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400081400081B002IEVJRYA2CISZ4JLKQRJAC. Richard0031332201600Not Bad, but Nothing SpecialIn fairness, let me say that I am not a big coffee drinker. I do come from Louisiana where we drank cafe au lait as children though, so I do think I can tell the difference between good and bad coffee drinks.

This illy drink is not bad, but I wouldn't say it was anything special. Tasted a little like, but not as good as, the cafe au lait I had as a child. It has a strong coffee taste which I liked, but wasn't sweet or milky enough for my taste. Guess I could have added sugar and milk, but that would defeat the purpose I guess.

It was a little strange to drink coffee from a can, but then it has the advantage of being portable. I drank it at room temperature right out of the can. It might have been better if I heated it, but then I'd have to take it out of the can first. Some people (not me) might like it chilled.

I think the amazon price for this product is about $2.00 for an 8.5 ounce can. Sounds a bit high to me, but compared to similar products, many people may think this is a good price.

Give it a try if you think it is for you.
400082400082B002IEVJRYA3NL6488FAXF0Ykitjank "Guitar Goddess, artist, love of all ...0041332201600Refreshing!I found this to be a really nice mid-day break. The taste was well balanced without being bitter or overly sweet. It's very good over ice and I found it refreshing and gave me a little boost. The only drawback would be that it is 100 calories per can, which means it isn't something I would drink everyday, but as a treat now and then, or before working out, it's perfect. With the hotter months around the corner, this is a nice alternative to a cup of hot coffee or tea.
400083400083B002IEVJRYA1AG7F4Z1EOO5LNatanya0031332201600good taste for the priceAs a sometimes coffee drinker, I enjoy the occasional Starbucks iced coffee (or variation on that theme). I was curious to see if illy's Cappuccino would be of similar taste. Having seen and heard illy was a premium brand I felt a little disappointed in the taste of this drink. Maybe it was a little too "flat" for what I am used to. I had expected the espresso to be more bold. The plus is that I didn't feel it was too heavy in caffeine, as the Starbucks blends tend to make me antsy if I have more than one. For the price these are an excellent pick-me-up that pairs well with a breakfast, snack during the day or just on its own.
400084400084B002IEVJRYA1ITRGMT80D5TKThisThatNEverything "thisthatneverything"0051332201600Yummy! Comparable to Tim Horton's or Starbucks...I really enjoyed this drink. I find it comparable to an iced cappuccino from Tim Horton's or a frappuccino from Starbucks. I love iced coffees and I'm not always impressed by some of the lesser known brands but this is delicious. I don't like spending a lot of money to get them from the places that I've mentioned so we make them at home from scratch quite often but this drink will now give me another option. This drink is good and ready to go without having to make an iced cappuccino from scratch in our frappe maker.

If you're a fan of cold cappuccino's then I'd highly recommend you to try this flavorful drink. I'm sure you'll love it just as much as I do.
400085400085B002IEVJRYA17437N1L775IJJanet Gerber0051332115200perfectThis is REALLY yummy. It's got a good strong coffee flavor and it is just sweet enough. At 100 calories a (small) can, I don't mind indulging occasionally. I might try a sugarless version if available. Not sure why the can said "don't shake" - but I didn't, and it was fine.
400086400086B002IEVJRYAQ6AGWKWMTY8HPam Tee "mom,wife,fur-mom,book-blogger"3551333065600A Pleasant ExperienceI drink a lot of coffee and one thing I've discovered is that there's a lot of variance in what people consider a quality beverage. Some like it strong, some more mellow. Some like it super sweet, others take it straight. I generally take mine in the morning with only milk. I use a combination of regular grind and expresso, so I tend to like strong-but-not-acidic coffee. That doesn't keep me from downing Grande Mochas no-whip at Starbuck however.

AND I'm telling you all this so you can judge what I say about the Illy Issimo Cappuccino drink.

I think this product is better than bottled Starbucks. It's a little less sweet and I prefer that. The cocoa flavor is more subtle, while the expresso taste is more distinctive, which I also like because if I wanted chocolate flavor I'd drink chocolate milk. What I seek is a chocolate overtone with some sweetness and this Cappuccino beverage hits the mark.

Pam T~
mom/kidlit blogger/coffee lover
400087400087B002IEVJRYA23RZIU0N8K2KRM. Caceres3551332979200The Best Cappuccino I have ever tasted!When I received this product from USPS, the first thing I notice that all along the rim there was a warning in capital font that says "DO NOT SHAKE DO NOT SHAKE DO NOT SHAKE".

