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400190400190B002IEVJRYA3NPETMZXGIG65C. Dooley0141332979200Tastes like other cold coffee drinks...This tastes like Starbuck's frappucino cold drinks you can buy in the grocery store. So my only concern would be price comparision - I would probably end up going with the cheaper of the two because they taste a lot alike.

Pros - the whole can is only 100 calories... made with lowfat milk and cocoa. The drink is not too sweet, but not bitter either. Worked just like a cup of coffee for that nice "pick me up" the morning I drank it.

Cons - can't really think of any right now...

Overall, decent drink. Like I said before, it is comparable to Starbuck's brand in taste, but not sure about price. If it is cheaper, it's a nice alternative to it's more expensive counterparts without sacrificing taste.
400191400191B002IEVJRYA1FVP6G8W3O8ZAArthur Kimes0121332979200Canned Meh.There's nothing objectional about this canned coffee. But there's nothing to enjoy about it. "Why Bother" is the dominant feeling I get if I think about drinking another can.
400192400192B002IEVJRYA1ILWPH1GHUXE2JB0131332979200A bit weak for my tatse"illy issimo" Cappuccino Coffee Drink looked like an interesting beverage when I was sent a sample can as part of Amazon Vine. However when I tried it I found it was OK but a bit weaker than I would have wanted.

Note that this is a sweetened beverage - and of course nothing bearing a semblance to an authentic cappuccino served at a restaurant of coffee house. But I appreciate the fact that it was only moderately sweetened, much less so than sweetened coffee drinks you might find at a McDonalds or convenience store. I also like that only a small amount of cocoa was added, preventing the drink from starting to resemble chocolate milk. Unfortunately, there was also too little coffee flavor my taste. I really wanted to taste at least some roasted flavor in the drink, but there was little to none of this.

For those who want a mild lightly sweet coffee drink, illy issimo Cappuccino is certainly worth a try. But your in search for a bolder taste then you may be a bit disappointed with this product as I was.
400193400193B002IEVJRYAM2IR1V5EU55UBrian J. Greene "djbrian"0151332979200TastyNo complaints whatsoever. This is a tasty coffee drink. The coffee is strong and good and the sweetener is perfect - just sweet enough without being that kind of sickly sweet that mars something like Starbucks' pre-made iced coffee drinks. Just about perfect. Refreshing and a nice boost for the afternoon.
400194400194B002IEVJRYA1F92EK0MUNOVRPecos Bill0151332979200Tasty, chocolatey, pick-me-upThese are actually pretty good! They say "Cappuccino" but really it's a "Mocha Cappuccino" -- lots of chocolate in there, and it's more of the sweetness of a mocha than the bitter of a pure cappuccino.

It didn't specify "keep refrigerated" or "serve cold", though that's what I did -- basically iced coffee. Plenty of caffeine kick to it as well. All in all, I wasn't expecting much from a can of coffee and was pleasantly surprised.
400195400195B002IEVJRYA3A4ZAIBQWKOZSStephen M. Lerch0151332892800Tastes greatIf you are already a fan of illy coffee in general (whole bean, ground, espresso), most likely you'll enjoy this can of Cappucino Coffee.

The flavor of this drink is heavy on coffee with light milk (lowfat) added. The bitterness of the coffee is only lightly offset by the milk, so hopefully if you decide on this drink, it will be for a coffee flavor and not a more milky coffee flavor. There is also a hint of sweetness though I did notice that the sweetness seems to be closer to the bottom of the can. The can indicates that it shouldn't be shaken, so maybe this is expected?

There are 100 calories per can and gave me a decent caffeine jolt.

The can indicates this is a product of Denmark and is distributed by the Coca Cola company. The weird part here is that illy is an Italian brand... guess it costs too much to import from Italy? No idea there.

I only received one can as part of the Vine program, but have purchased single serve cans of this on my own and will, without doubt, purchase further cans of it.
400196400196B002IEVJRYAERQW3PJ9B7PGA reader0141332547200not quite fresh Starbucks but......illy issimo Cappuccino coffee is pretty good. They have avoided the chemical taste or aftertaste that so often makes prepared food and drink go from seeming to be a good idea to definately a bad idea with one taste. This was tasty and refreshing and just as good as Starbucks sold in bottles in the grocery store, although a bit more expensive. It is not a bad idea to keep a few of these in the refrigerator.
400197400197B002IEVJRYA1KEK09ZA6J9P8Colleen M. Schneider0121332460800Not much coffee flavor going on....I was excited to try this after waking up after a late night. Ahhhh, just the thing, an espresso beverage with milk and sweetener. Here's what I expected, a pronounced coffee taste, with a splash of cream and nicely sweetened. The beverage fell short for me, and here's why....I didn't really get a strong coffee taste at all. It really felt like it had been completely watered down, so since the coffee taste was my biggest expectation it fell way short of my expectations. If it had had more coffee flavor like a real cappuccino or a nicely done cream and sugar coffee I would have been happy, but that lacklaster taste didn't do it. Too bad....the size was perfect, calories at 100 was doable, but I won't be purchasing this one.
400198400198B002IEVJRYA1F9Z42CFF9IAYMediahound0141332374400Nice iced coffee taste that is not as sweet as othersThis iced coffee in a can is not as sweet as Starbucks brand which is nice as I've always felt those are way too sweet.

