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400111400111B002IEVJRYA2CVXUY1EYQGGAbobbewig12313386816003 1/2 Stars -- Okay But Nothing Special!Prior to opening the illy issimo Cappucino flavored Coffee Drink I had some reservations about how much like cappucino this canned drink would be, both in taste and consistency. After drinking it, my reservations were well founded.

I found the product's taste to be pretty good but nothing special. Tastewise, it had a mild coffee and cocoa taste with an acceptable level of sweetness. However, as to its resemblance to what I'm used to in a cappucino, the drink is somewhat lacking both in taste and consistency. The drink's coffee flavor is too light/mild and its consistency too watery to be a good cappucino.

Overall, while I didn't dislike the illy issimo Cappucino flavored Coffee Drink, it is unlikely that at Amazon's price of over $2 for an 8.45 oz can I will be buying it any time soon.
400112400112B002IEVJRYA2XCCN239AR1XKKilgore Gagarin "Those who believe in telekin...1251338508800This caffeine addict approves, so does his wifeMy wife ran across this specific brand in Japan last year and said it was every bit as good as the canned Starbucks competitor and a lot cheaper (check prices). I refrigerated this and my wife and I split it. We're daily AM quadruple espresso drinkers, and this was spot on. She usually has her coffee with sweetener, and I like mine bitter and black. We found this to be really nice and pleasant in-between sweetness that we both liked. Nothing additional was added. Cold, unshaken, right out of the can.

My rule when I get free stuff to review: Would I buy this with my own money? My answer: yes. We're going on an upcoming vacation in the wilds of Northern Wisconsin and I'm getting a case of this, as well as a case of illy issimo, Caffe Italian Espresso Style Coffee Drink which I've also reviewed. This product and the Illy espresso are perfect for a couple of caffeine addicts.
400113400113B002IEVJRYA1ER5AYS3FQ9O3K. Corn "reviewer"1251338508800Very pleasurableAfter taking a taste of this, I had two sons weigh in on the Illy Issimo Coffee Drink (we split the can). I drank the majority of the relatively thin and compact can but they had tiny sips as well. We all loved this beverage. We were already familiar with the wonderful coffees (both whole and ground) made by Illy Issimo. So I was curious to see how this new addition to their line would hold up.

If you like a very dark roast flavor, you should know that this cappucino flavor is more on the light side, similar to coffee with some cream and sugar. The sweetness is not overpowering and thankfully doesn't match the sickening, cloying sweetness of so many canned drinks and sodas. And, after researching the brand, I discovered that this was indeed a goal - to create a refreshing coffee drink without only a touch of sweetness. I think they succeeded admirably.

At 100 calories a can, this is an easy treat to fit into a diet plan and isn't just sugar and fizz but has added milk - so as treats go, this is a reasonable option. Hate added preservatives? You won't find those, either. You will find caffeine, however, so look for the caffeine-free versions if you can't handle the extra buzz and energy. They are readily available.

If you're driving for a few hours or across country, these are ideal for taking along because they take up so little space. They might even help you stay awake just a bit longer than you might otherwise.
400114400114B002IEVJRYA19XMHRB3G4DIRjavajunki "javajunki"1251338422400YUM!!! From a serious coffee lover!It's probably apparent by my user name but I really really (REALLY) like coffee. From my first taste of it as a child growing up in Miami (our cuban next door neighbor gave me a cup of coffee con leche with the warning that I wouldn't like it...I LOVED IT!) to this very day, everything about coffee appeals to me. The aroma, the flavor...even the process of brewing a great cup of coffee.

Now, to be fair, I usually buy organic whole beans and grind my own by hand just before making. I prefer a french press but have probably owned most forms of making coffee ever invented...sometimes the most simple is the best. Why do I mention this? Because I rarely - if ever - drink instant coffee, drip brewed regular household names etc...I find the taste lacking immensely. The only regular coffee I purchase from the store is Bustelo...yes, back to my original coffee roots!

In any case, I was curious about this and opted to give it a try. Vine users receive 1 can which I was forced to split between myself and the spouse...we both agreed, it was delicious! No odd aftertaste, no harsh chemical flavoring, not too sweet (a common problem) and the coffee flavor was present but not overpowering.