Well this product obviously gets shaken up during mailing, so I didn't have high hopes.

omg, this was delicious! It was smooth, with a very slight cocoa aftertaste. It is an italian expresso style coffee drink made with lowfat milk and cocoa. Each can uses 100% Natural Arabica beans and it is 8.45 FL oz.

Nutrition Facts:
Low Sodium
Servings: 1 Can

Calories: 100 Fat Cal: 15

Total Fat: 1.5g
Daily Value 2%

Sat Fat: 1g
Daily Value 5%

Cholesterol: 5mg
Daily Value 2%

Sodium: 60mg
Daily Value 3%

Total Carb: 19g
Daily Value 6%

Fiber less than 1g
Daily Value 3%

Sugars 18g
Protein 4g

Calcium 10%

I was so surprised this drink had protein in it! You can drink it straight from the bottom or if you like your drink hot, just pour it in a microwave bowl and set it for 1 minute. It is delicious either way!

Price: its expensive at $2 a can currently on Amazon. However, if all you do is buy your coffee at Starbucks, this is going to cheaper. IF YOU ARE A PRICE SHOPPER LIKE I AM, Big Lots has it cheaper and the price does change a lot here! This product is good, but your wallet is better!

However if you do buy it, you wont regret it, as it is a really really good drink!
400088400088B002IEVJRYABC68JUCPTVOEA. Fabbri "afabbri"3541332115200Delicious energy boostThis Illy Issimo Cappuccino is a tasty cold coffee drink which comes in a 8.5 oz can. I like the amount of sweetness (not too much, not too little), and the hint of chocolate flavor. The mouthfeel is good: a little less thick than SB's DoubleShot.


- Sweetness: 18g sugar in 8.5 oz. Not too much nor too little.
- Flavor: Dominant notes are coffee, chocolate, and milk, in that order. Pretty balanced.
- Size: 8.5 oz single serving is great size I think.
- Freshness: coffee flavor is good. Not stale nor acidic.
- 100 calories is very reasonable, especially compared to many sweetened drinks you might order at an espresso bar.

- Nothing major. Would like more coffee flavor perhaps, but then again I like straight espresso. Most people will find the coffee flavor just about right.

400089400089B002IEVJRYA2W4014S06NAITFathom "Fathom"1231343952000Couldn't get past the tasteBoth my husband and I tried this and we couldn't get past the taste and eventually just dumped most of the drink down the drain.

Taste-wise we still favor the Starbucks lines then this version of the Cappuccino.
400090400090B002IEVJRYA36MP37DITBU6FEnchanted In Dixie "Enchanted"1221340409600Just OK! . This was your ordinary chilled coffee and cream drink.You get regular cold coffee. Thought the expresso in this would make it a stronger flavor, but it did not. Tasted like regular roast coffee with milk. The chocolate flavor was not discerenable at all.
400091400091B002IEVJRYA1M4QC5BZDMBIZJohn Doe "media man"1241340150400Use a cup or a glass - impress your friendsOne reviewer said it best: This cappuccino in a can tastes like ... well ... like a cappuccino in a can. You are trading taste for convenience. What I would add to that review is the following: taste tests have proven time and time again (especially with beer) that beverages consumed out of a can often give the drinker a flavor of "tininess" ... however, since modern cans are lined with a plastic coating, this cannot be true ... the tinny flavor is actually in their head, or from the top of the can's exterior. Further, when taste testers are served the same beer (Budweiser, Stella, Guinness, etc.) in two glasses (one poured from a can, and one poured from a bottle) they overwhelming choose the beer poured from the can. This is because bottles leak sunlight and oxygen - two things that ruin beer. Cans don't leak oxygen or sunlight, so a fresher, better tasting beer will always come from the can - so long as you don't drink it directly from the can. The same is true with this product. If you drink if from the can, you will always enjoy it less than a fresh cappuccino. If you pour it in a cup or glass before serving it your friends will think you have a fancy machine in your kitchen.
400092400092B002IEVJRYA1IDWUYX4QXTUELeslie1241340150400Not too sweet, pleasant coffee tasteI enjoy iced coffee drinks and prefer them strong. I put the can in the refrigerator to chill it rather than pour the drink over ice and dilute it. It had a nice, pleasant taste. Not too sweet with a nice smooth coffee taste but it didn't taste much like cappuccino. I usually make my own espresso and ice it, but this would be a nice alternative in an emergency or take with me in the car.
400093400093B002IEVJRYA37FFWZUGO8L7WFrancis Tapon1231340064000I prefer cappuccino to the coffee productI rarely drink coffee. I only consume when I need to stay awake. This product is useful because I can leave it in my car as an emergency drink for whenever I get sleepy behind the wheel.