This does still have sugar in it however but it seems to be just the right amount. I'm not a very regular iced coffee drinker but when I do want one, I would certainly choose this again versus something sweeter.
400199400199B002IEVJRYA343C98QJO0JBEEditor of Lillian's Diaries "Sheryl Jones"0141332374400DeliziosoI chilled this yummy illy issimo Cappuccino before drinking and poured over is delicious with no aftertaste (which I usually find after drinking cappuccino). The can is a slender 8.45 oz, so easy to pack into a picnic basket or car. I am looking forward to finding where it is sold near me.
400200400200B002IEVJRYA3T1LD0C65QCWKGordon M. Wagner0141332374400Tasty if a bit sweetDelicious coffee-and-cocoa flavor but I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so I found it a little on the overly-sweet side. Also an odd lingering aftertaste that I can't place. Overall a really nice treat. I enjoy iced coffee and this is certainly convenient.
400171400171B002IEVJRYA2VH0UT5EQFB6PLoveguitar0151338681600This Stuff is GOOD!!I like this drink a LOT! It has a very good coffee/cocoa/cream/sweet taste in very good balance. The only drawbacks are that each 8.45 fluid ounce can has 100 calories, and the can is NOT big enough. I could easily down 2 or 3 of these at one sitting.

Since I liked it so much, I decided to try and recreate it. I took what left-over coffee was in pot from this morning (about the same amount as in the illy issimo coffee can), added about 2 tablespoons of fat-free 1/2 and 1/2 cream, one tablespoon of Nestle instant chocolate milk powder (non-sugar), and about 3/4 of a tablespoon of Splenda. I stirred it up, added crushed ice and VOILA!!! I had nearly created the same thing as what's in this can of Cappuccino coffee, and with a lot fewer calories. It really is very similar in texture, color and flavor as what you get in the can. Of course, the can is lot less trouble, but then it's a lot more expensive.

Anyway, this stuff is really good and if I had married a millionaire I would buy a warehouse full of it.
400172400172B002IEVJRYA2VDZ27CMLJVVHA. FLYNN0151338681600Absolutely Great for TravelHaving tried many types of canned coffee, I have to say this was pretty yummy. But then I understand that "taste" is very subjective. So why did I give this 5 stars?

1) Its small. Very small. You can but it in a bag or purse and not notice its there. I will use these when traveling, for sure. Space is the issue here folks!

2) The Ingredients are: Coffee (100% Arabica), Lowfat Milk, Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Potassium Bicarbonate, Cellulose Gel, Potassium Citrate, Cellulose Gum, Carrageenan. You will expect to get these in all canned coffees.

3) It is 8.45 fl ounces, has 100 Calories, 1.5 g fat, 4 grams of protein, 19 carbs. Its like a little meal in a can.

4) Tastes better than any of the other coffees out there, including canned Starbucks.
400173400173B002IEVJRYAJRFZ0VZ0LD26Reader "cvrcak1"0151338681600Better than Starbucks!I went to Rome, Italy a few years back. Coffee drinking over there comes natural and one can choose so many different ways to have their coffee prepared in nice, small family owned coffee shops. "Illy" is a well known brand there. Once I came back to US, it was only specialty and gourmet stores that carried this brand of coffee. I was unable to find it in regular grocery stores.

I am delighted to find out that Amazon is offering this product to their customers. My cappuccino coffee was made with natural arabica beans ans had low fat milk and cocoa in it. It comes in nice, slim aluminum can that is easy to pack and carry. Drink has 100 calories, but it is worth every one of them. Taste is fabulous and I drank mine cold.