Bottom line...we both liked it! Now, being rather health conscious, I'd prefer an organic option however, this is kosher (a major consideration for us) as well as free from preservatives AND uses the higher quality arabica beans rather than robusta...compared to a soda or even loaded up coffee alternative at a local Starbucks, this is a great option/alternative. Wonderful to take along anywhere especially when you can't stop and prepare a full pot of real coffee during the day.
400115400115B002IEVJRYAOAOARIH72UWIjt1251338336000Real Coffee Drinkers DrinkMy new favorite iced coffee drink from the grocery store. Distinctly different from the popular Starbucks cold drinks from the grocery store. The illy drink is a lot less sweet than all others I have tried. Has a much more distinct coffee taste which I really liked. The milk/cream part of it was also muted again allowing the coffee taste to come out. This tasted much more like an iced coffee drink that would be appreciated by those that actually really like the taste of coffee and not the sweet dairy flavor of many of the popular drinks in the grocery store.
400116400116B002IEVJRYA3TSJ9KDY18X1LKimberly1241337904000delicious coffee drink!Illy issimo's Cappucino Coffee drink is pretty good. I'm not a big coffee drinker, but when I do have a mug, I add lots of sugar and creamer to it to hide the bitterness of the coffee. This drink tastes pretty much like how I like my coffee, except it is cold. The sweetness is there however it does not hide the coffee flavor--it is still strong and stands out. If you like your coffee black or without milk/creamer, you probably would not like this. However, if you prefer sweet coffee drinks like me, I would reccommend it to you.

Overall, it is a delicious coffee drink that I would buy myself if it wasn't so expensive.
400117400117B002IEVJRYA2EF8N7ZE7ONWXSnap, Crackle and Pop1241334707200(3.5 stars) A medium-body, moderate-calorie coffee drinkThe illy issimo Cappucino coffee drink is a well-made, medium-body and moderate calorie drink. It's produced in Denmark and imported. It has 100 calories and 1.5 grams of fat in an 8.45 ounce drink.

A bottled Starbucks Coffee Frappucino has 200 calories and 3 grams of fat (and it's slightly larger at 9.5 ounces), so the illy drink offers a lighter alternative if that's what you're seeking.

Personally, I prefer a stronger coffee flavor, and am not as concerned about the calories. For a pick-me-up, I often want some calories as well as caffeine. I found the illy drink pleasant, and it's probably right for some, but most of the time I'd probably buy something else.

The label mentions that it has cocoa, so I was looking for the flavor, but it didn't seem to me to have much if any cocoa flavor. Since I don't really want that in a cappucino drink anyway, that's actually a plus. But if you're looking for a mocha flavor, try something else.
400118400118B002IEVJRYA1D6DFC3AGV3JZAndrew Olivo Parodi1211333065600Incredibly mediocreCoffee drinks aren't carbonated, so it's odd that I would describe this drink as being "flat." But that's how it tasted, like a "flat" carbonated drink. Probably one of the worst coffee drinks I've ever had in my life. I will definitely NOT be drinking more of this.
400119400119B002IEVJRYA3FC9JXTCITVFCMister Charlie1231332979200Do you like your Cappuccino sweet?This is one of those slim cans (8.45 oz) that have become ubiquitous in convenience stores, and now in grocery stores as well. I've bought my share of Starbucks cans, but this is my first experience with Illy.

Cappuccino that I've drunk tends to be pretty intense, and not super-sweet and creamy like this stuff. So it's far sweeter than I was expecting. I decided to try and figure out how much sugar was in there, and it comes out to about 7.5% of the entire thing is sugar. It is, at least, fairly rich-tasting considering low-fat milk is involved.

Comparable to the Starbucks products, this is a pretty good refreshing can of sweet, cold, slightly chocolaty "cappuccino". Note that it contains 81 mg of caffeine. Your typical No-Doz tablet is 200 mg of caffeine. If you're looking for the caffeine, that is, and don't want calories, that's a good thing to know....
400120400120B002IEVJRYAK7CAW3N1XZV6Beth Cholette "doctor_beth"1241332979200Tastes more like chocolate milkI like coffee, and I am particularly a huge fan of anything mocha-flavored, so I was excited to try this drink. I expected it to be similar to Starbucks Coffee Frappuccino Coffee Drink Mocha, which I find to be quite yummy (although high in calories).