It's a just 8.45 ounces, unlike a standard 12-ounce soft drink can.

For those who prefer warm coffee, you might dislike this product.
400094400094B002IEVJRYA22B13EJTZKCTMKarissa Eckert "Devourer of all books fantasy"1241340064000Very tasty coffee drinkThe illy issimo is lighter than the Starbucks Frappacino and I ended up liking it quite a bit more. The can is pressurized so make sure not to shake before opening (it warns you on the can but I missed this warning at 6am in the morning the first time I drank this and made a huge mess).

The drink is 100 calories a can and does not have any artificial sweetener which is great. It is lightly sweet, but not overly so. It has a fairly creamy texture but is more watery than the Starbucks Frappacino.

I really like this drink and it has become my mainstay. I like that it is lighter than the Starbucks version and only has 100 calories. The can is slim and easy to hold and drink while driving.

It is a little pricey to buy this through Amazon; I can get it at my local Target for about $1 a can. Highly recommended for those who like this sort of canned sweet coffee drink.
400095400095B002IEVJRYA244CRJ2QSVLZ4J. B. Hoyos1241339459200The illy issimo Cappuccino Tastes Sweeter and Creamier than the illy issimo Caffè, but Starbucks is Still Better!Because I barely average six hours of sleep each night, I need a lot of coffee to keep me going throughout the day. I love iced coffee during the warm summer months. Many of the fast food chains are providing it. Coca-Cola is now selling coffee in the can. The illy issimo Cappuccino, manufactured by Coca-Cola, is much sweeter than the illy issimo Caffè [illy issimo Coffee Drink, Caffè, 6.8-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)]. The Cappuccino has a lot more sugar and milk than the Caffè, which is basically black coffee. However, the Cappuccino still pales in comparison to other leading brands. I have posted photographs of illy issimo Cappuccino alongside its leading competitors: Starbucks Doubleshot, Energy + Coffee Drink, Mocha [Starbucks Doubleshot, Energy+Coffee Drink, Mocha, 15 oz (Pack of 12)], and Java Monster Coffee + Energy Drink, Loca Moca [Java Monster Coffee + Energy Drink, Loca Moca, 15-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)].

I enjoy the sweet, creamy taste of illy issimo Cappuccino straight from its can or sipping it from a glass full of ice. (See the photograph that I have posted on this website.) However, it doesn't taste as delicious as the Starbucks Doubleshot. (See my posted photograph.) When compared to Starbucks and Java, the liquid in the glass is still darker than the others. (See posted photograph.) I don't think Starbucks has to worry about losing customers to Coca-Cola. I'd rather go to the grocery store and buy coffee drinks manufactured by Starbucks instead of illy issimo.

Also, I don't quite understand why the cans of illy issimo say, "Do Not Shake." I posted a photograph of a glass bottle of Starbucks Frappuccino Mocha [Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino Coffee Drink Mocha, 9.5 Ounce Bottles-(pack of 12)]; one can see that its contents have settled at the bottom. I always shake my bottles and cans of coffee drinks before opening them. The contents have never spewed like carbonated soda; instead, they have appeared slightly frothy. However, I just remembered from looking at the ingredients (which I have posted on this website) that both illy issimo Caffè and illy issimo Cappuccino have potassium bicarbonate. Perhaps the potassium bicarbonate will cause the coffee to spew if shaken. Why do these products contain potassium bicarbonate? Commonly found in club soda, potassium bicarbonate softens the affects of effervescence. It is also used as a fire suppression agent ("BC dry chemical") in some dry chemical fire extinguishers.

Illy issimo Cappuccino is recommended for coffee drinkers who love sugar and cream in their coffee but think Starbucks has too much in their products. Perhaps you are a long-term consumer of Starbucks products and you desire something different; illy issimo Cappuccino would be worth trying for a change. I wonder if the Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta, Georgia, will be offering free samples of the illy issimo coffee drinks.

Joseph B. Hoyos
400096400096B002IEVJRYA37D2TGTIXRV2Nplyopowerd "Arrow Dynamic Mom"1231339200000Not as good as the caffe flavorI already tried the illy issimo Coffee Drink, Caffè, 6.8-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)and liked it, but I don't like this flavor as much. It tastes like chocolate milk with only a faint coffee flavor, and it has a cardboardy aftertaste. I drank it straight from the can, chilled, as most people probably would after buying it from a convenience store or from a vending machine. I'm going to stick with the other flavor, but maybe someone who prefers a milder, more cocoa/milk than coffee flavor might prefer this.
400097400097B002IEVJRYA34DQINHT6NYJUK. Isserman "Kisserman"1241339200000Illy Issimo Coffee DrinksI received both the Caffe and Cappuccino versions and did a side-by-side taste comparison to see which of the two I might prefer over the other.