I will definitely add this product on my shopping list, whenever possible.
400174400174B002IEVJRYA34C98SJU4M7DDPhAzEr DaZeR0141338681600Soooo Good!I really like illy issimo drinks, have tried other flavors and they are very good!
The Cappucino flavor is very yummy! Tastes like cappucino and is refreshing.
The can is small but it is all you need!
400175400175B002IEVJRYA353U0L2HAMSHVCricket "Living life and loving it!"0131338508800Tasty coffee beverage, but overly sweetI like to have a few cold canned coffee beverages on hand, as I prefer them to most energy drinks. Unfortunately finding one that isn't filled with sweeteners has become very difficult. Living in the Seattle area I was already familiar with illy for their coffee beans that are used in some of my favorite coffee houses. So being given the chance to try some of their canned coffee beverage was something I was looking forward to.

After spending the night in the fridge, I opened the illy issimo Cappuccino without shaking it as noted on the can and poured it into a glass. (*See customer images) The color was good with just a hint of dairy. The smell was nice too, but from that I could already detect the sweetness that I was about to taste. The coffee was strong and smooth, but overpowered by the sugar. After half the glass, I couldn't drink any more and offered the rest to my daughter who enjoyed it.

Overall illy issimo has a great product, but like many canned coffee makers they overdo it on the sugar. I would much prefer the coffee be the focus of beverage with just a hint of sweetness if they feel the need to add it.

*For those not interested in the overly sweet drinks like me, check out illy issimo Caffè. It's a much better option than the cappuccino version. Good flavor, but no dairy and not as sweet.
400176400176B002IEVJRYA2BZ16RKE13PKVShannonAnna0151338508800The BEST pre-made coffee product I've ever tasted!I used to drink any old coffee, and then a local coffee place turned me into a snob. Now anything that comes in a bottle or can and calls itself coffee tastes overly processed, too artificial, and usually overwhelmingly sweet. Not so for this one!

I'll be buying these to have on hand when I don't have time to make coffee at home or when I need something on the go. At 100 calories, it's not much of an indulgence, though it has more sugar than I'd like (18g in 1 can). I like that the first four ingredients are the main things I would normally have in my espresso drinks: coffee, lowfat milk, sugar, cocoa powder (and then others I can't pronounce: potassium bicarbonate, cellulose gel, potassium citrate, cellulose gum, caaragennan). Overall, I'm impressed.

One note on the flavor: I think this has a little too much milk to it to call it a cappucino, though not quite enough to be a latte. Regardless of what you call it, though, IT'S GOOD! :)
400177400177B002IEVJRYA2V5M5EJPOD2IUDavid Bradshaw0151338508800Great Taste!This is the first cold coffee drink (without crushed ice, like a Frappuccino at Starbucks) I have ever had. I do enjoy coffee, but during the Summer I often turn to soft drinks instead (I usually do not want a hot drink when it is 100 degrees outside). I was not sure what to expect from this, but was surprised that it was quite delicious and refreshing! Being a Cappuccino, it has low fat milk (which is nice, since most places just use whole milk), and a hint of cocoa (not too much where you cannot taste the coffee, but there is a hint that makes it perfect)! Because of the low fat milk and cocoa this beverage has 100 calories, 1.5g of Fat (1g Sat Fat), 19g of Carbs, and 18g of Sugar (from label). That is not too bad considering what some coffee beverages have. The coffee is very strong and has a great taste, it is not bitter and drinks very smoothly.

When I got this item, I placed it in the fridge and it was in there fore a few days (so it was nice and cold), and it was very refreshing and smooth, the coffee was the primary taste in the drink, and the milk and cocoa were secondary, so you got a nice taste of what tasted like high quality coffee with a smooth finish from the milk and cocoa. I am very pleased with this drink and found it quite refreshing and a nice change from a standard cup of coffee (especially during these hot days), and with only 100 calories it is a great start to the day! Highly recommend!!!
400178400178B002IEVJRYA2OW1FKQFPIA5DDMD0141338508800Loved It!This is a very mild coffee drink, made with milk and sugar. It definitely has the taste of espresso, but it is not overpowering. I typically take my coffee with milk, so this flavor appealed to me. However, if you like your coffee strong and black, you will probably think this tastes awful.

I was a little concerned about the added sugar, as I don't put any in my coffee and I dislike sugary drinks. This beverage was not overly-sweet.