To me, this cappuccino-flavored drink tasted more like chocolate milk. Although coffee is the first ingredient listed on the can, I personally found the coffee flavor to be quite subtle, perhaps because I was expecting something stronger from a product labelled "Italian Espresso Style Coffee Drink." So, in that respect, I was somewhat disappointed. In addition, there is quite a bit of added sugar in this drink: 18 grams, or over 3 teaspoons. On the plus side, the product is made with low-fat milk, so there are only 1.5 grams of fat and 100 calories, not bad for flavored coffee.

Personally, I would rate this drink at 3 1/2 stars, as the flavor wasn't quite to my liking. But if you really like the taste of chocolate milk and want a bit of caffeine kick to go along with it (there are 81 m.g. of caffeine per serving), then this Cappuccino Coffee Drink may be right for you.
400121400121B002IEVJRYACQYIC13JXAOITooncesmom1231332892800Good but not greatI was sent this illy issimo Caffe Coffee Drink in Cappuccino flavor by Amazon Vine for review. Here's my take on it.

I love good strong coffee, lattes and cappuccino. I did not love this drink. I was looking for a strong coffee taste. Instead I got a diluted drink with a noticeable low-fat taste and a somewhat unusual aftertaste. The chocolate flavor was non-existent, the low-fat milk flavor overpowering. Perhaps chilled over ice would improve the drinking experience, but I'm not interested enough to try another can.

On the good side: the beverage contains only 100 calories. However, this is offset by the bad: 18 grams of sugar.
400122400122B002IEVJRYA2KUUIJ52MWDASK. B. Fenner1241332892800A bit too sweet for my taste, but good stuffThis was a bit too sweet for my taste--I would have preferred no sugar, but it's not bad. It has a nice rich coffee flavor and no off notes. The dairy flavor is good. There's no foam, and the can says not to shake it, so I don't know how you could get foam--it's more of a latte.

Of course, it's room temperature unless you chill it or heat it, which is not how I enjoy my coffee beverages, but in a pinch, it would be fine.
400123400123B002IEVJRYA26UNIPEVYE9DEBecker1231332892800So-So Espresso Style Coffee Drink~
This would be a great coffee drink to grab out of the refrigerator at home, but at about $2 for 8.45 ounces, this beverage is just so-so.

After chilling in the refrigerator overnight, I pulled the tab on the tall and slim can of illy issimo cappuccino, and it smelled terrific: a light coffee and chocolate scent. I poured half of it in a small glass, and gave the other half to my teen-aged son (who loves coffee drinks). We both had the same good/bad opinion: The good part - It has a nice mix of coffee/cocoa taste, a little too sweet, but not bad. The bad part - You can definitely taste a tin-y flavor within the mix.