First I tried the Caffe version and was surprised to discover it was just black coffee. I prefer cream in my coffee, so I was hesitant to taste it as it was. But I tasted it and found it to have a nice medium coffee strength with a bit of sweetness to it. In my everyday coffee I don't add sugar, but on occasion it's nice to have a special coffee drink, and since it's been hot here lately, I had poured it over ice as well. I added cream and found it to be quite enjoyable. It's one of those conveniences that one could easily become addicted to.

Next I tried the Cappuccino which had a similar taste and flavor as the Caffe, but was milder. I prefer my coffee stronger, so my preference was for the Caffe and still I would have liked it stronger (perhaps this is offered in another version). But the Cappuccino was also good and I had poured it over ice as well. I was concerned about both coffees being packaged in cans as I don't like my drinks to have a metallic tinge to them, but I did not notice anything out of the ordinary. I had, however, poured the drinks over ice into a glass, so that may have helped. Regardless, it was really nice to have sitting out on my deck on a warm day. Hot coffee just does not sit well with me in hot weather.

All-in-all, if you're looking for a mild, sweet coffee drink that's quick and easy to take with you on the go or to pour into a glass at home, this is a good choice. It's small and convenient to slip into a purse or briefcase. While the coffee is mild, it still gives a quick pick-me-up in the morning, or in the middle of the day if need be.
400098400098B002IEVJRYAMS2CPERWN7JVE. Byers1241339027200Good Prepackaged Coffee Drink, Maybe not up to the Illy nameI've had a few other coffee drinks that come in a can, with milk + coffee, and they kind of all have the same taste. This illy branded one is no different. It's a unique flavor. Somewhat like iced coffee with milk, but still different. I enjoy the flavor, but it's not going to be like drinking an iced mocha coffee with cream/milk from your local cafe.

I would compare this closely to some of the Java Monster energy drinks that I've had, more specifically the Mocha version of it. The difference being that here you only get 8.45 ounces instead of the 16+ oz of the monster, and you're only getting coffee here with no additional craziness, which is good.

I haven't had illy coffee that much, just a few times in Europe, and then some espresso pods for a cheap espresso machine I had, so I can't really fully say if it lives up to the name, but it was smooth coffee, albeit with chocolate and milk mixed in as well. I'm not sure the price justifies how much you get, or the name on it in this case.
400099400099B002IEVJRYARBKYIVNYWK3CTHATCH "RST"1231339027200Best served over ice.I compare this to drinks I've had from Starbucks and Java Monster, and I have to say that this one is the most delicate taste, has the least aftertaste, and best serving size. The downsides are that the calories per ounce are quite a bit higher than the other options, and the mouth texture feels a bit oily or emulsified if you don't drink it over ice.

If wanting the overall best experience, surprisingly I would reach for the Java Monster-- best value, taste and calorie per ounce ratio. For the most aggressive coffee taste, I choose the Starbucks. And for the least aftertaste, and quick on the go drink, I choose this one.

I'm not a coffee expert, so I'm not sure if that emulsified or egg white emulsified mouth experience is normal or expected, but for me, if that could be minimized or eliminated I would really appreciate this product more. I rated 3 stars out of 5 because of the emulsified mouth experience and the less desirable calories per ounce.
400100400100B002IEVJRYA1PAGHECG401K1Chel Micheline "Chel Micheline"1241338940800pricey, but tastyFor 100 calories, the illy Cappucino is a great treat. Just thr tigh balance of sweetness, coffee, and creaminess (it's milk).

