.

I like it because 1) it actually tastes like coffee instead of some weird flavored creme thing and 2) it isn't horribly sweet - maybe a tad more than I prefer but I like my sweetness really low in cold coffee so that's a personal preference. The aftertaste is good...pleasant not strong and not going sour an hour later. The coffee kick is also there so it's a good pick me up.

However, it's still not perfect. A few complaints: 1) It's got a bitter metallic taste that hits every time you first get some in your mouth. It's not a normal coffee or espresso flavor - it fades quick and isn't horrible, but it's weird and not my favorite, 2) the can is a little flimsy. The edges rolled over on the top of mine even though it shipped in a padded envelop. I don't know that it would puncture any easier though - most cans are thin at around the cylinder. 3) biggest complaint - the mouth is too small. You couldn't glug it if you want to, but it's also kind of awkward. Basically forces sipping and makes it so it's hard not to completely cover it with your mouth if you're used to other cans which creates a bad situation for flow (for a liquid to flow into your mouth easily, air has to flow into the can easily to replace it.)

Anyway, 4 stars. If I don't have access to my own french pressed coffee from home, don't feel like paying for specialty coffee, and can't find the Rockstars on shelf, I could see reaching for this as the next choice when I really want some coffee flavored caffeine.
400026400026B002IEVJRYAOVI5Y45L6B0JTimothy Walker0041332720000Refreshing and portableI was happy to sample this cappuccino drink. While I do not consider it a replacement for my morning brew or occasional coffee house indulgence, it offered an enjoyable bittersweet espresso and cocoa taste. I personally prefer the flavor and mouth feel of Starbucks DoubleShot Espresso Drink more, but this is a larger portion and made me feel far less jittery afterward. Four stars.
400027400027B002IEVJRYA2AGBL998D0FYYVReviews0031332720000Italian Cappuccino Best Over IceThis Italian espresso style cappuccino is an easy way to get a little boost during the day. It positively benefits from being poured over ice for an iced-coffee summer refreshment. Won't cause too much worry on the calorie front either. However, if you are looking for that bold, rich mocha coffee treat, this isn't the drink. More of an iced-coffee drink for summer, than a rich coffee house treat.

* 100% Natural Arabica Coffee
* 8.45 FL Oz - just enough to satisfy
* Just 100 calories a can
* Lowfat milk used, so just 15 fat calories
* Low sodium
* Hint of coco, not too sweet
* Doesn't separate or need shaking

* Very thin liquid
* Weak coffee taste
* Takes on a "can" taste, better if poured into glass
400028400028B002IEVJRYA33PBU9EHZ28PCC. Park0041332720000Refreshing and not too sweetGood tasting iced coffee. I personally don't like very sweet drinks and most iced coffees i had are too sweet for me. This iced coffee is sweet, but less sweet. It also tasted less creamy than others i have tried. Other than that, nothing really special about this iced coffee over others. I don't know why, but i expected more in taste, since it's Illy brand.
400029400029B002IEVJRYACH3XM6K1M4AKL. Jonsson0041332720000Canned coffee, just like in a cafeThis canned version of a cappuccino is incredible. It is packaged in a small can, that can be easily placed in a handbag or a car coaster. It can be enjoyed cold in a frosty glass or straight out of the can (as I had mine).