One thing I will suggest is you make sure the drink is icy-cold before you try it. I tried it when it was barely chilled, and thought it was so-so, but after sampling it very cold, it was delicious.
400179400179B002IEVJRYA11I1I9QLMAM1AS. Power0141338508800Delicious.This cappucino is very good. It tastes similar to other canned cappucino products from Starbucks and others. You won't be disappointed if this is the type of beverage you are looking for.
400180400180B002IEVJRYA1ZU55TM45Y2R8J. Haggard0111338422400Very watery, if it wasn't watered down flavor would be ok.I'm not a coffee drinker so I had my wife try one of these and she said immediately it tasted watered down and was VERY watery. So much so she wound up pouring it down the drain. She occasionally will drink the starbucks types of coffee drinks and this particular brand/variety was no good to her. If you like watered down, weak flavor this might be your thing, for her it was no winner.
400181400181B002IEVJRYA11OTLEDSW8ZXDCGScammell0141338076800ChocolatelyI gently shook my taste can before trying this (although the can says not to), knowing that coffee drinks can settle. I had it chilled overnight to try after breakfast. It's not bad, but where is the coffee flavor? My first taste was definitely chocolate. My second sip revealed some graininess. I taste no annoying additives, or anything overly bitter or even too sweet. The coffee was like a tasty afterthought.

And I like this taste combination. But for the price that is charged for this, I can think of another major coffee company that sells these in small glass bottles for quite a bit less.

This drink's ingredients are: coffee, lowfat milk, sugar, cocoa powder, potassium bicarbonate, citrate, cellolose gel, potassium citrate, cellulose gum, carrageenan.

There are 81mg of caffeine in one can serving and 100 calories per can.Each can has 5mg cholesterol, 60mg sodium, 19g total carbs, and 4g protein.

This product is made in Denmark and distributed by the Coca-Cola Company.

My biggest gripe is the price!
400182400182B002IEVJRYA3J356L2ADK05Zcrown of indica "buckethead noir"0151337299200Good--And I'm not a Coffee Fan!I was expecting this to taste like a store-bought frappaccino,sweet and creamy but with that "factory produced", in-genuine edge to it. I was surprised that it tastes more like something you'd pick up from a coffee house though! The actual coffee bean flavor stands out in a more robust manner than a typical canned coffee/capp/frapp drink.
400183400183B002IEVJRYA3GFK7F5IUF60XMyra Schjelderup "Ignolopi"0151337212800Some like it hot, some like it -- well, sweetThis coffee drink was good. Not as sweet as the bottled Starbucks, which I enjoyed, but sweeter than the Caffe style of this brand. My sister only drinks coffee with lots of sweet, and she didn't find this one quite sweet enough for her... but then it was still a bit too sweet for me, so there you go. There's a happy medium somewhere.

These cans are 8.45 fl oz, with 81 mg of caffeine (so a lot less than the Caffe). The can contains 100 calories, 5mg cholest, 60mg sodium, 19g total carb (sugars 19g), 4g protein. Contains coffee, lowfat milk, sugar, cocoa powder, potassium bicarbonate, cellulose gel, potassium citrate, cellulose gum, and carrageenan. (Ok, that was all Greek to me.)

I received my sample can in April, the best-by date is August '12. I enjoyed the drink cold.

I found the coffee flavor to be very nice, I've been to Denmark and had coffee, it's nice to have some back in the States with me :) (that's cheaper).

A convenient coffee-on-the-go package.
400184400184B002IEVJRYA3KDO3XV0MK1GXGo Blue 990131334620800Decent coffee taste, but too much sugar.This illy canned cappuccino is made with 100% Arabica beans, lowfat milk, sugar, cocoa, and a few chemicals. It contains 100 calories, 18 grams of sugar, and 81 mg of caffeine. Despite being pretty low in calories for a sweet drink, the taste of the drink is much too sweet. Clearly they are targeting the drinkers of the very sweet Starbucks bottled drinks (though the Starbucks bottles have much higher calories). I liked the coffee flavoring, but it's certainly not as good as a freshly brewed cold cappuccino.

I would try one can before committing to an entire case.
400185400185B002IEVJRYA30638B9S2GOM8apples2apples0121334275200Didn't care for the tasteAs an Amazon Vine member, I received One 8.45 ounce can of illy issimo Cappuccino Coffee Drink. When it arrived it was afternoon, and I was ready to have a coffee. So I popped it open and took a drink. I was surprised .. the coffee tasted watery and thin. It had a slightly chalky feel to it - hard to describe, but it left a very slight coating on my tongue for a very brief time. It had a pleasantly sweet taste, but the coffee flavor just wasn't strong enough - too thin.

It's decent nutritionally, each 8.45 ounce can is 100 calories, 1.8 g fat/15 cal, 1 gram of that is saturated fat. It has 18 grams of sugars - but is sweetened with beet sugars - so it's not high fructose corn syrup, 1 gram of fiber and 5 grams of protein. I have to look at sugar/fat/protein ratios when choosing foods, and 5 grams of protein in a coffee is pretty amazing! The fat is very low, esp when compared to coffee house Cappuccino's. It's Kosher, so no problems for kosher coffee drinkers.