All-in-all, not a bad drink, but not one the either of us would look for and purchase specifically, especially for the price.
400124400124B002IEVJRYA3NLJZI5NEOT0KLinda Pagliuco "katknit"1221332720000MehIlly is a top coffee brand in Italy, so I was eager to try their pre-packaged cappuccino. It had an enticing aroma, but that's where the enticement ended. This drink tastes of sweetener with the merest hint of cocoa, but no hint at all of coffee. Nor did it taste anything like cappuccino. Puzzling but true. The convenience of popping open a can is nice, but I'll continue to make cappuccino at home using my little stove top espresso pot and a frother for the milk.
400125400125B002IEVJRYA235UFZGCFN3J5Eva1231332547200Just okay....I do love regular Illy coffees and their espresso, but this canned Cappuccino drink is a little blah. It doesn't have a very strong coffee flavor and its a little too sweet for my taste. Although its a refreshing alternative to hot coffee in warm weather, I doubt I'd buy this brand again.
400126400126B002IEVJRYACR4HKUT808U1Ursula K. Raphael "AstraDaemon of The Zombiep...1251332460800Very Refreshing!I loved the taste: not too sweet, not at all bitter. I deliberately drank this when I was having a "jello" afternoon (felt like I was doing everything in slow motion), and it had just the right amount of caffeine to help me snap out of it, without making me jittery like some energy drinks. I'm hoping the other flavors taste just as great.
400127400127B002IEVJRYA3I2WE58OUUEXGfigaro "jacoba"1211332374400Not so greatWe did not finish this drink. I drank some, then gave it to my husband, and he would not drink any after one taste. He thought it tasted a bit like tobacco. I didn't think it was all that bad but it wasn't anything special and I never finished it - poured it out in the sink. It is only 100 calories. The can says "Do not shake" in small letters toward the top which I read after shaking and spurting it open. It's not rich but at least not over-sweet. It's just not very special in my opinion.
400128400128B002IEVJRYAKT8TGIT6VVZ5John Kwok1241332374400Delicious, But Too Rich, Cappucino DrinkIlly Issimo Cappucino is an exceedingly rich, quite sweet, cappuccino drink that is an Italian espresso style coffee drink with low fat milk and cocoa. While I love its very sweet flavor, I thought it needed some improvement by diluting it 50% with fresh milk. I am surprised that a drink as rich as this one is has only 100 calories per can; it's also low sodium too with only 60 milligrams per can. Anyone who is diet conscious will appreciate both salient facts. This is truly a cocoa and cappuccino lover's delight of a drink. I highly recommend it.
400129400129B002IEVJRYAATKF0HDBQL86S. Smith "ltcolkiranerys"1211332374400Not the best iced coffee drink I've tastedI tasted this product, and all I can say is yecch! I'm normally the type who loves a cold cappuccino drink, whether I get it from the store or at one of the local coffee shops, but illy issimo's Cappuccino Coffee drink had a bitter, metallic taste that I have never experienced in other store-bought cappuccinos. It might be just me, but I would strongly suggest that in the future the makers of this drink rework the mixture and find some way to treat the cans so that this product doesn't come out with a metallic, bitter flavor such as what I experienced when I drank it.
400130400130B002IEVJRYA2XIOXRRYX0KZYB.L.1221332374400Not GreatI tried this cold initially, and then I took a shot at heating it up. It was better once it was warm, but still not so good that I think it'll ever be something that I'd go out and buy. I think it was a little too milky and overly sweetened.

The nutritional values certainly aren't the worst that you can do for a drink of the type. In that area it's relatively good even. Something that isn't sweetened with sugar at all is preferable, of course. Specifying non-GMO or organic sugar would be something of an improvement. Still, if you're going to drink something sugar-sweetened, you can surely do worse.

Anyway, I personally tried it two different ways to see if I could make it a little more enjoyable. I ended up deciding the coffee element wasn't strong enough to be worth it to me, and I ended up deciding not to finish the one can I had. I don't see myself going out and getting more any time soon.
400131400131B002IEVJRYA2ZKQC0XCIIAEMKTM mom "Live fast"1251332288000Very tasty!!I don't normally like chilled coffee, ive tried the bottled coffee from Starbucks but its so sweet. However when I saw this coffee offered through the Vine program I thought I'd give it a try. Its really good, way better then I was expecting by far. It has a nice flavor without being overly sweet. Made with low fat milk and cocoa, it does have 81mg/8.45fl oz of caffeine content I can tell for sure. The drink came me nice clean energy with no crash and was much easier on my stomach then normal coffee with store bought cream. Only 100 calories per can which is nice the carbs are 19g along with 18grams of sugar. Recently ive been very obsessed withe expiration dates so I got this product on march 20th 2012 and it expires August 11th 2012 so roughly 5 months but it doesn't have any preservatives so that's not to bad.. Love that its on subscribe and save so instead of $23.19 its only 19.71 so it makes them roughly $1.62 a piece and that's a pretty decent price. Ive recently decided to try Weight Watchers and this drink is 2 points, so also not to bad.. Overall I think its a great beverage and I highly recommend it!
400132400132B002IEVJRYA2M6B16568F7KHReneeSuz1221332288000disappointedI was looking forward to a new cold cappuccino drink but was disappointed. I cooled the can overnight and poured it over ice (being sure not to shake as per the instructions). Despite coffee being the first ingredient, the flavor was weak. I will be sticking with my regular cold coffee can beverage.
400133400133B002IEVJRYA2SDRCBPIAXVDWJ. Plummer1241332115200Flavorful, good tasting coffee drinkI enjoy the Starbucks doubleshot drinks from time to time and guessed that this drink would be similar. I would say that it is very similar, but the illy drink tastes a bit more like coffee and is a better quality. If you like the coffee in a can drinks, then you should enjoy this as well. The coffee is not particularly strong but it does list the caffeine content at 81mg. I'll update this review at 3am if it's stronger than my initial impression.
400134400134B002IEVJRYA2EXGRAA6QW96ZJ. A. Bell "she reads xyz"1231332115200ENERGissimo!Ingredients are listed in order from largest amounts to smallest amounts. In this illy issimo cappuccino, ingredients are listed as follows: coffee, lowfat milk, sugar, cocoa powder, potassium bicarbonate, cellulose gel, potassium citrate, cellulose gum, carrageenan.