It does taste just like real cappuccino. The can clearly states to not shake the ingredients-I accidentally did this anyway, and it did not seem to affect the cappuccino flavors at all. This drink would be perfect for someone who does not want to stop at a coffee store to buy a regular cappuccino. The only drawback to this item is the price for a 12 pack.
400030400030B002IEVJRYA2L6BT1PVV9YN0R. OSullivan0031332720000It Tastes Just Ok To MeThe 100 calories is reasonable for a coffee pick me up, and I like the lack of artificial ingredients, the size and the convenience of being able to toss it in the work fridge and have it on hand. As to taste, however, its just very average and for me somewhat watery and weak. Also, I drank half and didn't really feel like finishing it because I guess I just wasn't enjoying it enough. Also, I feel like I could taste the can a little, perhaps because I don't usually consume canned foods or beverages. All that said, it is a quality product without a lot of added junk and I would definitely try another flavor to see if there is one more satisfying for me.
400031400031B002IEVJRYA14L2638XC00EZMonica J. Kern0041332720000Decent taste, won't blow your dietI normally prefer my coffee beverages hot, but when summer comes around, there are times I prefer my coffee fix to be cold and refreshing. The illy issimo is a fine contender in the crowded field of canned coffee drinks. While it won't replace skinny hazelnut lattes in my heart, it's got an enjoyable taste and 81 mg of caffeine per can. While the Starbucks Doubleshot Coffee-Mocha is sweeter (and thus better tasting, in my opinion), the illy issimo drink has a mere 100 calories to the Starbucks' 200--and I'd rather save the 100 calories.
400032400032B002IEVJRYA29534U2P9CLNRLisa Stubblefield0041332720000Tastes great and low-calI rarely drink coffee because I don't care for the taste of it, but when I do, it's often a coffee drink like this one. I'm not enough of a connoisseur to be able to tell the difference between this and comparable Starbucks coffee drinks, but I thought this was good. A good blend of coffee and cocoa with the perfect touch of sweetness. No chemical aftertaste. Not outstanding, let's face it -- there's nothing truly original here. If I found some at a store, I'd probably buy it, but I prefer some of the caffeinated juice drinks that've started appearing on the market.

There are those who've expressed disappointment that the drink didn't taste enough like coffee. They do have an Espresso version, perhaps that would be more to their liking. For me personally (someone who isn't a coffee junkie), I had no problem with it.
400033400033B002IEVJRYA7PCBZV90G5U7LaLoren0041332633600Tasty for the number of caloriesEver since Cappucino Coolers mix became difficult to come by, I've been looking for an afternoon coffee drink I didn't have to brew. They were easy to mix, tasty, and by mixing the powder with low fat or skimmed milk I saved calories. Frappucinos are delicious, of course, but high in calories. Double Shots are lower in calories but not sweet enough for me. illy issimo is just as tasty as a Frappucino but weighs in at just 100 calories. And it beats the coolers, that had to be mixed, by being easy to throw in a handbag or backpack. I think I've found my new afternoon drink.
400034400034B002IEVJRYA10Q2ZCYPEVHCUW. D. Barnum0031332633600Better chilledI decided to test this drink in three ways. Chilled, Iced, Hot.

I first put the can in the refrigerator over night. I then divided the can into three equal portions a little less than 3 oz. each.

One I poured into a small glass, the second I poured over crushed ice, and the third I put into a cup and heated it to normal coffee temperature in the microwave.

I then tasted the chilled but un-iced drink. I found the coffee flavor came through well enough, but the additives gave it a slightly off flavor from the pure cappuccino taste.

I then tasted the iced version - after stirring the liquid in the glass along with the crushed ice. The flavors disappeared to a marked degree - a slight coffee taste, but mostly just a cold beverage with a coffee background.

I then tasted the microwaved version - the coffee flavors were there, but it just tasted like a weak cup of coffee - certainly not a cappuccino.

As an afternoon drink when real coffee is not available and you want that coffee flavor, this drink makes an acceptable beverage to gulp down chilled.

Don't expect this to be anything like a real strong cup of real cappuccino or espresso.