While the convenience is great, for the price, I'd rather get an iced latte at my local coffee place. The serving size is fairly small (basically the same size as 3/4s can of soda- which is pretty small for a coffee drink if you're a fan), as well. But the portability is pretty great- it'd be good for grabbing on a hurry or if you're headed out to a picnic or some sort of day out somewhere and need to bring your coffee with you. If the price were lower, I'd definitely keep a few of these stashed in the fridge, but for now, I'll continue to get my coffee up the road.
400101400101B002IEVJRYA1S27P7KJO9I96Eric A. Hofstetter2311334102400Weird After TasteI am a big fan of coffee and cappuccino. I decided to try this as a great option on-the go. In short, I did not care for it. The coffee flavor is off, and the drink has a weird after taste. I would not recommend.
400102400102B002IEVJRYANPPA38CALAT8ncshopper2351313798400flavorful portable coffee drinkThe drink has a nice coffee flavor, not too bitter and not too sweet. Just what I was looking for on those days when I don't have time to make my own iced coffee. I will buy this product again.
400103400103B002IEVJRYA2GPLOLLE6BUDTDave0021351123200I did not like it.I did not like the taste of this Illy cappuccino drink. I like coffee and coffee drinks in general, and I was looking forward to trying something new, but this product had a slight metallic/chemical aftertaste that, while not strong, was present in sufficient strength to make it less than pleasing to me. I much prefer the Starbucks Mocha Cappuccino drink that tastes only of coffee, milk, sugar and chocolate. I do not know if it is the metal container that imparts the aftertaste to the Illy product. The similar Starbucks drink comes in a glass container that I suppose could have something to do with its fresher taste. Also, since my opinion is certainly subjective, others may like the Illy drink and be just as justified in their opinion.
400104400104B002IEVJRYA2Q89DEW2Y91A7Cynthia Raxter0041351123200Nice but very sweetI really enjoyed this iced coffee drink, but it is very sweet. I usually drink a shot of espresso over ice in a 12 ounce glass then filled the rest of way with skimmed milk, with 2 packs of sugar. This tasted like my homemade version but was much sweeter. The coffee flavor was good - tasted very fresh-brewed despite coming out of a can. Just sweet. Candy bar sweet.
400105400105B002IEVJRYA312AW3H8HJ8C3Mary L. Hargenrader0051350604800Best canned or bottled coffee drink I ever tasted!!That sums it up!!! I agree with the other reviewers, I am just dying to shake it and see what happens!!!! I do sort of tip it back and forth a little though. I feel it has to have settled somewhat in my fridge.
Anyway, this is the best tasting coffe I have ever had from a can or even better than the starbucks bottle!! I love iced coffee and I drink it almost everyday!!!
400106400106B002IEVJRYA1ONZ8JRPLBNUIMona Lisa "Gwenie"0031350518400Mona LisaThe illy issmo Coffee Drink, Cappuccino has a strong coffee taste. I have had Cappuccino before and I like it. I have als had other Iced Coffee drinks that were not this strong. I guess this is just a preference as to how strong you like your iced coffee drinks. My preference is not that strong. The drink is OK but not for my taste.
400107400107B002IEVJRYA3SMD3T0QTN109Dustin0051350518400Freakin' tastyI love this beverage. It's a good coffee flavor with detectable cream. It's not too strong or roasty, which is a problem with some coffee beverages in cans. It also has a faint 'burnt sugar' taste. Burnt sugar is a recipe that my family has used in pies for generations, and it's made me addicted to this product. I also can't taste the can at all, which is a pet peeve of mine.

The fluid had some substance to it. I'm not sure how to express this clearly, but it was slightly thick in a highly pleasing way.

I think the 8 ounce size is good and this gave me a convenient afternoon kick so I could get to work in a good mood.

It's really good if it's really cold, so I stick it in the freezer for a short while before drinking.
400108400108B002IEVJRYA1QRUEZ19G6X5Zhotshot0031350345600ehhhI like there's more oz in can and less sugar and fat then starbucks double shot but I don't like the watered down weird taste.
400109400109B002IEVJRYAE61FFT0GUD2GFrederick S. Goethel "wildcatcreekbooks"0031348185600Not A Product I Would Go Out OF My Way To BuyThe first thing I noticed about this product was the admonition not to shake it....this is plastered around the top of the can in four places and I thought it odd, as it is not carbonated and it would make sense that shaking it would emulsify the flavors within.

My first reaction to my first two sips were that it was somewhat watery and that it had a bitter aftertaste that reminded me of burnt coffee. There was a light sweetness with a hint of dairy present. As I drank more, it began to get better. The watery taste diminished and it took on a more consistent, smoother flavor and the aftertaste seemed to diminish.

While I will still get my iced coffee drinks form a chain of doughnut shops when I am not in California and in an area that has them, I would drink this in a pinch. It's just not something I would go out of my way to buy, unless there was nothing else to be had. Oh, and by the way, try shaking this before you drink it. I can't see what it would hurt....but it could really help!
400110400110B002IEVJRYA1ETW4J44B1MBXZee0051348099200Really great coffee!Really great coffee! I don't usually get cold coffee like this, just because it is way too sweet. Like the Starbucks ones I never get them too sweet, and you can't taste the coffee. This one has the right amount of sugar, and you can taste the coffee.

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