I would have guessed this order: water, sugar, coffee, cocoa powder. And I would not have guessed milk or any of the other items. I like that it has only 100 calories. Label indicates Protein 4g and Calcium 10%, Total Fat 1.5 g (very good!), and Total Carb 19g (not so good for people on a low carb diet).

This cappuccino was a nice late-afternoon energizer that motivated me to take a brisk one-mile walk. (Very good!)
400135400135B002IEVJRYA5ZD6FBMZQGDSLisa M1241332115200Light and SmoothI must admit, I have never tried illy coffee drink products before, but I have tried other brands. Assuming this product would be about the same, I eagerly ordered it to review for amazon vine. Well, I was wrong. It is not like the others I have tried, it is much better. Smoother, lighter and less calories. This is a product I would gladly drink more often, as it also has a very good-not too sweet-flavor. I tried the cappuccino, but I see it also comes in another flavor. That is one I would be happy to buy as well. So now I am also eager to try other coffee products from illy, which is a name I have always seen and understand to be high quality. Silly me for waiting so long.
400136400136B002IEVJRYARIDN94LOCQFDSteve Taylor1231332115200Good For Some But Not Strong Enough For MeAs a coffee fan I like my coffee with bold flavor. Weak coffee just doesn't do it for me. Real cappuccino should be rich like a desert. This Illy Issimo canned coffee just isn't strong enough for my taste. The flavor itself is nice and it's handy to be able to just reach in the fridge and pop open a can. Some of you may really enjoy this. You'll save lots of money over coffee shops which is always a good thing. If you like your coffee mild I say give it a try.
400137400137B002IEVJRYA2DVBBARHJIW9JKCinDC761251321747200My Guilty Pleasure...Yes, its expensive. But, I've given up my daily (sometimes more) trip to that huge coffee chain and replaced it with this. Just a enough sugar to made it enjoyable. You need to sip it to fully appreciate.
400138400138B002IEVJRYA192Z1UVDNK88EMom of Sons2411332547200Chemical tasteI'm a huge coffee fan, and enjoy prepared, packaged coffee drinks, so believe me, I'm not a snob about that. I eagerly tasted this cappuccino and I wish I had been looking in a mirror when I tasted it, because I'm pretty sure I made a face. There is an adequate coffee flavor, but that tastes bitter and canned, and is tinged with a sort of chemical aftertaste. There is no discernible dairy or chocolate flavor. I gave the can to my teenager to finish. He said it was okay but you know, teenagers eat/drink anything!

Recommendation: No, two thumbs down.
400139400139B002IEVJRYA2QZ29J91601XMR. Hipp "Absence of evidence is not evidence ...2441300233600Very GoodI like this coffee drink very well but I prefer the Shock Triple Mocha as my all time favorite out of all I have tried. I bought these at my local Big Lots for $10 a 12 pack. I was trying to get more Shock Triple Mocha but I can never seem to find them any more so I bought these instead... these are very good and I would buy these if I can't get Seattle's Best Mocha Iced Coffee which is my second favorite next to Shock, and are usually easily available in my area.
400140400140B002IEVJRYA1FLQM52V9YV94Avid Reader0141341100800a nice treatI wouldn't pay the price for shipping this but wouldn't turn one down if offered. I'm surprised at some of the bad reviews but wonder if they were stored in the heat and went bad. I liked that it wasn't as sweet as say some
Starbuck's products since I don't take regular coffee with any sweeteners.

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