As an explanation of my own preferences - I like very strong coffee - Turkish being my absolute favorite. Also, an iced coffee properly prepared is a thing of delight to me. The best I ever had was at a small place in Kyoto where the very strong coffee was chilled and served over ice in a tall glass, with a separate small pitcher of cream, and another of a simple sugar syrup, allowing the consumer to "fix it the way they wanted."
400035400035B002IEVJRYA30SPABIPVN5MVWilliam T. Barto0041332547200Much more interesting flavor than the competition!I enjoyed this coffee drink very much and was delighted by the chocolate undertones and overall smoothness of the drink. I shared it with other coffee drinkers in my family and their comments included that it was sweeter than anticipated but more interesting and less bitter than the Starbucks Frappuccino drinks that my family consumes regularly. It is a perfect size if you brown-bag a lunch and need something other than an ordinary soft drink in your portable cooler. Recommended!
400036400036B002IEVJRYA30J70Y1ORW6TAdephal0031332547200Good but not greatThis drink is tasty. Not too sweet. But it doesn't have as strong a coffee flavor as I would like, and there are definite chocolate notes that may or not be a plus, depending on your preferences. I do like it better than some of the high fat, sugary Starbucks options, and I think it's a good choice if you want a quick jolt and don't have access to real coffee.
400037400037B002IEVJRYAL5RP8DS1NUV3Doc Occula "I Can Has Cheezburger?"0041332547200I can always count on illyI think illy coffee is really bold and smooth, and I've always liked these little pick-me-up cans. Rather than a similarly-sized Red Bull, this has just enough sugar and caffeine for just a little boost; in fact, less than what would probably be in a large iced coffee that I'd get for myself at a coffee place. I think the quality of coffee is also better than the comparable Starbucks cans.
400038400038B002IEVJRYASF0R1CMSF26FA. Burke0041332547200Great taste, a bit priceyCanned coffee-drinks, in my experience, can often miss the mark, but I'm happy to report that this Illy product tastes very good. In fact, it tastes almost exactly like a fresh iced-coffee with milk, with a hint of chocolate. It's sweet but not overwhelming. Of course, it's missing that classic coffee "bitterness," (which, I suppose, a lot of people dislike anyway), but it's still definitely a beverage I'd be happy to drink two, or even three, at a time.

Unfortunately, these coffee-drinks are often a bit pricey, and Illy is no exception. Even buying a 12 pack here on Amazon, you're spending (as of this review) 23 cents per ounce, which is a lot for a beverage. In comparison, brewing an iced-coffee at home would cost a fraction of the cost.

However, if you're willing to pay for it, then you can't go wrong here. As I said, the taste is delicious, and the caffeine content (81mg per can) and nutritional content (100 cal, 1.5g fat) is comparable to coffee w/ milk.
400039400039B002IEVJRYATQ22E6YAUNXPdaisymaebugbom "daisymaebugbom"0051332460800Worth the hundred calories!This was a really, yummy coffee drink. It's very similar tasting to star bucks or Seattles best iced coffee that are comparable in size. It's very pleasant--not too coffee tasting, but not too sugary, with a touch of cream and cocoa. Decent calorie content, and a surprising 5 grams of protein. Cost is under $2.00 or less (depending on if you do subscribe and save) so a fair price.
400040400040B002IEVJRYA1EKF9JFF1XWSVTina Hayes0041332460800tastes like gourmet iced coffeeilly issimo Cappucino Coffee Drink is really good! It reminded me of a gourmet iced coffee from an expensive Italian restaurant. Can't believe something out of a can has this much flavor. I'll definitely buy this again.
400041400041B002IEVJRYA27L5L6I7OSV5BAlex Nennig "al27"0041332460800Good, but a little small.For a canned coffee drink this is pretty tasty. Its not overpowering in its strength, nor is it overly sugary either. Its a nice balance and definitely tastes like coffee.

I would like the cans to be a bit bigger, but what could I expect for a 100 calorie drink? Even if you downed two, you'd still be making a much better nutritional choice than a regular cafe mocha from the 'bucks (which I truly love but do not for a second pretend is low calorie in any way).
400042400042B002IEVJRYA3R33KMESG0XGQromevi0031332460800Awful taste. Good picker-upper, though.The drink offers an incredible amount of boost, but unfortunately the taste is incredibly lacking. We recently had a strange heat wave in Chicago, so maybe en route to delivery the package became warm, and subsequently ruined some of the flavor in the drink? I'm not sure.

Still, the top of the lid says not to shake, so I did notice that more flavor swam into my mouth when the can was almost empty, so perhaps it needed to be shaken after all. Still, the taste at the end was not enough to justify me ever getting this again.
400043400043B002IEVJRYAN0N05A9LIJEQcritters0031332460800It's fine, but I like a stronger taste.I didn't find anything wrong with this canned coffee drink, but I prefer a stronger taste--stronger coffee and stronger chocolate. I really couldn't identify either in this formulation. I like my mocha stuff strong enough to walk. LOL!
400044400044B002IEVJRYA2K21ZQVNBVUDIL. Kornblum0041332460800Excellent coffee drinkI am not usually a cappuccino drinker, but I love Illy coffee and was eager to try this canned drink. There is a bit more milk than I prefer, but the coffee taste comes through nicely, and it is not too sweet. I thought I tasted some sort of flavoring (perhaps it was the cocoa); at first taste it seemed odd, but I came to enjoy it as I drank the rest of the can. I found a metallic aftertaste in the illy issimo Caffe Coffee Drink, 6.8-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12), but I did not notice any such aftertaste in this cappuccino. Overall I think is an excellent coffee drink.
400045400045B002IEVJRYA10ASLX7DTTB6ZKristen Stewart0051332460800Tastes Great!This illy issimo "italian espresso style coffee drink with lowfat milk and cocoa" is quite delicious. The cocoa taste is subtle and it is not too sweet. The smooth taste beats out other similar prepackaged drinks I've tried.