All in all, I was really disappointed in the Cappuccino. I like coffee, and wanted to like my sample, but I didn't. Unfortunately, this is something I wouldn't buy or recommend.
400186400186B002IEVJRYAQ2FC1DLKVD8HP. McWhorter0111333756800Overpriced Chocolate MilkWhen I tried this beverage the first reaction I had was that it tasted like chocolate milk. I took a second sip, and my reaction was that it was over-sweetened chocolate milk. The dominant flavors I got were Sweet, Chocolate and milk. I did not really get much of a flavor of coffee.

This product is not worth even trying. Save your money.
400187400187B002IEVJRYAOP2ZRNSHY2Z3Andrew D. Lossing "Go real."0111333670400Might be better in Italy, preferably by the Mediterranean...Alright, so this is supposed to be exceedingly authentic. But for someone who's just a little bit of a coffee snob (you know, just endearingly, not enought to cross over into jerk territory), I was struck by how low-quality the ingredients taste. It's a very simple mix, with milk, coffee, sugar and whatever additives keep the stuff from going bad, but the coffee flavor immediately strikes me as being poor, even cheap. Perhaps this stuff flies in Europe, I don't know, but I was pretty disappointed. Just about everything else from Italy gets a much better score in my book.
400188400188B002IEVJRYAFDJGY68CQL2XSnail Dealer "Snail"0141333065600Interesting comparison to Asian canned coffees...After moving from Asia and having lived in the USA for over 20 years now, I realized that it's not really a normal habit for people in the US to drink canned coffee. It is only recently I started to find some canned coffee-related goods (i.e. coffee "drinks") on the shelves in the mainstream supermarkets. Normally, real canned coffee come from Asian markets.

When I saw this being offered on vine, it piqued my curiosity. How would it compare to Asian coffee? I had thought that perhaps an Asian company was trying to make its market in the states through the Internet, but I was wrong.

Upon close inspection, I realized that it's made in Denmark but the Coca Cola company. Huh, Coke? Interesting.

Amazon shipped the can in a bubbled mailing bag, those yellow kind. Pretty standard. However, the can did come with many dents. I don't know if it was already there before they sent it to me, or perhaps the mailing process caused those. I'm just the can was not broken when it got to me.

It says "do not shake" on top of the can - very different from all the "shake well" notices in the Asian beverages. This leads me to wonder - perhaps it's not made with powdered coffee like most Asian beverages.

I also see "sugar" in the ingredients instead of some artificial sweetener. To me, that is a plus.

I'm used to drinking pretty sweet coffee in a can, and this was not so sweet. Yes, it's sweet, but it's not too bad, compared to the Asian coffee in a can I had grown used to. It is, however, not for anyone who is looking for black coffee. The can does say "cappuccino." It's somewhat bitter, a little bit acidic. I know some other reviewers said it's metallic in the taste, but I don't taste that much - perhaps I've been jaded by the Asian canned coffees?

Overall, I give it a four stars for the taste. It's not bad at all. I would drink it every day if it weren't bad for me.
400189400189B002IEVJRYA3O60C5513YYD6H. J. Spivack0141333065600Review of illy issimo Capucinno Coffee drinkI'm a very big consumer of caffiene beverages, drinking multiple beverages a day. I'd always heard excellent things about illy issimo beverages. Its interesting to note that as gourmet and Italian as the name may sound, the brand is owned by Coca Cola and is only distributed in the US and Japan. Their website describes the brand as "illy issimo offers a range of ready-to-drink coffee made with illy's unique blend of 100% natural Arabica coffee. illy issimo is made with the finest natural ingredients that create the pure pleasure of coffee and awaken the senses while you're on-the-go. illy issimo is sweetened with beet sugar, is Kosher certified and contains 15-110 calories per can."

Having said that, the basis for the company seems to have been an Italian company named illycafe, SpA. This beverage came about through a partnership between Coca Cola and illycafe.

To get a more honest assessment, I shared a can with several of my co-workers. All of us agreed that the drink was tasty, refreshing and evocative in smell and texture. I drank it at room temperature and I believe that may have been a mistake. I also shook it, having missed the directions which specifically said not to shake it.

In either case, I liked the beverage very much. It was, perhaps, a little sweet for my tasates, but all of us (three of us) agreed that we would buy the drink again and recommend it. I believe I may order a case for my office.

Be aware that the chocolate taste really pops in this beverage. It tastes a little heavy, like a 70% cocoa taste. If you are one of those unfortunates that do not like chocolate or are indifferent to the taste, you may wish to look elsewhere (Amazon lists 14 different drinks). For me, this one was great!

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