Each 200ml / 8.45 oz. can is only 100 calories, 1.5g fat and 4g of protein, so it feels like a decent choice nutritionally. It contains 81mg of caffeine, if you are counting.

illy roasts good coffee and even masked by the sugar and milk, you can tell this 100% Arabica coffee is the good stuff. It is very smooth, no bitter / burnt taste like some coffee roasters are prone to. These drinks are made in Denmark and distributed by Coca Cola in the US, which piqued my interest. I'd recommend these to people who like to have some cold coffee drinks on hand for busy mornings or a quick pick me up.
400046400046B002IEVJRYASKH6TPNTTAFSMiddle age tech freak0041332460800Better than Starbucks...But it's not better than Starbucks by a lot. The good thing is tt's less sweet and a little thinner than the Starbucks canned coffee drinks. Cappuccino should be pretty much only coffee and milk foam, but of course in a can you can't really get this, so things like sugar and cocoa are added to enhance the drink. If you like that idea, these will go over pretty well. I think the coffee flavor is a bit stronger in this version and I would choose it over the Starbucks equivalent for that reason. You're probably not a coffee snob if you're shopping for these, but they are a definite convenience if you're not near a coffee bar. I think I'll consider bringing these along on camping trips and other outings where caffeine is not readily available.
400047400047B002IEVJRYAIVZMEFEAGF3txlucky10021332460800Weird aftertasteI tried the drink cold first but didn't enjoy the taste much. I could taste the espresso; however, there was also an odd aftertaste--perhaps the carrageenan acting as an emulsifier. Some people can taste the seaweed and other additives while others can't, so that could explain the ratings discrepancies based on taste. To me, the drink was also kind of weak and blah. I'm not sure how to explain it. What's with the "do not shake" instructions? It isn't carbonated. Probably the emulsification factor again. After trying the drink cold, I heated it up, which defeats the purpose of a cold can of coffee to go, but whatever. It was actually a little better warmed but not enough for me to buy it in the future.

Pros: Only 100 calories, 1.5 grams fat, 100% natural Arabic beans, no preservatives (which means keep it cool and dark and use by the expiration date), and convenient size for purses, briefcases, desk drawers, etc.

Cons: 18 grams of sugar!, taste, storage requirements, expense
400048400048B002IEVJRYA2VYSDQ4Q7B2TCGrace0041332460800Can't complain about this coffee good size and flavor.
400049400049B002IEVJRYA1U3MD058WEWYUmango1130041332374400Review for illy issimo cappuccino drinkI thought this drink tasted good both cold and heated up. I liked that it did not make me feel like I was getting cavities, unlike the starbucks bottled coffee, yet it was still sweet enough since I don't like drinking coffee black. The caffeine content is 81 mg per 8.45 oz can, comparable to a cup of coffee and to similarly sized energy drinks.
400050400050B002IEVJRYA1DC1O4VX6AHPPE. A. Jones "movie buff"0051332374400excellent canned coffeeAfter one can, I'm hooked on this cappuccino. The taste of Illy Issimo is absolutely stellar. The coffee itself is very good, the best I've had in a canned coffee. It's the closest to a fresh iced coffee taste I've found. The blend of coffee and milk in their cappuccino is just right, not too much milk and it's not too sweet, either. I found the caffeine to be pretty gentle. The can says 81 mg of caffeine per can, which seemed high but I did not get the jitters or a crash later on. At 100 calories a can, it's not going to ruin your diet, either.

I've been buying various coffees in cans and jars for years, and had not yet found one I really loved. Another popular brand has a cappuccino which is far too sweet and an espresso which is overcaffeinated. I hope to see this in local stores soon.

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